Dramatic Moment

(last updated: 08/14/23)

Dramatic Moments (heretoforth referred to as "DMs,") are to represent those times you really need to do something in RP, but your character generally isn't set up to do it. Be it a particularly interesting evasion or a moment where your character will do his/her absolute best to keep going, it's worthy of a Dramatic Moment. In such a situation, you can use a DM provided you have any DM charges available.

Characters start with 1 DM charge in the base template. RESOLVE can allow you to recover additional DMs in exchange for super or reserve. PRESENCE and CHARISMA are two abilities that grant you 1 additional DM charge each, depending on conditions throughout the fight. Also, you can exchange 2 DM slots from your build to pick up ExtraDM1, described below.

The DM command is used as an enhancement global ability. Some DMs have functions similar to abilities, They're better than their associated abilities in many ways, but in most cases, the bonuses do not stack. For example, DM/Speed gives a greater attack speed bonus than RUSH does while also not costing reserve nor inflicting reaction penalties. However, DM/Speed's attack speed bonus will not stack with RUSH. Using a DM in one turn does not prevent you from also using an Ability that turn but you can only use 1 DM per turn (Unless you are benefitting from the TOP bonus of PRESENCE).

The following is a list of DMs available as well as possible IC explanations for using them. The IC explanations are not all inclusive, it is likely you will think of ways to pose these DMs yourself depending on the circumstances.


DM/Super can represent a sudden rush in potential energy or adrenaline, perhaps due to confidence, fear, pain, or excitement.

  - Adds [30]% Super immediately. Will not take you beyond the cap of 100% super.


DM/Reserve can represent forcing oneself to fight harder and longer than normally possible for that character. It may also represent catching one's breath or focusing their mind to ignore pending exhaustion.

  - Adds [25]% reserve immediately. Will not take you beyond the cap of 100% reserve.


DM/Power can represent a character adjusting an attack to deal more damage than normal. Or perhaps the character is exherting more effort to land a much needed desperate counter strike to turn the tide in their favor.

  - Adds [2.2] Power Levels to your next attack. Unlike SMASH, DM/Power can be used on interrupts. Does not stack with SMASH.


DM/Guard can represent a supernatural barrier or a clutch defensive technique that can't be leaned on too often. It maybe be bolstering one's energy defenses at a critical moment or desperately refusing to collapse in spite damage suffered.

  - Reduces the Power Level of all attacks coming in for one round by [2.2]. Does not stack with BRACE.


DM/Speed can be a dramatic burst in movement speed or precision timing at an appropriately critical moment. It could be a dash to get into position or a flash of forsight that allows a character to begin moving before it even seems rational to do so.

  - Increases the chance to hit or interrupt for your next attack by [17]%. Unlike RUSH, it can be used on interrupts. It does not stack with RUSH.


DM/Alertness is a sudden surge of reactive capability for a character. It could be caused by adrenaline brought on by desperation, or perhaps the character has the ability to augment their movement speeds in supernatural ways such as via teleporting.

  - Increases dodge, block, and endure chances by [17]% the first round, [10]% the second round, and [6]% the third round. This bonus does not stack with EVADE.

  - If you succeed in a dodge/block/endure, the Alertness bonus will end at the end of your current turn.


DM/Recovery can represent supernatural healing abilities like regeneration. Or it may represent a character's ability to mend their wounds via more conventional techniques. Or perhaps a character is capable of forcing themselves to continue fighting beyond the expected physical limits of their body, ignoring some of their damage long enough to last another round or two.

  - Gives you [4]% health on the first round, then [1]% health less each round after for [4] rounds total. Does not stack with RESTORE.


DM/Luck represents the idea that, for a brief instant, luck is on that character's side. Any random intervention, unexplained coincidence, or whacky idea can be the basis for a DM/Luck charge. Make sure to reflect this in your pose when using it!

  - Increases your hidden LUCK score by a certain amount, which boosts your reactions and actions for [1] turn. Using this DM will also trigger the effects from another DM chosen at random. The possible DMs that will fire include: Recovery, Super, Reserve, Speed, Power, Guard, Alertness.


DM/Echo represents a character's ability to read their opponent's tactics and adjust their own actions on the fly to match. This is a trait that can be found in prodigies and masters alike.

  - Gives you access to the last [2] active abilities used by other fighters in the fight that you do not already have. I.e., if an opponent uses RUSH, using DM/Echo would give you access to RUSH. You can use the abilities you ECHO up to [4] times total between the two of them. Note that for abilities that have both active and passive mechanics, you can only Echo the active mechanics. In other words, if you ECHO SMASH, you gain access to the SMASH active but not the SMASH passive.


This DM represents a character's ability to execute more than one Dramatic Moment per fight. Perhaps the character is a bit of a show off, or maybe they are a veteran of many desperate situations, or perhaps they are just that skilled. Since this is a purely passive mechanic, it is not expected that you have to pose this specific mechanic in your RP.

  - Consumes [2] DM choice slots in your build and grants [1] additional DM charge each fight. Your super gain rate will be reduced for possessing ExtraDM1.

Burnout DMs

The following DMs all represent extreme bursts in energy, potential, and risk often brought on by desperate circumstances or severe trials. A common element of all of these DMs is that upon activating them, you will be immediately inflicted with a BURNOUT debuff. This debuff simply blocks you from using any other Burnout DM for the remainder of the fight. In addition, all of these DMs currently stack with ALL other mechanics in the game, though this could change due to balance analysis. Even though these DMs all share a similiar premise, the details of their mechanics imply different things about the characters that use them. These DMs will not be fired randomly by DM/Luck nor granted randomly by the LUCKY trait.


DM/Overburn represents entering a berserking state where a character is willing to push their body way beyond physical limitations even if it means inflicting damage on themselves by doing so. Drawing out energy at the sacrifice of their own health, characters that enter an OVERBURN state will never be as healthy after the rage passes as when it began.

  - Activates OVERBURN for [3] rounds.

  - +[.7] PL on all attacks

  - +[5] reserve gained per turn

  - +[5] super gained per turn

  - -[3]% health per turn


DM/Hyper represents entering an adrenaline fueled rush typically out of desperation or rage. Unlike OVERBURN, it does not imply physically damaging oneself, but it does imply a reckless expenditure of energy that will result in a brief bit of exhaustion afterward.

  - Activates a HYPER state for [3] rounds followed by a [1] round CRASH to recover.

  - +[10] Attack Speed

  - +[10]% to dodge/block/endure

  - +[11]% super gain

  - After [3] rounds of HYPER, you will CRASH for [1] round. Crash inflicts: -[20]% to all reactions and the inability to use BRACE, DM/Guard, PARRY, JD, or TOUGHNESS.


DM/Blaze represents a shift of physical energy into using a more metaphysical sort in a fight. By tapping into their inner reserve of spiritual or mental energy, they are able to unleash staggering attacks without becoming fatigued. However, these special attacks become significantly harder to unleash, taking on properties similar super moves in the process. Likewise, while in this state, they are unable to use their special attacks to charge their energy, those normals will give them an infusion of super instead.

  - Activates BLAZE for [3] rounds.

  - PRIORITY, CRUSH, SAP, and PRESS cost no super to use

  - SUPERs and MAXs cost [10]% less super and [0]% reserve to use

  - All specials no longer cost reserve. Instead, they cost [1.5]x their normal reserve cost in super.

  - You are unable to gain super from taking damage or inflicting damage.

  - Access to DM/Super is blocked while BLAZE is active.

  - Normals grant [12]% super instead of granting reserve. This amount is modified by any modifiers you have to super gain.

Burnout FAQ

How does HYPER interact with BLITZ?

If you activate BLITZ (the RUSH Sig Ability) with only 1 round left on HYPER, you will benefit from HYPER for your first action, as expected. For your second action, you will not benefit from HYPER, but nor will you crash. After you complete your Blitz-granted second action, you will crash per normal HYPER rules.

Legacy DMs

The following Dramatic Moments are considered legacy; any builds with them may keep them, but with their functionality being built into the Manipulate and Analysis signature abilities, they can no longer be added in revisions nor applied for. You may still gain these randomly via the LUCKY trait.


DM/Shroud represents the ability to deceive your opponent about your attack. This can be a byproduct of illusions, smoke screens, or any other IC reason your opponent may not be able to accurately discern what your attack is doing.

  - Typing 'DM/Shroud hide' will make the attack show up in question marks (???) on your opponent's check readout and hide your SUPER meter from everyone else until the attack is reacted to.

  - Typing 'DM/Shroud slow' will make your attack appear 25 speed slower than it really is.

  - Typing 'DM/Shroud fast' will make your attack appear 25 speed faster than it really is.

  - In addition, you must include a reaction type of your opponent's that you wish to reduce by 10%. Your choices are dodge, block, endure, interrupt (Which covers Counter and Reflect as well).

  - The syntax is 'DM/shroud <slow/fast/hide> <dodge/block/endure/interrupt>'


DM/Clarity represents a sudden spike in awareness, instinct, or empathy by which you can predict what is about to happen.

  - Using Clarity will grant you [2] rounds of accurate awareness about an incoming attack, including all flags on the attack and how much damage the attack will do if you get hit, block, or poke it.

  - In addition, when using Clarity, you must pick a reaction type of your own that you wish to buff. The options are dodge, block, endure, or interrupt (Which includes countering and reflecting).

  - The syntax is 'DM/clarity <dodge/block/endure/interrupt>'.

  - Note that the reaction buff lasts for [1] round, but the additional move information lasts for [2] rounds.