Most Recent 100 Published Logs

1. Black Dragon R4 - Cut Off the Head - Having pledged the support of his forces to the assault, a squad of Heihachi's Tekken Force utilizes the chaos created by the NOL's frontal assault to slip into the facility. Eager to gain access to fresh subjects for their employer's experiments, the infiltrators discover that their incursion may yield an even greater prize: the Dragon herself! Caught alone in the depths of power plant, Kira must prove that her recent 'improvements' have made her far more dangerous than anyone realizes. - created on 09:58:44 05/28/2020 by Kira Volkov and last modified on 17:15:29 05/28/2020. Cast: Heihachi and Kira Volkov.

2. Is it Shark Tank or Dragon's Den in Japan? - The brave comrade (or acceptable sacrifice) of the Podiebrads, one Alba Meira, follows the trail of their missing squad to a rather unusual destination; and an unexpected change in fortunes. - created on 16:36:30 05/21/2020 by Kain and last modified on 17:01:47 05/28/2020. Cast: Alba, Kain, and Bela.

3. SNF - White Sunday - So Pentacost is in May! This is a Christian festival celebrating the descent of the Holy Spirit on the disciples of Jesus after his Ascension, held on the seventh Sunday after Easter. And what better way to celebrate the arrival of the Holy Spirit than a succubus acting as the Virgin Mary? In a definitely non-spiritually questionable fight match, the alluring Morrigan is required to dress as a nun for her fight. Fighting against her is the bonny Clarity and energized Vuong, taking on more devilish appearances to tempt the Virgin Mary-gan! - created on 11:30:56 05/16/2020 by Clarity and last modified on 09:13:31 05/28/2020. Cast: Vuong, Morrigan, and Clarity.

4. Black Dragon R4 - Considered Trespassing - When a leggy piece of a trouble with painted lips and a pity story comes striding into Brandon Malone's office, the paranormal detective gets himself a case that's bigger than two beans on a pile of many other beans. - created on 14:01:25 05/26/2020 by Marduk and last modified on 10:11:01 05/27/2020. Cast: Brandon and Bela.

5. Black Dragon R4 - Shadow Games - Informed by the NOL of the power plant and it's crucial energy flowing to the shield around the Dragon's Den, Zach assembles his small team and attempts to aid the assault on the facility. Sneaking past the front lines, they make for the control center of the plant to try and end things with one quick stroke. However, he quickly discovers that the mercenary queen has more than mindless monsters and run-of-the-mill henchmen waiting to deal with just such an infiltration attempt. - created on 13:33:48 05/25/2020 by Angel and last modified on 17:39:37 05/25/2020. Cast: Zach Glenn and Kira Volkov.

6. The Black Dragon Chapter 2: Turning Tides - With the Dark Stalker threat quicklyg waning, Lieutenant Katarina briefs the officiers of the NOL on the plan to strike back at the source of this invasion. But, before they can attack the Dragon's Den, they must first deal with her shield. An avenue to do just that presents itself. - created on 09:07:45 05/25/2020 by Kira Volkov and last modified on 09:08:34 05/25/2020. Cast: Kira Volkov.

7. Black Dragon R3 - False Friends - With Steve severely wounded, Mitsuru drags him through Southtown, and finally finds help in the form of a Tekken Force checkpoint. Not only do they give Mitsuru and Steve the medical attention they need, but they offer to send Steve to a special hospital... and for Mitsuru to meet Heihachi Mishima, a well respected Grandpa figure to her and her family. Unfortunately, Heihachi has his own plans in mind for the Tokugawa family... as well as the return of his experiment. - created on 09:41:24 05/19/2020 by Mitsuru and last modified on 22:10:08 05/23/2020. Cast: Steve, Heihachi, and Mitsuru.

8. Black Dragon R3 - Treacherous Paths - Having been allowed entry into the city without much trouble, the Kings of Illyrias take refugee at a church. There, they encounter a mysterious ally of the NOL, Bela von Podiebrad, who offers an alliance with Illyria to pursue a wider scope of evil associated with Kira and her Dragoons. - created on 15:05:33 05/18/2020 by Daniel and last modified on 14:05:57 05/22/2020. Cast: Ky Kiske, Leo Whitefang, and Bela.

9. Right Here, Direct From The Lamp! - Kongou Learns: DO NOT MESS WITH THE PONIES - created on 19:46:10 05/20/2020 by Kongou and last modified on 18:31:41 05/21/2020. Cast: Kongou and Emma.

10. Black Dragon R3 - War Profiteering - For many, the past week has been a horrific nightmare of panic, death, and tragedy. For Heihachi, however, it has been a wealth of fresh opportunities! While his subordinates go about the task of scouring the city for dark stalker subjects to capture for his own devious experiments, the CEO uses his own time to try and expand his influence. Courting favor with the new kid on the block, Heihachi arranges a meeting with one of the noble scions of the Duodecim in order to offer them boons in the hopes of currying favor that he might exploit at a later date. - created on 20:10:39 05/18/2020 by Katarina and last modified on 21:04:13 05/19/2020. Cast: Heihachi and Katarina.

11. Black Dragon R3 - The Harom Shuffle - After escaping from Kira's clutches, Alba wanders off and stumbles upon a household near the refugee camp, loaded with Raven Guards. When they move to capture him, Zach intervenes, and a peculiar opportunity arises for all of them. - created on 18:47:15 05/11/2020 by Kim and last modified on 17:26:04 05/18/2020. Cast: Alba, Zach Glenn, and Bela.

12. Black Dragon R3 - Wicked Souls - While the efforts of the tag-team duo of monster hunters have put a small dent in the population of dangerous beasts, it is but a pebble chipped away from the foot of a mountain. Undeterred by the size of their task, they continue their travels along the outskirts in search of civilians left behind that might be rescued. However, instead of coming across more rampaging dark stalkers, they find themselves accosted by one of Earth's most wicked creatures - humans. - created on 14:56:02 05/02/2020 by Ayame and last modified on 13:26:26 05/18/2020. Cast: Ayame, Heihachi, and Riki.

13. SNF: Soldiers of Fortune - The Shinsekai District was once regarded at the most dangerous part of Osaka. Now? It's a shopaholic's paradise. And just in time for Memorial Day Weekend, with bargains up both the ying and the yang. And what better way to influence the street-side sales than world-famous celebrity Lyraelle. Backing her up is the duo of Lilith and Kelly, double Darkstalkers that will gang on up the charming dominator. As an added bonus, all three will all have to highlight the high quality bargains around the open air market as they fight! - created on 20:03:29 05/16/2020 by Lyraelle and last modified on 05:07:36 05/17/2020. Cast: Lilith, Kelly, and Lyraelle.

14. Black Dragon R3 - Hell's Kitchen - Black Dragon: Hell's Kitchen - Lyraelle continues her Save Southtown streaming charity tour by visiting a soup kitchen run by the New Balls Librarians or something like that! Chef Amandine takes umbrage at the succubus' attitude, and bizarre accidents cause tensions to escalate. When two enormous egos clash, the kitchen's set to heat up - but who will end up eating humble pie? - created on 18:50:40 05/13/2020 by Lyraelle and last modified on 09:06:00 05/18/2020. Cast: Amandine and Lyraelle.

15. Black Dragon R3 - Wrong Number - Following the leads on Duke Burkoff and the Southtown Syndicate, Szabolc and his men approach the shipping vessel Pacific Yoke, seeking to find clues on Darkstalker trade. Instead they find Grant. Whoops. - created on 21:09:03 05/11/2020 by Sven and last modified on 22:12:11 05/13/2020. Cast: Grant and Bela.

16. A Game of Cat and Mouse - Moondyne Mouse runs into Taokaka, yes, of the Kaka Clan--as she attempts to raid downtown of it's restaurant delights! After an attempted mind reading of the feline, Moondyne is in for a big surprise... - created on 16:47:57 05/12/2020 by Moondyne and last modified on 19:23:11 05/12/2020. Cast: Moondyne and Taokaka.

17. Black Dragon R3 - Bad Company - A mysterious Szamet, a sinister Zabel Zarock. The agent of the Podiebrad Manor makes a false flag offering to the rock star, to begin attacking the city of Southtown. But the Bastard gets more than he bargained for, when he annoys the zombie metalhead... - created on 10:48:05 05/11/2020 by Daniel and last modified on 14:14:10 05/12/2020. Cast: Zabel and Bela.

18. Magical Meetup - Lyraelle, Demon Queen of Darkness heads over to The Gold Lounge to see it's host, Velvet Blue. But why...? - created on 19:50:59 05/10/2020 by Velvet Blue and last modified on 23:10:08 05/11/2020. Cast: Velvet Blue and Lyraelle.

19. Black Dragon R3 - The Dark Savior - Captured by The Raven Guard, Lotus awaits her fate of torture and interrogation. But before she suffers at the hands of her captors, she seemingly finds help from a Dark Savior... - created on 11:13:52 05/11/2020 by Duke and last modified on 22:24:17 05/11/2020. Cast: Lotus and Bela.

20. Black Dragon R3 - You Can Say It Again! - Taokaka likes food! But the Mall is closed! How can she find food if the mall is closed! But then she meets Zsa Zsa! She has food! Taokaka just has to do something extra special for food! - created on 16:00:28 05/11/2020 by Marduk and last modified on 21:17:38 05/11/2020. Cast: Taokaka and Bela.

21. Fashion Smash: Lyraelle vs. Victoria - Tonight, in this very arena, the DEMON QUEEN faces the VALKYRIE in a Heaven-or-Hell battle for nothing less than... a cover spot on WOMEN'S WORLD OF FIGHTING magazine! Featuring your hosts, Tom, Lou, and Red Mignon! - created on 20:20:01 05/06/2020 by Lyraelle and last modified on 21:19:01 05/08/2020. Cast: Mignon, Victoria, and Lyraelle.

22. Black Dragon R3 - Back Alley Brawl - With the NOL focused on containing the Darkstalker threat, it seems that a new danger has emerges to exploit the chaos. Roving gangs of thugs and bikers swarm the streets, smashing, looting, and vandalizing everything in their path. Unfortunately for them, there happens to be a veteran of such street wars lurking around ready to bring them to justice! Taking to the streets, Maki prepares to do her part in the defense of Southtown by making sure there's something for the citizens to return to! - created on 19:15:46 05/05/2020 by Daniel and last modified on 17:39:05 05/07/2020. Cast: Daniel and Maki.

23. Black Dragon R3 - The Riddle of Strength - As Kongou searches for someone against whom he can test his strength, a storm brews over the Southtown Village. Perhaps in another time and place, this lightning would signal the arrive of a great hero, but the chaos sewn by the Black Dragon draws yet another monster into Kongou's path... - created on 22:41:57 05/05/2020 by Victor and last modified on 23:51:11 05/06/2020. Cast: Victor and Kongou.

24. Black Dragon R3 - False Promise - Having defeated the Raven Guard three times; Lotus finds herself as the celebrated guest of the Patriarch of the House of Podiebrad. After three days of being nursed back to health, the constant questioning finally comes to an end with a delightful tea party. It starts like a birthday party. But it soon becomes clear it may in fact be the opposite of that. - created on 11:35:29 05/05/2020 by Bela and last modified on 16:48:50 05/06/2020. Cast: Lotus and Bela.

25. SNF - Combo #5 - The Spangles Fast Food Restaurant chain has been abandoned for a long time now. City officials claim that this particular one is standing in the way of progress. Thus, the 69th Location has been zoned off for demolition! Enter Kongou. Enter Maxima. Two of the Fighting Circuits most destructive competitors will be doing the city a favor by taking down the Spangles Restaurant... with each other. - created on 17:39:51 05/05/2020 by Maxima and last modified on 21:43:25 05/05/2020. Cast: Maxima and Kongou.

26. The Long Trip Home - Scarlet Dahlia and Marz are an odd fit together. And while Marz would much rather be safe and secure in the Shadaloo stronghold, Dahlia had dragged her and on a mission which gave every sign of being for Dahlia's exclusive benefit. Add to that the fact that the Doll feels like she survived the crushing pressure of a black hole, while the Ainu still wears that incorrigibly smug smile. Will the two ever see eye to eye? - created on 22:08:56 04/13/2020 by Honoka and last modified on 19:52:47 05/05/2020. Cast: Honoka and Marz.

27. Black Dragon R3 - The Show Must Go On - After her show of the musical "Cats" by Andrew Lloyd Webber, Felicia is approached by the Patriarch of the House of Podiebrad, who plumbs her for information about the mysterious Shadow Council... and who was on it. - created on 15:34:25 05/04/2020 by Daniel and last modified on 16:21:24 05/05/2020. Cast: Felicia and Bela.

28. Black Dragon R3 - Interview With A Dragon - Having bested one of the Dragon's stronger minions in personal combat, the self-proclaimed Demon Queen has earned the right to a face-to-face meeting with the likewise self-proclaimed Mercenary Queen in her current palace - the Dragon's Den Casino. Evidence of the failed assault on the shielded facility still litters the ground as she approaches, offering a potent warning about the danger the is walking into. But whether she's looking or a fight or just interested in having a chat, Lyraelle finds herself welcomed into the obsidian fortress to have her audience. - created on 19:27:11 05/03/2020 by Kira Volkov and last modified on 21:01:54 05/04/2020. Cast: Kira Volkov and Lyraelle.

29. Black Dragon R3 - Same Old Song And Dance - Ever since the dark stalker attacks started, Velvet has found himself hounded constantly by those believing him a part of the problem. While such bigotry might be understandable during the panic, it doesn't make his life any easier, especially when it keeps happening! This time the one who comes calling is none other than a bounty hunter, out on the prowl for a fresh score. The fact that he doesn't have a price on his head is largely irrelevant - after all this is over, someone will surely be willing to pay a good price for every monster she can get her hands on! - created on 22:33:10 05/01/2020 by Raina and last modified on 21:02:01 05/04/2020. Cast: Velvet Blue and Raina.

30. Black Dragon R2 - Black Wind Howls - After the Raven Guard's disastrous attempt to capture Lotus was thwarted by the Darkstalker, their commander, Szabolc, makes his last stand to force a duel at Sound Beach. The outcome, however, takes a shocking swerve as it seems honey is more attractive than vinegar... - created on 09:05:53 04/30/2020 by Duke and last modified on 14:44:45 05/02/2020. Cast: Lotus and Bela.

31. Black Dragon R3 - A Dirty Job - Despite his disdain for her methods, Alba finds himself pinned under the thumb of his new employer. Though she spared him the disgrace of taking part in the assault on the unsuspecting NOL strike team, his first task under her command is no less unsavory. With most of the NOL's spare forces taken out of the picture, Kira directs the young gangster to lead his men on an assault on one of the safe houses that has been established for civilians with the intent to capture as many of them as possible. But, while there may not be any soldiers left to defend them, at least one person is present who has the strength to object to this despicable act! - created on 13:08:11 05/02/2020 by Zach Glenn and last modified on 19:45:57 05/02/2020. Cast: Alba and Zach Glenn.

32. Black Dragon R3 - Supply Chain - While the majority of the students at Taiyo High managed to escape the worst of the attacks, several of them were injured quite badly. Fortunately, the school's infirmary is well stocked and so far no one has died but the supplies are limited and with no way to tell how long this siege will last they have to be used sparingly. Not everyone cares about the well-being of others in this time of crisis, however. Seeing an opportunity to make a quick buck, a young thug attempts to break into the school during the night in order to steal all their medicine, hoping to sell it back - at a ridiculous premium, of course! - created on 15:49:48 04/30/2020 by Daniel and last modified on 21:52:24 04/30/2020. Cast: Daniel and Yuri.

33. Black Dragon R2 - Dine And Dash - When Zsa Zsa failed to take down Lotus, the monster expected an easy escape. Instead, it was a relentless game of cat and mouse between the Raven Guard and Lotus. When the chase brings no fruit, however, the monster hunting mercenaries corner the creature to make a desperate effort to catch her. - created on 13:04:16 04/28/2020 by Duke and last modified on 20:51:47 04/29/2020. Cast: Lotus and Bela.

34. The Black Dragon - Ch. 2: The Dragon's Challenge - Cutscene two of Chapter 2 of the Black Dragon TP. The NOL sends a strike team to answer the challenge posed by Kira, believing her to be little more than some crazed fanatic or arrogant criminal who believes themselves far more capable than is true. However, the stress of the crisis causes politics to interfere in their judgement, leading the Libarium to launch a hasty attack. Much to their surprise, the Dragon proves herself far more resourceful than they could have imagined. - created on 14:39:08 04/29/2020 by Kira Volkov and last modified on 14:47:58 04/29/2020. Cast: Kira Volkov.

35. The Black Dragon - Chapter 2: Are You Strong? - The first cutscene of Chapter 2 of the Black Dragon TP. Kira reveals herself to Southtown as the mastermind behind the mysterious dark stalker attacks and poses a question to the citizens and their defenders - are they strong enough to survive the trial that she has put them through? Issuing a challenge to attack her in her stronghold, the mercenary queen awaits the inevitable response. - created on 14:32:49 04/29/2020 by Kira Volkov and last modified on 14:33:49 04/29/2020. Cast: Kira Volkov.

36. Black Dragon R2 - Jealous Much? - After Steve and Mitsuru slipped out of their debt to the Golden Lounge, the duo sneak past Monster and Cordon to reach the Southtown Villages. But along the way, they meet the beautiful and stunning Lyraelle. The demoness is quick to draw Mitsuru's ire... but when she draws Steve's affections and attentions, it quickly collapses into a melee a trois for the worst of reasons. - created on 13:04:05 04/20/2020 by Mitsuru and last modified on 21:37:43 04/27/2020. Cast: Steve, Mitsuru, and Lyraelle.

37. Hickory Dickory Dock - The Mouse ran up the clock, the clock struck one, and down Alba ran. (Moondyne Mouse runs into Alba and Kongou in Downtown Southtown.) - created on 14:17:03 04/26/2020 by Moondyne and last modified on 17:15:18 04/27/2020. Cast: Alba, Moondyne, and Kongou.

38. Black Dragon R2 - Fetch Quest - While her fellow soldiers wage open war against the monsterous hordes, Corporal Renka has found herself saddled with less glorious but equally important tasks. After retrieving a handful of strange collars from a group of fallen dark stalkerrs, she has been ordered to further investigate the source of these attacks by tracing a weak signal that was able to be isolated from their heavily encrypted circuitry. The trail takes her to the edge of the city this time, somewhere along the coastline. Unfortunately, her meddling has been noticed and the only thing awaiting her at the beach is more trouble. - created on 18:17:16 04/23/2020 by Renka and last modified on 21:30:48 04/26/2020. Cast: Kira Volkov and Renka.

39. SNF - What Happens To A Casino - It's been a long year since Lightning Spangles was even a thought on the public fighting scene. Her return, though, comes at the expense of the strip of casinos down in Vegas. When the feedback from Lightning Spangles return shorts out Vuong's latest gig, as a battery, the sparks are sure to fly! Time to see which lightning is going to strike twice! - created on 17:20:26 04/17/2020 by Jezebel and last modified on 21:26:38 04/26/2020. Cast: Vuong and Jezebel.

40. Don't Wake Sleeping Giants - It's a Mad Gear Reunion! Who knew that smashing up someone elses property can earn you a job and the right to hang with The Chief! - created on 21:00:56 04/23/2020 by Abigail and last modified on 22:24:17 04/24/2020. Cast: Abigail and Raina.

41. Black Dragon R2 - Out Like A Lamb - The Raven Guard is on the trail of the infamous blood-seeking monster Lotus. Offering a poor maiden as bait for the foul creature, it's not clear why they want to keep on the trail. But the encounter in the Hall of Mirrors shows that the Raven Guard will have quite a challenge in capturing the wily monster. - created on 13:58:51 04/22/2020 by Duke and last modified on 17:07:40 04/24/2020. Cast: Lotus and Bela.

42. SNF - Live From Noh Theater It's Saturday Night! - Ardiyanti takes on Johnny Cage LIVE! in the Noh Theater! - created on 18:05:59 04/18/2020 by Johnny Cage and last modified on 21:32:12 04/20/2020. Cast: Ardiyanti and Johnny Cage.

43. Black Dragon R2 - Barking Up The Wrong Tree - Responding to the crisis, the monster hunting duo have already managed to do some good for the beleagured citizens of Southtown by rescuing several trapped residents on the outskirts of town from becoming snake food. But the danger is far from over and thus their work continues. Leaving the struggles against the main force of dark stalkers to the army, miko and oni take their talents on a tour of the city's outskirts to see if they can rescue anyone else who has been left behind in the fog of war. - created on 22:41:40 04/17/2020 by Ayame and last modified on 21:15:54 04/20/2020. Cast: Ayame, Riki, and Hayley.

44. Black Dragon R2 - Into The Maw Of The Beast - Bested in personal combat by an unusually intelligent werewolf, Alba finds himself now beholden to a command to present himself before the mysterious person who seems to be responsible for this bizarre attack on Southtown. Though the reasons he was given for being singled out are vague, the price of refusing this summons will be all that he has built and cherished brought to ruin. Begrudingly, he makes his way to the Dragon's Den Casino, to meet with this villain face to face. - created on 08:26:01 04/15/2020 by Kira Volkov and last modified on 21:14:55 04/20/2020. Cast: Alba and Kira Volkov.

45. SNF: The Devil Cares Nada - La Huesuda and Echo faces off against the dreaded Lyraelle in a 2v1 of titanic proportions in the CWA Arena! - created on 19:27:31 04/18/2020 by Echo and last modified on 00:57:43 04/20/2020. Cast: Echo, La Huesuda, and Lyraelle.

46. Uninvited - When Echo tries to take care of a little Shadaloo business with a local crimeboss in Metro City, Jax intervenes. Can the bionic man survive the dark necromancy of the darkstalker bat lady? Find out. - created on 19:20:02 04/14/2020 by Echo and last modified on 18:19:01 04/16/2020. Cast: Jax and Echo.

47. Black Dragon R2 - Smashed Mouth - When Crock loots a chinese food dumpster, licking his wounds and trying out his new guitar, he attracts the attention of Internet Celebrity Cosplayer Lyraelle. Without any cameras, however, the real queen reveals herself. But so does the punk rocker... - created on 11:18:52 04/13/2020 by Crock and last modified on 15:10:23 04/15/2020. Cast: Lyraelle and Crock.

48. Black Dragon R2 - Lions And Tigers And Werewolves - Southtown was supposed to be a land of opportunity for a young up-and-coming fighter like Clarity. A place for her to mingle with the best of the best and strut her stuff with others like herself, earning fame and glory and all the benefits that come with it. Now she finds herself trapped in a verifiable nightmare as fairytale monsters rampage through the streets killing everyone they can see. While she's not in any position to take on the hordes all by herself, she can certainly put down a stray or two that have wandered off from the main pack! Every little bit helps, right? - created on 18:31:09 04/08/2020 by Clarity and last modified on 15:46:45 04/14/2020. Cast: Heihachi and Clarity.

49. Black Dragon R2 - A King's Welcome - Once again, there's villainy afoot in Southtown! While normally content, or at least willing, to leave such matters to the NOL on their established turf, it seems that the powerful magic knights are struggling to contain this blitzkrieg assault. Suspicious that the shady organization may itself be tied to the invasion in some manner, Illyria's greatest warrior and king himself sallies forth to investigate the matter. However, as if he were expected, his transport is greeted at the borders of the city - not by a royal welcome but a rather unfriendly looking guard! - created on 10:12:08 04/10/2020 by Duke and last modified on 11:47:12 04/14/2020. Cast: Leo Whitefang and Bela.

50. Blue Whale Beach Special - It's time for a beachfront Q&A with FightTube's Demon Queen! Her Infernal Majesty wasn't expecting a guest appearance, though, and soon it's time for a Kaiju battle - or, rather, an exhibition match with the Blue Behemoth of The Backyard! - created on 22:29:46 04/11/2020 by Lyraelle and last modified on 21:22:46 04/12/2020. Cast: Lyraelle and Kongou.

51. Black Dragon R1 - Snakes and Ladders - The life of a monster hunter has its ups and downs. Most days are rather peaceful and quiet, filled with training and introspection. Occassionally, the odd demon comes around to cause trouble, offering a brief respite from the day to day boredom. Then there are days like this one - days where the universe seems to have realized that it misplaced a decimal on the last few trouble deliveries and decided to play catch-up all at once. Fortunately for Southtown, the young miko and her large, if somewhat lazy, companion, live for such challenges! Taking to the field together, the slayers respond to the crisis only to quickly find themselves hip deep in a literal nest of vipers! - created on 10:45:34 03/21/2020 by Ayame and last modified on 22:20:13 04/11/2020. Cast: Ayame, Noboru, and Riki.

52. Black Dragon R2 - Eyesight to the Blind - Amid the crisis in Southtown, a hero meets a villain in a place of peace. But what rumblings are there in the distance, and is the blind man fated to see more than the sighted? - created on 12:36:46 04/08/2020 by Whitney and last modified on 20:46:30 04/11/2020. Cast: Kenshi and Whitney.

53. Black Dragon R2 - Behind Enemy Lines - Despite his desire to leave, Zach finds himself swept up in the chaos that has engulfed the city. Following a heroic intervention against a pack of wolves, the NOL took him in for a quick questioning but it's clear that they have more to deal with than a potential looter and the strange collar that he provided them earned the man a hint of goodwill. Halfway out the door, however, alarms start to sound as a sneaky group of snake-like dark stalkers launch a surprise raid on the complex. Once more the merc finds himself caught in the middle of the conflict with nowhere to go but through the enemy. - created on 13:23:18 04/10/2020 by The Hunter and last modified on 21:42:29 04/10/2020. Cast: Zach Glenn and The Hunter.

54. Black Dragon R2 - Horny Devils - Things got a little heated the last time Lyraelle ventured out into Southtown but she can't say it didn't do wonders for her viewer count. But now she's riding high on some holy energy, curtesy of a strange priest, and she's feeling weirdly altruistic. Maybe while she's out here trying to grow her image she can do some good for the besieged city. Couldn't hurt to try, right? With that thought in mind, the demon queen scours the ongoing conflicts until she finds a fight that offers the perfect mix of publicity and charity - a massive minotaur in the process of tearing it's way into a building to get at the cowering citizens inside! - created on 20:18:34 04/07/2020 by Angel and last modified on 04:25:32 04/09/2020. Cast: Angel and Lyraelle.

55. Black Dragon R2 - Little Bunny Foo Foo - A special forces team sent by Mishima Zaibatsu to hunt down Velvet Blue corners him in a slum tenement of the theater district of Southtown. - created on 18:37:55 04/06/2020 by Velvet Blue and last modified on 21:37:10 04/06/2020. Cast: Heihachi and Velvet Blue.

56. Black Dragon R1 - Theatrical Review - As the rest of the city descends into a tangled mess while trying to hold off the onslaught of monsters, a representative of the local ninja clans takes a more measured approach to the situation. After observing their patterns of movement for some time, Noboru discerns that a large number of the dark stalkers seem to be originating from an old abandoned theater in the slums. Slipping past the roving hunting packs, he manages to infiltrate the facility only to discover that he's wandered right into a mousetrap - and he's the mouse. - created on 18:55:37 04/05/2020 by Noboru and last modified on 07:53:01 04/07/2020. Cast: Noboru and Hayley.

57. Black Dragon R2 - Crocodile Rock - Things haven't been working out for Crock. First he lost his guitar to a crazy old man, now he's been kicked out of a local soup kitchen by an uppity cosplayer! Fortunately, with everything going to Hell in a jet-powered handbasket, there isn't much stopping him from procuring himself a fresh axe on the sly. A little music will help soothe his tortured soul for sure! But, right as he comes across a nice little shop with a primo selection of guitars, some annoying do-gooder decides to come out of the woodwork and get in his way. When's a guy going to get a break? - created on 08:55:13 04/09/2020 by Crock and last modified on 11:22:08 04/10/2020. Cast: Walter and Crock.

58. Black Dragon R2 - I Want To Speak To Your Manager - Someone has unleashed an army of dark stalkers on Southtown - someone who isn't Jedah. Even more frustrating, whoever had the nerve to command these creatures had sent them to strike directly at Duke; or more precisely, at his territory. With a trinket of great value stolen from under his nose, the crime lord has sent his underlings to track it down. Meanwhile, he's going to find out who is behind this affront to his authority by asking a lot of hard questions - starting with one of the few people in town who has the strength to oppose him. - created on 13:56:14 04/08/2020 by Duke and last modified on 21:56:32 04/09/2020. Cast: Duke and Heihachi.

59. A Misunderstood Medic - A injured Alba is travelling his way through the ruined streets of Southtown, making his way to the Dragon's Den. Unfortunately, he gets interrupted by another /ferocious/ Darkstalker, Lyraelle. And she seems hell-bent on... Healing.. his Injuries? - created on 08:34:35 04/07/2020 by Alba and last modified on 06:44:32 04/09/2020. Cast: Alba and Lyraelle.

60. Holy Rollers - Following a case of haunting at a castle in Strolheim, Walter investigates the interior. He is joined by Velvet, who finds himself getting more up close and personal with the ghostly entity inside than he wished... - created on 20:13:43 04/01/2020 by Velvet Blue and last modified on 21:32:41 04/08/2020. Cast: Walter and Velvet Blue.

61. A Counsel of Kings - With monsters swarming Southtown, the Sacred Order is compelled to act. Leo Whitefang seeks out Ky Kiske to discuss their best plan of action, but it seems the two knights are of one mind on this issue... - created on 20:12:53 04/07/2020 by Ky Kiske and last modified on 23:21:01 04/07/2020. Cast: Ky Kiske and Leo Whitefang.

62. Just My Twilight Life - Internet At Home! - With her new Laptop, Honoka goes to build a website for her Twilight Star Circus friends. When Honoka finds herself a victim of cyberbullying on the internet, she calls her friend Marz to help teach her some valuable netiquette when exploring the world of cyberspace. Join Honoka, Marz, and Sudo in learning how to seperate the zeros from the heroes in the World Wide Web! (The cover shows Honoka dressed in a schoolgirl uniform. Next to her is a smiling, warm Sudo dressed as a chef. Both are hovered over a smiling Marz in sunglasses, a baggy hoodie, and jorts. Her skateboard is right at her feet. All are looking at a big CRT computer, as it shows an instant messaging program through AOL. 'SpangleBratJerk' is sending a message to them saying 'You are bad and you should feel bad'. On the far corner of the screen, a leering mustached Zero and grinning Yoshiaki are on another computer, looking like they are in delight at their internet messages) (50 Yen) - created on 15:58:47 03/09/2020 by Zero and last modified on 15:10:36 04/07/2020. Cast: Honoka, Zero, and Marz.

63. The Breaking Of The Fellowship - After burning down the entrance of Velvet Blue's lounge, Mitsuru expected to be thrown out of the safe house. But the boss of the lounge was willing to forgive the teenager... in exchange for services with the lounge. Mitsuru moves to escape in the night to avoid repaying her debt, but Steve catches her and pleads with her. - created on 09:33:33 04/03/2020 by Mitsuru and last modified on 11:24:19 04/07/2020. Cast: Steve and Mitsuru.

64. Daniel Jack Investigates: The Clash Of Titans - Daniel Jack has arrived back in Southtown, with revenge on his mind against the vile Scarlet Dahlia. But when a beautiful dame is kidnapped by the cruel and barbaric giant Kongou, the ace detective is quick on the case. Seeking out the brute in a clearing in the forest, the shade swiftly moves to defeat the beast before he has his way with the precious maiden. Will Daniel Jack endure when he struggles in... the Clash of the Titans? (The cover shows Daniel Jack dressed in a pair of overalls, looking up the remains of a construction site for a skyscraper. At the very top is a towering Kongou, leering down as he clings to a poor innocent lady in a strapless red dress. He is hurling barrels down the girders leading up to the top. A barrel of oil sits beside him, and Daniel is reaching for a sledgehammer as a ball of fire is in mid-tumble his way.) (45 cents) - created on 15:34:57 04/03/2020 by Daniel and last modified on 19:52:47 04/04/2020. Cast: Daniel and Kongou.

65. Black Dragon R1 - Black Dragon Fight - Zach Glen finds himself in his usual mess when werewolves raid a clothes store. Matters devolve from there. - created on 19:32:46 04/05/2020 by Zach Glenn and last modified on 14:58:00 04/06/2020. Cast: Zach Glenn and Walter.

66. Black Dragon R1 - Chasing Your Tail - As with everyone else in Southtown, the NOL was caught completely off-guard by the sudden horde of monsters that seemed to appear from out of nowhere. Unlike most everyone else, their paranoia and military discipline has left them in a better position to do something about it. While the majority of their standing forces have been dispatched to help quell the worst attacks, a few elite officers have been ordered to investigate the source of this disturbance. Corporal Renka sets out to do precisely that, using her supernatural senses to follow a trail towards the south edge of town. Or maybe it was to the east? No, definitely north now. Wait, this place looks familiar... - created on 14:22:33 03/22/2020 by Renka and last modified on 11:49:32 04/05/2020. Cast: Kira Volkov and Renka.

67. Black Dragon R1 - Junkyard Wolves - As chaos breaks out across all of Southtown, one of the city's most famous protectors rushes to shield the innocent civilians from a horde of wild beasts. Following the sounds of panic, Terry rushes onto the site of an old construction yard where a half-dozen slavering werewolves have cornered a handful of school children, eager to pick off the weakest from the herd. Can the Lonely Wolf overcome a deadly wolf pack and save the day again? - created on 22:30:05 03/31/2020 by Hayley and last modified on 23:48:15 04/04/2020. Cast: Terry and Hayley.

68. Tips For Content Creation - It's time to meet a star! Kongou encounters Lyraelle. Time for some tips on being a Fight Tube celeb -- or threaten each other with violence. Whichever. - created on 22:06:34 04/04/2020 by Kongou and last modified on 02:44:34 04/05/2020. Cast: Lyraelle and Kongou.

69. Black Dragon R1 - Regicide - It's said that trouble always comes in threes and Southtown has never failed to provide. With a horde of ravenous beasts tearing up the streets and criminal elements rushing to exploit the panic, it seems a prime opportunity for those looking to earn a little fame to make their mark. A celebrity in her own right, the 'Demon Queen' Lyraelle has come to do precisely that. Beat up a few monsters, pose for the cameras, kiss a baby or two - how hard can it be? Alas, the best laid plans of mice, men, and apparently demonic royalty are equally susceptible to the whims of chaos; for the beast that she stumbles across, while certainly mangy and drooling, is not the sort she expected... - created on 18:29:32 03/19/2020 by Rae and last modified on 05:09:47 03/27/2020. Cast: Rae and Lyraelle.

70. Black Dragon R1 - Royal Rampage - While on patrol in the darkstalker-ridden streets of Southtown, Walter stumbles across Lyraelle in the process of terrorizing some poor local - only to find himself becoming the Demon Queen's new target! In a battle of two winged darkstalkers, one will rise above and one will be laid low, but both might be getting more than they bargained for. - created on 19:47:11 03/31/2020 by Lyraelle and last modified on 11:56:46 04/04/2020. Cast: Walter and Lyraelle.

71. Traditional Manners - Moondyne shows off her new and improved V-Gage device she created for Heihachi, with the results in the form of a familiar test subject... - created on 14:36:00 04/03/2020 by Moondyne and last modified on 17:09:13 04/03/2020. Cast: Heihachi and Moondyne.

72. Black Dragon R1 - Anarchy Reigns - With the authorities tied up dealing with the monsters running rampant all over the city, the scene is ripe for other agents of chaos to exploit the disaster for their own ends. In particular, a metal-head and general advocate for random mayhem known as Crock has decided that now would be an excellent opportunity to stick to the man. How? By destroying things, ofcourse! Unfortunately, the wild rocker's target proves to be a small soup kitchen established by the NOL to improve their public image. But with all of their primary military assets tied up, they have almost nothing left to throw at him except the kitchen sink - and the chef who was using it! - created on 15:34:09 03/27/2020 by Crock and last modified on 20:09:13 04/02/2020. Cast: Amandine and Crock.

73. The Arrival of The Champ - The Mountain arrives an Earth and in Southtown in search for good Fight Tube footage. - created on 20:18:33 04/01/2020 by Kongou and last modified on 23:39:50 04/01/2020. Cast: Heihachi and Kongou.

74. Black Dragon R1 - Pest Control - As perhaps the worst Hunter to ever attempt the Guild's tests, Akame doesn't usually find herself swamped with job offers. Her own timidness combined with her F-Class rating makes it hard for anyone to justify hiring her for anything more dangerous than cleaning out a particularly nasty rat infestion or rescuing grumpy cats from trees. But when all of the professionals are busy, even a rookie hunter has their chance to shine. - created on 18:42:36 03/21/2020 by Akame and last modified on 21:59:50 03/31/2020. Cast: Akame and Bela.

75. Black Dragon R1: The Jaws of Fate - Things are looking grim for the young runaway and her escort. While her condition has stabilized, Mitsuru's in no real shape to protect herself and there's no telling how long before she wears out her welcome at the Gold Lounge. Which is precisely why the universe's knack for horrible timing kicks in just in time to make things much worse. A horde of frenzied werewolves descends upon the small establishment, their keen senses sniffing out the cornucopia of juicy prey waiting inside. Will the young woman have survived her injuries only to get served up as kibble or can her stalwart protector hold off the ravenous beasts? - created on 10:00:59 03/30/2020 by Mitsuru and last modified on 21:40:34 03/31/2020. Cast: Steve and Mitsuru.

76. Black Dragon R1 - Target Of Opportunity - Chaos. Panic. Disorder. Most people would call that an emergency. For others, it's just the recipe for a good time. With all of Southtown pushed to their limits trying to deal with the dark stalker attacks, one man has decided that this would be an excellent opportunity to pilfer some of the nicer goodies from a local warehouse. What's a good mass panic for if you can't profit off of it, after all? The fact that this warehouse belongs to the Southtown Syndicate - well, you can only get in trouble if you get caught, right? - created on 15:21:18 03/23/2020 by Nagase and last modified on 21:00:23 03/31/2020. Cast: Nagase and Kano.

77. EnGage - Heihachi Mishima hires outside help from NESTS to assist with his latest project... - created on 15:28:27 03/31/2020 by Moondyne and last modified on 18:05:36 03/31/2020. Cast: Heihachi and Moondyne.

78. Worldwide Rookie - Koto vs Fumiko - In the Rookie bracket, it takes two renowned fighters in the tier to cut in. Being the best of the amateur tier tends to be arbitrary, but the two top contenders that have come forward are Mega Dragon Fighter J-Dragon, the ultimate tokusatsu, and Abe Fumiko, the face of iaido. The artistic Iaijutsu Practitioner will face off against the J-Dragon, in a frantic fight for the worldwide Rookie belt. - created on 13:27:06 03/31/2020 by Fumiko and last modified on 15:45:00 03/31/2020. Cast: Fumiko and Koto.

79. Black Dragon R1 - Wolf Motel - Business has been pretty good lately. A steady supply of customers and even an unexpected old aquaintance have bolstered Abigail's repair shop into something of a local hotspot. Naturally, it's just good sense make sure his supplies stay topped off for all those rush jobs and 'accidental' demolition needs. Unfortunately, the mountain of fresh tires in his yard have proven quite attractive to some unwanted visitors - a whole pack of werewolves who think they'd make mighty fine chew toys! - created on 23:19:04 03/23/2020 by Abigail and last modified on 16:06:58 03/31/2020. Cast: Zach Glenn and Abigail.

80. SLAMFEST 2020 - Final Boss - The final SLAM has arrived. The one true champion faces down a sequential gauntlet against the top contenders. - created on 16:58:29 03/16/2020 by Victor Ortega and last modified on 15:11:11 03/29/2020. Cast: Alex, Lita, Honoka Inoue, Victor Ortega, and Koto.

81. He Who Casts The First Stone - Heihachi Mishima returns to Southtown, the city he had once locked down in the face of nuclear annhilation. His purpose? To stare furiously at Geese Tower, blocking traffic the entire time. When a busker decides to throw a rock at his limo, a melee breaks out first between the musician and Mishima's driver, and then, with the Zaibatsu head himself. - created on 11:17:15 03/26/2020 by Crock and last modified on 16:36:59 03/26/2020. Cast: Heihachi and Crock.

82. Being the Gun or the Bullet - Brandon once again finds himself seeking out the counsel of his mentor in dealing with Metro City Park's current condition. In addition, he gives the mentor a heads up as to impending situation heading in Southtown's direction. - created on 19:07:13 03/22/2020 by Brandon and last modified on 11:07:10 03/26/2020. Cast: Trish and Brandon.

83. Black Dragon R1 - Running of the Bull - Once the initial alarm went up and the problem indentified, authorities set up cordons throughout the main sections of the city in an effort to keep the worst of the fighting from spilling over into the densely populated apartment buildings. For the most part, they were successful - until a ten-foot tall Greek legend came stomping out of the darkness and blew right past them. Instead of rampaging into the city center, however, the minotaur and a handful of lesser creatures made a bee-line for the business district and started tearing up property which, unknown to most, belongs to the Duke himself. Coincidence? Or the opening gambit to a very messy game of chess? - created on 11:44:49 03/23/2020 by Kira Volkov and last modified on 10:30:12 03/25/2020. Cast: Duke and Kira Volkov.

84. Black Dragon R1 - Devil's Advocate - As the tide of dark stalkers washes over the city, it isn't only the innocent citizens of Southtown that find themselves under siege. Even the seedy criminal underbelly is quickly beset by countless monstrosities who seem to care little for politics or class distinction in their indiscriminate rampage. As the head of his own little group, Alba is forced to take the field in order to defend his territory lest it be overrun. However, when he arrives to do battle with the foe, he soon discovers that not all is as it seems. - created on 09:47:14 03/20/2020 by Kira Volkov and last modified on 10:29:56 03/25/2020. Cast: Alba and Kira Volkov.

85. Black Dragon R1 - No Pets Allowed - A werewolf is on the prowl at Taiyo High. Looks like a job for the queen of Kyokugen Karate, Yuri Sakazaki! Can she take out this wolf without a silver bullet? - created on 20:04:03 03/23/2020 by Yuri and last modified on 04:08:36 03/25/2020. Cast: Hayley and Yuri.

86. Black Dragon R1 - Neighborhood Watch - Velvet Blue confronts Mau who is protecting a catgirl darkstalker in Southtown park. A surprise ending with cabaret. - created on 22:34:28 03/21/2020 by Velvet Blue and last modified on 04:08:24 03/25/2020. Cast: Velvet Blue and Mau.

87. BELT RIOT - Red Champion - Kasumi vs Lyraelle - Having left SLAMFEST 2020, Kasumi finds herself challenged by a new face in the professional fighting world: The self-proclaimed 'Demon Queen,' an actress portraying herself as a truly inhuman monster. While the celebrity certainly has a flourish to her style, the Azure Ninja finds herself facing a blurring line between the real and phantasmal in a heated belt match upon the cruise back home. - created on 20:22:39 03/15/2020 by Kasumi and last modified on 01:15:18 03/19/2020. Cast: Kasumi and Lyraelle.

88. J-Dragon United - When the Raven Guards show up at Pacific High to secure it, they end up using their position to bully and harass the students. This injustice won't stand, and The J-Dragon moves to stop it! - created on 11:44:35 03/19/2020 by Bela and last modified on 22:39:31 03/19/2020. Cast: Koto and Bela.

89. Salting the Earth - While there's a lot of work to be done to repair the still closed off Metro City Park, he finds interference in the form of a rocker salting the already barren earth. Afterwards, there's an invitation to something big going down in Southtown. - created on 11:37:45 03/16/2020 by Brandon and last modified on 10:26:31 03/17/2020. Cast: Brandon and Crock.

90. Red Rookie - BELT RIOT - Xolo vs Lilith - Lilith faces down the terrifying Xolotl for the Belt Riot match in Louisiana's Lafayette Cemetery! - created on 19:53:31 03/14/2020 by Lilith and last modified on 03:03:08 03/15/2020. Cast: Lilith and Xolo.

91. SLAMFEST 2020 R3 - Alex vs Noboru - Its young vs old in this high impact clash of heavy hitters. The Iron Mystic goes up against Alex in a knock down, drag out, slobber-knocking brawl of a match. - created on 21:49:08 03/09/2020 by Noboru and last modified on 01:26:12 03/15/2020. Cast: Alex and Noboru.

92. SLAMFEST 2020 R3 - Honoka Inoue/Kasumi vs ??? - Honoka finds herself facing a difficult uphill battle against the legendary Armor King. But the Mugen Tenshin exile, Kasumi, is there to provide some interference, so maybe it will work out all right? Actually, it goes from wrong to most wrong as the two find themselves fighting for survival against an unexpected foe! - created on 14:34:39 02/22/2020 by Kasumi and last modified on 14:41:41 03/14/2020. Cast: Kasumi, Armor King, Honoka Inoue, and The Wraith.

93. Podiebrad Of Passion - The Tantalizing Temptor - After her wicked stepmother forced her into chains and made her the house Scullary Maid, it seemed that Amandine von Karnstein would never have the life her birthright destined her to. When she is accidentally invited to the Podiebrad Estely, however, her world is turned upside down. Lord Bela Podiebrad, master of the House of Podiebrad, quickly becomes enchanted by the brilliant mind and elegant hidden beauty of Amandine. Will the strapping Lord ultimately fall in with his fiance by arrangment, Belladonna Shimotsuki? Or will he serve to empower Amandine as her... Tantalizing Temptor? (The cover shows the silver-haired Lord Podiebrad bareback his magnificent black stallion in his leather breeches, his sweat-glistened pectorals exposed. He is on the middle of a ballroom, by the poofy dressed Amandine. The girl is wearing thick glasses and has unbrushed messy hair, which only serves to hide her true beauty as she looks dumbstruck at Bela. Around her ankle are the chains, which connect to a small crockpot barely off the page. Behind the raised tail of the powerful stallion, the lavender-haired Belladonna glares jealously at Amandine from behind her silk fan) ($2.99) - created on 21:46:13 02/23/2020 by Bela and last modified on 14:04:11 03/14/2020. Cast: Amandine and Bela.

94. SLAMFEST 2020 - PIT OF PAIN - The ongoing Unlimited SLAMFEST 2020 Rumble that is the Pit O Pain. Ten opponents, endless fighting, and finally a finish. You are playing with the big boys now here! - created on 21:12:21 01/14/2020 by Marduk and last modified on 10:47:42 03/11/2020. Cast: MURDERHOUSE, El Stingray, Alexander the Grater, Noboru, Felicia, King Rasta, Titanic Tim, Great Oni, and Koto.

95. Hands Of FATE - After his brief stint into kidnapping went wrong, Johnny Wong finds himself afoul in the attention of the Southtown Syndicate. A mysterious savior steps in to rescue him, but Johnny finds himself out of the frying pan, and straight into the fires of FATE. - created on 11:30:21 03/09/2020 by Duke and last modified on 09:36:56 03/11/2020. Cast: Duke and Alba.

96. Slamfest: Julia vs Sophia - The worshipper of spirits fights the spiritual lamia in the ring! - created on 21:40:09 03/01/2020 by Sophia and last modified on 21:09:37 03/02/2020. Cast: Julia and Sophia.

97. Free For All - Aranha vs Hotaru vs Gunloc - In this round of SLAMFEST 2020, a triple threat match between three tough and quick competitors to see who has the next chance to stand against the one and only Victor Ortega. Watch The Dancing Spider take on both The Florida Wild Horse, Gunloc and the young up-and-coming Hotaru. - created on 11:27:06 02/21/2020 by Gunloc and last modified on 10:20:04 03/07/2020. Cast: Hotaru, Aranha, and Gunloc.

98. SLAM: Sakura vs Rainbow Mika (CA: Victor Ortega) - It's a clash of students in the middle of the CWA's ring as Rainbow Mika looks to make a fresh start and wash away the negative energy of her brawl with MURDERHOUSE, and Sakura puts not only the power, but honor of Ansatsuken on full display. Rather than watch this curious meeting of divergent disciplines from afar, the greatest living wrestler of the modern era decides to claim the closest seat in the house and determine which - if either - woman may yet be worthy of his notice. - created on 19:35:25 02/16/2020 by Rainbow Mika and last modified on 04:02:01 02/26/2020. Cast: Sakura, Rainbow Mika, and Victor Ortega.

99. The Black Dragon - Chapter 1: The Dragon's Rebirth - The opening cutscene to Chapter 1 of The Black Dragon TP. A betrayal within Kira's own ranks drives her to the brink of madness and forces her to take a terrible risk. Abandoning her childhood friend, she vanishes into the depths of her underground fortress, forcing those soldiers who remain loyal to her to track her down and discover the mercenary queen's fate. - created on 08:58:07 03/01/2020 by Kira Volkov and last modified on 09:42:37 03/01/2020. Cast: Kira Volkov.

100. Something British This Way Comes - Steve, the British Boxer and caretaker of one banchou girl, stumbles into the occult shop of a certain Darkstalker Necromancer. Things are bound to get spooky when Steve asks her to try to look into his past. - created on 11:46:26 02/27/2020 by Echo and last modified on 14:19:30 02/28/2020. Cast: Steve and Echo.

100 logs listed.