Most Recent 100 Published Logs

1. Between a Mouse and Boxer - Still trapped in the depths of the Zaibatsu laboratories, Steve has yet another encounter with the enigmatic Moondyne Maus. His groggy self at first does not remember her, until they take the time to sit down and talk about stuff. - created on 13:59:59 09/28/2020 by Steve and last modified on 17:40:26 09/28/2020. Cast: Steve and Moondyne.

2. SNF: False Idols - Following last week's Idol Showdown, Professional Fighting Worldwide decided to extend an open offer to our fans: a chance to meet (and beat) their idol! We're sure that our winner, Sakura, won't be disappointed in the slightest by the opportunity when she goes head to head in this match with newly crowned Idol Tairyu! And, of course, our security in Dotonbori won't allow any intrusions by wandering vagrants... right? - created on 12:59:14 08/25/2020 by Emma and last modified on 20:28:16 09/12/2020. Cast: Sakura, Tairyu, and Emma.

3. Black Dragon TDH - Breach Of Contract - With the Casino chaos, the shift of attention hard on Syndicate operations has caused a shock through Duke's organization. With evidence tying to Duke-baked Syndicate operations securing both Darkstalkers from Kira and real estate for Lord Dohma, the assault on Syndicate warehouses demands that the evidence be cleared. Serving his boss loyally, Hyena scrambles to clear out the financial statements of his boss. Unfortunately, Paranormal Investigator Brandon has done some very normal investigations, and has caught the Pompadoured Panderer. Backed into a corner, Hyena fights for his life, with the prize being the secrets and truths of Duke's schemes and plans. - created on 13:24:07 09/08/2020 by Hyena and last modified on 12:25:30 09/11/2020. Cast: Hyena and Brandon.

4. Kongou vs Maki in "Blue Rodeo" - Lyraelle says: "Hello, minions~ <3 As you may well know, I"m a huuuge fan of rodeo! So when Canada"s biggest rodeo city needed a last-minute replacement for an event due to some legal wrangling with some unmentionable types, yours truly was quick to two-step in and save the day! Of course, a big venue needs a big draw, and what bigger draw could the Midnight Channel rustle up than Kongou, the Strongest Titan? Our challenger is none other than heroic ninja Maki, but only the match will tell whether she's the cowgirl to Kongou's bull or just a rodeo clown!" - created on 18:17:48 08/28/2020 by Kongou and last modified on 22:05:23 08/28/2020. Cast: Maki and Kongou.

5. Hell's Bells - Kelly vs ???? - Lyraelle says: "We're here, minions~ It's time for the Midnight Channel's Dark Heart debut! And what venue could possibly be epic enough to host the kind of monstrous mayhem you've tuned in to see, you may wonder? Well, how about a totally /epic/ cathedral?! When the bells in this bell tower ring for midnight, you'll know that it's time for some pulse-pounding bloodshed! And what mystery opponent have I lined up for our very first darkstalker guinea pi- I mean, brand new talent, Kelly Mason? Well, I'm sure that just because she happens to be one of the only fighters to beat me on live broadcast doesn't mean I'd pick a scary opponent for her out of spite! Winky face~" - created on 10:52:47 07/30/2020 by Kelly and last modified on 14:44:36 09/10/2020. Cast: Daniel and Kelly.

6. Blue Pro Belt Lita Luwanda vs Velvet Blue - Lita Luwanda is challenged for her championship by the Velvet Blue. The fight was brutal but in the end only one can wear the belt in the end. (Winner: Velvet Blue) - created on 15:59:36 08/14/2020 by Lita and last modified on 08:15:36 08/19/2020. Cast: Lita and Velvet Blue.

7. SNF: The Cat's In The Bag - Lyraelle says: "Did you know that catgirls trend, like, waaay higher on Google than demon girls? I don't get it! And then there are schoolgirls, which are trendier than cat girls and demon girls combined! Not that I'd let jealousy get the better of me by, say, making a catgirl and a schoolgirl fight on gondolas in the dark out of spite or something~ Don't worry, kiddies and kitties, our minions will be on hand to fish you out before you drown if somebody takes a tumble into the canal... probably~" - created on 17:53:16 08/22/2020 by Honoka Inoue and last modified on 10:06:37 08/23/2020. Cast: Felicia and Honoka Inoue.

8. Black Dragon TDH - Control the Narrative - Word has reached the NOL. The Southtown Syndicate is mired amongst the Darkstalker trade, and Duke is behind it all! Armed with this knowledge, Lieutenant Shimotsuki and Corporal Kaneko descend upon Geese Tower to seize any Duke-controled assets. However, the line where Duke assets begin, and Syndicate assets end can sometimes be foggy. When the forces of the NOL arrive to secure the Tower, they are greeted by a masked guardian dedicated to setting the NOL straight. - created on 12:27:37 07/26/2020 by Grant and last modified on 14:58:15 08/27/2020. Cast: Grant, Katarina, and Renka.

9. SNF: Idol Showdown: Rats In A Cage - Two winners of regional auditions for Professional Fighting Worldwide's new Idol Showdown Series meet in a head-to-head battle combining musical might with pugilistic prowess! Demonstrating our commitment to the security of our fans and fighters alike, this karaoke kombat kontest will be hosted in the cage of the Meson De Las Flores, allowing live viewers to safely experience the exhibition without diluting the sonic purity of the battle! The trick is, there's only one microphone, suspended above the ring. Who will get the chance to let loose with their big finale when it's time for the coda? - created on 11:43:38 07/29/2020 by Alexis and last modified on 17:13:05 08/03/2020. Cast: Alexis and Tairyu.

10. Bat 52 Where Are You - Echo returns to her shop in Southtown late at night after a hard evening of rolling thugs for information--when Tairyu shows up. - created on 18:57:03 07/28/2020 by Echo and last modified on 14:01:04 07/29/2020. Cast: Echo and Tairyu.

11. NL#0148: Tairyu vs Vuong - Tairyu and Vuong throw down in the Yokohama's Minato Mirai 21 district! Thunder and lightning, very very frightening! - created on 11:33:42 07/24/2020 by Vuong and last modified on 22:16:40 07/24/2020. Cast: Vuong and Tairyu.

12. Hotel Transylvania - Tairyu stops by Echo's Southtown occult shop with a request and finds... Dennis rooming in the upstairs apartment? After some discussion, they decide to set off on a war against the ones who are holding Tairyu's sister hostage. - created on 18:55:46 07/23/2020 by Echo and last modified on 23:54:43 07/23/2020. Cast: Echo, Tairyu, and Dennis.

13. Stray Dog Blues - Hayley finds Tairyu trying to make nice with a stray dog in Southtown. She thus ends up helping him bring the dog to someone who will take care of it, before coffee is had. And a couple embarrassments. - created on 21:09:11 07/18/2020 by Tairyu and last modified on 01:28:37 07/23/2020. Cast: Hayley and Tairyu.

14. Miserable Creatures - Daniel is caught by Juri doing unspeakable things to the undead. Daniel, in turn, thinks Juri is a Miko. Wacky hijinks ensue. - created on 14:57:58 07/16/2020 by Daniel and last modified on 10:04:46 07/17/2020. Cast: Daniel and Juri.

15. To Catch a Professor - Fuelled by a desire to improve herself, Moondyne Mouse attempts to kidnap a roboticist scientist--however the Ikari Warrior Lita stands in her way. - created on 13:31:58 07/16/2020 by Moondyne and last modified on 19:01:24 07/16/2020. Cast: Lita and Moondyne.

16. Succu-bit Arcade Fun - Tairyu meets Lilith, who'd been stalking the impure souls of Southtown. Deciding to toy with him--the junior succubus gets a surprise she wasn't expecting. Co-starring Blanka Plush. - created on 17:45:12 07/15/2020 by Lilith and last modified on 17:55:00 07/16/2020. Cast: Lilith and Tairyu.

17. Black Dragon R5 - The Dragon's Heart - Having set herself up as a villain poised to threaten all of Southtown, Kira has been wildly successful in pissing off just about every single faction in the city. No surprise that when you start destroying civilization for seemingly insane goals people tend to take offense. However, not everyone believes that the Dragon is simply a rabid dog that needs to be put down as quickly as possible. Having seen more than his fair share of people drawn to the allure of death and power, the former head of the Assassin's Guild decides to pay the mercenary queen a visit in the hopes that he might convince her of a better path. - created on 08:47:27 07/15/2020 by Kira Volkov and last modified on 13:16:34 07/16/2020. Cast: Slayer and Kira Volkov.

18. Campaign Central - There are a number of people interested in Honoka Kawamoto's run for Mayor of Southtown. Just over a dozen of them -- the Raven Guard -- descend upon her campaign headquarters for a visit. - created on 10:19:32 07/01/2020 by Honoka and last modified on 13:59:54 07/14/2020. Cast: Honoka and Bela.

19. Pulped Fiction - Tairyu runs into Velvet Blue while doing some debt collecting. - created on 19:37:21 07/12/2020 by Velvet Blue and last modified on 17:48:38 07/13/2020. Cast: Velvet Blue and Tairyu.

20. NL#0147: Clarity vs Tairyu - It's a hot summer smackdown in one of Japan's famed bathhouses. See the roving American icon, Clarity Reece takes on the Southtown Syndicate Hotshot, Tairyu Katashi. - created on 16:08:11 07/11/2020 by Clarity and last modified on 01:06:22 07/12/2020. Cast: Tairyu and Clarity.

21. NL#0146: Tairyu vs Jezebel - The Yakuza Operative Katashi Tairyu faces off against the advertising might of Lightning Spangles in a Neo-League showdown! (Winner: Tairyu) - created on 13:53:05 07/10/2020 by Jezebel and last modified on 21:29:46 07/11/2020. Cast: Jezebel and Tairyu.

22. Tirade in the Arcade - After strengthening her resolve to improve herself, Moondyne runs into Tairyu in a Southtown arcade playing... Space Harrier? - created on 15:02:27 07/08/2020 by Moondyne and last modified on 19:54:14 07/08/2020. Cast: Moondyne and Tairyu.

23. NL#0145: Lita vs Tairyu - The organizers of Neo League draw in Lita Luwanda for a match for the sake of a ratings boost. And for her opponent, in turn the relatively unknown Tairyu is drawn in through interested Syndicate parties. (WINNER: Lita) - created on 12:59:17 06/29/2020 by Tairyu and last modified on 14:37:54 07/07/2020. Cast: Lita and Tairyu.

24. Chopstix Begins - In the dark, crime-filled streets of Southtown, the wandering Johnny Cage finds a new breed of vigilante... CHOPSTIX! ...Well, no, actually, Johnny ends up disturbing a bunch of ramen-eaters while he and his crew are doing location scouting for a new movie, and ends up trying to persuade Tairyu into a career in movies. - created on 16:21:27 07/06/2020 by Tairyu and last modified on 21:26:00 07/06/2020. Cast: Johnny Cage and Tairyu.

25. NL#0144: Hayley vs Honoka Inoue - Honoka and Hayley have a Neo League battle after their mutual absences from the fighting ring! - created on 19:15:27 07/04/2020 by Honoka Inoue and last modified on 13:42:30 07/06/2020. Cast: Hayley and Honoka Inoue.

26. Black Dragon R4 - Obscured By Clouds - Alba and Kain go plotting on a jet plane. - created on 11:21:37 07/04/2020 by K' and last modified on 22:27:11 07/05/2020. Cast: Alba and Kain.

27. High-Rolling - Tairyu responds to a troublemaker in a gambling parlor, but this mysterious green-haired lady may be more than she seems. What happens when they head back to a VIP room? What kind of game uses Tarot cards? - created on 18:52:59 07/01/2020 by Morrigan and last modified on 20:03:12 07/04/2020. Cast: Morrigan and Tairyu.

28. Black Dragon Ch. 3: A Song of Fury - The final battle to drive the Dragon out of Southtown has arrived. Neither side seems willing to strike the first blow and it appears that the new commander of the NOL's forces won't be arrogant enough to underestimate the Dragon again. However, Kira isn't of a mind to let her opponents dictate the pace of this battle and thus decides to force their hand by tapping into something greater than caution - rage. - created on 16:47:31 07/03/2020 by Kira Volkov and last modified on 16:49:39 07/03/2020. Cast: Kira Volkov.

29. How to Train your Minotaur - Seeking revenge on Lyraelle, Echo hunts the succubus down to a love hotel in downtown Southtown which she has taken over an entire floor of with her minions. The sorceress's quest for blackmail material takes a strange turn. - created on 05:52:05 07/01/2020 by Echo and last modified on 18:39:33 07/01/2020. Cast: Echo and Lyraelle.

30. Youkai Noodle Dandy - A vampire and a youkai walk into a restaurant owned by a master assassin, and... have you heard this one? No? Well... it goes like this. - created on 00:05:18 05/25/2020 by Gen and last modified on 00:10:15 07/01/2020. Cast: Gen, Slayer, and Kongou.

31. Motives and Methodologies - A most unusual man arrives to make Tairyu a most unexpected offer, with as yet unknown ramifications-- personal and professional. - created on 18:42:57 06/30/2020 by Kain and last modified on 22:40:36 06/30/2020. Cast: Kain and Tairyu.

32. Finals - Heavy Metal Burning vs USA Sports Team - In the final round of this year's King of Fighters, Heavy Metal Burnin' squares off with the USA Sports Team for the title and glory. Things get hot. Stuff gets burnt. (Winner: Heavy Metal Burnin'). - created on 17:08:31 10/20/2019 by K' and last modified on 09:01:50 06/30/2020. Cast: K', Johnny Cage, and Bang.

33. Southtown Confidential - Tairyu visits Echo at her shop in Southtown to give her some grave news. Get it? Grave News? Necromancy? Ahhh, forget it, you're a good kid. Don't worry about it. - created on 14:37:49 06/24/2020 by Echo and last modified on 00:53:31 06/29/2020. Cast: Echo and Tairyu.

34. Chaos Blooms On The Battlefield - On a moonlit Southtown broadwalk, two souls find each other, joined together by entropy and chaos, with love forming at first gaze. ... What? NO! THAT'S NOT WHAT HAPPENED AT ALL! What *actually* happened involved Sorcha descending upon Broadwalk to sow chaos and destruction, and Tairyu took it upon himself to try to stop her. - created on 19:15:50 06/26/2020 by Tairyu and last modified on 00:31:27 06/29/2020. Cast: Sorcha and Tairyu.

35. Black Dragon R4 - Crossfire - Thus far the dynamic duo of spiritual warriors have proven to be a valuable asset to the people of Southtown, rescuing dozens of civilians trapped far beyond the reach of the NOL or PDF. But with the Dark Stalkers suddenly turning tail, their prospects for further aid seem limited. Unwilling to give up the fight until the job is done, Ayame directs their efforts towards a large movement of NOL troops, hoping to offer assistance where they can. Instead, the pair accidentally blunder into an ambush meant to catch the Librarium unawares, putting themselves directly into the conflict against the Dragon's forces! - created on 13:24:31 06/07/2020 by Ayame and last modified on 11:35:38 06/28/2020. Cast: Ayame, Riki, and Hayley.

36. Black Dragon R4 - Teaching Strength - With Mitsuru in his clutches, Heihachi finally meets with the head of the Tokugawa family, to discuss her fate. But the Mishima finds his values challenged by Mitsuru's father, as they together decide Mitsuru's fate. - created on 11:14:12 06/26/2020 by Mitsuru and last modified on 11:23:30 06/28/2020. Cast: Heihachi and Mitsuru.

37. Secret Societies - Troubled with changes to his powers, the masked hero Mega Dragon Fighter J-Dragon seeks out a clandestine society of psychics that may be able to find answers. The Black Dahlia, and Shadaloo Doll Marz, are on hand to pose as the shady organization of the psychically inclined in order to glean information of this new threat and to continue to wrap Koto up in their dark machinations. - created on 11:05:09 06/16/2020 by Marz and last modified on 11:24:09 06/27/2020. Cast: Honoka, Marz, and Koto.

38. Do you wanna build a Dojo - Ken Masters calls up Velvet Blue to ask him for some advice on a new pet project of his... - created on 17:39:39 06/24/2020 by Velvet Blue and last modified on 17:03:11 06/26/2020. Cast: Ken Masters and Velvet Blue.

39. Black Dragon R4 - Bad Omens - With the assassination of the Mayor of Southtown being investigated by the NOL, Crock has been kept in holding as they grill him about his tattoos and his involvement in the murder. But when the ace interrogatrix Kazue is brought in, Crock finds himself wound around a familiar spool, by an unfamiliar face. - created on 14:21:43 06/23/2020 by Crock and last modified on 16:31:57 06/26/2020. Cast: Lyraelle and Crock.

40. Meeting at the Manor - The Mishima Zaibatsu are approached by a hand of the Illuminati baring a gift; a single killer to assist Heihachi Mishima in his goals for Southtown. A deal between devils is made. - created on 23:41:21 06/23/2020 by Whitney and last modified on 10:39:44 06/26/2020. Cast: Heihachi and Whitney.

41. Disaster Tourist - Scarlet Dahlia has a history in Southtown. But as the crime boss made a habit of flying under the radar, it shouldn't come as any surprise that there are people who have no idea what she looks like. Including someone whose current lifestyle might be an indirect result of one of her devastating campaigns. - created on 09:48:14 06/25/2020 by Mint and last modified on 20:03:17 06/25/2020. Cast: Honoka and Tairyu.

42. Finding Raina - Part 1 - Metro City police officer Dennis Browning has made his way to Southtown to try and find Raina Rodfield in his crusade to keep her from her self-destructive behavior. There, he meets Echo, who immediately takes the opportunity to recruit him into helping her find someone else's missing person. A sucker for heroics, Dennis and Echo are walking right to her occult shop. - created on 19:13:24 06/23/2020 by Dennis and last modified on 23:54:52 06/23/2020. Cast: Echo and Dennis.

43. Black Dragon Ch. 3: The Dragon's Lair - Despite successfully destroying the power plant, the NOL commander in charge of the assault is left with more questions than answers as the Dragon seems to have outplayed her opponents yet again. - created on 14:54:38 06/23/2020 by Katarina and last modified on 15:01:44 06/23/2020. Cast: Katarina.

44. A Threat Manifested - Lyraelle follows up on her threat of seeing Tairyu again, after he's left abandoned by a warehouse at the outskirts of Southtown after a Syndicate operation. Revelations are made on both ends, before the two settle into another fight. - created on 08:03:06 06/20/2020 by Tairyu and last modified on 11:59:25 06/23/2020. Cast: Lyraelle and Tairyu.

45. Shop Talk - Major Briggs gets to meet the person who'll be working on his arms for the forseeable future: a pipsqueak half his size who insists on calling herself "Mint." - created on 11:23:40 06/03/2020 by Mint and last modified on 09:56:46 06/23/2020. Cast: Mint and Jax.

46. Black Dragon R4 - Subject NT01 - When Steve awakens, not only does he find out he's been separated from Mitsuru, but that he's now the captive of Heihachi Mishima. And while the evil old man's plans for him are nothing short of nefarious, he's not the only prisoner of the Tekken Force, as Doctor Gepetto Boskonovictch once more finds himself a tool in the Mishima family's schemes. Will Steve be able to find Mitsuru again? Will he find out more about his mysterious past and what Heihachi wants from him? - created on 11:26:21 06/02/2020 by Heihachi and last modified on 16:31:58 06/03/2020. Cast: Steve, Heihachi, and Mitsuru.

47. A Robbery Awry - Detecting danger down below, the Demon Queen swoops in to save the day... from the Yakuza who's already saved the day. As is so often the case, misunderstandings beget violence. - created on 06:48:38 06/18/2020 by Lyraelle and last modified on 09:01:01 06/20/2020. Cast: Lyraelle and Tairyu.

48. Yakuza-fetching - Senna is hired by the Syndicate to go find an employee gone radio-silent. Her search leads her to an underground fighting arena abandoned for years-- and Tairyu. - created on 14:01:13 06/19/2020 by Tairyu and last modified on 19:10:52 06/19/2020. Cast: Senna and Tairyu.

49. Of Mice and Mobsters - After Tairyu's run in with Upsilon, who else but Moondyne Mouse to track him down and torment him? - created on 15:05:32 06/16/2020 by Moondyne and last modified on 19:54:12 06/17/2020. Cast: Moondyne and Tairyu.

50. Black Dragon R4 - Dating Destiny? - Guided by strange visions and the hunt for her red-cloaked hero, Emma heads into the fighting at Southtown, certain that if her brave rescuer can be found anywhere then it is probably in the thick of a fight against evil. Unfortunately, her naivety leads to inevitable trouble as she finds herself accosted by one of the gangsters unleashed on the city by the Dragon's antics. - created on 15:39:24 06/06/2020 by Amandine and last modified on 08:52:47 06/17/2020. Cast: Amandine and Emma.

51. The Black Dragon R4 - The Taste of Tokusatsu - Fresh (or not so fresh) from the battlezone, Velvet and Lyraelle make a stop in a quiet street to catch a breath, only to be tracked down by the darkstalker-seeking Koto. Lyraelle offers to try and help him with a problem she describes as 'power puberty,' and ends up discovering more than she expected. - created on 16:12:23 06/10/2020 by Lyraelle and last modified on 19:53:37 06/12/2020. Cast: Velvet Blue, Koto, and Lyraelle.

52. A Trip to the Mall - NESTS Agent Upsilon is on assignment in Southtown. The mission is to scout of local areas with potential weaknesses for future sites of NESTS operations. Secondary objective is to study the defensive capabilities of the local gangs. His crew locates and identifies the reluctant Syndicate enforcer, Katashi Tairyu, as the singular local boss. A simple "Stress Test" ensues. - created on 14:38:52 06/15/2020 by Upsilon and last modified on 21:59:33 06/15/2020. Cast: Upsilon and Tairyu.

53. Stray Cats - Abandoned in the middle of Southtown's business district and left bereft of a ride, Tairyu attracts the attention of a strange girl wearing a mask. - created on 11:47:54 06/13/2020 by Clio and last modified on 15:11:22 06/13/2020. Cast: Clio and Tairyu.

54. A Study in Coincidence - Over the sound of bleeping arcade cabinets and street fighter knock-offs, Alba and Tairyu talk about their experiences- and the similarities across them. - created on 13:52:27 06/11/2020 by Alba and last modified on 09:11:38 06/13/2020. Cast: Alba and Tairyu.

55. The Bat & The Pendulum - Searching for leads to his kidnapped sister, Tairyu stumbles into the Southtown occult shop of none other than Echo, vampire bat necromancer and sleazy mercenary. - created on 21:07:12 06/09/2020 by Echo and last modified on 01:07:08 06/10/2020. Cast: Echo and Tairyu.

56. All About Steve - Moondyne Mouse visits Steve the British Boxer in Mishima's secret lab for a bit of the old mind-bending ULTRAVIOLENCE. - created on 14:13:57 06/08/2020 by Moondyne and last modified on 17:12:00 06/09/2020. Cast: Steve and Moondyne.

57. Establishing Contact - Millia Rage tracks down Zach Glenn in Southtown. A contract killer seeks out the psychic knight errant. What is her purpose? Is Zach Glenn safe anywhere from those that want to kill him? - created on 14:43:33 06/08/2020 by Millia Rage and last modified on 14:17:49 06/09/2020. Cast: Zach Glenn and Millia Rage.

58. Werecat On A Hot Tin Roof - Felicia runs into Tairyu in the red light sector of Southtown, shenanigans ensue. - created on 23:36:10 06/08/2020 by Felicia and last modified on 03:28:01 06/09/2020. Cast: Felicia and Tairyu.

59. On the Boardwalk. - While tracking a mysterious man, the great savior of Southtown - Malin - comes across an even stranger stranger that impedes her investigation. However, it seems that the recent Syndicate soldier, Tairyu, has uncovered a potential danger lingering among the students of Southtown's High Schools. - created on 16:49:05 06/08/2020 by Malin and last modified on 22:12:16 06/08/2020. Cast: Malin and Tairyu.

60. Black Dragon R4 - Unruly Neighbors - Having thrown in her lot with the self-proclaimed guardian of Southtown, the Demon Queen returns the favor shown to her by the Dragon after being allowed to walk freely from the heart of her domain by joining in the assault on the power plant. Though it seems that the NOL will be very unlikely to accept the aid of a pair of Dark Stalkers, that doesn't keep the duo from running interference against the remaining horde that has taken up position on the rooftops, ready to descend on anyone foolish enough to approach. - created on 18:19:02 06/02/2020 by Kira Volkov and last modified on 00:21:57 06/06/2020. Cast: Kira Volkov, Velvet Blue, and Lyraelle.

61. Black Dragon R4 - Mother's Day Massacre - What was to be a ribald Yo Momma SNF takes a horrifying turn, when the Darkstalker Lotus ambushed the Mayor of Southtown, with the intent of killing her. Bob, one of the fighters in the SNF, moves quickly to save the Mayor, but the punk Crock has his own agenda... - created on 11:08:20 05/27/2020 by Crock and last modified on 23:10:43 06/05/2020. Cast: Bob, Lotus, and Crock.

62. Black Dragon R4 - Ironforge Destiny - Life has been hard for Lukacs. Not only was Szabolc kidnapped, while he was out recovering from a humiliating loss against Lotus, but he had to go and try and channel with his armlet while alone in his tent. Now it is broken, and not even Istvan of the Caretakers can fix it. But an Illyrian Smith by the name of Rosalind can't help but overhead the poor Podiebrad, and offers to fix it. Unfortunately, Istvan does not tolerate being upstaged by outsiders... - created on 21:13:34 05/26/2020 by Daniel and last modified on 23:07:27 06/05/2020. Cast: Rosalind and Bela.

63. Black Dragon R4 - Cut Off the Head - Having pledged the support of his forces to the assault, a squad of Heihachi's Tekken Force utilizes the chaos created by the NOL's frontal assault to slip into the facility. Eager to gain access to fresh subjects for their employer's experiments, the infiltrators discover that their incursion may yield an even greater prize: the Dragon herself! Caught alone in the depths of power plant, Kira must prove that her recent 'improvements' have made her far more dangerous than anyone realizes. - created on 09:58:44 05/28/2020 by Kira Volkov and last modified on 17:15:29 05/28/2020. Cast: Heihachi and Kira Volkov.

64. Is it Shark Tank or Dragon's Den in Japan? - The brave comrade (or acceptable sacrifice) of the Podiebrads, one Alba Meira, follows the trail of their missing squad to a rather unusual destination; and an unexpected change in fortunes. - created on 16:36:30 05/21/2020 by Kain and last modified on 17:01:47 05/28/2020. Cast: Alba, Kain, and Bela.

65. SNF - White Sunday - So Pentacost is in May! This is a Christian festival celebrating the descent of the Holy Spirit on the disciples of Jesus after his Ascension, held on the seventh Sunday after Easter. And what better way to celebrate the arrival of the Holy Spirit than a succubus acting as the Virgin Mary? In a definitely non-spiritually questionable fight match, the alluring Morrigan is required to dress as a nun for her fight. Fighting against her is the bonny Clarity and energized Vuong, taking on more devilish appearances to tempt the Virgin Mary-gan! - created on 11:30:56 05/16/2020 by Clarity and last modified on 09:13:31 05/28/2020. Cast: Vuong, Morrigan, and Clarity.

66. Black Dragon R4 - Considered Trespassing - When a leggy piece of a trouble with painted lips and a pity story comes striding into Brandon Malone's office, the paranormal detective gets himself a case that's bigger than two beans on a pile of many other beans. - created on 14:01:25 05/26/2020 by Marduk and last modified on 10:11:01 05/27/2020. Cast: Brandon and Bela.

67. Black Dragon R4 - Shadow Games - Informed by the NOL of the power plant and it's crucial energy flowing to the shield around the Dragon's Den, Zach assembles his small team and attempts to aid the assault on the facility. Sneaking past the front lines, they make for the control center of the plant to try and end things with one quick stroke. However, he quickly discovers that the mercenary queen has more than mindless monsters and run-of-the-mill henchmen waiting to deal with just such an infiltration attempt. - created on 13:33:48 05/25/2020 by Angel and last modified on 17:39:37 05/25/2020. Cast: Zach Glenn and Kira Volkov.

68. The Black Dragon Chapter 2: Turning Tides - With the Dark Stalker threat quicklyg waning, Lieutenant Katarina briefs the officiers of the NOL on the plan to strike back at the source of this invasion. But, before they can attack the Dragon's Den, they must first deal with her shield. An avenue to do just that presents itself. - created on 09:07:45 05/25/2020 by Kira Volkov and last modified on 09:08:34 05/25/2020. Cast: Kira Volkov.

69. Black Dragon R3 - False Friends - With Steve severely wounded, Mitsuru drags him through Southtown, and finally finds help in the form of a Tekken Force checkpoint. Not only do they give Mitsuru and Steve the medical attention they need, but they offer to send Steve to a special hospital... and for Mitsuru to meet Heihachi Mishima, a well respected Grandpa figure to her and her family. Unfortunately, Heihachi has his own plans in mind for the Tokugawa family... as well as the return of his experiment. - created on 09:41:24 05/19/2020 by Mitsuru and last modified on 22:10:08 05/23/2020. Cast: Steve, Heihachi, and Mitsuru.

70. Black Dragon R3 - Treacherous Paths - Having been allowed entry into the city without much trouble, the Kings of Illyrias take refugee at a church. There, they encounter a mysterious ally of the NOL, Bela von Podiebrad, who offers an alliance with Illyria to pursue a wider scope of evil associated with Kira and her Dragoons. - created on 15:05:33 05/18/2020 by Daniel and last modified on 14:05:57 05/22/2020. Cast: Ky Kiske, Leo Whitefang, and Bela.

71. Right Here, Direct From The Lamp! - Kongou Learns: DO NOT MESS WITH THE PONIES - created on 19:46:10 05/20/2020 by Kongou and last modified on 18:31:41 05/21/2020. Cast: Kongou and Emma.

72. Black Dragon R3 - War Profiteering - For many, the past week has been a horrific nightmare of panic, death, and tragedy. For Heihachi, however, it has been a wealth of fresh opportunities! While his subordinates go about the task of scouring the city for dark stalker subjects to capture for his own devious experiments, the CEO uses his own time to try and expand his influence. Courting favor with the new kid on the block, Heihachi arranges a meeting with one of the noble scions of the Duodecim in order to offer them boons in the hopes of currying favor that he might exploit at a later date. - created on 20:10:39 05/18/2020 by Katarina and last modified on 21:04:13 05/19/2020. Cast: Heihachi and Katarina.

73. Black Dragon R3 - The Harom Shuffle - After escaping from Kira's clutches, Alba wanders off and stumbles upon a household near the refugee camp, loaded with Raven Guards. When they move to capture him, Zach intervenes, and a peculiar opportunity arises for all of them. - created on 18:47:15 05/11/2020 by Kim and last modified on 17:26:04 05/18/2020. Cast: Alba, Zach Glenn, and Bela.

74. Black Dragon R3 - Wicked Souls - While the efforts of the tag-team duo of monster hunters have put a small dent in the population of dangerous beasts, it is but a pebble chipped away from the foot of a mountain. Undeterred by the size of their task, they continue their travels along the outskirts in search of civilians left behind that might be rescued. However, instead of coming across more rampaging dark stalkers, they find themselves accosted by one of Earth's most wicked creatures - humans. - created on 14:56:02 05/02/2020 by Ayame and last modified on 13:26:26 05/18/2020. Cast: Ayame, Heihachi, and Riki.

75. SNF: Soldiers of Fortune - The Shinsekai District was once regarded at the most dangerous part of Osaka. Now? It's a shopaholic's paradise. And just in time for Memorial Day Weekend, with bargains up both the ying and the yang. And what better way to influence the street-side sales than world-famous celebrity Lyraelle. Backing her up is the duo of Lilith and Kelly, double Darkstalkers that will gang on up the charming dominator. As an added bonus, all three will all have to highlight the high quality bargains around the open air market as they fight! - created on 20:03:29 05/16/2020 by Lyraelle and last modified on 05:07:36 05/17/2020. Cast: Lilith, Kelly, and Lyraelle.

76. Black Dragon R3 - Hell's Kitchen - Black Dragon: Hell's Kitchen - Lyraelle continues her Save Southtown streaming charity tour by visiting a soup kitchen run by the New Balls Librarians or something like that! Chef Amandine takes umbrage at the succubus' attitude, and bizarre accidents cause tensions to escalate. When two enormous egos clash, the kitchen's set to heat up - but who will end up eating humble pie? - created on 18:50:40 05/13/2020 by Lyraelle and last modified on 09:06:00 05/18/2020. Cast: Amandine and Lyraelle.

77. Black Dragon R3 - Wrong Number - Following the leads on Duke Burkoff and the Southtown Syndicate, Szabolc and his men approach the shipping vessel Pacific Yoke, seeking to find clues on Darkstalker trade. Instead they find Grant. Whoops. - created on 21:09:03 05/11/2020 by Sven and last modified on 22:12:11 05/13/2020. Cast: Grant and Bela.

78. A Game of Cat and Mouse - Moondyne Mouse runs into Taokaka, yes, of the Kaka Clan--as she attempts to raid downtown of it's restaurant delights! After an attempted mind reading of the feline, Moondyne is in for a big surprise... - created on 16:47:57 05/12/2020 by Moondyne and last modified on 19:23:11 05/12/2020. Cast: Moondyne and Taokaka.

79. Black Dragon R3 - Bad Company - A mysterious Szamet, a sinister Zabel Zarock. The agent of the Podiebrad Manor makes a false flag offering to the rock star, to begin attacking the city of Southtown. But the Bastard gets more than he bargained for, when he annoys the zombie metalhead... - created on 10:48:05 05/11/2020 by Daniel and last modified on 14:14:10 05/12/2020. Cast: Zabel and Bela.

80. Magical Meetup - Lyraelle, Demon Queen of Darkness heads over to The Gold Lounge to see it's host, Velvet Blue. But why...? - created on 19:50:59 05/10/2020 by Velvet Blue and last modified on 23:10:08 05/11/2020. Cast: Velvet Blue and Lyraelle.

81. Black Dragon R3 - The Dark Savior - Captured by The Raven Guard, Lotus awaits her fate of torture and interrogation. But before she suffers at the hands of her captors, she seemingly finds help from a Dark Savior... - created on 11:13:52 05/11/2020 by Duke and last modified on 22:24:17 05/11/2020. Cast: Lotus and Bela.

82. Black Dragon R3 - You Can Say It Again! - Taokaka likes food! But the Mall is closed! How can she find food if the mall is closed! But then she meets Zsa Zsa! She has food! Taokaka just has to do something extra special for food! - created on 16:00:28 05/11/2020 by Marduk and last modified on 21:17:38 05/11/2020. Cast: Taokaka and Bela.

83. Fashion Smash: Lyraelle vs. Victoria - Tonight, in this very arena, the DEMON QUEEN faces the VALKYRIE in a Heaven-or-Hell battle for nothing less than... a cover spot on WOMEN'S WORLD OF FIGHTING magazine! Featuring your hosts, Tom, Lou, and Red Mignon! - created on 20:20:01 05/06/2020 by Lyraelle and last modified on 21:19:01 05/08/2020. Cast: Mignon, Victoria, and Lyraelle.

84. Black Dragon R3 - Back Alley Brawl - With the NOL focused on containing the Darkstalker threat, it seems that a new danger has emerges to exploit the chaos. Roving gangs of thugs and bikers swarm the streets, smashing, looting, and vandalizing everything in their path. Unfortunately for them, there happens to be a veteran of such street wars lurking around ready to bring them to justice! Taking to the streets, Maki prepares to do her part in the defense of Southtown by making sure there's something for the citizens to return to! - created on 19:15:46 05/05/2020 by Daniel and last modified on 17:39:05 05/07/2020. Cast: Daniel and Maki.

85. Black Dragon R3 - The Riddle of Strength - As Kongou searches for someone against whom he can test his strength, a storm brews over the Southtown Village. Perhaps in another time and place, this lightning would signal the arrive of a great hero, but the chaos sewn by the Black Dragon draws yet another monster into Kongou's path... - created on 22:41:57 05/05/2020 by Victor and last modified on 23:51:11 05/06/2020. Cast: Victor and Kongou.

86. Black Dragon R3 - False Promise - Having defeated the Raven Guard three times; Lotus finds herself as the celebrated guest of the Patriarch of the House of Podiebrad. After three days of being nursed back to health, the constant questioning finally comes to an end with a delightful tea party. It starts like a birthday party. But it soon becomes clear it may in fact be the opposite of that. - created on 11:35:29 05/05/2020 by Bela and last modified on 16:48:50 05/06/2020. Cast: Lotus and Bela.

87. SNF - Combo #5 - The Spangles Fast Food Restaurant chain has been abandoned for a long time now. City officials claim that this particular one is standing in the way of progress. Thus, the 69th Location has been zoned off for demolition! Enter Kongou. Enter Maxima. Two of the Fighting Circuits most destructive competitors will be doing the city a favor by taking down the Spangles Restaurant... with each other. - created on 17:39:51 05/05/2020 by Maxima and last modified on 21:43:25 05/05/2020. Cast: Maxima and Kongou.

88. The Long Trip Home - Scarlet Dahlia and Marz are an odd fit together. And while Marz would much rather be safe and secure in the Shadaloo stronghold, Dahlia had dragged her and on a mission which gave every sign of being for Dahlia's exclusive benefit. Add to that the fact that the Doll feels like she survived the crushing pressure of a black hole, while the Ainu still wears that incorrigibly smug smile. Will the two ever see eye to eye? - created on 22:08:56 04/13/2020 by Honoka and last modified on 19:52:47 05/05/2020. Cast: Honoka and Marz.

89. Black Dragon R3 - The Show Must Go On - After her show of the musical "Cats" by Andrew Lloyd Webber, Felicia is approached by the Patriarch of the House of Podiebrad, who plumbs her for information about the mysterious Shadow Council... and who was on it. - created on 15:34:25 05/04/2020 by Daniel and last modified on 16:21:24 05/05/2020. Cast: Felicia and Bela.

90. Black Dragon R3 - Interview With A Dragon - Having bested one of the Dragon's stronger minions in personal combat, the self-proclaimed Demon Queen has earned the right to a face-to-face meeting with the likewise self-proclaimed Mercenary Queen in her current palace - the Dragon's Den Casino. Evidence of the failed assault on the shielded facility still litters the ground as she approaches, offering a potent warning about the danger the is walking into. But whether she's looking or a fight or just interested in having a chat, Lyraelle finds herself welcomed into the obsidian fortress to have her audience. - created on 19:27:11 05/03/2020 by Kira Volkov and last modified on 21:01:54 05/04/2020. Cast: Kira Volkov and Lyraelle.

91. Black Dragon R3 - Same Old Song And Dance - Ever since the dark stalker attacks started, Velvet has found himself hounded constantly by those believing him a part of the problem. While such bigotry might be understandable during the panic, it doesn't make his life any easier, especially when it keeps happening! This time the one who comes calling is none other than a bounty hunter, out on the prowl for a fresh score. The fact that he doesn't have a price on his head is largely irrelevant - after all this is over, someone will surely be willing to pay a good price for every monster she can get her hands on! - created on 22:33:10 05/01/2020 by Raina and last modified on 21:02:01 05/04/2020. Cast: Velvet Blue and Raina.

92. Black Dragon R2 - Black Wind Howls - After the Raven Guard's disastrous attempt to capture Lotus was thwarted by the Darkstalker, their commander, Szabolc, makes his last stand to force a duel at Sound Beach. The outcome, however, takes a shocking swerve as it seems honey is more attractive than vinegar... - created on 09:05:53 04/30/2020 by Duke and last modified on 14:44:45 05/02/2020. Cast: Lotus and Bela.

93. Black Dragon R3 - A Dirty Job - Despite his disdain for her methods, Alba finds himself pinned under the thumb of his new employer. Though she spared him the disgrace of taking part in the assault on the unsuspecting NOL strike team, his first task under her command is no less unsavory. With most of the NOL's spare forces taken out of the picture, Kira directs the young gangster to lead his men on an assault on one of the safe houses that has been established for civilians with the intent to capture as many of them as possible. But, while there may not be any soldiers left to defend them, at least one person is present who has the strength to object to this despicable act! - created on 13:08:11 05/02/2020 by Zach Glenn and last modified on 19:45:57 05/02/2020. Cast: Alba and Zach Glenn.

94. Black Dragon R3 - Supply Chain - While the majority of the students at Taiyo High managed to escape the worst of the attacks, several of them were injured quite badly. Fortunately, the school's infirmary is well stocked and so far no one has died but the supplies are limited and with no way to tell how long this siege will last they have to be used sparingly. Not everyone cares about the well-being of others in this time of crisis, however. Seeing an opportunity to make a quick buck, a young thug attempts to break into the school during the night in order to steal all their medicine, hoping to sell it back - at a ridiculous premium, of course! - created on 15:49:48 04/30/2020 by Daniel and last modified on 21:52:24 04/30/2020. Cast: Daniel and Yuri.

95. Black Dragon R2 - Dine And Dash - When Zsa Zsa failed to take down Lotus, the monster expected an easy escape. Instead, it was a relentless game of cat and mouse between the Raven Guard and Lotus. When the chase brings no fruit, however, the monster hunting mercenaries corner the creature to make a desperate effort to catch her. - created on 13:04:16 04/28/2020 by Duke and last modified on 20:51:47 04/29/2020. Cast: Lotus and Bela.

96. The Black Dragon - Ch. 2: The Dragon's Challenge - Cutscene two of Chapter 2 of the Black Dragon TP. The NOL sends a strike team to answer the challenge posed by Kira, believing her to be little more than some crazed fanatic or arrogant criminal who believes themselves far more capable than is true. However, the stress of the crisis causes politics to interfere in their judgement, leading the Libarium to launch a hasty attack. Much to their surprise, the Dragon proves herself far more resourceful than they could have imagined. - created on 14:39:08 04/29/2020 by Kira Volkov and last modified on 14:47:58 04/29/2020. Cast: Kira Volkov.

97. The Black Dragon - Chapter 2: Are You Strong? - The first cutscene of Chapter 2 of the Black Dragon TP. Kira reveals herself to Southtown as the mastermind behind the mysterious dark stalker attacks and poses a question to the citizens and their defenders - are they strong enough to survive the trial that she has put them through? Issuing a challenge to attack her in her stronghold, the mercenary queen awaits the inevitable response. - created on 14:32:49 04/29/2020 by Kira Volkov and last modified on 14:33:49 04/29/2020. Cast: Kira Volkov.

98. Black Dragon R2 - Jealous Much? - After Steve and Mitsuru slipped out of their debt to the Golden Lounge, the duo sneak past Monster and Cordon to reach the Southtown Villages. But along the way, they meet the beautiful and stunning Lyraelle. The demoness is quick to draw Mitsuru's ire... but when she draws Steve's affections and attentions, it quickly collapses into a melee a trois for the worst of reasons. - created on 13:04:05 04/20/2020 by Mitsuru and last modified on 21:37:43 04/27/2020. Cast: Steve, Mitsuru, and Lyraelle.

99. Hickory Dickory Dock - The Mouse ran up the clock, the clock struck one, and down Alba ran. (Moondyne Mouse runs into Alba and Kongou in Downtown Southtown.) - created on 14:17:03 04/26/2020 by Moondyne and last modified on 17:15:18 04/27/2020. Cast: Alba, Moondyne, and Kongou.

100. Black Dragon R2 - Fetch Quest - While her fellow soldiers wage open war against the monsterous hordes, Corporal Renka has found herself saddled with less glorious but equally important tasks. After retrieving a handful of strange collars from a group of fallen dark stalkerrs, she has been ordered to further investigate the source of these attacks by tracing a weak signal that was able to be isolated from their heavily encrypted circuitry. The trail takes her to the edge of the city this time, somewhere along the coastline. Unfortunately, her meddling has been noticed and the only thing awaiting her at the beach is more trouble. - created on 18:17:16 04/23/2020 by Renka and last modified on 21:30:48 04/26/2020. Cast: Kira Volkov and Renka.

100 logs listed.