(last updated: 12/28/17)

It is now possible for characters to possess items that modify their CSYS build in some way. Maybe they grant an extra move, or perhaps they modify stats in some way or grant an ability you wouldn't otherwise have.

These items are not intended to represent core facets of a character's build that the character always uses in combat. For example, Whip's Voodoo (her whip) will not be represented as CSYS item. Her fighting style already revolves around use of Voodoo and her build reflects that so no additional CSYS item is required to represent it.

As CSYS items alter your build in some way, they are intended to represent more exceptional conditions. Maybe your character has acquired a pendant of some kind during a TP that influences their Aura in possitive or negative ways. Or maybe a character has discovered an artifact weapon that performs better than the weapon they have always used prior to now.

In most cases, possession of a CSYS item will be a temporary thing. Maybe it is only valid during the course of a TP or perhaps it is something that has been loaned to the character by another for a duration. In most cases, CSYS items will not persist across players of the same character and will be taken away when the character is dropped.

The following notes are with regards to how CSYS items actually work:

- Outside of combat, CSYS items cannot be equipped and will have no impact on your build. But you can run 'stats' on them to see what affect they will have once equipped.

- There is a 'equip <item>' command and 'unequip <item>' command available when you are in a fight.

- Until you take your first action, use of the 'equip' command is free and does not count as an ability use. This is to represent the idea of you being equipped with the item before the fight even began. Once you have taken your first action in a fight, use of 'equip' constitutes your ability use for that turn. For example, you cannot 'equip' an item then 'smash' in the same turn outside of your very first turn.

- Using 'unequip' on an item never counts as an ability use. If you want to   drop the weapon or stow it, you can do so, and still 'rush' for example.

- You can only ever have one item equipped at a time.

- When you equip or unequip an item in a CSYS fight, it will broadcast a COMBATSYS: message, so it is very clear that you are doing so to anyone viewing the fight or reading the log. In addition, any time you have a CSYS item equipped, a [E] mark will show up next to your name in the meters which will also appear in the logs. This is to make it clear that you are not currently fighting with your normal build.

There are no rules about who CSYS items belong to. If you have such an item   and want to give it to another player, feel free to do so, as long as you are not trading it to alts and as long as your reasons for doing so are IC, such as them stealing the item from you (with your OOC consent) or because your character would ICly give it to them.