Rafferty - Scuppered Scandal in the Seven Eleven

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Description: Rafferty gets more than he bargained for, when he stops by the local Seven Eleven for supplies.

It's Tuesday evening in Southtown and the weather is warm but cloudy. A blond teen silently prays it won't rain, as he makes his way to the local Seven Eleven for some essential supplies. He's just had his hair done at a salon and it would be a disaster if it got ruined. He hasn't even had a chance to show Nena yet. Not that it looks any different to usual. It's always strangely immaculate.

Glancing down at the shopping list on his iPhone, Rafferty starts to read it aloud to himself.

"Popcorn, sweet not salted, melon Cheerio, Hello Pandas, rice crackers and tin foil. What the fuck does Ryan want tin foil for?"

He shrugs it off and puts his phone away, wary of leaving it on display too long, after his recent encounter with a mugger. If it hadn't been for his bravery, oh and a little help from Taiyo students, Raiza and Daisuke then he could have lost his phone and Johnny Cage sunglasses. Not to mention his life!

As he arrives at the store, he takes a moment to straighten his plain white tee and then pushes the door open. The scent of the Nana chicken makes his mouth water and he remembers he hasn't ate dinner. Maybe he should pick up some of that, as well as the snacks.

The store is pretty quiet at present. There's two people serving, a balding, middle aged man by the coffee machine and a young couple giggling and hanging out near the copy machine. He exchanges a nod and a smile with the girl, recognising her as a fellow Pacific High student.

Soon after Rafferty gets in, Blossom opens the door. She takes the time to look everywhere in a sweet, with her eyes. She scans the people inside, and gets a quick feedback. One girl from Pacific High, a middle age man recently divorced is also there, store owner. And there's this guy. She didn't have a good look on him yet, but for the moment, he's forgotten as she sees the ATM machine. She needs money.

As she gets fully inside, she gets a greeting from the owner, and she gives a slight nod, before going to said ATM. She puts her hand against the machine and soon, some money comes out. A nice little bundle of cash. (If one could count, it would amount to 88,370 yen. Which is pretty strange, when most ATM in Japan have a limit of 50,000 yen).

She pockets the money, and then looks to get a better look at the young man as he is getting what he came here for. To Rafferty if he catches her, it would look like she's examining him.

It is another Pacific height student, model, with an expensive taste in sex toys, and a weird BDSM fetish of roughing up kids. She moves toward him, and speaks. "You're the model who dates the robot. Why?" It was direct, but at least more polite than the way she thought about things.

As she awaits an answer, she grabs a bag of 'Hosogiri Potato Chips'. She isn't sure she needs to eat, but she feels a weird craving anyway, so chips it is.

Rafferty notices the girl checking him out, but it's nothing he isn't used to. He gives her his best celebrity in the making smile and throws in a wave for good measure. She's probably a fan. As she approaches, he keeps his cool. She doesn't appear to be a threat to him and if it would make her day for them to exchange a few words, who is he to stand in the way of her dreams?

Then he realises why she recognises him.

"Oh, that, yeah" he admits, though his posture becomes a little more guarded.

"I date her because I like her and had no idea she was a robot at first. By the time I did, I was already kinda involved."

He watches as she grabs the potato chips and then his blue eyes stray to his own still empty basket.

"Was there anything else you wanted to ask? I have some shopping to do."

Blossom wanted to say, how she had no idea he wanted to shop in a 7/11, with so much sarcasm but instead she says something else entirely. "You're going to become a big model and actor. I mean really the next big thing." She opens the bag and eats, she did intent to pay for it, before leaving at one point.

She is totally willing to walk with him at that point while he grabs thing he needs, though she doesn't seem willing to leave him alone however, depending how he takes her 'praise' things could be very different. She goes on, after swallowing some chewed chips. "Are you going to portray a big hero on screen, once you make it that big?" She looks up and down, examining him a bit more. Is she still looking for something?"

Rafferty likes Blossom's words. He likes them very much. He visibly preens, as she mentions him becoming the next big thing.

"Well, I'm already a pretty successful model, but yes, I do intend to be a movie star too. As for whether I get to portray a big hero? I guess that's up to the people casting. I think I could probably pull it off though."

He begins to collect the items on his list, starting with the mysterious tin foil. The girl is totally checking him out, but there's no harm in her looking. If she chooses to follow him around the store, he won't try to stop her.

"Could you pull it off in real life?" She has a smile, that curves a little bit toward the smirk, but she changes the subject quickly. "I have to meet Nena. Not right this moment, that would be weird, but eventually. Are you going to help?" She shakes her head. "No, I think your first instinct will be 'Why?'." She takes another chip before she continues, but she couldn't even really taste them. "You will most likely ask outloud, but the fact I mention it might change that. Now you will wonder.... Who the hell am I? What do I want with Nena? Are you in danger? Come on Raff, say what's on your mind, I will answer honestly."

She stretches her body, putting her curves on display more than needing to stretch. "On tv you can be whatever you want to be, but in real life, you are who you are. Let see who you really are Raff"

The model stops shopping and turns to look directly at his interrogator. "I've no reason to pull it off in real life" he responds coldly, to her first question, before pausing to consider the rest of what she says.

"What's on my mind is you could be one of those obsessive fans I sometimes attract. Perhaps you want to hurt Nena, because you're jealous of her being with me, or perhaps you want to ask her what it's like to be with me. Or, maybe you're into girls and you want to know how it would be to get with a robot. So, I'm kinda heavily leaning towards saying there's no fucking way, I'm gonna help you meet my girlfriend."

As he curses, his voice raises, causing the middle aged man to look over with a frown. The young couple meanwhile seem to be trying to listen in on the conversation, whispering to each other, then looking over at Rafferty and Blossom.

"Oh Raff, what I want, is to destroy her and all her siblings." Blossom meant other robots, when she said siblings. She gives him a grin. "You have such words, trying to keep the Robot safe."

After a little moment of silence after that, she brings her right hand in front of his face, and the palm opens up, to a cannon "Don't worry, I don't want to blow your pretty head off. You don't really need it for school, but you kinda need that pretty face for your career. But what happens, if the man gets shot in the head. Would the girl get over it? Or would it scar her for life? Or maybe it could be the girl. How tragic, she had her whole life ahead of her." A red light illuminate the cannon, but then it stops, and the palm of her hand closes off, without any trace.

She eats another chip, before she continues. "I will find your robot girlfriend, and I don't really care if the best way would be to blow up the school. Or if I meet her because of you."

She then smiles as if she didn't just threatened to blow up a school. "Please can you sign my bag of chip? I want a souvenir." She hands it to him.

"You're crazy" the terrified teen mutters, his voice now noticeably quieter. He takes a step back from the predator and turns to look at the other people in the store, to see if anyone else witnessed the cannon being revealed. The couple are now making out, having apparently lost interest in his conversation with Blossom and the middle aged man is being served by one of the store clerks, whilst the other flicks through the pages of a magazine.

"What exactly do you have against Nena or her non existent siblings? I swear if you come anywhere near her, or our school..."

His melodic voice trails off and he holds his basket in front of him defensively.

"I'll call the cops."

He pulls his phone from his pocket and quickly snaps a picture of her. "There, now I will be able to show them what you look like."

As she hands him the bag of chips, he drops them on the floor.

Blossom looks as he says he will call the cops, than even drops the bag of chip to the floor. "Oh my good, you took my pic. You believed all of this." She giggles a bit. "You really believed that was me. I am an aspiring actress, and I wanted to play a villain role for you. I am so sorry. Oh my god, you totally must be scared right now. Just acting and special effects. I promise."

She rubs a hand over her forehead. "That would be so over the top, you know blowing up a school and all. I am really sorry. How about I do another role, so you can see I am really an actress?" She gives a reassuring smile now, toying with the poor boy, that did nothing to deserve that. "I was so silly to think you knew it was just acting. you're too sensitive for that."

She picks up the bag from the ground ,though she doesn't get the few chips that have been spilled on the ground.

The schoolboy looks at her skeptically, as she pleads innocence. He seems to be weighing things up in his head. Eventually he nods and slips his phone back into his jeans pocket. He doesn't delete the photograph though.

"Okay, I admit that was pretty convincing" he laughs. "I just wasn't expecting it, you know? While I'm out shopping for groceries."

He runs a hand through his platinum tresses and gives Blossom a coy smile.

"I've got to ask how you got those special effects to work so well. Do you know someone who works in the business? If so, then maybe you could mention me to them. Of course, I will be working in Hollywood eventually, but we all have to start somewhere."

His whole demeanor has changed now and he's back to his usual confident self. "You know, you're kind of pretty, when you're not being as scary as hell. What kind of other role were you thinking?"

"Thank you." She smiles and pushes his shoulder playfully and lightly. "Yea, I have help for the effects of course." She nods her head.

She whispers the next part. "I just played a predatory villain, how about a poor victim now?" She gives him a wink

Then she drops the bag of chips, as she tears her own top, having a breast pop out because of it, and she shrieks. "What the hell, let go!" She lets the tears drop. "It's not because you're famous, you can have your wicked way with me, tear my shirt, and take pictures you monster!" She then runs out of the store, shrieking more, her hands over her face, so people looking could see her torn shirt, and the bits bouncing out of it. Only once she is far enough, away from prying eyes, her shirt fixes itself, and she smirks. "Very nice to meet you Raff" She says to herself. "You will see I am here to stay."

The aspiring actor notes that Blossom doesn't agree to pass his name on. Oh well, perhaps she wants to keep her contacts to herself. It's a competitive business after all. As she suggests playing the victim, there's a slightly wary look on his face, before he eventually nods. "Sure, let's see what you've got."

Whatever he's expecting, it's not what he gets.

The blond boy looks on in horror, as she destroys her own clothing and he gets a look at her exposed breast.

"See! I knew it, you are fucking crazy. I should have trusted my first instinct."

As she exits the store, he breathes out a sigh of relief, before turning to face the other people in the Seven Eleven.

"You guys saw that, right? She did it to herself. I swear I didn't touch her."

The store workers and the middle aged man stare at him and there's obviously some doubt in their eyes. He can feel his heart pounding in his chest, until his schoolmate speaks up.

"It's okay, Rafferty, I got it all on my phone." She holds up the pearly pink device and then shows him the filmed footage.

"I'll send it to you and you can use it to prove yourself to Nena, or anyone else who might believe her claims."

Stepping up beside her, her beau chimes in "Yeah, we've got your back, man. We can be your witnesses or whatever."

Thanking them gratefully, he decides to get the hell out of there, leaving with a slightly dazed expression and without any of the items on his shopping list.

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