On Leathern Wings - Arriving in Metro City, Echo runs into Sophia, the lecturing lamia and a little confusion is had. - created on 13:20:34 12/14/2018 by Echo and last modified on 15:21:57 12/14/2018. Cast: Sophia and Echo.

Spiderman Clone Saga - Echo returns to the Shadaloo base, running into Sabbath and Vega. - created on 07:12:33 12/15/2018 by Echo and last modified on 09:43:00 12/15/2018. Cast: Vega, Sabbath, and Echo.

Making a Splash - After attending to some Shadaloo business in downtown LA, Echo runs into La Huesuda for a battle between a necromancer and death's patron! - created on 19:46:17 12/16/2018 by Echo and last modified on 22:47:11 12/16/2018. Cast: Echo and La Huesuda.

Lakeview Cabin IV - Koto runs into an Echo at a cabin by the lake--it's not quite the camping trip he imagined! - created on 16:03:41 12/17/2018 by Echo and last modified on 18:32:31 12/17/2018. Cast: Echo and Koto.

Into the Toybox - An exchange ensues between Echo and Potemkin when the latter comes to investigate the recent LA office building fire. - created on 20:12:18 12/21/2018 by Echo and last modified on 16:58:41 12/22/2018. Cast: Potemkin and Echo.

Dead Trouble in Little China - Echo encounters Koto the Sentai Hero in Chinatown for a battle of light against dark! - created on 16:26:17 12/26/2018 by Echo and last modified on 20:32:33 12/26/2018. Cast: Echo and Koto.

Prowling Around - Kiyomi finally tracks down Echo for a business proposal. Guest starring: 2 stupid teenagers making out in a car! - created on 14:24:22 12/29/2018 by Echo and last modified on 21:28:41 12/29/2018. Cast: Kiyomi and Echo.

A little Dimestore Magic - Ragna the Bloodedge seeks out Echo in Metro City... for a curse? But for whom? - created on 18:14:32 12/31/2018 by Echo and last modified on 20:39:05 12/31/2018. Cast: Ragna and Echo.

Bat Control - When Ralf shows up in Las Vegas, Echo gives him a hand against some NOL operatives. - created on 02:12:17 01/11/2019 by Echo and last modified on 04:59:11 01/12/2019. Cast: Ralf and Echo.

Through a Slab Darkly - After taking a beating from Ayane, Michael winds up in a desolate cemetery at night... However Echo is also there. - created on 23:39:57 04/24/2019 by Echo and last modified on 03:52:39 04/29/2019. Cast: Michael and Echo.

Nightmare on Metro Street - Echo takes a trip to upstate Metro City after escaping from NOL with Gabriel for a routine haunting/exorcism job. However things do not go to plan. - created on 22:37:08 07/27/2019 by Echo and last modified on 02:39:26 07/28/2019. Cast: Lotus and Echo.

unDivination - Sol Badguy visits Echo at her occult shop in Metro for a little divination into his head. The one in his dufflebag, that is. - created on 20:24:54 09/07/2019 by Echo and last modified on 04:44:29 09/08/2019. Cast: Sol Badguy and Echo.

Something British This Way Comes - Steve, the British Boxer and caretaker of one banchou girl, stumbles into the occult shop of a certain Darkstalker Necromancer. Things are bound to get spooky when Steve asks her to try to look into his past. - created on 11:46:26 02/27/2020 by Echo and last modified on 14:19:30 02/28/2020. Cast: Steve and Echo.

Uninvited - When Echo tries to take care of a little Shadaloo business with a local crimeboss in Metro City, Jax intervenes. Can the bionic man survive the dark necromancy of the darkstalker bat lady? Find out. - created on 19:20:02 04/14/2020 by Echo and last modified on 18:19:01 04/16/2020. Cast: Jax and Echo.

The Bat & The Pendulum - Searching for leads to his kidnapped sister, Tairyu stumbles into the Southtown occult shop of none other than Echo, vampire bat necromancer and sleazy mercenary. - created on 21:07:12 06/09/2020 by Echo and last modified on 01:07:08 06/10/2020. Cast: Echo and Tairyu.

Southtown Confidential - Tairyu visits Echo at her shop in Southtown to give her some grave news. Get it? Grave News? Necromancy? Ahhh, forget it, you're a good kid. Don't worry about it. - created on 14:37:49 06/24/2020 by Echo and last modified on 00:53:31 06/29/2020. Cast: Echo and Tairyu.

How to Train your Minotaur - Seeking revenge on Lyraelle, Echo hunts the succubus down to a love hotel in downtown Southtown which she has taken over an entire floor of with her minions. The sorceress's quest for blackmail material takes a strange turn. - created on 05:52:05 07/01/2020 by Echo and last modified on 18:39:33 07/01/2020. Cast: Echo and Lyraelle.

Hotel Transylvania - Tairyu stops by Echo's Southtown occult shop with a request and finds... Dennis rooming in the upstairs apartment? After some discussion, they decide to set off on a war against the ones who are holding Tairyu's sister hostage. - created on 18:55:46 07/23/2020 by Echo and last modified on 23:54:43 07/23/2020. Cast: Echo, Tairyu, and Dennis.

Bat 52 Where Are You - Echo returns to her shop in Southtown late at night after a hard evening of rolling thugs for information--when Tairyu shows up. - created on 18:57:03 07/28/2020 by Echo and last modified on 14:01:04 07/29/2020. Cast: Echo and Tairyu.

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