(last updated: 03/27/18)

JUST_DEFENDED, or JD, is an Ability that was originally inspired by the engine feature in the fighting game Garou: Mark of the Wolves. It's an advanced form of blocking in which you use the momentum of an incoming attack to not only take no damage from it, but gain a little extra boost besides. Someone who's JUST_DEFENDED might move with a punch or kick, moving back quickly enough that it doesn't hurt. Or if you've been thrown across a distance, you might end up tucking into a roll as you hit the ground. There's a variety of ways you can JD by moving with the attack instead of merely stopping it. Such feats usually require high technical prowess and some agility or other defensive ability, hence the requirement of an Ability slot.

Having the JUST_DEFENDED ability gives you an automatic chance to JD randomly during a block. The chances of this happening are based on your defense stats like a normal block. The JUST_DEFENDED ability also increases your chances to block against the damage types for which you have the greatest defenses in.

When JD is triggered, you receive a variety of bonuses. First, you take no damage. At higher ranks, health and reserve are rewarded as well avoiding taking Block Penalty. However, unlike in Garou, it does NOT make your next attack easier to hit with. (Speed increases are granted from JD's sibling ability, PARRY.)

Ability Summary

  In TOP: Increased chance to trigger JD.

  D Rank: [1] blocked attack has a chance to be "auto-guarded."
          Auto-guard prevents damage and Projectile Debuffs.

  C Rank: Blocked attacks have a chance to be "auto-guarded."

  B Rank: Blocked attacks have a chance to be "Just Defended!"
          JDs grant [4]% Health and [10]% reserve, and prevent
          Damage and Projectile Debuffs.
          Block also receives a passive bonus.

  A Rank: JDs grant [20]% reserve instead of [10]%.

  S Rank: Blocked attacks have a chance to be "Just Defended!!"
          JD!!s provide the same bonuses as A Rank JDs and also
          prevent you from taking Block Penalty from the attack.

SIG ABIL: Access to +fortify DM Action.

TOP Mechanic

Characters in TOP have an increased chance to trigger JD when chosing to block.

Ability Ranks

D Rank - In the midst of a fight, a fighter may gain a burst of inspiration, allowing them to deflect an incoming attack or redirect the energy in such a way that they are able to avoid any harm to themself in the process of warding off the damage. At D or C Rank, an occurrence (proc) of JD is reported as an Auto-Guard.

C Rank - Further refinement of this talent would allow a fighter to perform the same feat of flawless guarding more than once per fight if they can spot just the right opportunities.

B Rank - Practiced fighters have learned not only how to defend themselves flawlessly, but how to use the opportunity to rekindle their reserves and gain a bit more strength to fight longer than they might have otherwise. At B and A Rank, the JD proc is reported as Just Defended.

A Rank - Further improvements to executing Just Defend blocks results in a larger momentum gain manifesting in the form of even more reserve.

S Rank - The pinnacle of perfect defense, fighters at this level of mastery are able to block attacks without wearing out their ability to block, causing them to take no Block Penalty when successfully Just Defending an attack. JD procs of this level are reported with twice the excitement, represented by !!.

Signature Ability -- FORTIFY

Experienced fighters know that there is more to avoiding harm than simply leaping or spinning out of the way. Some can mitigate or negate damage sent their way by bracing and letting the attack crash against their limbs or by catching a punch and absorbing its momentum into their arms. Of course, these sorts of defenses take their toll on any combatant, making it more difficult to block subsequent attacks. Those who are masters of the JUST_DEFENDED skill have elevated blocking to such an advanced, technical level, that they can adjust their blocking techniques on demand to completely bypass the toll of their previous bocks. Maybe they switch to blocking with their legs to let their arms gain a reprieve. Others might have mastered energy forcefields or advanced technology that will allow them to block at maximum efficiency when it matters most.

   - Access to [1] charge of +fortify.

   - +fortify resets your Block Penalty to [0]%.

   - If you attack that round, your attack will do more damage based on how
     much Block Penalty you wiped out.

   - The bonus power levels are as follows:

     1x = [0.4] PLs, 2x = [1.0], 3x = [1.5], 4x = [2.0]

   - The possible messages are:

      > Determined Hit! <

      >> Decisive Hit!! <<

      >>> Punitive Hit!!! <<<

   - +fortify is a DM Action and counts as as a DM use for that turn.