World's End #1 - Chain of Command - "What is more valuable in a soldier? Blind obedience to the regulations? Or the ability to improvise and interpret them to suit the situation? I would put the question to dear General Horicho... but I'm afraid he has lost his tongue." - created on 22:15:18 12/17/2017 by Izanami and last modified on 05:32:15 12/20/2017. Cast: Izanami and Kagura.

World's End #2 - Shackled Life - "'Give me liberty, or give me death.' A pithy mantra of the Americans. So easy to say, yet... I have found that when presented with the choice between the cage or the reaper, most souls will leap head first into the cage. They will pull the bars closed, seal the lock, and dispose of the key, if it means keeping me away for but one more day. So curious, how they never say what they really mean. But this one... this one, I do believe, would seek annihilation over the purgatorial prison that awaits her. How fortunate are we, then, that she will have no such choice in the matter." - created on 20:09:10 12/20/2017 by Izanami and last modified on 12:12:17 12/25/2017. Cast: Izanami, Nine, and Terumi.

World's End #3 - A Word from The Imperator - "We always knew our opportunity would come. We have spent over a decade preparing for it. We never expected it would be offered to us on a golden platter... simply waiting for us to extend our hand and pluck it up." - created on 02:27:13 12/28/2017 by Izanami and last modified on 03:36:26 12/28/2017. Cast: Izanami.

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