(last updated: 11/30/17)

Experienced fighters have honed and refined their craft to such a degree that they know exactly what works best for their given style and attitude. In the end, though, "experience" is a euphemism for all of the missteps that occurred finding all the things that didn't work. In other words: even the greatest masters were amateurs once; the difference is their training.

TRAINING is an Ability that is only available to Ratio 1 characters. It reflects the unsolidified nature of fighters who are still establishing their style and figuring out works with their talents and temperaments. Maybe they are seeing what happens when they fight more defensively, or perhaps they are trying to focus on pacing themselves better. Every time they go into a fight, they are trying to learn something new and continue growing. This Ability reflects that R1 growth process.

Every time a character with TRAINING joins a fight, they will be prompted to select an Ability that they will have access to for the duration of the fight. The chosen Ability will operate at the same rank as the character's rank in Training. In other words, a character with B Rank TRAINING will get to sample each of the other Abilities at B Rank.

Once a character has chosen to practice an Ability in a fight, that Ability will not be an available choice again until every other Ability is tried once. For example, if a character tries EVADE, EVADE will not be an option to them on their next fight, unless EVADE was the last Ability they needed to try to reset the list. (Note that this rule is ignored in OOC fights: you can choose any Ability from the list in OOC fights without restriction.)

TRAINING is a character trait: this means that if your build has STYLE or MINDSET, you must have TRAINING in both modes.

Once a character transitions into Ratio 2, Ability Ranks in TRAINING will be converted into any Ability Ranks the player chooses. The converted ranks can be allocated to a single new Ability at R2 or spread across multiple Abilities depending on the player's preference.

TRAINING is only available at B Rank. It will grant B Rank of any ability selected for trial. The full list of possible Abilities that can be selected from TRAINING are:






- JD






Abilities your character already knows will not be part of the available list.

Ability Summary

TRAINING only exists at Rank B. It has no TOP or Signature Ability mechanics.