(last updated: 08/14/23)

TRAITS can be thought of minor ability slots that might play off of character personality traits or how a character fights. They are predominantly passive bonuses of some kind. Some traits contain multiple bonuses while others just contain a single, more powerful bonus. Sometimes these bonuses are 'always on' benefits. Sometimes the bonuses are only triggered after certain events. And other bonuses might happen at any time but just have a really low chance to.

As the combat implications of traits are minor, the emphasis behind them is on characterful additions and details to your character moreso than trying to determine what makes them effective in fights. If the name of the trait doesn't really match anything that applies to your character, you can't add it to your build. For example, if you're an antagonist, you really can't request the HERO trait. If you're a kind soul, you probably can't get ASSASSIN, and so forth.

Below are the traits that are currently available. The Traits System is a constantly evolving game mechanic and new traits will be added over time to better suit the great variety of characters present on MotM. Check back from time to time to see what's new!

Trait Listing


Characters that rely on staying one step ahead of their opponents have to constantly learn to adapt to the styles they face in order to make it out of harm's way. These fighters are quick to learn where to step, lean, and twist in order to avoid the worst of an incoming attack's potential.

    - On failed dodges or blocks, gain a [12]% stacking ADAPTIVE bonus to your chance to get a grazing hit on future failed dodges.

    - When you get a grazing hit, your bonus is reset to 0%.

    - This mechanic can only trigger once per fight.


Some characters are too eager to get into the action to stand around waiting for others to come to them. Others are likely to charge to the front lines while their allies take a moment to collect themselves. These characters are ambitious, aggressive, and determined, and attempts to stall a fight against them will only fuel their drive.

    - Whenever someone else in the fight charges, composes, rests, or focuses, you gain a [8]% bonus to-hit. This bonus decays by [4]% each round.

    - This bonus does not stack with focus bonuses.


Whether one is a tried and true trained assassin or they simply fight with that lethal intent, that callous disregard for the life of their foes, these characters have no qualms with maiming or leaving their opponent too injured to fight at full speed. Only the skill level of their opponents keeps them from being able to land these devastating hits... most of the time.

    - [1]% bonus chance to land critical hits.

    - Critical hits are [2.2] power levels higher than normal.

    - [5]% reaction penalty given to target for the remainder of the fight after being critically hit.

    - -*- DEVASTATING HIT! -*- messages appear when someone with ASSASSIN lands a critical hit.


Bold characters have no hesitation in combat. When they fight, they fight all-out immediately, holding back nothing and aiming for immediate victory without the slightest show of fear. While some people save resources for an extended conflict, or slowly warm up to a fight, bold individuals burn bright and hot and surviving that initial surge is much more difficult.

    - Start fights with a [5]% Trait bonus To Hit and React.

    - This bonus decays at [1]% per turn taken.

    - This trait cannot be taken with PATIENT.

    - The speed bonus of BOLD will not stack with the speed bonus from TOP.


Some characters can keep a cool head even when faced with unexpected spikes in damage taken or painful mistakes. Able to collect themselves more effectively than most, they are known for being fairly even keel. Difficult to rile up, slow to anger, these characters have a reputation for almost never losing control.

    - [6] health Recovery bonus granted when you get power hit or a [10] health Recovery bonuses when critically hit.

    - [1]% bonus to health and reserve gained, and [-1]% cost reduction to super when composing.

    - Provides one less tick of Recovery to Toughness users as they have immediate reduction to power/crit damage.


There are many meanings for champion. Maybe one is a tournament winner, champion fighter above so many others. Or maybe one is out to champion a cause at all costs, willing to put the cause before their own well being. Such fighters know that just because the chips are down the fight isn't over, and find ways to make up for their predicament. Attempts to crush them may simply result in strengthening their resolve.

    - Up to once per fight, you will succeed in a block that you normally would have failed due to your Block Penalty as long as your current Block Penalty is [17]% or less.

    - The block message will replace the word 'blocks' with 'guards against' when this happens.


Some characters are better at entering a fight pumped up and ready to go faster than others. Reaching their peak potential a bit earlier than most, these fighters tend to ramp up quickly in a fight. Maybe they have an incredible amount of energy at their disposal, or perhaps their burning passion for battle gets their adrenaline pumping faster. CHARGED cannot be taken if your character already has the CHARGING ability.

    - Upon beginning a fight, start with [10]% super.

    - Enter TOP at [95]% super instead of 100%.


Cruel characters tend to have violent styles of fighting. Not afraid to hurt their opponents, they often capitalize on moments of perceived weakness and press the advantage no matter how inhumane it may seem. They almost never let their opponents recover from a painful strike, eager to get in and simply add to the pain with another vicious attack.

    - [1]% bonus chance to power hit.

    - Upon landing a power hit, the next attack will have a [.7] power level bonus.

    - Power hits and critical hits have a [.7] power level bonus.

    - ~ Cruel hit! ~ messages appear when someone with CRUEL lands an attack immediately after having taken a power or critical hit.


Some characters have a style or mentality that lends itself to attacks that leave their opponent bleeding, poisoned, injured, maimed, or otherwise feeling long term effects from their attacks. Going well beyond punches and kicks, these fighters will gladly open wounds or leave a toxin behind from their attacks that will continue to harm their opponent well after the initial strike.

    - Access granted to the DEADLY effect. This effect causes attacks to deal a portion of their damage up front, and the rest of their damage over the next four rounds. The total damage dealt is a little more than would have been done all at once.

    - Deadly ticks do NOT reduce focus levels.

    - If a DEADLY attack gets poked, it will only cause 2 ticks of reduced damage.

  - DEADLY attacks do 1/2 Power Level damage when blocked.


Some characters are notoriously difficult to smack down. They weather hits that would finish other fighters and keep on going just the same. When things get down to the wire, they just get tougher.

    - As health gets lower, take less damage from each incoming hit.

    - The power level reduction for incoming attacks are as follows: < 49 = [.2], < 30 = [.5], < 15 = [1].

    - This trait does not stack with BRACE and dm/guard.

    - <Character> refuses to stay down! messages appear when someone with DIEHARD takes a clean hit while low on health but wasn't KO'd due to the trait's damage reduction.


These characters will do anything to win, even if it amounts to harming themselves further in the process. Maybe they cannot fully control their own power to keep it from harming them when they call upon it. Or maybe they will push their body further than mortal limits can possibly sustain. Whatever the case, these characters will do what it takes to seize victory no matter the cost in blood.

    - Access to the DRIVEN effect. This effect causes attacks to drain 6% health when used. In exchange, these attacks will inflict more damage if they connect. DRIVEN provides no damage bonus if used when you have 66% or more health. The lower your health is at the time of us, the more damage will get added to your attack, all the way up to 2 power levels!


These characters tend to be well versed in a variety of dramatic ways to defend themselves from incoming attacks. Flexible and fluid in their reactions, they adapt quickly to the right defensive option at the right moment rather than rigidly sticking to one choice over and over. They excel in adaptability, determining ways to plow through, redirect, or capitalize on their opponent's attacks in an instant.

    - [1]% bonus chance to Parry, JD, or Tough Out.

    - When Parry fires, gain [3]% extra super.

    - When JD fires, gain [2]% extra health.

    - When TO fires, gain [5]% more to-hit.


Some characters are known for being unpredictable and random. Others may never know what to expect with their attacks. With how difficult it is to determine which attacks are serious or which are merely taunts or feints, you may find yourself surprised at how little or how much damage they actually end up doing.

    - [1]% bonus chance to get power hits.

    - All power hits and critical hits are replaced by WILD hits. Wild hits will do anywhere from -2 to +4 power levels of damage different from the base level of the attack. There is also the chance to gain or lose reserve based on the final power level of the attack.

    - The breakdown is: Weird = [-2], Strange = [-1], Crazy = [1], Wild = [2], Lunatic = [3]. In case of crits, all modifiers have +1 added to them.

    - Weird hits will refund [15]% of your total reserve.

    - Strange hits will refund [10]% of your total reserve.

   - ?!? Weird Hit! ?!?

     ? Strange Hit! ?

     - CRAZY Hit! -

     -* WILD Hit! *-

     -**- LUNATIC HIT!! -**-

     These messages appear when someone with ECCENTRIC lands an unusual attack.


Some characters are capable of maintaining a certain evasive distance, be it in a fight or in other aspects of their lives. These characters are difficult to pin down, often anticipating what is coming next and making plans to deal with it well ahead of time. They often seem to have just the right trick to slip around an attack or a timely technique for putting much needed distance between them and their opponent.

   - Characters will lose focus faster when attacking you.

   - When connecting with attacks that have EVD+/DEF+/INT+, you gain a +[6]% bonus to the reactions not directly buffed by the defensive flag. This bonus is not granted if the attack was a PROJECTILE.

   - Dodge, block, and interrupt are replaced by 'eludes', 'wards off', and 'intercepts' for result messages when taking advantage of the [6]% bonus.


Some characters possess a technique that has a reputation all of its own. Legendary techniques passed down from masters of old, or just amazing displays of power created all on their own, these fighters bring not just their own presence but the threat of that fearsome technique to the fights with them. This trait is mostly, though not absolutely, ratio restricted to R3 plus. Note that the EPIC flag can NOT be put on a move with SIG.

    - Granted one EPIC flag to apply to a move.

    - EPIC increases the speed of the move by [5]%, increases its chance to power hit by [4]%, and reduces its super cost by [2]%.

    - The EPIC flag replaces the PRIME flag, which will be deprecated and phased out.

    - + Epic Hit! +

      -* LEGENDARY HIT *-

      These messages appear when someone lands a power or critical hit with a move that has the EPIC flag.


Fearless characters are used to being down and out. When bloodied and near death, these characters feel truly alive. When pushed to the edge, they find a way to keep on going, steeling their courage to break through whatever the battle throws their way.

    - When a character has [33]% or less health, they will take [1] power level less in damage when poking through attacks. This does stack with brace or dm/guard.

    - If the damage that would be inflicted through a poke interrupt is less than [20]%, and would KO you, your health will be reduced to 0% but you will not be KO'd. This effect can only happen once per fight.

    - <Character> breaks through...! messages appear when a character with FEARLESS interrupts an attack that would have normally KO'd them.


Some characters live as they want and cannot be quantified or contained. Their potential is difficult to define. Perhaps they are elusive in nature, or maybe they enjoy a certain freedom from the cares of the world that gives them the power to be unpredictable or impossible to classify.

    - At the start of each fight, you will be granted a random ability that you do not already have.

    - You can use the active component of that ability once per fight.

    - You do not benefit from the passive mechanics of the ability.


While it is rare to find characters who have mastered the art of healing as well as inflicting harm, they do exist. These characters are willing to leave themselves open for a moment to heal an ally in need. They are also capable of quickly tending to their own injuries either through a mastery of conventional techniques, secret alternative medicines, or supernatural means. HEALER cannot be taken if your character also has DM/Recovery or RESTORE.

    - Granted [1] free special attack with the HEAL flag.

    - This special can be used up to [1] time per fight and costs [0]% reserve.

    - When the special is accepted, it will restore [15]% health and [15]% reserve to the target.


Heroes. Characters that are willing to put their lives on the line for others. Self-sacrificing in dire circumstances, they may leap in the way of a deadly attack to save their friend or travel around the world to help someone in need. Distinguished for their courage and known for brave deeds, these characters will find it within themselves to push on harder than many.

    - When KO'd by a DARK character higher ratio than you (Characters with the DARK attribute), Last Stand will fire when taking your final action.

    - Last Stand: Your health is returned to 0%, keeping you from falling unconscious. Last Stand can only fire once per fight.

    - <Character> prepares to take his/her Last Stand! messages appear when someone with HERO would have been KO'd by a character with the DARK attribute.


Clever, to a fault, insidious characters tend to be deceptive in combat, able to present themselves in different ways to throw off their opponents. They may be stealthy, and they're almost always treacherous given an opportunity to improve their situation. These fighters tend to be able to conceal plans with perceived failures and turn the tables right back on their opponents. The CALCULATED bonus mechanic of this trait does not stack with SMASH or DM/POWER.

    - Every time you take damage, you bank [.1] power levels in damage up to a maximum of [2.2] power levels in a fight.

    - Under certain conditions, access to the 'calculated' DM Action will be granted. Using 'calculated' on that round will cause all of your banked power levels to be applied to your next attack! This bonus does not stack with Smash or DM/Power.

    - The conditions for unlocking calculated are: Failing any reaction, Passing, Enduring, having opponent succeed a reaction.

    - -+- CALCULATED HIT -+- messages appear when someone with INSIDIOUS lands a hit with banked power level bonuses on it.


Some characters bring a certain underlying intensity to their fights. Able to squeeze out every last bit of potential their body can provide, they shift their resources according to the demands of the moment... no matter the cost.

    - Access to the MEDITATE and TRANCE actions is granted. These constitute end of turn actions, like focus and compose.

    - 'MEDITATE' Spend [7]% reserve to gain [10]% health and [10]% super. Also gain a decaying [10]% Alertness bonus.

    - 'TRANCE' Spend [7]% health to gain [10]% reserve and [10]% super. Also gain immunity to Shift, Dash, and Projectile effects for the following round, [1.5] times your normal super gain for the following round, and a [10]% decaying Alertness Bonus.

    - Players will be able to define their own MEDITATE and TRANCE COMBATSYS: messages!


Happy go lucky sorts - favored by the whims of fate or the humor of chance, every time they get into a fight, some characters are just known for having a bit of luck on their side. Now and then, it seems like the cosmos align to give them exactly what they need to succeed just at the right moment.

    - At the start of the fight, be granted with 1 extra DM choice selected at random that you can use during that fight.

    - Any time you get power hit or crit hit, or land a power hit or crit hit, you will receive a luck boost until your next action.


Extremely talented fighters that are often considered masters of their respective styles. Perhaps they train understudies, or maybe they keep their unique style all to themselves. These fighters tend to have learned how to roll with failures in a fight, even drawing back some of their efforts just before they go completely to waste. Their wide array of experience tends to give them an edge against fighters who have not mastered their arts to the same degree.

    - [20]% of the reserve spent on a move is refunded if the move is dodged, blocked, interrupted, or fails to interrupt.

    - A [3]% reaction and to-hit bonus is granted whenever fighting a character that does NOT have the MASTER trait.


Some characters just know how to hit damn hard, capable of delivering enough force to plow through defensive options and simply send their opponent flying. Maybe the character hits like a truck with their fists, or can kick like a mule with their legs. Or maybe they can bring explosive energy to a match, blasting their opponents away with the incredible power of their techniques.

    - Chance to apply KNOCK AWAY effect to opponents.

    - KNOCK AWAY cannot be triggered by Projectile, Shift, or Dash attacks.

    - If applied by a non-projectile, the KNOCK AWAY effect reduces their next attack speed by [10]%.

    - The more damage your attack does, the higher the chance of knocking them away.

    - Attacks that deal over [45]% damage have a 100% chance to knock away their opponent.

    - If the character that got knocked back had successfully endured, they will get only [50]% of the normal endure bonus to hit.

    - <Character> knocks away! messages appear when someone with the MIGHTY trait lands a mighty blow.


Some fighters are very good at biding their time in a fight. Masters of pacing, self-restraint, and controlling the speed of the match, they tend to get stronger as their opponents wear themselves out, gaining an edge they then leverage to finish off their wearied foe.

    - A [1]% bonus to attack speed and reaction odds builds up slowly. The longer the fight, the bigger the bonus, up to a limit of [6]%.

    - This trait cannot be taken with BOLD.


For some, the sheer act of inflicting pain invigorates them and drives them to fight longer even against potentially crippling damage. The promise of drawing more blood might be just the dark inspiration they need to hang in there one more round.

    - Every time you land a clean hit through attacking or interrupting, you accrue a [2]% stacking Life Steal bonus to a cap of [15]%.

    - [2]% stacking Life Steal also adds up every time you attack or interrupt, whether or not it connects, making it possible to accrue up to [4]% per round if your attacks are connecting cleanly.

    - Every clean hit you land through attacking or interrupt heals you for a percentage of the damage dealt equal to your current Life Steal bonus.

    - You do NOT gain health from attacking other characters with the PREDATOR trait.

    - The PREDATOR trait is not allowed for characters with RESTORE or DM/Recovery.


Preparation is the key to success, at least according to some fighters. These characters know that having the right tool at the right time makes the difference between victory and loss. By taking the initiative to strategically prepare themselves before each and every fight, they are able to adapt to their opponents, and use just the right trick to overcome and succeed.

    - Pick your DMs any time via the pick/dm command.

    - Can use: 'pick/dm random' or 'pick/dm last' as alternative options.


Some characters were just born naturals. Training just as hard as the next person caused them to excel far beyond the abilities of their peers. Even slacking in their training they still tend to do better than expected. They can make some of their feats in a fight seem to take no effort at all, putting their gifted talents to use in capitalizing on the moment.

    - Successful blocks and dodges have a [12]% chance to trigger PRODIGY. 

    - The first time PRODIGY triggers, the next attack will cost [12] less reserve.

    - The second time PRODIGY triggers, the next attack will cost [6] less reserve.

    - The third time PRODIGY triggers, the next attack will cost [4] less reserve.

    - <Character> instinctively dodges/blocks! messages occasionally appear when someone with PRODIGY dodges or blocks and receives the above bonuses.

    - PRODIGY will not trigger a fourth time.


Aggressive, crazy, berserking characters who thrive on charging head first into the fray with reckless abandon. These characters tend to only get even more pumped up as they take damage, the thrill of the fight consuming them and driving them on even faster. They can seem tireless in combat, giving it their all even as injuries stack up.

    - When getting power or crit hit, gain [10]% to-hit bonus on next attack.

    - Any time you take damage, [20]% of the damage taken will be subtracted from your fatigue, if you have any.


For characters that just keep attacking with their best and strongest moves round after around, pacing is not their strong point. However, having continued to fight this way battle after battle, they've developed the ability to keep their momentum going a little bit longer than most.

    - A [1]% stacking cost reduction builds up each round a special/super/MAX is thrown. This cost reduction resets upon use of a FREE attack or taking a non-attack/non-interrupt action. The cost reduction maxes out at [3]%.


Characters that make the maximum use of their environment in their fights can sometimes be described as resourceful. Quick to grab anything and everything on hand to put it to use against their opponents and never one to let opportunities go to waste, these fighters are rarely found in a spot without the tools they need to get the job done.

    - [10] speed bonus to GLOBALS, making them just as fast as normals.

    - GLOBALS grant [1]% reserve rather than costing reserve.

    - Whenever any attacks connect against an opponent, there is a chance to fire an Attack of Opportunity. This bonus will make your next attack [10] speed faster if it is a FREE or GLOBAL attack. It will make your next attack cost [50]% reserve if it is a Special attack. Or it will make your next attack cost [5]% less super if it is a SUPER or MAX attack.

    - * Attack of Opportunity! * messages appear when someone with RESOURCEFUL lands an attack with the above bonus.


These characters really get into the ebb and flow of a fight. They move with a certain grace and agility, and they never stop moving. These characters tend to prefer being on the offense and hate slowing down. Each time they find an opening in their opponent's style, they learn how to make the most of it.

    - On each successful hit or interrupt, gain a [3]% bonus chance to hit and react on the next round.


Fancy words and ideals mean nothing in the face of some characters' unrelenting violence. They strike without reservation and as they get going, the chance to leave their opponent's ability to fight drastically diminished increases...

    - Each time an attack lands, you have a scaling chance to deliver a disabling hit. The more super you have, after the costs of the attack have been deducted, the more likely it is to fire. You must have at least [30]% super before it can fire.

    - Disabling hits reduce the power level of any attack your opponent uses that round by [1] power level.

    - Opponents gain slightly less super for dealing damage to you or taking damage from you.

    - # Disabling hit! # messages appear when someone with RUTHLESS lands a hit that grants the above penalties.


For some characters, it's impossible to miss the fact that they bring with them to battle their charisma, their alluringly good looks, their teasing nature. This characteristic likely plays into how they act in the fight itself, bringing a certain raised level of excitement to the battle.

    - Gain [15]% of the super your opponent gains for dealing damage to you.

    - When succeeding dodges and blocks, there is a [10]% chance to make it so that your next attack results in a [50]% super gain bonus for the damage dealt. However, your opponent will ALSO gain [25]% more super for the damage they receive!

    - ~~ Alluring Hit! ~~ messages appear when someone with SEXY lands an attack with the above bonus.


Thinking fast on their feet, knowing the difference between useful tactics and showboating, skilled characters simply consider themselves to be better than you. And more often than not, they can prove it. With an eye for spotting moments where their opponent is over extending themselves or trying to set a trap for them in the near future, skilled characters know how to adapt some of their techniques to the moment without having to slow down.

    - Gain a [3] speed bonus on VARIABLE attacks. This speed bonus does not stack with other trait-granted speed bonus.

    - Special attacks that have no optional flags on them will receive a a [3]% speed bonus. This includes: FREE, COUNTER, REFLECT, PRIORITY, PROXIMITY, CRUSH, ATK+, DEF+, INT+, EVD+, PRESS, SAP, DEADLY, CAPTURE, SP+, PL+, GLOBAL, and EPIC.

    - When reacting to incoming attacks, receive a [1]% small reaction bonus for every optional flag that is on the incoming attack up to a limit of [6]%. The list of flags that count toward this bonus are the same as the speed bonus flags listed above.


Some fighters eschew flashy defenses, and focuses on far more conservative techniques to keep themselves steady in a fight. Unwavering in both outlook and style, they they keep a simple rhythm as they stifle blows, refusing to stand down no matter how much their opponents chip away at their defenses. For these martial artists, reliability is key to their technique, and their ability to stave off blows unyieldingly reflects that.

    - Lose [4]% additional Block Penalty per turn.

    - This BP reduction will only happen for up to [3] turns in a row before it shuts off. It will remain shut off until you have [0]% BP, at which point you will get another [3] ticks.

    - After the ticks reset to [0], the amount of Block Penalty return each tick will reduce by [1] tick. (So the second set of stacks will return [3]% Block Penalty each tick, the third set [2]%, and the fourth set [1]%.)


Some characters just hang in there longer than others. They don't quite have the stubborn disregard for harm that the RESTORE ability might imply, and they may not be able to surge back into combat with anywhere near the tenacity that SECOND WIND conveys, but they can hang in there a bit longer all the same. This trait cannot be taken if a character possesses RESTORE, SECOND WIND, or DM/Recovery, as those abilities and DM already represent this survival nature of the character.

    - [10]% chance to gain [2]% health on the end of a turn.

    - The first time you go below 0% health in a fight, gain [7]% health at the end of your turn.

    - <Character> keeps on fighting! messages appear when someone with SURVIVOR would have been KO'd by a small amount, but the health gained saved them.


These characters are thinkers. They're constantly studying the way their opponent fights, figuring out what works, what doesn't work, and adapting their tactics to cover mistakes or take advantage of opportunities as they present themselves. They can time their techniques with stunning accuracy, identifying openings that others might not have the tactical acumen to spot.

    - Focus bonus decays more slowly than normal when taking damage and actions.

    - Focusing grants you a reaction bonus to dodge, block, and endure equal to [33]% of your current focus bonus.

    - <Character> calculates his/her next move. messages replace the standard focus message for TACTICAL fighters.

   - Your focus bonus is immune to the faster focus decay mechanic of the ELUSIVE trait.


Some characters don't give up just because the chips are down or the odds aren't favoring them. If they feel they're falling behind, they will push themselves harder, adrenaline, instincts, or just raw skill helping pull them out of a tight spot. Hanging in there, they often see their best moments when the most behind in a fight.

    - As you take more damage than you dish out, you begin to build up a reaction bonus. Narrow the damage gap and your bonus will diminish. This bonus is [2]% per stack up to a cap of [12]%. You also gain 50% of your reaction bonus in bonus Hitrate.


Some fighters who excel at bouncing back into the fight at higher strength than their opponents. As you spend reserve on specials, you build up a buffer of Reserve. When the time is right, you can use the new Free Action, +recharge, and then throw a Normal to collect that stored up Reserve for a sudden surge in energy to work with.

    - Using attacks that cost reserve banks [20]% of the reserve cost.

    - Using the +recharge free action and then a normal gets you that banked reserve cost back. +recharge can be used once per fight.


These characters fight with an eye for an eye mentality. Hurt them bad and they want nothing more than to hurt you back. Angry, revenge driven sorts, they're likely to lash out with even more powerful attacks in order to help their opponent 'enjoy' the same experience in return.

    - When power hit, the next attack gains a [1] power level bonus.

    - When crit hit, the next attack gains a [2] power level bonus.

    - ! VENGEANCE ! messages appear when someone with VENGEANCE lands a hit immediately after receiving a power or critical hit.

Frequently Asked Questions

How are traits gained?

Traits are purchased with Advancement Points.

What about Parry/SW/JD/Vigor? These are passives. Are they going to become traits over be overshadowed by them?

No. Triggers and passive abilities that already exist will stay as abilities. In most cases, the magnitude of what the traits offer pales compared to what the abilities offer in terms of bonuses. When it comes to trigger abilities, the chances of getting a parry/JD/TO are usually around three to ten times more likely than a Trait granted trigger is to fire. In addition, if at any time it is deemed that the passive abilities aren't awesome enough to distinguish them from traits, the abilities will get buffed to correct this rather than turning them into traits.

Can I suggest traits?

Yes, definitely. When making suggestions, it's helpful if you provide the following:

Name of the trait ( Should be a trait-like adjective or descriptive noun related to how a fighter might be )

A description of what kind of characters it would make sense on.

A list of ideas of what the trait might grant. It isn't necessary to provide numbers, since numbers are something staff will be hashing out for all traits anyway, but just the ideas will be useful.

Will traits continue to be added?

Yes. Traits are an evolving system. The intent is to continue to work more traits in over time. They are likely to trickle in at a slower rate, but new ones should show up from time to time. If a new trait appears that you think fits you better than one you have, you can always submit a revision request for it.

DISCLAIMER: Everything on this page is subject to change as this exciting new system undergoes development. The traits listed above could change, or go away, other traits might be added to replace them, and so on. Bear with us as we work on developing this new feature for everyone. :)