(last updated: 08/15/21)

RUSH is the Ability that represents the notion that the best offense is a very strong offense, one that aims to get in a powerful strike no matter what the circumstances are. Some similarities could be drawn to "berserker" tactics by some famous armies in history, but RUSH may well be a calculated risk on the part of a fighter in MotM's story. The most common user of RUSH would be people who are large, powerful; people who are pretty sure that trading hits with their enemy works out in their favor by virtue of dealing superior damage to their foe. Zangief, Daigo, Haggar, all are common examples of people who might use RUSH, but anyone can have it if they so desire.

A RUSH is declared immediately prior to your attack Action using the +rush command. The result is that the attack immediately following the +rush command will have an increase to Speed, making it [10]% more likely to hit. The downside is that you suffer a [4]% penalty to your defense, and this penalty lingers until your next Action. Using +rush costs from [3]% reserve.

Using RUSH builds levels of AGGRESSION up to a maximum level of 2. The To-Hit bonus, Reserve Cost, and Reaction Penalty of RUSH scale according to the level of AGGRESSION you have at the time you use it, according to the following progression:

    AGGRESSION 0 = +[10]% To Hit / -[2]% Reserve / -[0]% Reaction Penalty

    AGGRESSION 1 = +[12]% To Hit / -[3]% Reserve / -[3]% Reaction Penalty

    AGGRESSION 2 = +[14]% To Hit / -[4]% Reserve / -[6]% Reaction Penalty

AGGRESSION will decay by 1 level any turn that you do not use RUSH. If you end your turn without attacking (such as with focus, charge, pass, etc.) then your AGGRESSION level resets to 0.

With the AGGRESSION mechanic, sporadic use of RUSH has almost no drawback and maintains the same hitrate bonus it always has. If you want to hammer RUSH repeatedly, however, you can build up to a higher hitrate bonus, but doing so will incur a slightly larger reaction penalty in exchange.

Note that RUSH is not allowed if you have attacks in your queue; it will not be able to aid your interrupts.

Ability Summary

  In TOP: The +rush active costs no reserve.
          RUSHED normals return standard reserve.

  D Rank: [1] use of +rush. Costs [3]% reserve.
          RUSHED normals do not return reserve.

  C Rank: [2] uses of +rush. Each use costs [3]% reserve.

  B Rank: Unlimited use of +rush. Each use costs [3]% reserve.
          RUSHED normals now return reserve.

  A Rank: When you connect with a RUSHED move, gain a HASTE bonus.
          HASTE adds +[5] speed to your next non-RUSHED normal or global.

  S Rank: +[4]% QUICKENING bonus after an attack fails to connect
          x[1.5] to QUICKENING bonus when your attacks are blocked
          x[2.0] to QUICKENING bonus when attacks are dodged/interrupted
          QUICKENING bonus stacks to a maximum of +[16]%
          QUICKENING bonus goes to [0] when attacks are endured or hit clean

SIG ABIL: Access to [1] use of +blitz to act twice in one turn.

TOP Mechanic

Characters in TOP can use +rush with no reserve cost. In addition, if they use +rush and then attack with a Normal, they will gain the standard reserve recovery for that normal even though it has been RUSHED.

Ability Ranks

D Rank is similiar to other low ranked actives: exceptional effort for a one-time boost in effectiveness for that fighter's style. Another byproduct of the extra effort required is that RUSHed normals will not return any reserve.

C Rank reflects an improvement on the fighter's part in accomplishing these on-demand bursts in speed, allowing them to accomplish the technique twice in a fight in exchange for greater effort than an adept user of RUSH would pay.

B Rank fighters are now adept at RUSHing and are able to do so as many times as they want in a fight. In addition, their improved ease of use allows them to regain their effort when pacing the fight with their normals.

A Rank (Haste) is where the fighter is such a natural at speeding up their attacks that they can adopt a smooth combination of alternating techniques and staying aggressive. When a RUSHED attack connects, the fighter receives a HASTE bonus, giving them +5 speed on their next Normal as long as they don't use RUSH. This gives the aggressive fighter a tool for maintaining aggression yet also keeping up their strength for the fight. The HASTE bonus does not apply to interrupts.

S Rank (Quicken) fighters are so attuned to boosting their speed that they will gain a higher degree of focus when their attacks begin to miss. This bonus is referred to as QUICKENING: as the fighter's attacks are dodged or interrupted, The satisfaction at a clean hit will interrupt this sub-conscious acceleration, returning the fighter to their normal attack speeds. This speed bonus only applies to direct attacks and does not buff interrupt speeds. However, taking a break from direct attacking to interrupt or passive will not reset the bonus.

Signature Ability -- BLITZ

Characters known for their ability to relentlessly rush down their opponents may, in moments of intensity, transcend the limits of other fighters and act so fast that it almost seems they did two actions in the same instant! These characters can move blindingly fast, overwhelming opponents with a sudden blitz of insane speed, though such moments aren't without their price.

   - Access to [1] charge of the +blitz DM Action.

   - Using +blitz allows you to take two turns in a row.

   - Using BLITZ counts as your DM use for the turn. I.e., you cannot use
     BLITZ and another DM on the same turn.

   - During your first turn, you may NOT use any passive action (Focus,
     Compose, etc).

   - You cannot use SUPERS, MAXs, or ULTRAs during either round of Blitz.

   - Other than the block on Supers, there are no other restrictions about
     which actions you can take on your second turn.

   - A target receiving two Blitzed attacks must respond to them in order.