Full Name:Buck Finley
Blood Type:B-
Hometown:Beaver, OK, USA
Eye Color:Brown
Hair Color:Brown
Date of Birth:August 10
Hobbies:Hiking, Camping, Horseback riding, Reading
Personal Treasures:Leather jacket
Favorite Food:BBQ Ribs
Likes:Spicy food, Animals, Being outside
Dislikes:Sweets, Being stuck indoors, Bullies
Best Sport:Horseback riding
Love Interests:Single
OOC Data
Game:Original Character
Theme Song:Rather Die - Barns Courtney


"Sorry, but I need to win this prize, you wouldn't believe how much I spend on clothes."

Buck was just a regular college student until he took a backpacking trip across Europe. Stumbling across an ancient shrine in the heart of a wild forest, he awakened a power long held dormant in his blood. The descendant of a hero long ago blessed by a god of beasts, he now has the power to draw on the aspects of various beasts. Mixing this new power with an unrefined street brawling style has given him the thought of trying his hand on the world fighting circuit.

Style:MMMA: Mixed Morphing Martial Arts
Signature Move:Bullheaded -- PHYSICAL
Signature Ability:BURST -- INFUSE


Buck grew up on a farm in the midwestern US. His family was the down to earth sort, and the closest town had one streetlight and more horses than people. He hated it. His escape was watching fighting tournaments on the TV, something he would try to replicate on his own out in the barn in between school and chores. He lacked any formal training, but he did have a habit of starting fights as a kid, or sticking his nose in when it looked like a fight was about to start. Regardless of his penchant for troublemaking, he applied to college to study biology and got in, giving up on his dream of being a professional fighter.

After his freshman year of college, he decided to go on a backpacking trip in Europe with a few of his friends. Camping or staying in hostels as they made their way across a few different countries, occasionally hopping trains. It was on one of the hiking trips through a forest where he got separated from his friends and stumbled on an ancient shrine to a long forgotten nature deity. Little did he know an ancestor of his once stood in that spot, and he was following a tug on his own blood to the hidden grove. When he came in contact with it, it awakened a power held dormant in his bloodline giving him the ability to call on the traits of various animals both real and mythical.

This was the in Buck had been waiting for, with no formal training, he wasn't the ideal candidate for fighting tournaments, not good ones anyway. With his new powers though, he could fill gaps in his fighting style and maybe start to make a name for himself.

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Recent Logs

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[NFG Season One] Holding Out For The Heroes - The idea that they'd even need a team to scale the roof whilst Ariastra distracted the gate guard and the others went through the front door had seemed fanciful, but worst case scenario it would mean that Buck and Hawksley could provide backup from an unexpected direction. Then it turned out this is, in fact, where Juri has come to have her private conversation with her kidnapped victim. It's a cold night and Coco is hardly dressed for the weather, but with two hot-blooded young heroes fresh from the fight and the sadistic Taekwonda off her leash at last, things are sure to heat up fast for her in all sorts of ways. - Log created on 09:05:41 07/20/2023 by Hawksley, and last modified on 17:12:55 07/20/2023. Cast: Juri, Coco, Hawksley, and Buck.

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