Moonlight and Metro City - With a list of names from Jubei, Gallon goes seeking the primary name on the list; the champion of Unholy Genesis and Metro City resident Keith Mason AKA Aranha. - created on 12:16:53 04/09/2019 by Gallon and last modified on 10:27:11 04/17/2019. Cast: Aranha and Gallon.

Danger at the Gates - Within the forests that surround Southtown, danger is growing as a mysterious man begins to create portals to other worlds. What he brings through may portend horror for those in the city under Jedah Dohma's Spire - created on 11:41:19 06/19/2019 by Gallon and last modified on 11:53:58 07/09/2019. Cast: Gallon and Vas.

Night in the Woods - A huntress seeks a target within the dark forests on the edge of Southtown. She finds the werewolf, Gallon. As many have tried before, she attempts to hunt the beast. As some have found before, the man once known as Jon Talbain is no ordinary wolf. - created on 15:43:10 08/08/2019 by Gallon and last modified on 00:30:44 08/09/2019. Cast: Gallon and La Huesuda.

Met by Moonlight - Two wolves meet in the forests of Europe. Two sides of a lycanthropic coin speak on the nature of "curses" and of the prospect of control in the face of the terror of possibility. - created on 21:25:15 01/13/2020 by Gallon and last modified on 12:03:15 01/15/2020. Cast: Sabrewulf and Gallon.

Where Dances the Dead - One night in Mexico, a werewolf meets with a luchadore. There, they discuss the nature of Le Santa Muerte, and what that means for La Huesuda. An invitation is given, and the potential darkness on the horizon begins to get forces arrayed against it. - created on 10:57:04 02/15/2020 by Gallon and last modified on 17:04:43 02/18/2020. Cast: Gallon and La Huesuda.

Tiger and Wolf - On the hunt for a Darkstalker, Lieutenant Yao Meifeng of the NOL runs into a different wanted Darkstalker. Unarmed, and without back up, the brave NOL soldier faces down the wild and furious werewolf, Gallon. A kung fu meets Bajiquan clash happens in the forests outside of Southtown. And with it comes a clash of philosophy and identity held by those who walk the line of man and beast. - created on 12:52:56 05/16/2021 by Gallon and last modified on 22:19:48 05/17/2021. Cast: Gallon and Meifeng.

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