Further Apart - It's been too long since Elisabeth Blanctorche crossed paths with her 'little brother', Ash Crimson, particularly in light of her suspicions that something terrible happened on Zack Island. Worse even than the bevy of bikinis on scandalous view for the entertainment of the common man. So it is that the fallen heiress seeks out her family's wayward ward, and tackles him outside the gates of his school... but neither seems to suit their memory of the other, and what should be a welcome reunion grows cold, and cruel. Is this goodbye, or simply 'au revoir'? - created on 20:38:03 10/04/2015 by Elisabeth and last modified on 01:47:37 10/15/2015. Cast: Ash and Elisabeth.

The Guided Tour - At the invitation of one of Illyria's Kings, Elisabeth decides to see what the Sacred Order is really all about. - created on 19:36:24 02/26/2019 by Elisabeth and last modified on 00:03:36 02/27/2019. Cast: Elisabeth and Leo Whitefang.

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