Act 1: Phantom Pains - The Phantom received a trial to test her loyalties. Find and prove herself against one of two still living former companions: Valkenhayn. The lycanthrope butler serving the Alucard family. He was likely keeping to a place unsafe for her to trespass let alone invade. -Or- there was the wandering and untraceable Jubei, Former lover and husband of Nine. Fortunately! A young NOL officer had recently made contact with a fugitive fitting that description. - created on 22:02:11 12/25/2017 by Nine and last modified on 04:17:36 01/02/2018. Cast: Nine, Clio, and Jubei.

Those who play with the Devil's toys. - ...will be brought by degrees to wield his sword. A new life, so much time passed before the experiment that gave birth to the Murakumo units one of her co-creators kept in the dark. What was Relius hiding away down there in the shadow of an incomplete kiln. The finished product! After all that work, were they wrong? One unit lost somehow the other.. well. it was creepy, broken and insulting! No, just a first impression. Definately not trustworthy, dangerous and an completely unknown variable. Something to envy, something to watch warily. - created on 23:55:56 01/29/2018 by Nine and last modified on 08:59:39 03/11/2018. Cast: Nine and Nu-13.

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