The Wolf and the Viper - Promoting the Brute Force Wrestling League, Vernon Cross AKA Vyle tours across the US. Not only looking to show off the best the BFW has to offer, but Vyle extends an open invite: Whoever comes forward to face Vyle, has a chance to get a contract to become a member of the league. Lone Wolf Sven Maesters, having gotten wind of this 'tour,' take him up on the offer, and bring into the ring the true battle: The Serpent versus the Wolf. - created on 21:47:47 12/17/2014 by Sven and last modified on 03:16:05 12/18/2014. Cast: Vyle and Sven.

CWA RIOT: SHUT IT DOWN - Straight down in Macon County Line is CWA RIOT!!! Slamming it down full throttle, the reigning World Rookie Champion Sven Maesters is taking all comers in a fearsome riot, full throttle! But how will the Warwolf handle it when his arch-rival, the world famous Rainbow Mika, crashes his party with the full force of Rainbow Mania?! - created on 12:00:49 05/09/2017 by Sven and last modified on 21:10:23 05/10/2017. Cast: Rainbow Mika and Sven.

CWA Riot: KANG VS SVEN - Coming up in Old Georgia is CWA RIOT!!! Slamming it down at 3000 RPM, Jae-Mo Kang comes in to find his roots in the wrestling ring, the world famous movie director coming in to get some inspiration the only way he can: With REAL BODIED HARDCORE WRESTLING! And who better to greet him for his homecoming than the reigning World Rookie Champion, Sven Maesters! The Warwolf is bringing in the full riot, and is ready to give Kang the real CWA treatment! Welcome Home, Kang! - created on 12:40:37 03/21/2018 by Sven and last modified on 14:18:39 03/22/2018. Cast: Kang and Sven.

In The Wolf's Den - Sven Maesters returns back to the Wolf Den, his family's training gym in Stockholm, to rest and recover from his disgraces in the Neo League. While pumping iron, he is visited by the former lead singer of Killasaurus Orphanage, Alexis Lovell. The hard rocking fighter is looking for a little more metal in her style, and Sven Maesters is more than enough metal for her tastes. Thus, she proposes a challenge: if she beats him in a fight, he would train her at a discount rate. IF he wins? He would still train her. Sven finds himself taking up a side job of testing Alexis, in a win-win match for him. - created on 17:14:00 07/09/2018 by Sven and last modified on 15:58:54 07/11/2018. Cast: Sven and Alexis.

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