(last updated: 03/23/18)

Attacks on MotM have four different Types available to them. These Types define what kind of technique the Attack is, which influences how it interacts with certain kinds of opponents and actions. This file will explain the IC characteristics of each type. Most of it is fairly straightforward, but a few details are extremely important.

An attack always has at least one Type, and many have two types, also known as a "dualtype Attack." Be advised that having two Types on an attack makes it cost a bit more Reserve.

Physical: The most common Type. Physical covers a wide variety of techniques. Punches, kicks, swords, basketballs, bullets, and other such things are usually Physical type. Most Global attacks are Physical type, and nearly everyone has at least one or two Physical type Specials.

Throw: Throw attacks are ones such as grapples, joint manipulation, slams, submission holds, tosses, and other such things. Throwing your opponent several feet is a Throw, as is an 'arm bar' technique. A suplex or a piledriver are also Throw. Generally speaking, if it isn't directly smashing something into your foe, and it isn't energy-related, it's probably Throw. It bears mentioning that tossing an object at someone is NOT a Throw attack, it is Physical.

NOTE: For those with experience in fighting games, please be aware that Throws on MotM CAN be blocked, a major departure from how throws in videogames behave. This is because Blocking in MotM combat is not a sure bet that requires unblockable techniques to defeat. How you explain 'Blocking a Throw' ICly is up to you.

Chi: If it involves energy, elemental effects generated by sheer martial talent or inherent capabilities, it's probably Chi. Chi attacks utilize the 'energy of the world', something that nearly anyone can tap into with sufficient desire and training. Ryu and Ken's Hadouken (their "fireball") is probably the most famous example of a Chi technique. Effects like Kyo's flames, Blanka's electricity, Kula's ice, and so forth are also Chi.

Theme Note: Most Chi energy has no 'elemental property' to it. However, some individuals (Kula, Benimaru, Kyo, Ken, Blanka, etc. etc. etc.) can manifest Chi to mimic a natural force. These have few persistent effects on people and any objects on them, but can have persistent effect on other things. For example, Iori may set a tree on fire, but he can only briefly burn you or your shoes; the fires on you will dissipate within seconds, and often leave no 'burn scars' or any such marks. It's anime realism; accept it.

Psi: The least common attack type is Psi. Only people who have been born with, or occasionally infused with, significant amounts of Psycho Power can wield Psi techniques. While a Psi technique can look like a wide variety of things, it can never have elemental-mimicing properties; Psi lightning will not fry the circuits on a machine, for example. Other tell-tale signs also make it distinct from Chi. Athena, Rose, Vega, Kensou, and others are good examples of people with Psi attacks. They may look like Chi, and do a lot of what Chi can accomplish, but these techniques use an entirely different form of energy.

Dual-Type attacks, as previously stated, are certainly possible. The following is NOT an exhaustive list, it is simply some examples to outline what might or might not be a DualType.

Physical/Chi Dualtype: Ken's flaming Shoryuken is the most obvious example of this kind of attack. Most, but not all, of the 'striking area' of the attack is covered in chi energy. In this case, most of Ken's fist is aflame, and it is a combination of hand and fire that is damaging the opponent. Note that a striking area that is completely surrounded in energy might just be a Chi attack, but this is somewhat of a flexible topic.

Throw/Physical Dualtype: Several 'normal throws' in the videogames qualify as Throw/Phys dualtypes. The premise is that the character is thrown around, then struck by a punch, kick, or some similar follow-up strike immediately afterwards. So long as both types of hit are included in the technique, this would qualify as a Throw/Phys dualtype.

Chi/Throw Dualtype: Similar to the previous entry, this generally outlines applying a hold to someone, or tossing them to the ground, and then blasting them with energy. Or you can do it in reverse order; whatever ICly works, we're not too picky on this so long as both aspects are present in the technique that is being labeled as this type.

A note on striking surface: if a Type is on an attack, that Type MUST manifest as a 'striking surface' in some form, and if the attack deals damage (i.e. is Level 1 or higher), that 'striking surface' must be causing damage in some way.

Some clarifications on this would be things like a technique that is Phys-Chi or Throw-Chi dualtype. If you use such a move, Chi energy /must/ strike the target. It cannot be used to 'propel you' or whatnot; Ryu technically uses chi energy to propel himself during his Shoryuken, but it's only Physical type because only his fist is striking the target.

Or on Throws...if a character is using a grab to hold someone in place for another attack, that's not Phys-Throw dualtype. That's just Phys, or whatever type is doing the damage. If the grab is purely meant to immobilize the target and does not hurt them, your move does not merit the Throw type. Only aspects of the technique that strike the target and deal damage count.

Tri-Typed attacks are appable. The only two options are for them to be Physical/Throw/Chi or Physical/Throw/Psi, based on what type of energy your character has access to. A Tri-Typed attack must contain a physical component (Striking, generally), a throw portion, and an energy component, and all must be posed in such a way that they are dealing damage.

For characters with all three offensive stats being about equal, Tri-Typed attacks are generally more useful than dual- or single-type attacks.