(last updated: 12/03/17)

Most of the time, players will want to take their fighters to the limit. Sometimes though, a fighter might want to hold back, to help a student learn without completely decimating them, or maybe to gain a friend instead of making an enemy. For times like these, we have several commands which grant the option to reduce your character's capabilities.


The 'slowdown' command slows your attacks down by the amount of speed specified. This lasts until you either type 'slowdown 0' or leave the current fight. As a rule of thumb, a reduction of 10 is equivalent to lowering speed by one ratio. Typing the command without a number will return the amount by which your attacks are slowed down. This number is also visible in the 'check' command.

Note: It is not necessary for high-ratio players to use this command to 'level' the playing field. They are under no obligation to do so.


Similar to 'slowdown', 'powerdown' allows you to lower the power level of your attacks by up to 4 levels. When you do this, your attack will have the word 'Weakened' added to the front of the name when you attack and its final power level will be 1 to 4 levels lower than what it would have been otherwise. Attacks will never drop below 0.5 power levels, so even if you powerdown by 4 and then throw a P3 attack, the final power level is still P0.5.

Note that SUPERS and MAXs are not affected by powerdown at all. These moves represent a character going all out, pushing beyond even their normal capabilities to perform a major attack. As such, powerdown will have no affect on any SUPER or MAX you throw.

Also, keep in mind, that it needs to make IC sense that your character can even pull the attack in the first place. Some attacks are not even the same attack if the spirit of the fighter isn't fully dedicated to performing the attack to the best of their ability. Ryu's Shoryuken, if only given half-effort, is merely a rising uppercut punch rather than the famous Shoryuken. If Ryu was going easy on someone, he just flat out wouldn't likely /use/ the move to begin with, rather than try to water it down somehow. We leave it up to player discretion to carefully consider if it makes IC sense for their attack to be able to hit at anything less than full power but if it seems like someone is using it on attacks that don't make sense, we may bring it to the player's attention that we're not sure about the use of it.

This command has been added with the intent of allowing characters to 'pull punches' if it's ICly appropriate for them to do so. Just like SLOWDOWN, you are NEVER under any obligation to use this command. It has been added to facilitate RP where a player feels that their character wouldn't strike with their full strength but instead would pull their attacks a little. What these situations would be we leave up to each individual player to determine. Unless you feel your character would hold back with their attack for some reason, you should not use this command.

All other abilities and DMs continue to work as normal. For example, you can dm/power or smash a Weakened attack, and DM/power will operate as normal.

Enter 'powerdown 0' to reset your attacks back to normal levels.


Maybe you're on a pair of rollerblades while fighting and you suck at rollerblading and you want your reaction odds to reflect that. If this sounds like you, there is now:

'reactdown <number>'

This will reduce your reaction odds (dodge/block/endure) by the number entered. No, you cannot enter a negative number and buff your reaction odds.


Similiar to tools to nerf yourself such as SLOWDOWN and POWERDOWN, there is now a NOREVIVE command. This command will disable all proc or tick based health regen mechanics such as:


- DM/Recovery or any Recovery proc such as CALM or DM/Luck


- Last Stand proc of HERO

- Any SURVIVOR procs

The main purpose of this command is to allow you to willingly forgo popping back up to conscious from below 0% health should you feel it better fits the circumstances of the scene.

Just like POWERDOWN, SLOWDOWN, and PASS/NOWIND, you are NEVER under any obligation or expectation to use this command, it is simply a tool to help you better adjust things that you feel best fit the IC circumstances.

If you change your mind, you can enter the command again to undo it.