(last updated: 07/04/21)

Some characters carry with them an aura of dread or a reputation for the dramatic. Perhaps they are famous prodigies such as Kurow Kirishima, well-known personalities like Geese Howard, or terrible warlords such as Vega. Characters with the PRESENCE ability have a tendency to stand out in some very distinguishing way. Maybe they're known for being elaborate performers in their fights or command respect or fear by being a powerful Cartel leader. It can be difficult to pinpoint just what makes a character appropriate for PRESENCE, but one thing they have in common is a flair for the dramatic.

To contrast PRESENCE with its sibling ability CHARISMA; while someone with CHARISMA may be able to smooth-talk an entire crowd of people into doing something they wouldn't otherwise do, a person with PRESENCE can wow the entire room without saying a word. When a character with PRESENCE walks into a room, the whole room notices.

It's a common misunderstanding that CHARISMA is "good" and PRESENCE is "evil", but that's not really the case. Ken Masters is an obvious pick for CHARISMA, whereas his laconic training buddy would be more likely to have PRESENCE. Ken can win a fight with words, whereas Ryu's skill is clear just from the way he carries himself. Both are largely considered "good guys" in this example. Likewise, Grant's terrifying mastery of fighting makes him a clear example for PRESENCE, whereas Igniz would be a prime example for a "bad guy" with CHARISMA. (Though, it should be noted, both Ken and Igniz could easily have both!)

PRESENCE is a character trait, so if a character has the STYLE ability, it should exist in both styles.

Ability Summary

  In TOP: Allowed to use [2] DM charges in a single round.

  D Rank: Gain +[1] DM Charge when knocked to [10]% health or below.

  C Rank: Other fighters gain [10]% less super for taking damage from
          you or dealing damage to you.

  B Rank: Gain DM charge at [33]% health or below instead of [10]%.

  A Rank: Opponents gain less Super when your Super exceeds theirs.

  S Rank: Access to [1] use of +suppress free action.

SIG ABIL: Access to [1] use of +eclipse free action.

TOP Mechanic

PRESENCE characters in TOP will be able to use 2 DM charges in a single round.

Ability Ranks

D Rank (Surmount) represents a fighter just beginning to establish 'Fight Presence.' Pushed to their limit, they can snap back in a dramatic way to potentially turn things around.

C Rank is the first signs of the fighter's suppressing influence in a fight. Other fighters will feel their aura and might find their ability to get charged up inhibited to a degree.

B Rank reflects fighters tapping into that surge of dramatic potential a bit earlier than just before they're about to collapse. Things might still be grim or the fight might be long and testing their endurance, but these fighters are the ultimate at showing everyone else what they are capable of no matter how bad things are going.

A Rank represents that fight presence expanding its influence. The more charged up a fighter is, the harder it is for their opponents to break through that powerful aura and match their presence with their own powerful responses. While you have more super than your opponent, your opponent's super gain is reduced by the difference divided by 10. In other words, if you have 50 super and your opponent has 0, your opponent's super gain is reduced by 5%. Stacks with the C Rank mechanic.

S Rank (Suppress) is where that suppressing aura goes from being a passive component of the fighter's nature and becomes an active tool that they can exercise as they see fit, once per fight. It is done by simply typing '+suppress < target > '. That character will be notified that on their next turn, the first [30]% super they gain from any source will be banked until the end of their turn, at which point it will be refunded to them.

Signature Ability -- ECLIPSE

Some characters have such an overpowering presence that it goes beyond just one of the facets of their character to become their defining aspect. Even amongst a group of their peers, it's clear to tell who is able to command the room without saying a word. These characters don't just possess a presence that makes them stand out from others, their presence completely eclipses those of others. They are the ultimate showmen, the most dread-inspiring tyrants, the most legendary of martial arts masters. These fighters are renown for their dramatic flair and their prestige will make them stick out from any group of their peers.

The ECLIPSE signature ability is about the character surging their intimidating Presence to a dramatic degree beyond what most fighters are capable of. A character can use their [1] charge of ECLIPSE to, at any point in the match, enter +eclipse/start, placing them immediately into TOP status. At the end of each turn, the character will be charged an increasing cost of Super to stay in TOP. ECLIPSE can be ended at any time by typing +eclipse/stop.

   - Access to [1] charge of the +eclipse free action.

   - +eclipse puts you immediately into TOP.

   - At the end of each turn, you will spend an increasing amount of Super to
     stay in TOP.

   - The cost for staying in TOP starts at [5]% and goes up by an additional
     [5]% each turn. So 5, 10, 15, 20, etc.

   - Once you can't afford the super, you will fall out of TOP.