(last updated: 12/28/17)

MotM's combat system is moderately complex. There are a wealth of actions you can choose from, each with their own consequences and restrictions.

This info file discusses a specific type of action known as Turn Ending Actions. These particular commands may only be used once per pose. (The other types of actions are: active abilities, DM actions, and free actions, and are discussed in reference to specific abilities, traits, or mechanics such as Variable.)

Attack - The most common and obvious command. This initiates either an attack against the targeted opponent or opponents or a heal against a teammate or yourself, using the syntax 'attack < targets > = < attack > '. This puts the attack in the target's defense queue, to which they may then react.

NOTE: An attack can hit multiple people (targets), but only upon OOCly checking with each of the targets involved. If your targets do not give their consent to a multi-target "area attack", then you must target each person individually.

Focus - Because of the relationship of attack power to speed, many stronger attacks are too slow to hit reliably. Using 'focus' will forfeit your chance to attack for that one pose, but in the next pose your attack will be granted a significant boost to speed, making it 16% more likely to hit. If you take any action other than attacking in your next pose, you will lose the bonus to speed. It should be noted that taking damage after Focusing carries two drawbacks. One, you take slightly more damage. Two, the speed bonus is reduced slightly for each hit you take. If you block an attack, the focus decay is only half the normal amount.

Rest - Using 'rest' allows you to take a short breather. Although you can't attack, you do gain some health and reserve. You get this boost immediately, but if you attempt to make any reactions to any attacks declared on you until your next pose beyond blocking, you'll lose the health you gained. If you attempt to make any reaction beyond dodging and blocking, you'll lose the reserve gained. You will be unable to use Dramatic Moments when resting. You will also receive a penalty to your defensive ability until your next pose. Also, and this is very significant: folks without the Toughness ability will take double damage when Resting; folks with the Toughness ability will take 50% more damage than normal. You also can't get a PARRY, JD, or Tough Out, nor can you use BRACE after resting.

Compose - If resting sounds like a really bad idea... yes, it is! But in exchange for [7]% super, you will receive [12]% health and [12]% reserve back, with no reaction penalties or other consequences.

Charge - Although your Super meter gains normally, there may be a time when you need a Super -right now-. Using 'charge' forfeits your chance to attack, but you gain a significant bonus to your Super meter, and a little bit to your reserve, in return for a lack of defensive ability until your next pose. See charging for more details.

NOTE: This requires the CHARGING ability--if you don't have it, you can't use it.

Mindset - If you have a separate mindset, you may switch to it during a fight. There needs to be an IC reason for the switch, you are not necessarily allowed to do it 'just because'. Using 'switchmode' to switch Mindsets takes a full action, so you must forfeit anything else you might want to do until your next pose. See mindset for more details.

NOTE: This requires the MINDSET ability. If you don't have it, you can't use it.

Pass - The Art Of Doing Nothing. If you choose to skip your action for any reason, but you wish to end penalties and bonuses that normally last until you take an action, you may simply 'pass'. Note that you -don't- have to use this if you have nothing currently affecting you, you may simply take no action.