(last updated: 07/13/21)

Some characters in MotM's theme have an extraordinary affinity for chi or psi energy. They're so adept at wielding energy that it takes little effort for it to manifest even on completely normal punches and kicks. Characters like Vega and Kula are prime examples of such: almost every individual attack is infused with their particular energy signature. If your character is like this, you will probably want IMBUED.

IMBUED is an ability that lets you use the corresponding Imbued Normals set that best fits your character: either IMBUED-CHI or IMBUED-PSI. These are different from the other normal sets in that they contain attacks with the FREE effect that have chi/psi components. Because the ability to generate energy while expending little to no reserve is so rare, these two sets require an ability slot as well as good in-character justification.

In addition to the normals, IMBUED also reduces the cost of attacks which have chi or psi (depending on which IMBUED you take) as a type.

Characters with IMBUED can use the +imbue command to turn off the imbued nature of their normals at any time. Doing so will cause their normals to revert to a non-imbued set, losing the dual-typed nature of the attacks but gaining improved reserve recovery as a result. Using +imbue a second time will reactivate the imbued normals. The +imbue command is a Free Action and does not count as an Active Ability use for that turn.

See Normals for a broader overview.

Ability Summary

  In TOP: Imbued Normals return about [3]% more Reserve on use.

  D Rank: Imbued Normals cost [4]% reserve each.

  C Rank: Imbued Normals cost [2]% reserve each.

  B Rank: Imbued normals cost [0]% reserve, energy specials cost less.

  A Rank: [AFFINITY] Clean hits grant [3]% reserve discount on specials
          of the same energy type.

  S Rank: [FLUX] Access to +flux Active, costing [5]% super and
          adding [0.5] PL damage and [5]% To-Hit to your next attack.

SIG ABIL: [NOVA] Access to +nova Active.
          +nova burns health for damage, Reserve, and Super.
          Caps at [10]% Health for [2.2]PL, [10]% Super, [10]% Reserve.

TOP Mechanic

Characters in TOP will have improved reserve recovery or reduced costs from using their imbued normals (about [3]% more than usual).

Ability Ranks

D Rank represents the character's earliest foray into the use of IMBUED. At this point, they can bring forth chi or psi cheaper than characters without IMBUED, but it is by no means a trivial feat, still requiring some effort. The character is likely going to need to turn off Imbued Normals via the +imbue command to sustain themselves on reserve through the fight.

C Rank - As the character becomes more familiar with their energy capabilities, they still cost reserve, but not quite as much. They can throw out more Imbued Normals before it starts to tax them too heavily.

B Rank - At the medium rank, Imbued Normals cost very little reserve, if they cost any at all. Some characters might even regain [1]% or so reserve from using them. In addition, Specials and Supers that use the Imbued energy type in them will have an inherent discount on their reserve costs.

A Rank (Affinity) - More proficient wielders of Imbued attacks can use their Imbued Normals as a pacing mechanism. By landing hits with Imbued Normals, the cost of the next Special will be discounted. This Affinity bonus represents the character having mastered the process of interleaving their energy-powered Specials together with Imbued Normals.

S Rank (Flux) - True masters of the art can not only infuse their attacks with energy, but hone the basic damage and speed to a new degree of potency. The +flux Active consumes [5]% Super and will add [5]% to-hit and [0.5] PL damage to your next attack.

Signature Ability -- NOVA

When pushed to their most extreme limits, the brightest and best of energy channelers know how they can barter their health and well-being for a chance at making an attack even more powerful. The most powerful shamans and psychics are able to transcend their mortal limitations -- at great physical cost.

The +nova Active lets you burn health in order to gain a damage bonus and build Reserve and Super. +nova is an Active, but it can be used the same turn as +flux with no penalty.

   - You gain access to the +nova Active.

   - '+nova <X>' burns [X]% health, granting damage, Reserve, and Super.

   - You can burn anywhere from [1] to [10] health.  At the maximum,
     +nova would provide +[2.2] PL, +[10]% Super,and +[10]% Reserve
     in exchange for [10]% Health.

   - Can be used on the same turn as +flux.

   - The DRIVEN effect will be ignored while +nova is active.