Just My Twilight Life: My Robot Friend AY4M3 - Honoka Kawamoto is just your average Japanese girl living the big life at the big top! Hanging out with her friend Sudo on the biggest performance of her life, she is visited by the incredible science wizard Yoshiaki. Yoshiaki, with his good friend Tomoe, offer to grant Honoka a fabolous wish: They can bring her friend, AY4M3, to life! Using the magic of HitBit Incorporated technology, AY4M3 turns into a real girl like Tomoe, and Honoka and AY4M3 have lots of fun playing together! But will they finish their games before the stroke of 12, when the magical spell will wear off? Hopefully Honoka will appreciate the time she had with her newest best friend! (The cover shows Honoka dressed in a schoolgirl uniform, at the circus. She is escorting in the crook of her arm a blushing and bright-eyed Ayame, dressed in a schoolgirl uniform as well, who has little antennae sticking out of the top of her head. They are pointing at a smiling, soft-faced gorilla in a cage, who is looking in the general direction of them. Nearby, Yoshiaki stands by, dressed in a wizard robe and hat, his arm over a beautiful adult miko. Both are smiling as the two schoolgirls explore the wonderful world of the circus together.) (50 yen) - created on 22:01:33 05/27/2016 by AY4M3 and last modified on 19:28:03 06/06/2016. Cast: Honoka and AY4M3.

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