NFG Season Two - Odyssey R1 - Caught You Lion There

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Description: The Nemean Lion was one of Hercules' labors, and its golden fur was said to be impervious to weapons. Is it impervious to... chicken tenders or vape juice, though? We shall see, won't we?

"You gotta be joking...."

When news of the theme of his match came to him, Braun just sort of stared blankly at the information while curling his lips and then pursing them towards his broad nose in a deepning look of disapproval. He was literally unsure if he should be insulted or not, on if this was some subtle jab at him because of his nature. More anti-Darkstalkerness! Why couldn't -he- have been Hercules! Once upon a time he wouldn't have even noticed or paid attention to those sort of things but, wouldn't you know it, since being in the NFG it's just come up again and again and again and now they want him to play an animal? For real?

Then he went over the details further and saw who it was up against and he just looked heavensward and rumbled out, "Awwwww HELL NAAAAAAW."

But here we are. The sprawling expanse of the exhibit rolls outin every direction. The artificially controlled environment sends wave of savannah inspired heat beaitng down down upon the carefully curated landscape and Braun strides in towards his section of the eked out combat arena...dressed for the part. His usual biker-esque vest and dark leggints have been replaced by something straight out of the pages of a storybook barbarian. A lengthy patterned loin cloth, ornate bracers, a large wide belt of gold and brown with a roaring lion emblazoned across it and a set of large wide necklaces encircling his massive neck adorned with teeth upon it.

Fake teeth. No animals were harmed in the setup of this match.

He had to admit, despite his grouching ... he looked good. He even took extra care with shampoo before coming! He'd heard about the commentary as well and he certainly is not going to be the smelly one if he has any say in it! His massive physique is on full display and after he was dressed for the part with the aid of the NFG staff he'd studied himself in a mirror, brought his massive arms around in a flex that'd do Kongou and Abigail proud and declared: "Damn I'm fine."

For now, he simply waits, languid and bored, lounging on a large, carefully placed, fallen tree while looking off into the distance at the fenced off animals some ways from the fighting area.

So, it was the time for rematches.

When Buford received the news of his match, he practically squealed like a school girl. Certainly, he had been excited to take on some fair youths to groom and enculture with his Metro Samurai ways. But to re encounter his friend Braun again, mano on mano, was almost as sweet of a meat. Of course, he had hoped to encounter him in better times, perhaps a chance encounter in each other's quarters, to dine on tendies in private and watch gladiator animes together. But alas, catching others have always been difficult. Buford remembers very clearly his arrival at the Mermaid, to greet all the new swordsmen that had come.


Buford was puffing, as he runs down the corridors into the atrium of the Mermaid. He was dressed in a towel, as his hair was done up in a samurai knot. He was rushing to the elevator, just as it was closing. Of course, the event had ended nearly 15 minutes ago. But there was a chance that people were still trying to get on that elevator to get to the buffet. Ironically, the buffet that Buford himself had practically spent since arriving on the Mermaid. But as the door shuts, the hefty Canadian snaps his fingers. "Oh, fi." He states forlornly. "I missed them." He knew in his heart of hearts, that everyone would want to focus on him instead of other people, and he could have had the entire event practically to himself. Such a failure inspires him to poetry, and with a loud voice, he announces a haiku that he makes up on the spot.

"To Finish A Stream
Or To Serve Future Students
You Cannot Do Both"

Unfortunately, there is a scream in horror, as the towel, having been caught in the door of the elevator, is ripped free off of Buford.


Buford, here, while buff, was not in the buff. No, he was garbed in a suit of fur. Carefully crafted by some of the best experts in the profession, Buford's suit of fur was carefully crafted in the form of a lion. While the body is rather tight and suspiciously matted in places, it was only lightly furred with velvet, following more of a broadway musical model of craftsmanship. A faux fur mane sits on his shoulders, rich and full, while his head bore fake ears using a headband. "Rwar! Rwar!" Buford announces of himself, as he strides out with his face painted in yellow, with a fake snout and whiskers added on. "I am a fierce and terrible lion!" Striding out with his katana on his shoulder, he approaches the fallen tree, while he stops and stares at Braun. He barely contains a snort of laughter at his opponent's ridiculous costume.

"And what are you supposed to be, old friend?"

"For God's sake, what the hell?!"

Braun's reaction is one of utter confusion, bewilderment and general disruption of his entire thought process as he sits up abruptly and just leans forward and stares at fursuit wearing samurai with his mouth dropping open until he's utterly slack jawed.

Clearly it must be the crafstmanship of the fursuit.

'I'm supposed to be the Nemean Lion!" he exclaims after a momentary pause, still so confused that he basically just answers the question with a befuddled straightforward manner. "You know..the lion! That's what they told me!"

Or did they? Or did he just assume -he- was supposed to be The Lion and just fall right into pitfalls of this entire thing. As he thinks back over the instructions to the match ...he begins to recall that they didn't -exactly- say who was supposed to be who there was just the assumption because...well..Beastman!

At first he was annoyed he presumed they weren't giving him the role of Heracles and -now- he's feeling annoyed at the idea of Buford being The Lion!

"Whoever heard of a samurai Nemean Lion! I at least got the claws! know what. Nevermind. Nice fursuit. Is it a custom fit? Looks like it's missing a few 'parts' if I were t'hazard a guess. I'm sure the censors are sighin' in relief..."

Shaking his head he dusts his hands off and then sneers abit before giving a lopsided smirk at the last, "Also 'old friend'? The last time I saw you in persons you were screamin' your head off about Djamila though you showed just a little bit o'Mad Gear backbone when I threatened you.... Aint exactly 'friendly terms' ..."

He slips inot a battle stance how, lifting one arm up and pulling the othe back as his massive claws gleam and crackle with the red and black hue of his chi. A flash of crimson ripples through his long hair as his eyes flash. "Let's this goin' then. Hope you got bandages..."

COMBATSYS: Braun has started a fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Braun            0/-------/-------|

As Braun stares at him, Buford feels quite attractive in his outfit.

It not hard for Buford to feel sexy. Certainly, after showing the pictures of it to his girlfriend, well, lets just say they did a little remote roleplay in the style of the Mouse and the Lion. But it wasn't a thorn stuck in his paw, let me tell you that. Of course, when he objects to it, the Canadian is quick to correct his companion. "Braun, you beastial buffoon. They were telling you to be 'lyin' to me, not to be a lion to me. You think with all the major controversies that the NFG has gone through, with the violence, the male harassments, the bullying and lack of support given to proper oriental ladies, and all that darkstalker stuff, that they would make -you- have such a Darkstalker-coded role? Clearly, look at your costume." Buford gestures at it. "They were just complete idiots in realizing the continuity of the costuming. Obviously, they wanted you to be Hercules. But they used the standard appearance, which as you know, was before the canon event of him killing the lion! Really, you know it's all a promotion for a film that will be coming out. As you know, Hercules was one of the less popular Disney films. With Disney being involved in so many things now, it isn't surprising that they are going to leverage. So you see, Braun, of course you are Hercules, and I, the white man, am the Lion."

"It's part of the Darkstalker Equity and Inclusion program."

Buford activates the handle of his katana, as it buzzes to life. The rich aroma of olive oil scented vapor begins to pour out. "Anyways, that was when I was in my darker, more emotional stage. After my friends in Metro City talked to me, as well as my beautiful internet girlfriend, I was even more mature and responsible to realize that the problem wasn't Djamila, but in fact you being a dummy over a beautiful woman. So because of that, I forgive you, mmm'yes, and you can be my friend again. I am pleased you noticed that my suit has certain features to help air things out so to speak. That way you don't have to worry about me being hot and pickled in my suit." He girds his loins, to help highlight the breathability and access of the suit. Shaking his mane, he enters his fighting stance. "Now, Bra- I mean, Jerkules, are you ready to begin, rwar rwar?"

"I can't wait to show you what other features this suit has given me!"

"Darkstalker inclusi--!?"

Braun's face scrunches up into a look of incredulity and confusion once again and he's pushed out of his combat stance to just stare at Buford, listening to him continue and then finish speaking before he finally making an exasperated gesture, "There's no inclusivity drive! They barely want us sorts here at all! I'm dressed like this cause I'm -already- able to turn into a lion like form, you..."



Ah yes, it's happening again. Braun grimaces but continues, "If I was in a fursuit it defeats the whole point! Besides...are you sayin' that it's -not- as cool to be the lion s you got the 'least' desirable role to save face? That's even worse!"

He stops before continuing, realizintg he's attempting to rationalize and reason where no such thing could possibly exist. The comments about Djamila he just lets roll over him at the moment. There's such a thing as sensory overload, even for him and truly Buford's going to think what he's going to think.

"Alright, fine..." he finally concedes while starting to bounce up and down on his feet, building energy and anticipation up. "Fine, fine, fine." he repeats, "We'll do it yer way. You just better have something on underneath that suit!" With that, he suddenly rushes in, a sudden burst of movement that sends the fallen tree tumbling away from him as the wind kicks up and his enormous body blasts forward at Buford in a leaping assault. He twists, mid lunge and then spins, bringing a massive leg around, huge foot swiping out for Buford in a wild side strike in a blaze of motion!

COMBATSYS: Buford has wandered into the fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Buford           0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0            Braun

COMBATSYS: Buford blocks Braun's Aggressive Strike.

[  \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Buford           0/-------/------=|-------\-------\0            Braun

Buford openly laughs as Braun describes himself in a fursuit.

Sure, he said a bunch of other stuff, but Buford only focused on the absurdity of that. But he wasn't distracted. As Braun explodes at Buford, the ronin moves swiftly. Bringing his blade to bear, he deflects the kick with the flat of his blade, letting the vibrating weapon jitter against the firm leg of the beastman. Taking the kick hard on his shoulder, Buford staggers, the momentum sending him sideways. Steadying himself, he speaks back. "Of course I have something underneath. This isn't a Golden Angel tournament!" Buford was very well familiar with the Golden Angel tournament. He had plenty of opinions on it. Opinions he wouldn't share.


"I don't think you understand the weight of what I am saying, friend." Buford states, as he recovers with a swift puff on his hilt. Exhaling a swift cloud of olive-oily mist, he is on the move. "You should be gracious to have an ally like myself. It is part of the alt-ron culture, where we apply critical ronin theory to better serve disadvantaged demihumans like yourself." Buford dashes forward into a single powerful stroke of his sword, bring the edge to bear already. As he moves, he carries the mist with him. "See my girlfriend explained that not ALL Darkstalkers are monsters! Some of them are useful!"

"She even says some aren't worth executing on sight!"

COMBATSYS: Braun blocks Buford's Bushido Of The Blade.

[   \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////////  ]
Buford           0/-------/------=|=------\-------\0            Braun

"=Alt-Ron-?? -Disadvantaged Demihumans?!-"

The beastman is so thrown off he only -just- barely recovers from his attack in time to bring his massive forarms up and then push backwards away from Buford once his feet touch down upon the ground after his initial assault recoiled his body back away from the burly cosplayer..

The two combatants become a blur of movement as Buford closes the distance and his sword whips out, cracking through the air to graze powerfully across Braun's upraised forearms as the two leave a plume of dust in their wake.

At the end, Braun plants his feet into the ground to arrest his backwards momentum and then dashes forward towards the incoming samurai only to twist at the last instance to try and flank him while reaching out with his massive arms to try and grab for Buford's sword arm and pull him in towards him for a crushing grasp.

"Yer 'hot internet girlfriend' sounds like some NOL member but maybe don't go judging folk by how 'useful' they are! Just a little word o'advice 'friend'!"

He attempts to leap, lunging upwards into the air with Buford unless he manages to avoid the grasp all together or wiggle his way free. Failure to do so would have him taken upwards for a spinning whirling ride with chi energy whipping around them in a cyclone of force followed by Braun diving back downward in a spinning rotation to try and drive Buford violently into the floor of the exhibit.

COMBATSYS: Braun successfully hits Buford with Cyclonic Driver.

[         \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////   ]
Buford           0/-------/-======|===----\-------\0            Braun

Buford actually turns a bit red at Braun's comments.

Gripping his hilt with both hands as he recenters, the beastly Buford bares his teeth, showing some fake fangs positioned on his front teeth, not his canines. "M'lady is an elegant maiden of some organization, yes, but I don't like your tone, 'friend', on an internationally accredited organization like the NOL. I hope you haven't been buying into alternative news sources that are fraudulently critical of the good work they have done." Buford wanted to add more, evading around the dashing strike that does not come. When Braun shifts, the whirlwind wave of chi energy sucks him in. Slammed down hard, the fursuited Buford lets out a small moan as he is lion-caked down hard. His suit begins to sizzle. No, it's not because of Braun's energy.

It seems to be air being let out of the outfit.

Lips curled up, the ronin grunts as he rises up. As he ascends, Buford tries to dip in low, and then -slam- his shoulder into Braun. Should he succeed, he would scoop him up and straight up powerbomb the beastman down. But he wouldn't stop there. He would immediately surge back, spinning his blade around to unleash a staggering horsekilling overhead blow to reverse the trap. All without a... proper blast of misting.

"Didn't you know that the NOL single handedly saved Southtown against one of the greatest darkstalker threats the world have ever known?"

COMBATSYS: Buford blitzes into action and acts again!

[          \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////   ]
Buford           0/-------/--=====|===----\-------\0            Braun

COMBATSYS: Braun endures Buford's Hellish Quarter.

[          \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////////     ]
Buford           0/-------/---====|====---\-------\0            Braun

COMBATSYS: Braun fails to interrupt The Last Blade EX from Buford with Whirlwind Fang.

[          \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////           ]
Buford           0/-------/-======|======-\-------\0            Braun

There is a blindly fast flurry of movement between the two as, in defiance of all appearences, the two fighters react with movement speed that would seem in utter contrast to their physiques.

Braun grimaces, not seeing a way to recover from his last attack fast enough to avoid Buford's attempt to return the favor and so he leans into the attack, allowing the solid frame of the lino-clad samurai to upend him and send him towards the ground with a solid body rattling impact.

In the aftermath of that he spins and attempts to right himself while dragging his huge arm around, hands played open and claws gleaming a violent crimson red that drags energy behind them. He lunges up into an attempted windmill like spin ..but miscalculates utterly.

Buford's blade comes in, whip cracking down as he attempts to pull up. It sheers through the dragging energy and cuts a swatch of damage across the large Beastman's torso, dragging a loud "Aarrgghh...hey!!!" from him as continues his own momentum and ends up tumbling away from the samurai and into a crouched stance some meters away.

Energy crackles around him, fading away as he puts a hand up to his torso to test the wound he was just given. "Hngh. That really shoulda hit ya.." he grouses. There was no time there to even fire back at Buford's wild comments.

Pure speed.
As he brings the savage slash downwards, he barely smashes Braun out of what would be a horrible counter attack to deal with. And yet, for how close to disaster he was, Buford still proudly wipes his blade with the furry sleeve of his costume afterwards. "Mmm'yes, when Lt. Katarina heroically stopped that fierce and terrible Kira, it truly showed how despite the extreme measures the NOL was willing to take, it was all to a greater good. And yes, while she has the kind of character I prefer in a woman now, instead of a weak willed women like some conventional men, well, let's just say that my girlfriend fills out a uniform much better than her." And Buford shows the claws on the paw of his outfit.

"Rwaar~" Growls Buford for effect.

Buford lunges in with a headbutt aimed right at Braun's gut, a trick he had learned from Bill Bull from the Mad Gear Gang. Should it connect, he would use the momentum to reveal another Mad Gear trick he had learned. A little technique where he would swing his sword like a baseball bat, attempting to smash it wide and horizontally with worrying force. "Yes, I hope my beastial technique isn't overwhelming, old friend." Buford states smugly.

"I wouldn't be surprised if humans were the -real- monsters after all"

COMBATSYS: Buford successfully hits Braun with Crushing Strike.

[          \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////                 ]
Buford           0/-------/=======|=======\==-----\1            Braun

That actually -does- catch Braun off guard! It would seem that the Mad Gear techniques have a place in the skill set of a samurai! Surprising, perhaps, that it is Bull's techniques and not Katana's that settled in but... Well...actually perhaps not so surprising.

It's nothing Braun himself can dwell on, however, as he's caught off guard by the attack and also the sudden force of the follow up. THe blow sends him looming to the side and then towards the ground where he's forced to use both hands to support his weight and then press up to vault away in a tumbling fall that kicks up dust and stone and well placed tree branches as he skids backwards.

"Tth. The way you act, I keep havin' to remind myself you -did- make it into the tournament after all... So maybe I should stop playin' around.."

His muscles surge, energy crackling about him once again as his hair begins to turn a bright burning, almost 'Akuma' esque red, becoming a mane around head. His physique strains at the garments, crackling over them with chi and transforming them to surge in size with him as he looms up larger and larger and then with a roaring grip he rumbles, "Yer doin' just fine, -old friend- but lemme give you some tips!"

With that he suddenly swings in, sending a gigantic swatch of energy scything through the air towards Buford.

He then springs forward, following after it and then lunging into the air, now fully enlarged, and so thundering in towards Buford like an incoming semi truck.

He attempts to blaze past him, dragging his arm behind him as he flanks the samurai and then coming in with a wild swing that drags yet another burning arc of energy behind it.

COMBATSYS: Braun blitzes into action and acts again!

[          \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////                   ]
Buford           0/-------/=======|=======\==-----\1            Braun

COMBATSYS: Braun successfully hits Buford with Shockwave Claw.

[              \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////                    ]
Buford           1/-----==/=======|=======\=------\1            Braun

COMBATSYS: Braun successfully hits Buford with Raging Thunder Roar.
Grazing Hit

[                 \\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////                    ]
Buford           1/--=====/=======|=======\===----\1            Braun

"'Stop playing around?'"

Buford grips the hilt of his blade, as Braun surges with energy. Before, Buford would have almost certainly have peed himself. But he was specifically instructed not to have any pee stuff around the fursuit, because it was very difficult and time consuming to properly clean that out, based on previous incidents. So Buford clenches himself with a Kegel grip, girding his loins as he stands fast at Brauns overwhelm brawn. As he swells up, he can only think to himself, that this was a lot like his animes. But when he swings forward, he realizes that this was too much like his animes. He brings his blade across, slashing against the wave of energy, separating it in half as the now bisected wave rips at his sides. Buford's outfit begins to tear, exposing his skin around his chest and the side of his upper thighs. Buford smirks, as he thinks that he could handle Braun's tip easily.

That smirk fades as Buford realizes that Braun had effectively teleported behind him.

Buford sways, his tail swishing as he spins, narrowly slipping out of the reach of the blade. Unfortunately, the arc of energy was another story. The force of chi rakes across the Canadian's prodigious frame, knocking him into a tumble as he rolls away. Briskly, he rises up, clenching his sword in his right hand. "Of course, it makes perfect sense that you've been only using a fraction of your power up to this point. But if you are going all out..." And then, Buford brings his sword to his left paw. "... Then it only makes sense that I return the favor."

ANd Buford begins to boof.

Drawing from the depths of his hilt, he unleashes a thick and billowy cloud of a red mist. The smell of blood and meat hang heavily in the air, the rich scent of raw flesh roasting over a charcoal flame. Buford puffs and puffs, his cheeks expanding as he blows and blows, the crimson fog enveloping his leonine frame. He was soon completely concealed in the clouds, both in body and in scent. But not in sound. He suddenly begins choking and coughing, the boofing being too much for even him. And yet, his voice rises above the mist.

"Mayhaps you have heard of the Ghost and the Darkness?"

COMBATSYS: Buford pushes himself past 10% of his strength and chokes on his fattest cloud yet...

[                  \\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////                    ]
Buford           1/=======/=======|=======\===----\1            Braun

'This aint Bleach, buddy." retorts Braun despite having just effectively Bankai'd or Resurreccion 'ed

He huffs and pulls himselef back up towards a more ready position and seems to regain abit of his posture as if more energized now. He takes a moment of contemplation, considering that he's holding his enhanced frame with slightly more ease then normal and muses, "Mmm...I guess that NFG did pay off. Looks like for both of us as I aint smellin' anything 'untoward' from ya....."

He grins lightly, bestial visage pulling back into a fanged smile before he stomps on the ground and leans forward into a crouched position with one arm raised as he peers at the billlowing cloud of mist. Even his own senses are being distorted by Buford's efforts which is...significant given how strong they are.

"And fer the record...I liked Disney's Hercules and it's gotten more appreciated in recent years despite under performing upon release compared to the heyday of the Disney Renaissance! James Wood's performance as Hades is considered one of the greatest Disney animated villain performances! It was just ahead of its time!"

He suddenly lunges in, violently crashing through the air into a tremendous leap that then descends down for he cloud of mist with with both of his massive legs thrusting downward in a devestating stomp like strike, intending on crashing into the general area Buford may be in.

"Like Treaure Planet!""

COMBATSYS: Braun successfully hits Buford with Aggressive Strike.

[                      \\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////                ]
Buford           2/<<<<<<</<<<<<<<|=======\====---\1            Braun

"I'm sorry did you say Treasure PLanet-"

Buford immediately gets goomba stomped as a response.

Hitting the dirt head first, he seems to be almost numbed to the pain as he rolls over, and immediately brings up his head. It seems that he was powered by more than his vapor, but instead, by sheer nerd force. Blood running from his nose, mouth, and chin, he blurts out. "I thought Treasure Planet was a misunderstand masterpiece. Growing up with a single mom, I really identified with Jim Hawkins. Plus the chemistry between him and Long John Silver was top notch. Unlike him, of course, I didn't find myself amongst the furry creature community directly, but instead fell in with a ruthless gang of cutthroats and brutes. In a way, Abigail has become my Long John Silver. Perhaps, you and I can both agree, that Captain Amelia is truly a cultured choice of females for the refined swordsmen like ourselves, Mmm'yes? But enough banter. Behold!" Buford reaches behind him.

ANd then, still dressed in lion outfit, mane and all, he draws out a necklace of large beads.

Flinching slightly, he hangs the beads around his neck. With that, he surges with power, mirroring Braun's own Akuma impression with a Gouken in response. Lifting one leg up, he seems to almost slide through the mist, straight into Braun. Should he connect, he would exhale, unleashing an impenetrable cloud of red fog. There, he would begin to attack from all angles, slashing and slicing from left and right, faster and faster until he would end with a frenzied flurry, a slashing assault that would destroy the mist, and leave him standing over Braun, with misshapenned kanji symbol hanging in the mist on his back.

Tail dangling between his legs.

COMBATSYS: Buford successfully hits Braun with Musarama Wrath.

[                      \\\\\\\\  < >  /////                         ]
Buford           0/-------/---<<<<|>>>>>>>\>>>>>>>\2            Braun

"Got a thing for cat girls, eh??"

Braun's rolled to his feet but then suddenly winces and then grimaces as his heart begins pounding. The pressure of his own form beginning to strain him once again. He's still not quite 'there' yet. Further along but not there.

"Looks like I've overdone it.."

But then Buford is upon him and the large beastman has barely had any time to fully register his words caught in the flurry of the sudden lightning fast strokes and blinding flashes of the swordsman attacks.

He brings both arms up, attempting to ward off the attack or catch the blades with his own claws but Buford's strokes evade each of the beastman's efforts at turning them aside and instead they score slash after slash over his enlarged torso, trailing red mist through the air as they cut through, mingling with Braun's own lifes blood in the process.

He lets out a gargled roar of shock and pain and nearly falls backwards away from the samurai but at the end is able to brace himself before falling utterly to the ground.

"Underestimated you again.." he muses, sounding surprisingly thoughtful despite the pain.

But then he suddenly bursts into movement once more! His great physique explodes up into a corona of blazing chi that once more surges his body to more bestial proportions. A full on 'battle-cat' hybrid now, the massive brawler brings in a sudden flurry of swiping attacks that cut through the air in a near mirror of the speeds and combo assault of Buford's own flurry as well. A banner of energy frames him as he attacks, almost a ghostly bestial clone of himself that mimics his swiping movements with its own, raining blow after blow for his lion suited opponent.

COMBATSYS: Buford blocks Braun's Monarch's Relentless Fury.

[                         \\\\\  < >  /////                         ]
Buford           0/-------/<<<<<<<|>>>>---\-------\0            Braun

"Incredible!" Buford exclaims, as Braun surges back.

Buford was sweating something fierce, even with all the exposed places in his lion costumes. He brings his sword to bear as the speed comes once again. The pair was all about speed, power, and recklessness. The Canadian can parry the swipes, but the energy once again begins to penetrate him. "Her animal features aren't what's appealing, good sir." Buford corrects, as he struggles to deflect each swipe. "Nnrgh! I just happen to like a woman in uniform, who isn't afraid of saying uncomfortable truths like it is." Braun himself wasn't the one landing the blows through the defense mostly, it was his energy after image, once again ripping apart Buford's body and costume. By the end, Buford seems ready to fall, even after his furious defense. Lowering his blade, it puffs out little toots of red mist, as he sways. And there, he gives his haiku.

"Like Peanut Butter
And Chocolate, Contrasted Tastes
But Enjoyed The Same"

Buford inspires himself into a final attack. Swinging his blade around, he takes to the air, spinning as he brings his sword up and up. He attempts to catch up the beast man in the cyclone of katana and mist, the contrails swirling around him as he tears up. But that is all his haiku can bring. For Buford falls unceremoniously, the lion-man falling facefirst into the dust. His bottom raised in the air.

The tail, naturally, flipped up over his back.

COMBATSYS: Buford can no longer fight. Is this the end of lovable Buford?

[                         \\\\\  <
Braun            0/-------/---<<<<|

COMBATSYS: Braun blocks Buford's Dewy On The Mist.

[                           \\\  <
Braun            0/-------/--<<<<<|

The force of Buford's last attack was fairly signifigant. Despite his bravado and surge of strength, he had reached his limits and as he attempts to rebound away from the samurai, his enhanced form blazes away like an inferno of flames being pulled away and then dissipated by a whirling windstorm.

A windstorm not unlike the torrent of movement being unleashed by Buford.

"Urgh!" grunts out Braun, landing roughly right on the edge of that cyclonic fury of mist,w ind and blade and his body falters, buckling abit before he can attempt to vault away in time.

The sword and the raging wind rip into him and he's yanked off his feet, teeth gritted in pain and eyes wide as he tumbles straight into the air, cartwheeling uncontrollably and consciousness ripped from him - before he is then sent slamming back downward to land right ontop of Buford - slamming the samurai to the ground under him and his body splayed out like some sort of chaotic attempt at a wrestling pin.

At least it's a reversal of the last time when this unfortunante unga-bunga sandwich was the other way around.

"You...gotta be kiddin' me.." he manages to grunt out before just laying there, unable to find the strength to push himself up and away for the time being.

COMBATSYS: Braun takes no action.

COMBATSYS: Braun can no longer fight.

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