Full Name:Amane Nishiki
Blood Type:
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Hair Color:
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Status:Available for Apps
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"No-one is immune... from the effect of my dance."

An honest individual who believes that existence is a stage and those fitting should be stars, Amane is an eccentric and loud personality who can't help but stand out. Believing that motion and flow are prime in all things, he considers battles to be no less artistic performance than dance. Amane and his troupe of performers are renowned across the world as immensely capable and breathtaking, earning him the title of Uzume, the Dance God. His subordinates greatly respect and revere him, responded in kind with a passionate affection. Amane is also a Bystander; a nearly immortal individual who exists to do little else than observe the world, and over a massive span of time maintains interest by embracing the ever-changing cultures of the world and discovering those who might change and shape history ahead of time. Constantly wishing to abduct 'stars' into his troupe, Amane's effeminate appearance and strange mannerisms can be alarming when he assails someone with bold familiarity. As a bystander, Amane is not allowed to alter world events directly or use his strength in battle. He is much more physically capable than he can exert, often seeming little affected by losing fights with a disturbing endurance that can eventually wear down even seemingly superior combatants.

Style:Personal Clothing Control + Dancing Arts
Signature Move:Spiral -- PHYSICAL ENERGY
Signature Ability:CHARISMA -- ATTUNE

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