Izanami - World's End #3 - A Word from The Imperator

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Description: "We always knew our opportunity would come. We have spent over a decade preparing for it. We never expected it would be offered to us on a golden platter... simply waiting for us to extend our hand and pluck it up."

The following video was released to news outlets around the world and posted on the internet. Clips of it will be replayed on all the news networks and programs, and commentators will surely have a lot to say about it.

The news is calling it the first public look at the leader of the Novus Orbis Librarium, an organization that has recently seen a significant amount of press around the world.

Footage begins with an empty wide, ornate podium with a single microphone mounted to its surface. Affixed to the front of the podium is a crimson tabard with golden embroidered borders. Emblazoned in the top center of it is the image of a golden blade positioned vertically. At the top of the blade, in place of a sword grip, wings extend out toward the sides. And above the wings is a golden halo.

Behind the podium is a larger banner with the same iconography - a golden sword with wings and halo.

After ten seconds of focus on the empty podium, a woman strides calmly into the frame and comes to a stop at the podium, turning to face the camera. The text on the bottom of the video reads: The Imperator Librarius - Leader of the NOL at Central Command in Switzerland.

The serene looking woman stands looking toward the camera, her mouth forming a faint smile, piercing violet eyes reflecting confidence and resolve. Her purple hair is long, elegantly framing her face and draping down her back from a high angled ponytail at the top of her head. Two golden bands and two large golden hair spikes keep the ponytail in place, while a golden circlet wraps around her head to form a crown, four more golden spikes dangling from it around the ridges. A violet headdress drapes over her shoulders and around the back of her hair.

The speaker's body is covered by a black robe and long, white sleeves that completely obscure her arms as she keeps her hands folded together. Standing straight up with a combination of beauty and elegance, she takes waits for a few seconds before finally addressing the camera.

"Greetings, my fellow citizens of the world. I am the Imperator of the Novus Orbis Librarium, the highest rank in the Librarium. It is my honor to address you publicly this day and speak regarding the Librarium, an organization I, and all of its members, are so very proud to be a part of."

The woman pauses, eyes closing as she breathes in, shoulders rising slightly, smile building. Her eyes open a moment later and she continues, her voice clear, unhurried, with an almost melodic nature to it.

"As you have already learned thanks in large part to the supportive reporting being done by media sources around the world, The Novus Orbis Librarium, or NOL as we like to call it, is a special task force with an expertise in dealing with supernatural threats wherever they may be."

The camera shifts to another view, the woman at the podium occupying half of the screen, while the other half begins to show a slideshow of images or video clips in sequence.

"Threats such as those horrors unleashed by unscrupulous men upon the sovereign nation of Japan."

Footage of the armored living weapon known as Justice followed by a still, touched up photograph of the rogue threat known as Dizzy.

"Disasters such as the one in Metro City that the world will never forget."

A panning shot from some aircraft over the districts of Metro that have been under repair for years following the Majigen incident. The woman's face has taken on a concerned, almost pained expression as she continues.

"Of tyrants of industry who have long since forgotten what it means to be human, willing to pursue appalling abuses against people in the pursuit of improving their bottom line."

A still image of the Mishima Zaibatsu main headquarters followed by the Ultratech logo.

"Or of powerful monstrosities with the audacity to call themselves our gods who threaten mankind with annihilation if we do not kowtow to their demands."

Footage of a truly apocalyptic storm front surging in over London.

The Imperator pauses, eyes lowered for a moment before her expression hardens, eyes shifting back up to meet the camera.

"The NOL is comprised of bold men and women from all walks of life. They each have dedicated their lives in the pursuit of a shared vision. A vision," she pauses for a heartbeat, "Our dream," she continues. "... of a world where you need not fear these tyrants, these monsters, these abominations. A world where you can sleep peacefully at night, knowing that there are watchers upon the wall, brave NOL soldiers and officers, who are putting their lives between you and supernatural threats wherever they may lurk, in whatever form they may take. A world where your homes, your communities, your families will be safe from self-proclaimed gods, amoral tyrants of industry, or abusers of magical artifacts."

The woman pauses for a moment, the screen switching so that she occupies the center of the screen once more.

"The NOL exists to support, not replace, local law enforcement efforts in the pursuit of your safety. Under sanction from the nations that we have formed agreements with, our men and women are there, on call, ready to be dispatched wherever local authorities identify a need for our specialized skills. Our goal is to free up those hard working members of your local police departments to focus on the crimes and enforcement they always have before, leaving our trained specialists to deal with supernatural phenomena for them. We are committed to cooperating with nations around the world and with each passing day, the list of governments with whom we have formed agreements is expanding. NOL units are also available to be called in to supplement military efforts of any nation we operate within, where we will work alongside your existing militaries in pursuit of the best solution that protects the fine citizens we fight for."

The Imperator continues, her smile slowly returning as she speaks with controlled zeal about the virtues of her organization.

"The NOL also contains investigative branches that proactively seek out supernatural threats before they have their chance to inevitably become a danger to you. Our access to databases, information repositories, and reliable methods for tracking these otherworldly menaces is second to none and I assure you our men and women of the Intelligence Branch will never rest if there is any hint of danger brewing in your communities."

The purple haired leader pauses, expression warming even further.

"The NOL is here to serve you, the people. And you can be a part of this great, cooperative effort to defend your homes. If you have information that will help us track down so-called magicians with their lax concern for human safety, we want to hear from you. If someone has ever threatened you with a curse, a spell, or weapon that may seem magical, please... do not feel that you must face these abuses alone. Your local NOL office is eager to help."

A sparkle forms in her eyes.

"In addition, in the interests of working with local community members, the NOL has established bounties on the most dangerous individuals around the world. While we do not encourage you to confront these criminals yourselves, if you provide us information that leads to their capture, you will be handsomely rewarded. Please review details and terms of these bounties on the NOL website."

There is a pause as her expression becomes serious once more.

"Please understand, it is not our intention to create witch hunts in your streets. The NOL will not persecute innocents. We will only confiscate magical devices if a means of dispelling their dangerous arcane energies cannot be discovered. It is not our intent to oppress law-abiding Darkstalkers... Why, we even have phenomenal Darkstalkers serving within our ranks, entitled to the same rights and privileges that any human soldier would have."

A worried look flickers into her expression.

"That said, as you no doubt understand, we cannot be negligent in our duties. We at the NOL are eager and ready to get to know all Darkstalkers in your cities so that we can list them in a registry of known, law-abiding Darkstalkers that you should feel safe to have living among you. The same goes for any so-called magic users. While many who brand themselves as magicians no doubt have innocent intentions... the NOL feels a responsibility to to vet each and every one of them for your protection."

A pause for breath before continuing, her expression becoming sincere, the worry giving way to purpose.

"In the weeks ahead, the NOL will be unraveling the conspiracy that led to the creation of the Gear Army. Our dedicated investigators will discover how such a disastrous project was able to get as far out of control as it did. Our analysts will be recommending fail safes, restrictions, and check points to implement that will prevent such maniacal hubris from running unchecked ever again. This is the same sort of reckless, dangerous research that the terrorist cell known as Sector Seven deploys, and rooting them out from the holes they hide in is also a high priority for NOL."

A frown forms at her lips.

"I am aware there is great concern over what seems to be a cover-up involving the fate of the dangerous Gear known as Dizzy... you can rest assured that there is an ongoing investigation over the details concerning the location of this monster. Statements indicate that it expired from the damage inflicted by brave heroes on the front lines and we hope that our investigation verifies that to be the case. Until we have information to share, we hope speculation will be kept to responsible limits."

The regally dressed woman's frown becomes a thin line, a somber, but intense look to her eyes as she pauses for a moment before continuing.

"It grieves me that I must use this address as a platform for bringing two more sinister threats to your attention, but I will never shirk from saying what needs to be said. For many years now, two clandestine cabals have lurked in your midst. Their names may be unknown to you, but you know in your hearts you have felt their sinister influences. Maybe you have loved ones who have vanished without a trace. Perhaps you have encountered one of their diabolical creations, or even suffered at their hands. Perhaps they have extorted your homelands or manipulated your governments..."

The Imperator leans forward slightly, her hands still folded behind the podium.

"I speak to you of the NESTS cartel and the combine known as Shadaloo. These are vile, ruthless organizations led by wicked men. In NESTS, you will find a megalomaniac individual named Igniz claiming to be a god, just as that fiend known as Raiden did. In Shadaloo, a monster known as Vega, a sociopathic tyrant who will stoop to any low in order to increase his power. These are amoral, repugnant men and those who enlist to assist in their depraved ambitions are only bolstering these despicable organizations."

Closing her eyes for a moment, she seems to gather her thoughts before continuing. Eyes open, that same fierce expression as before present.

"NESTS. Shadaloo. Your time plotting in the shadows is at an end. We at the NOL have known of your crimes and now all the world knows you are out there. We will shine a light on your dark secrets. Vega. Igniz. Settle your affairs. Leave no regrets. For I assure you... the day of your reckoning is close at hand."

The Imperator falls quiet for a long moment as she takes in a deep breath then exhales slowly. Her smile returns, eyes almost closed in happiness as she shifts subjects.

"The NOL is a well paying, distinguished career path available to individuals from all walks of life and all backgrounds. Promising candidates may even receive a prestigious education at one of our elite academies, entirely free of charge. If you share our vision for a better tomorrow and are ready to contribute to that dream, we eagerly look forward to your application."

A soft sigh escapes her lips, the woman nodding twice, as if satisfied with all she had to share. Her expression becomes somber, brow slightly furrowed.

"In closing, let me be clear. If you are among the maleficent predators that take advantage of humanity's good will with your amoral abuse of supernatural capabilities... the NOL is coming for you. Your reign of unbridled terror is coming to an end."

The Imperator's bright smile returns.

"But for the rest of you, my fellow citizens... when you see NOL soldiers at work within your cities and nations, know this: We are from the Novus Orbis Librarius. And we are here to help."

The woman leans back from the podium for a moment, staring into the camera, before the video feed goes to solid, dark red, the golden insignia of the NOL emblazoned in the center.

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