Match of the Millennium Port 2002


Since the dawn of time, man has fought.

It is a world where names like Genghis Khan, Joan of Arc, King Richard the First, Oda Nobunaga, El Cid and John Dillinger were legends not only because of their circumstances but their great prowess in combat. Legends and myths form because of a man's commitment to the lethal arts, and that commitment itself allowed great men and women to mold the course of history.

The fictional world of MotM is a contemporary world that stands on the cusp of a revolution, where professional fighting has become popular enough over the past decades to dominate the world's attention as the professional sport. It's a world where martial artists can perform superhuman feats of dexterity, speed, resilience, spirit and strength, and are hailed as the modern superstars of popular culture.

Even so, some become uneasy at the dominance of the martial arts and its potential for great destruction. Even now, international megacorporations vie to compete with martial artists, fielding bizarre technology and weapons inspired by the techniques of fighters, making billions off of the concern of governments. Monsters, mutants, demons and killers stalk the darkness, waiting for their opportunity to strike. And casting over it all are the terrorists and cartels, whom hide in the airless, sunless spaces of the world, headed up by extremely powerful dictators with a taste for world domination.

But these aren't the only forces in the world. People exist of morals, strength and integrity. The outcast and the just alike stand against the forces of the dark, some selected by fate, by birth, by circumstance or even by the gods themselves. They are empowered and committed to protect the world as we know it from the forces of the dark.

And then there's you. A long road stretches ahead of you. You're just beginning your journey, but you know in your heart that you have the blood and the will of kings. Welcome to MotM: The Champion's Road.

New and improved, sporting brand new combat system elements, an all new, revamped theme that encompasses many of the most popular fighting games, and a brand new character creation dojo. Join the fight now by checking out our application process, read the most recent published scenes, or check us out at, port 2002!!

Current Event

The King of Fighters -- 2017

*The feed begins with zazzy jazz instrumentals, as the Terry Roger Show logo spreads out, live in front of a studio audience. On one side, the smiling, well dressed Englishman sits in a white polyester chair, in front of a thick, wooden table, bolted to the floor. Right by him, in another white polyester chair, a handsome, chinese man with silver hair sits with his legs crossed. The man is garbed in a ripped up T-Shirt, a spiked dog collar, and... red pleated skirt. He is wearing too much eye-makeup.*

Lee Chaolan: "Ah! Excellent! Absolutely wonderful, Terry!"

Terry: "Oh, the pleasure's all mine Lee Chaolan! It's so nice to have a gentleman to interview, rather than... well..."

Lee Chaolan: "Say no more, Terry! I wouldn't want you to lose your fans!"

Terry: "So I notice you are in an unusual outfit!"

Lee Chaolan: "Oh, do you like it? It's the newest from Violet Fashions. They call it 'VioleNt Systems', isn't that adorable? It's sort of a grungy punk style, with that soft, sterile touch only Canadians can provide. "

Terry: "Those wacky Canadians."

Lee Chaolan: "And look on the back!"

*Lee Chaolan turns around, showing the back of the ripped T-Shirt.*

Lee Chaolan: "Official Corporate Whore! How droll!"

Terry: "I can see that, but... why the dog collar and... pleated skirt?"

Lee Chaolan: "Well that's part of the fashion line, Terry."

Terry: "But isn't that for girls?"

Lee Chaolan: "Well yes, Terry, but I believe if a man is beautiful enough, they can get away with anything, and while I may be getting a little grey, Terry, you can't deny that I am beautiful~"

*Terry turns bright red at this point*

Terry: "I- uh- yes?"

*Lee Chaolan flashes a thumbs up at Terry, as he uncrosses his legs, and swings it around, recrossing it*

Lee Chaolan: "Excellent~"

Terry: "Ahem, well, I heard you had someone you wanted to introduce today!"

Lee Chaolan: "Ah yes, I have a special friend here today."

*Lee Chaolan pulls out a tablet, and taps a few things on the screen. From off-camera, a Combot walks on, dressed in a white gi.*

Terry: "Ah, looks quite fashionable!"

Lee Chaolan: "It is more than just a pretty face! It is the newest member of the Combot 2.0 line! It has a generic martial art loaded on it, but that's hardly the best feature. Here, try it out!"

*Lee Chaolan hands across the tablet, as the Combot 2.0 falls into a defensive stance in front of them. Terry looks confused for a moment, holding the tablet.*

Terry: "Do I do... anything on...."

Lee Chaolan: "Do a quarter circle forward, and hit that button."

*Terry does so, and the Combot suddenly brings both of it's hands forward with a pushing motion. With it, a small, shimmering orange fireball is launched out.*

Terry: "My word! It shoots fire?!"

Lee Chaolan: "No, Terry, that's actually a chi blast!"

Terry: "A chi blast?"

Lee Chaolan: "Yes, Terry. See. Chi is the 'latent energy of the world' that almost anyone can tap into with sufficient training. Nearly all martial artists use chi internally, but as you have seen on the television, some are able to exhibit externally. We've never been able to quite get the same mechanics on Combots... until now, you see."

Terry: "H-h-how?"

Lee Chaolan: "Wonderful you asked, Terry! While it is a trade secret, of course, I am pleased to announce that the secrets behind this technology will soon be available to a select few people."

Terry: "Who?!"

Lee Chaolan: "Why, to the champions of the King of Fighters tournament that I am just announcing now!"

*A muttering and gasping overtakes the audience*

Terry: "Another King of Fighters tournament?!"

Lee Chaolan: "That's right! And after my disappointing performance last year, I decided what we need is more prizes!"

Terry: "And the first prize, Mr. Chaolan?"

Lee Chaolan: "Well."

*Lee Chaolan gestures at the Combot. *

Lee Chaolan: "Legal and commercial rights to the entire chi technology behind these Combots 2.0s."

*Terry falls silent.*

Terry: "What?"

*Lee Chaolan winks at Terry, teasing the edge of his pleated skirt.*

Terry: "That- what?"

*Lee Chaolan responds by flashing a thumbs up at Terry.*

Lee Chaolan: "Excellent~"

Previous Event

It Has Begun...

SHANG TSUNG: "You all have been selected as representatives of your realm in the tournament called Mortal Kombat, held once every one hundred years. Your world is but one of many different worlds, and your life and state of existence is but one of many.

"Your world as you know it stands on the cusp of a great change. The elder gods that oversee all matters beyond the realm of the living have instituted the grand practice of Kombat to resolve differences between the realms. I represent the great emperor of Outworld and his interests. Since Outworld has declared grievance with Earthrealm, we have realized success nine consequtive times in Mortal Kombat. To say that this victory will be decisive for your future is an understatement.

"Because the god who stands as representative of Earthrealm has abandoned his duty and not seen fit to appear, I am the sole arbiter and authority of the great tournament, and the task falls to me to guide you. In his infinite grace, the Emperor has allowed me to serve in this function to show our willingness to comply with the rules set forth by the elder gods.

"In recognition of the great strength of the Emperor's army and as recompense for alleged misconduct in tournaments prior, the elder gods have created crystallized shards of holy sacrament to empower or protect your soul according to your virtues, willpower and prowess. All competitors will have these. Once you have proved yourselves in the coming days, the jewels will be disseminated. During this time, you will also be given a chance to declare favor with Outworld, and all of the riches it offers.

"Until then, please, make yourselves comfortable. Take every advantage of my hospitality. There will be a series of initial challenges to determine the strength of your soul and your realm's allegiance for posterity. Then, we will proceed with the tournament. Good luck.."

Recent Events

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