(last updated: 12/28/17)

A character can have any number of ATTRIBUTES and for now, most characters will have none at all just because of the small number of ATTRIBUTES that exist so far. These flags are generally staff applied and not something you have to request, but you can always request a change in them if you do not feel the ATTRIBUTES assigned to you are appropriate or if you think you should have an existing ATTRIBUTE granted. If something about how you've been RPing your character suggests that your given ATTRIBUTES should change, that's something you can always bring up with staff. Remember, these flags impose no cost to your build, but they do generally have some kind of reactivity within the CSYS.


This attribute was granted to any characters that have been minibosses or end-bosses in fighting games, or any character that is R6+. This flag grants access to the 'join bosstop' position in the meters that was featured in some of the Jinchuu 2 fights. There are no mechanical benefits to occupying the Bosstop position. The purpose is simply to emphasize that the character in that position is the boss character of the match that everyone else is fighting against. The character in Bosstop CAN be joined by henchmen who can enter 'join bossright' and 'join bossleft' to also be featured in the boss meters, though their meters will just appear like normal meters.

The boss meter position isn't something characters should be using all the time just because they have access to it. For example, if R6's are dueling each other, it makes no sense for one to occupy the Boss meters position. But if you are a BOSS and are facing a number of lower ratio opponents, feel free to take advantage of the big boy meters!


The DARK attribute was assigned to characters that are generally regarded as evil by the standards of most societies. This is a somewhat subjective area but most of the time it's pretty clear whether a character is evil or not and this attribute was assigned accordingly. If you disagree either with the assignment or lack of assignment of the DARK flag, feel free to let staff know. At the moment, the DARK flag does nothing mechanically in and of itself, though that could very likely change in the future. The flag IS used as the key for a mechanic in the HERO trait, however. Characters that are more borderline or grey area generally were not assigned the DARK flag, but if their RP reflects that they're clearly skewing toward evil actions consistently, then it might get added to them too!


The MONSTROUS attribute is assigned to characters who are no longer purely human. Darkstalkers and Outworlders would generally fall into this category. At the moment the MONSTROUS attribute has no corresponding CSYS effect.


A new attribute has been released in order to better harass people. It is called SWARM, and indicates a group of individuals fighting in a cohesive manner with distinct teamwork. In exchange for less abilities and traits, they can have much higher ratio; they range from 3.0 to 5.0. At YELLOW and RED, the SWARM takes a significant hit to combat effectiveness, roughly equivalent to losing a full ratio. Generally, you can beat a SWARM one on one that is .5 ratios higher then you, although mileage may vary. SWARM is specifically for Minions or TP temporary builds.


There are a number of joke attributes that can alter CSYS messages in various ways. In a few cases, they even affect what level of control you have over your character. These attributes are intended in good fun and if you have one on your character you would prefer to not be there, simply let staff know.