Since the dawn of time, man has fought.

It is a world where names like Genghis Khan, Joan of Arc, King Richard the First, Oda Nobunaga, El Cid and John Dillinger were legends not only because of their circumstances but their great prowess in combat. Legends and myths form because of a man's commitment to the lethal arts, and that commitment itself allowed great men and women to mold the course of history.

The fictional world of MotM is a contemporary world that stands on the cusp of a revolution, where professional fighting has become popular enough over the past decades to dominate the world's attention as the professional sport. It's a world where martial artists can perform superhuman feats of dexterity, speed, resilience, spirit and strength, and are hailed as the modern superstars of popular culture.

Even so, some become uneasy at the dominance of the martial arts and its potential for great destruction. Even now, international megacorporations vie to compete with martial artists, fielding bizarre technology and weapons inspired by the techniques of fighters, making billions off of the concern of governments. Monsters, mutants, demons and killers stalk the darkness, waiting for their opportunity to strike. And casting over it all are the terrorists and cartels, whom hide in the airless, sunless spaces of the world, headed up by extremely powerful dictators with a taste for world domination.

But these aren't the only forces in the world. People exist of morals, strength and integrity. The outcast and the just alike stand against the forces of the dark, some selected by fate, by birth, by circumstance or even by the gods themselves. They are empowered and committed to protect the world as we know it from the forces of the dark.

And then there's you. A long road stretches ahead of you. You're just beginning your journey, but you know in your heart that you have the blood and the will of kings. Welcome to MotM: The Champion's Road.

New and improved, sporting brand new combat system elements, an all new, revamped theme that encompasses many of the most popular fighting games, and a brand new character creation dojo. Join the fight now by checking out our application process, read the most recent published scenes, or check us out at motm.kicks-ass.net, port 2002!!

Recent Changes

With recent events, both Guilty Gear and BlazBlue have been woven into the tapestry of MotM's narrative. Check out our new theme files on Magic, Novus Orbis Librarium (NOL), and Sector Seven!

Resolve has been reworked, and in the process, the new ability Burst was born! Traits have been updated, as Efficient is rolled into Vigor, and a new Tireless trait is introduced. Also, some balance changes have been made to Analysis, Charging, Control, Imbued, Rush, Smash, and Vigor.

What's more, every character now has access to the new Effects -- including SHIFT, DASH, CAPTURE, and the Overdrive super effects. Check them out when you can!

Current Event - Shadows Over Illyria

A long time ago, in ancient times, there were a race of supernatural creatures called the Fair Folk. In those times, the border between men and the magic were so blurred, that they founded a great civilization. The Kingdom of Illyria, as it was known, suffered a great catastrophe that sundered the link between the mundane and the immortal. This disaster caused the great empire to fade into memory, and then legend, and then, mystery. And yet, the mystery endures, as the bloodlines of the noble blood of Illyria still trace through the mortals of this world.

One of those gifted with the bloodlines of Illyria is the one Elise Harkness. The young lady, who has the genuine gift of prophecy, has begun to have increasingly disturbing visions and dreams of the situation. One of these visions is particularly vivid: a dragon destroying the countryside in Europe and a sense of impending doom. Encouraged to act, she seeks out Kliff Undersn, a hero of the Order known as the Dragonslayer, hoping he can stand up to whatever apocalyptic threat she's seeing. Her visions point Kliff -- and by extension the rest of the Sacred Order -- at the borders of Illyria. But the mystery of the Kingdom endures: the location of the kingdom had been lost for centuries. Where would the Sacred Order even look? And yet, by fate and fortune, the Sacred Order has finally gotten the secrets it has sought to find the lost Kingdom. The price for such knowledge?

The command gear, Dizzy.

Current Event - World Warrior 2018

All at once, televisions thrum to the same channel. Shows and commercials alike are interrupted. Upon the internet, the very same message is uploaded in tandem in hundreds of locations. It is the picture of a great family crest, one that many would recognize.


Slowly it zooms out to display the dark interior of a castle's main room. An absolutely gigantic man is settled upon an almost mundane stone throne, posture relaxed. He wears crimson pants with golden armor, ornate pauldrons having a great cape dangling behind and absurdly muscled chest bare. Large decorative suits of medieval armor flank the throne to either side, high windows showing the overcast sky above a grand estate amidst the tapestries of his estate. The music of Dies Irae thrums in the background.

To his left is a serious man in a loose blue gi with crimson trim and belt, arms cross before a partially bared chest with visible mesh undershirt. His mouth is covered by a blue mask, many wild black strands of hair spikily facing before him.

To his right is a tall, noble figure with brown hair and a goatee. He wears blue pants and an open vest with crimson undershirt and boots, a large red cloth draped across his forearm and nearly reaching the crowd. "...I am Wolfgang Krauser. Earl of Strolheim." comes a deep, confident voice. He speaks in German, and any who wished to understand would need to have it translated, something many provide in short order.

"I have watched with indifference the struggles in Japan. Are such petty conflicts truly what people believe can threaten the world? Not once did I feel the need to lift my hand. And many others in this world felt the same. For what was threatened here was the existence of the weak. Not the strong."

A slow crack of the neck follows as the man lifts his head. The remaining shadows part to show a nobleman of Germanic descent. Purple hair pools down his back, mustache of similar color settled beneath a proud nose. His eyes are hard, and any could tell at a glance that this man stands at the apex of power and refinement.

"I can see now there will be no worthy fight presented to me until the ashes of this world crunch beneath my feet. So I shall forge one myself. A battle worthy of the Gods themselves. And I invite them! Soon, the gates of Mittelbirge Castle shall open. And the World Warrior tournament shall return. Before, Sagat made the bold claim of being the mightiest being to live. And he suffered the folly of arrogance, as I knew he would. He may come again if he wishes to be reminded why the king of a single nation does not make one king of the world."

"I make the same claim. And I will not fail. I will challenge the world. And the masterpiece of my battle, sealing the Krauser noble house as the ultimate combative power, will be known to all. Prepare for my invitations, those worthy of such distinction. Come..."

"And bear witness to why I was unmoved even by the divinity of angry Gods."

The feed goes black, and immediately apologies for the interference and hacking are announced. Social media burns bright, with translations and analysis. Laurence Blood and Eiji Kisaragi are quickly identified as the people with him. What looms now in the eve of the world's chaos...?

Event History

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