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Baiken (38 logs)

SNF: Exhibition - Justice High
SNF: Absolute Darkness
PFW: Eastern Master - Baiken vs Kanda
PFW: Eastern Master - Baiken vs Lee Chaolan
Monster: Butcher on the Docks
Monster: Daisy Cutter
SNF: Riptor vs Baiken in 'Rumble'
PCS: Blue Master - Ryu vs Baiken
PCS: Worldwide Master - Baiken vs Lee Chaolan
MK Round 1: Baiken vs Scorpion
MK Round 2: Nakoruru vs Baiken
MK Round 2: Baiken vs Julia
MK Round 3: Baiken vs Kitana
MK: Resting Wings
MK Round 4: Baiken vs Akuma
MK Round 4: Baiken vs Erron
MK Final: Shadow of Hadou
SNF: Glorious Nippon!
Act 2: Mission 7 - Paved By Good Intentions
Act 2: Mission 25) Avengeance
Act 3 Mission 4: Hollow Win
World Warrior Qualifier - Baiken vs Blood
World Warrior Qualifiers - Baiken vs Jubei
World Warrior Qualifiers - Geese vs Heidern
World Warrior Qualifiers R2 - Baiken vs Geese
World Warrior Qualifiers R3 - Abigail vs Baiken
World Warrior Round 1 - Baiken vs Ryo
World Warrior Round 2 L - Ramlethal vs Baiken
SNF: Master Blue Belt Defense
Worldwide Master Belt Riot: Honoka vs Baiken
SNF: Blackest Friday
SNF: White Knights of Labour

Balrog (1 log)

TBT Act 3 - Parting Shot

Bang (2 logs)

Golden Angel R3 - Yuri vs Bang
Finals - Heavy Metal Burning vs USA Sports Team

Batsu (1 log)

Mission 6) Teachable Moments

Bedman (3 logs)

A Lightning Spangles Christmas Carol
Experiment Log #2018 - Masterpiece Theater
SNF: Veterans of the Psychic Wars

Bela (21 logs)

Reclaimer's Log 3: Strange Bedfellows
Reclaimer's Log 4: The Pact Of Ravens
Podiebrad Of Passion - The Tantalizing Temptor
J-Dragon United
Black Dragon R1 - Pest Control
Black Dragon R2 - A King's Welcome
Black Dragon R2 - Out Like A Lamb
Black Dragon R2 - Dine And Dash
Black Dragon R2 - Black Wind Howls
Black Dragon R3 - The Show Must Go On
Black Dragon R3 - False Promise
Black Dragon R3 - Bad Company
Black Dragon R3 - The Dark Savior
Black Dragon R3 - You Can Say It Again!
Black Dragon R3 - The Harom Shuffle
Black Dragon R3 - Wrong Number
Black Dragon R3 - Treacherous Paths
Is it Shark Tank or Dragon's Den in Japan?
Black Dragon R4 - Considered Trespassing
Black Dragon R4 - Ironforge Destiny
Campaign Central

Benezet (4 logs)

Illyria Act 1 - The Light Through the Darkness
SNF: Lilith vs. Benezet
Herr Witch Doktor
Bad Juju

Benimaru (14 logs)

Night Owls
A Shocking Battle!! Building A Doll's Legend
Interview with the guy that met a vampire
Dearest, Those Steamed Pork Buns Would Be -Divine-
Preparing for the Hunt
Uninvited Guests
Moonlight Party
A Fight Fan's Fan
Pretties find purpose, when they dance~
Man-to-Man Advice
Twilight Star Challenge 1 - Benimaru!
TIP - Week 2 - Hunting for Mermaids
TIP - Week 2 - Wildcats versus Pudding Hearts

Big Bear (2 logs)

Big Bear Brawl Off Ball
TBT Act 1 - Cabaret Chasing

Big Blue (5 logs)

Chivalry, Tea, and Cake
Settling In
An Illyrian Christmas
SLAMFEST 2020 R1 - Big Blue vs Sophia
SLAMFEST 2020 R2: Honoka Inoue vs Big Blue

Billy (1 log)

Act 3, Mission 25: Crime Syndication

Birdie (1 log)

Golden Angel R2 - Birdie vs Kazuki

Bishamon (4 logs)

[UG:Week 4] Concrete Chaos

Biyu (7 logs)

New Arrivals
Chivalry, Tea, and Cake
Tabula Rasa
Illyria Act 1 - Forbidden Knowledge
Illyria Act 2 - State Secrets
Illyria: Aspect of Water
An Illyrian Christmas

Blood (9 logs)

World Warrior Qualifier - Zach vs Blood
World Warrior Qualifier - Azrael vs Blood
World Warrior Qualifier - Abigail vs Blood
World Warrior Qualifier - Baiken vs Blood
World Warrior Qualifier - Adelheid vs Blood
World Warrior Qualifier - Ramlethal vs Blood
World Warrior Qualifier - Chizuru vs Blood
World Warrior Qualifier - Urien vs Blood
World Warrior Qualifier - Athena vs Blood

Blue Mary (6 logs)

Karate Kids
[Rumble W1] Blue Mary vs Hit Bitty
[Rumble W2] Daniel Jack vs "Blue" Mary Ryan
[Rumble W3] MAKI vs BLUE MARY
Of All the Ramen Shops in All the World
SLAMFEST 2020 R2 - Haggar vs Alex and ????

Bob (20 logs)

SNF: Fallout N-Gage-Us: A "Rad" Battle!?
SNF: Speed and Weight
Mission 11a) At The Mouth of Madness
P-BBB 2017) Cooking By The Book - Bob vs Hitomi
Detectives and Drivetrains
Golden Angel R1 Party - Keijo????????
SNF: The Sexy Avengers
NL#0100: Bob vs Yoshimitsu
TBT Act 1 - Rise of the Robots
TBT Act 2 - Courier Breached
NL#0129: Fumiko vs Bob
NL#0141: Bob vs Antonov
NL00120 Quarter-Finals: Abigail vs Bob
SNF: Smoke and Mirrors
Sometime in the Sunshine
The Trail of Tokugawa, Part 1
The Trail of Tokugawa, Part 2
The Trail of Tokugawa, Finale
Black Dragon R4 - Mother's Day Massacre

Bolivar (13 logs)

Bolivar's Task.
Task Force International: At The Enemy's Gates!
MK Round 1: Julia Chang vs Bolivar Diez
Rally Point on the Island
MK Round 2: Bolivar vs Senna
The Wicked Witch
Stolen Property
Bolivar vs. Lotus: Hunter or Prey
MK Round 3: Bolivar vs. Cyrax
Task Force International: The Ultimate Betrayal!
MK round 3: The Death of an Assassin
MK: Bolivar vs Alexis in "Kursed"
Sinking Deep in a Dirty Beach

Bonne Jenet (3 logs)

TiP - Week 1 - Naval Orange vs Goochi Goochi Duo
TIP - Week 2 - Hunting for Mermaids
TIP - Week 9000 - Team SWAG vs Naval Orange

Brandon (43 logs)

[KI:Round 2] PRISON
[KI] Data Collection
SNF: Yuri vs Brandon in: Haoh Shou Proper Assets!
KOF Teambuilding: Maiden Venture
KoF Teambuilding: Shrine Recruitment
B8 Qualifiers: SoM vs BH
KOF: KOFallout
KoF: So What Now?
A Shinobi's Tale: enter the PI
SNF: RUMBLE in the Recap
The Artifact That The Scholar Refused
When a Dame Walked Into the Office
Assault on Precinct 13
Hello Nurse
Weird Times We Live In
SNF: Brandon vs Alexis in Final Fantasy Forever
V-Gage Discoveries
Hungry Wolf....Wolves?
KoF: Pushing the Limits
B6 Qualifier Match: Hungry Wolves vs Masked Men
Waiting on the Next Round
Q4: Full Moons vs Hungry Wolves
Mission 10) Okaerinasai, Goshujin-sama~
Ninja Are Bad, mmkay?
S2: Hungry Wolves vs Balance
Act 2: Mission 4 - Follow The Trail
Queen of Diamonds/Ace of Spades.
Act 2: Mission 34 - To Dine Upon the Fly
KoF Bronze: Heirs to Legend v Hungry Wolves
Illyria Act 1 - The Light Through the Darkness
Illyria Act 2 - A Scream Into A Whisper
Illyria Finale - Ghost Of A Chance
Illyria Finale - Ghost of a Chance Part 2
Pop Goes the Moondyne
Shipping and Handling
Lost and Found
Wintertime in Metro
Salting the Earth
Being the Gun or the Bullet
Black Dragon R4 - Considered Trespassing
Black Dragon TDH - Breach Of Contract

Brett (24 logs)

NESTS Goes To High School
SNF: "Drop The Hammer" (Satsuki vs. Brett)
SNF: "The Emperor's Court"
School Rivalry and Shaved Ice
Ice and Water Only Mix in Drinks
Tagging Gorin
Snow Day Skating
Control Group
NL#0014: Rainbow Mika vs Brett
SNF: Dance Class
SNF: Southtown Winter Prom
SNF: Southtown Winter Prom, the Afterparty!
SNF: Catacombs Most Foul
NL#0027: Kuma vs Brett
Inter-High School Tournament: Brett vs. Himeko
Inter-High School Tournament: Tiffany vs Brett
Another One Bites The Snow
Stuff of Nightmares
SNF: Ambulance Chaser
SNF: Protecting your loved ones
SNF: American Sports-Off!
Natsu Is A Big Dumb Cow

Brian (3 logs)

USA! USA! US.. A?!
SNF: Jaguar King vs Brian in King of the Hill?
KOF 2019 - USA Sports Team

Bridget (3 logs)

Daniel Jack Investigates: Nun Too Holy
Bountiful Harvest

Brother Grimm (3 logs)

The Crimson Circle
Act 3: Mission 7) Grimm Bloody Fable
Illyria Act 1 - From Darkness Comes

Bryan (4 logs)

Revenant vs Replicant
Warehouse District Brawl, Claws Meet Steel
Bryan Fury is Cooperative

Bullet (4 logs)

NL#0105: Maxima vs Bullet
It's a Kotal Kahn Party
TBT Act 2 - South Of The Border
TBT Act 3 - Le Petite La Morte

Bulleta (36 logs)

A Girl and Her Dolls
Welcome to Seijyun
A Cat Skinned
Housebroken pt 1
Golden Angel R1 - Fio vs Bulleta
Would You Be My Monster?
Blue Pro Belt Match: Lightning Spangles vs BB Hood
Midnight Channel - Gallon vs Bulleta
Let's Make A Deal
SNF: Little Clowns of Happytown
Hunting In The Dahlia's Garden
Pro Red Belt Match - B. B. Hood vs Cassie
TBT Act 1 - Into The Dragon's Den
TBT Act 1 - Entanglement
TBT Act 2 - Entrapment
TBT Act 2 - A Shot Of Reality
TBT Act 2 - Maniac Mansion
TBT Act 2 - Know Your Worth
TBT Act 3: Where Dreams Go To Die
TBT Act 3 - Ensorcellment
P-BBB 2018 - Fantasies Eternal
Hunters In Darkness
NL#0135: Bulleta vs Koto
Who Knows What Might Be Lurking?
Take Me to the Candy Shop
A Dance With Devils
NL#0142: Bulleta vs Mitsuru
NL00120 Quarter-Finals: B. B Hood vs Koto
NL: Abigail vs B.B. Hood
SNF: A Saturday Night Fight About Nothing
Stuck Together and Falling Apart
Honoka and Bonnie and Dahlia and Beatrice
Prelims 1 - Women's Team vs Cat's Out Of The Bag
Love Is Like An Open Grave
Quarterfinal 1 - Miracle Rookies vs Women's Team

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