Echo - Backyard Summoning

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Description: Kongou is accidentally summoned (AGAIN) by Echo as she does a little prep work for upcoming projects!

It's sometime in the afternoon, closer to evening--the dark woods outside Southtown are appropriately foggy, bit dark--the gloom and the eeriness has calibrated the Feng Shui of spookiness, one might say.

"Lets see... hexes, invocations, how to make your rival impotent--ah, here we are..." Echo is in one of her black dresses and black knee high boots, standard attire for when utility is needed. The other sort of utility is handled by the leather belt around her waist, hanging pouches and bones and other dark charms.

"Give unto us something gargantuan and hulking..." a red-nailed, white-furred finger scanned over a browned, weathered page in what looked like a leatherbound book she held open, standing on a half-buried boulder overlooking a patch of bald earth. She had been in need of something large and powerful for protection in preperation for a special ritual down the road, one which some would likely find quite profane--and the bigger, stronger subjects tended to be more... cost effective. More powerful and complicated undead required more mojo and material components, but if you could summon a creature that'd serve as a perfectly good undead--well. The Walmart of necromantic sorcery. One of her old masters would have found that amusing, perhaps, if any of them knew what such a place /was/.

"Something with hulking muscles, and very big, yes..." Echo concentrated, raising her arms, queer St. Elmo's flames about the size of baseballs wicked into existence on the patch of earth, forming a ring.

Somewhere else, someone might be feeling a bit of a pulling sensation...

At first nothing seems to happen. Silence answers her oh so aptly worded command as her sorcery rolls out over the area and into the beyond like the rippling waves of a pond disturbed by a recent pebble toss.


*toom* a deep rumbling distant sound like some far away construction yard being hammered into.

*Tooom* rumbles through the area again. And then again.

Then a sudden visible ripple filters through the air as if the very fabric of existence itself was being pressed into by some absolutely monstrous force just beyond the visual spectrum. Another *TOOM* rumbles thorugh the landscape, followed by another *BOOM* and then a *THOOM* and other variants there of. Something vast and unstoppable approaches. Reality distorts and stretches. The air bending and warping as if a wall of saranwrap attempting to contain something the size of a semi truck cab attempting to push itself forward through it.

And then - a flash of light and a sundering of reality ..and Kongou The Strongest Colossus has arrived. He presses in, unfolding into view from elsewhere with his immense feet thundering against the earth with all the delicacy of a herd of elephants attempting to gingerly walk through a crowded mall.

Arms bigger around then suspension bridge cables are folded across a torso that would easily block traffic on major highways. Glowering red eyes stare forward and balefuly at his summoner while his lips are pressed into a stern and neutral dismissive look that borders somewhere between a disapproving frown and then..he speaks. His rumbling voice quaking the area as he declares:

"...You know..this is the second time in memory this has happened. I am thinking..I really need to do something about this.."

The long black hair along the bat lady's scalp is pushed back as the very air currents are pulled and re-arranged--a wind not natural, it's literally air being sucked through pockets of space as something is pulled along towards this place.

It's exhilirating to actually work magic in general, Echo knew it was very important not to let it literally feel like something routine, and ritual--else she'd start taking it for granted, and that, folks, was when you started to get sloppy--make mistakes. Right now did not feel like a mistake, it felt adventurous. Almost enough to make one want to sing.

"Mr. Sandman, bring me a dream..." her boot heels slapped against the edge of the rock as she stepped down from it, the soft earth felt almost too soft, newly dug, the boots sank into it, about an inch and a half.

"Make him the cutest, that I've ever seen..." her voice was low, almost sultry, sort of like Fiona Apple singing, but with just a slight hint of rust to her voice. They were not used to this, right out of the blue.

"Give him two lips like roses and clover..." the sudden flash of light was blinding, even though she knew not to look directly into it, the sudden gust of wind blowing her hair straight back, her mouth in a wide open grin, fangs starkly illuminated.

"Then tell him that his lonesome nights are..." she blinked, eyes readjusting, "Wait..."

*Record Scratch*

She was visibly confused for a moment, grin turned to a gaping mouthed frown, brows furrowed. It was big, and very purple, and way too humanoid.

"What the fu--"

The giants amrs unfold now, muscles creaking and bunching up like the movement of tectonic plates beneath his flesh. His pectorals swell and then relax fiberously as he inhales, taking a deep breath as a halo of purple hued energy begins to crackle to life around his form, occasionally crackling tendrils of some obsure and unknown arcane power up and down the mountains and valleys of his mind bending physique. The ground rumbles as he stance widens and his arms lift, resting against his sides at an angle as his fingers twitch and stretch.

It's an impressive, awesome, reality bending sight.

And..apparently not what she was looking for.

"Well? What is it?" rumbles the gargantua. Tone mildly irrate as if he'd just been disturbed from watching an important show or enjoying a meal.

"I am no common denizen of the Makai to be called at will.. I am not even from the Makai! But you have me now.."

His eyes sweep over her form, illuminating her with their reddish glow though it dims slighlty albiet the purple aura remains about his monstrous blue flesh. He then inclines his head at her, impatient and yet curious as he truly takes in the fact that she seems surprised. Caught off guard even. "Oooooh? Perhaps a little error in your casting? I see, I see." Just like that, his irrate attitude seems to shift to something more bemused. Affable even. "A little sorceress playing with tools she does not understand and has accidentally snarred The Strongest Colossus! How fitting! Why..I'd even sounds like the beginning of a manga!"

Wait. What?

Well, it WAS big... had to give the spell that. But had she really miscast like that? She had been aiming for something not of this world... unless.

"I had been looking for something big and strong... looks like I got it," the bat lady doesn't answer the question at first, she is a bit too distracted, but also a little annoyed, apparently inwardly. She takes what looks like a flask from her belt and takes a hit from it, before returning it.

"Story of my life, hon--always getting the wrong kind of attention from men," a little annoyance crept into the forced smile that came after. "Problem with this ritual is, I don't want to kill ya," she stepped around the big purple giant, indeed getting a first hand look at Kongou now. She had only seen pictures and videotapes before when she was hosting Midnight Channel.

"Then again, you /can/ be hard to find, so maybe this is still a plus--I was looking for something big and strong to summon for a thing, and got you by mistake," she looked up then with a little raised brow and look of catty annoyance at his remark about the situation.

"Hey, I could always turn it into one of those stories with the speeding truck, and you wind up in another world."

"Would that not be a reverse isekai? I already am from another world so therefore I am -in- another world. Hmm.. Fascinating."

He taps his chin, scratching at his beard there with a sound not unlike concrete being scraped by a brush with metal strands before he lowers his arms and then clasps his hands together. The very air ripples and distorts as his muscles bunch and his hand squeezes itself, producing a sound not unlike boulders splintering and tree trunks cracking in a great fire. A loud quaking rumble that settles only as the giant does.

"Mm...still abit restrained here." he notes absently to himself. "The weight of this world's pressure is like molasses to me. But now then to business!"

Kongou's grin returns, His teeth large and bright against the blue tint of his flesh as the purple aura fades and only occasionally flashes about his body like sparks of electrical energy.

"What were you -trying- to summon? A demon? What is it you want done? Something moved? A cargo containing a new wardrobe?" He seems utterly amused by this but then grows more sober as he realizes something, "Hard to find you said. So you are aware of me!"

"You're from that strange place, what was it called? The Backyard?" Echo tapped a boot against the soft earth, which made no affirming tap. The bit of grave dirt she had sprinked into it had seemingly been wasted, but this was a curious development. It was something that pressed and nagged at the mind of a professional who was supposed to be well-experience.

"Maybe you're a little too big for your own good," she rubbed her chin, though she wasn't overtly teasing, yet. The strange cast to the hulking man's skin had seemed purple before, somehow--but she could see the dark blue shade to it now, more clearly.

"That's right, you were on the roster on Midnight Channel, you don't remember my vignettes?" she wasn't particularly /proud/ of her work there, it was company-related stuff, that company being Shadaloo. But it /was/ work she had tried to put a little effort into.

"We had you booked for going after Ky Kiske, at one point--but like I said, you can be hard to find. As much as help with moving heavy objects you might be, clearly you're made for something a bit more than that, yes?"

"Mmm.. The white haired witch invited me to a tournament featuring rather dark and dangerous elements. I believe I may distracted away from this..Midnight Channel."

The giant seems to be trying to contemplate matters, putting things back together and recalling in more detail the events that occured when he last made his way here in the Earth Realm.

"The Backyard. Yes. has many names. Your..Nocus Orbus Librarium calls it something else. The Boundary I think. There such limited understanding of what it -actually- is. Backyard. Boundary. I use those words only because it would take too long to describe it otherwise. But..You are probably more then passingly familiar with what -It- is ..if you're able to summon me. You..a being no doubt of the Makai, yes?"

He seems to take no insult to the premise that he might be too big for his britches though his mind wanders back to that and to why he may even be here to begin with.

"It is hard for me to fully exist in this place. My strength is shackled.." his grin slowly grows, "As to the rest..I suppose it might depend on the object in question so I ask again.. " Mischief dances in the red shifting hues of his gaze, "..What do you need that your sorcery would reach out and grab someone like me?"

"White furred, I think you mean, my hair isn't white quite yet," Echo looked up at the overly muscled titanic warrior standing there, giving him a bit of a look. "Though it may yet before this is through--and yes, I am from the demon realm, as it's known, how'd ya guess?" she grinned a little, raising a red clawed hand to herself, gesturing. The white coat, wings, animal-esque ears, etc.

"That might explain why it pulled you and not what I was looking for--this is memorial day in the americas, not here, course--but many don't understand it's not to honor the still living soldiers, it's for the dead--and the energies that govern my plane of magic are stronger, thus my attempt," she rubbed her hands together a little, looking him over.

"Well, at the reanimating the dead part, anyway, that would have come later, you're not really dead yet," she shook her head.

"I was looking for something titanic--like a two-headed ogre, or a mammoth, or maybe even a hulking giant of some sort, looks like you fit the bill."

"I was going to say! Show me an Ettin more massive then I and I'll...I'll buy you lunch!"

It's a random comment but by now it should be clear that the behemoth isn't exactly..all there. Not just physically but his way of expression and perception of the world is...a tad

"And no. White haired. Not you. It was a woman who appeared to me and offered me an invitation to a tournament in dark places against others with great power mystic might. I found someone who called upon the fires of the Orochi.."

His mind wanders and then he looks disappointed as he notes, "Alas, I did not proceed as far in that tournament as I wished. I wanted to meet with this..Revenant Queen but it was not meant to be."

He then looks back to Echo now. There is a hint of impatience in his voice now as if he can turn on a dime once more.

"So command me!" he finally says, "And perhaps I will agree or not. Depending on the command! I doubt you have me bound given that the magic didn't work as intended and I am no demon, ogre, or hapless giant or wholly mammoth."

"Do they have those there?" Echo frowns a little, less annoyed as before, but more... curious. She reacted to him knowing what she was talking about. Only game players or the rare occultist knew the actual name for 'two-headed ogre'.

"Strange..." Echo walked around the great hulking blue figure now, reaching in a pouch on her belt and withdrawing something that looked like a snowglobe, which she caressed and waved her hand around. It was like she was trying to find something.

"Too much interference," she made a sound of light frustration and put the crystal ball away.

"Tournament?" she looked back at the man, not realizing which one he's talking about, even. She didn't seem to keep up on those as well as she should.

"Unless you know of a creature big as you that I can use, I'm not sure--also you're not bound, except maybe by own size," she looks back at up him with a little grin.

"I could use some furniture moved around back home but I think we're going to need a /really/ big tarp to disguise you, alas..."

Impatience creeps up the behemoths figure. A rumbling internal earthquake that only just reaches his eyes but his body posture does indicate his growing restlessness. His massive arms fold, fighting for room across his monstrous swelling chest in ironic confirmation of his own size possibly getting in the way. At least, his casual movements imply that. It's hard to say, with such beings, how they might put this massiveness to use. He is talking about tournaments after all and was scouted for The Midnight Channel..

"I am not -that- hampered by my own immensity. It's not size alone that is to great for this world and so unable to properly fit least..not size as you refer to it. It is my spiritual fullness. A sort of waking sleep that clings to me, still attached to THe Backyard. My home. I cannot 'completely' arrive..."

His grin grows a little bit as he speaks. There is the oh so slight implication of how strong he must truly be if he's so 'weak' and yet the earth shakes at his muscle twitches and heavy breathes.

"I am smarter then you think, perhaps. The creatures you mention are not far off from me and I am well travelled. Have you been to Outworld? I have!"

With that, he steps forward. Finally moving for the first time with his arms unfolding and falling to his sides like falling sequioas.

"Very well!" Kongou rumbles, satisfied at the hint of an answer "Where is this furniture you speak of?"

The ground shakes under his footfalls as he begins heading in a random direction as if deciding that is where her home is.

Echo hadn't been expecting the big guy to just start stomping off. Huge clods of earth were picked up by their footfalls as the ground was softer here and it had been in other areas of the forest floor, mounds of earth were moved as they did.

"Hey wait--I need to get something ready for you so you don't scare the shit out of half of Tokyo! They'll think it's a Kaiju movie come to life!" Echo scrambles and nearly trips and falls flat on her face in one of the huge potholes created by Kongou's footsteps. She seems less concerned about all the attention he'll get, rather than the fact he's heading out deeper and deeper into the middle of nowhere in the dark forest

Regaining her balance, she runs after him, one hand half-grabbing at her belt as she is trying to both pursue him and try to reach for the material component of some charm at the same time.

"I got a shop near Chinatown--damnit, get back here!" the sound of her voice echoes into the trees and the birds crowing overhead.

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