Full Name:Henry Smithson-Powers
Faction:Pacific High
Blood Type:O+
Hometown:Los Angeles, CA, USA
Eye Color:Brown
Hair Color:Blue (Blond)
Date of Birth:December 13
Hobbies:Playing the flute, surfing, sewing, relaxing on the beach
Personal Treasures:Grandfather's pocketwatch
Favorite Food:Moules-frites
Likes:Seafood, the beach, Ren Faires
Dislikes:Tabloids, nosey people, gum
Best Sport:Surfing
Love Interests:Mind your own business
OOC Data
Game:Original Character
Theme Song:The SIDH - Iridium


"You think it's all fake? Well, let me show you how fake it is."

Henry Smithson-Powers is the son of a Hollywood power couple, stuntman James Powers and actress Jody Smithson. The Powers family have been working their martial and sword fighting magic on the silver screen for generations from performance to choreography and all the stunt work in between. Henry has been trained to follow in the family footsteps, even earning a place to study overseas in Japan at Pacific High due to family connections. But he has one big chip on his shoulder, those who think stunt fighting is not real fighting skill. He's out to prove them all wrong and make a name for himself to launch his own Hollywood career once he returns to the States.

Style:Powers-style Chivalric Sword Arts
Signature Move:Hawk Descendant -- PHYSICAL ENERGY
Signature Ability:CHARISMA -- ATTUNE

Recent Logs

[NFG Season Two] RTZI Round 1 - Looting for Lucre - The four Seabreeze Cottages are sitting empty waiting for the island-goers to serve as additional housing to the local hotels. They also seem like a very likely place for Zack to have hidden his coins. As any good adventurer knows, the first step in any journey is to loot the nearby houses for valuables. Perhaps they'll find some useful supplies as well, though food seems less likely. - Log created on 15:53:24 05/22/2024 by Chevy, and last modified on 17:39:34 06/14/2024. Cast: Hawksley, Henry, Chevy, and Tanwen.

[NFG Season Two] Odyssey R3 - Off With Her Head! - She is a terrifying yet beautiful monster with snakes for hair. He is a brave young swordsman determined to defeat her. After traveling for days he's finally managed to track her down to a cave in the Turkish seaside town of Ayvalik. Can they manage to do battle without Perseus being turned to stone or Medusa losing her head? - Log created on 23:55:03 04/02/2024 by Skye, and last modified on 04:21:24 04/08/2024. Cast: Skye and Henry.

[NFG Season Two] Odyssey R2 - Philia - Brothers, Agamemnon and Menelaus are having a quarrel about what they should do next. Menelaury wants to take a boat trip but Agamemnon wants to spend more time exploring the ruins at Hisarlik. As the argument escalates to harsh words and physical fighting, who will get their way? - Log created on 11:19:27 03/11/2024 by Henry, and last modified on 03:58:16 03/16/2024. Cast: Henry and Albert.

[NFG Season Two] Odyssey R1 - A Rock To Tie His Face Around - Supposedly, Ajax took on Hector using a lot of rocks. One supposes punches with the solidity of rocks are almost as good, though they aren't great throwing weapons unless you're a robot. - Log created on 18:32:24 02/14/2024 by Ishida, and last modified on 07:45:05 02/18/2024. Cast: Henry and Ishida.

[NFG Season Two] The Mermaid - As fighting stars new and old board The Mermaid Cruise Ship for the first time, friendships are formed, secrets are revealed and chocolate is consumed! - Log created on 09:01:21 01/31/2024 by Roxana, and last modified on 13:37:10 02/09/2024. Cast: Skye, Xander, Kenzo, Henry, Zarine, Sarah, Braun, Arisa, Rodrigo, Ishida, Albert, Max, Roxana, and Tanwen.

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