Full Name:Rafferty Lawrence Stewart
Faction:Pacific High
Weight:170 lbs.
Blood Type:O
Hometown:San Gabriel, California
Eye Color:Blue
Hair Color:Platinum Blonde
Date of Birth:February 14th
Hobbies:Shopping, Socialising, Watching Classic Movies
Personal Treasures:Modelling Portfolio, Aftershave Collection
Favorite Food:Chocolate Truffles
Likes:Beautiful Women, Designer Clothes, Champagne
Dislikes:Jealous Boyfriends/Husbands
Best Sport:Swimming
Love Interests:Nena Washington
OOC Data
Game:Original Character
Voice Actor:Lucky Blue Smith
Theme Song:SexyBack by Justin Timberlake


"I'm a lover not a fighter"

High school student by day, male model by night (plus weekends and holidays). Rafferty carries himself with ease and seems to be unusually confident and self aware for one so young. The product of a secure, but fairly average background in Southern California, this teen now finds himself living an international life of glamour, courtesy of a modelling contract. Since starting at Pacific High in Southtown (funded by his modelling agency) he's managed to insert himself into the school's social scene and even found himself a steady girlfriend named Nena. Academically things are more of a challenge. Even when he pushes himself to his full ability, he just manages to make the necessary grades. There's rumours that on occasion he's paid fellow classmates to do his homework for him, but nothing has been proved. Whilst often found working out to hone his physique, he's not a natural athlete and team sports are his idea of hell, particularly ones where his face could get damaged. For the same reason, he avoids physical conflict wherever possible. He's not ashamed to admit he favours flight over fight!

Signature Move:Blue Steel -- ENERGY REFLECT
Signature Ability:REFLECT -- DEFLECT

Recent Logs

Break-In - Daisuke and Edenlith (with Storm) save Rafferty. They are not super quiet about it. - Log created on 14:25:52 04/07/2022 by Edenlith, and last modified on 10:20:11 05/06/2022. Cast: Edenlith, Rafferty, and Daisuke.

If You'd Like To Make A Call... - One meeting was planned. And yet... it's interesting, how quickly a plan can change.Now, the Pacific High student is meeting a whole new contact. And this one is only concerned with what a boy does when put between a rock and a hard place. - Log created on 15:01:50 02/10/2022 by Magi, and last modified on 04:17:46 03/16/2022. Cast: Rafferty and Magi.

The Janus Project - Disappearances - On her way to collect information about students that have gone missing, Corporal Renka Kankeo stumbles into a break in at Pacific High with unexpectedly similar objectives. Of course, things can't just be talked out reasonably... - Log created on 18:44:26 01/09/2022 by Renka, and last modified on 23:53:36 01/24/2022. Cast: Renka, Rafferty, and Raiza.

You Me After School In The Parking Lot - Nena Memory Archive 109: Today, I engaged in bionic-on-bionic violence. May the Omnissiah have mercy on my central processing unit. - Log created on 22:21:34 08/22/2021 by Nena, and last modified on 12:44:58 08/25/2021. Cast: Nena, Blossom, and Rafferty.

Terminator Two - Nena Memory Archive 108: Today, I met a malfunctioning cybernetic human. She threatened Rafferty. We will meet again. - Log created on 09:58:54 07/24/2021 by Nena, and last modified on 12:46:47 07/26/2021. Cast: Nena, Blossom, and Rafferty.

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