Emotional Investment Points - Ramlethal is living in literal garbage because she's not handling freedom too well. I-No is living in figurative garbage for an arguably similar reason. Since the realm of possibilities has chosen a novel path, I-No decides to gamble on Rammy and see what happens. If nothing else, the sheer number of dumb things that could happen next should be amusing. - created on 19:32:16 10/11/2018 by I-No and last modified on 15:17:02 10/13/2018. Cast: I-No and Ramlethal.

OH NO TOO DIRECT - I-No has a small problem that technically sorta kinda might be arguably her fault, from a certain perspective: That Man's prized secret project, Jack-O' Valentine, is flying around the world on a rocket pumpkin eating all the candy she can find with no regard for things like 'operational secrecy' or 'the paleo diet of human suffering as traditionally eaten by her Gear ancestors.' I-No has tracked Jack-O' to a sprawling, high-end candy store, but Jack-O' has had time to set up shop with an army of mini-Gears to protect her. Can I-No correct this timeline error before Jack-O' eats enough to vomit a sugar rainbow?! - created on 17:07:12 10/13/2018 by I-No and last modified on 03:08:48 10/14/2018. Cast: I-No and Jack-O'.

What a World - Rose is having a quiet time doing quiet fortune teller things when she is accosted (again) by a woman who may or may not be of aid in esoteric conflicts. Said woman is also an aggressive pervert, much to the dismay of literally everyone who has to regularly deal with I-No. - created on 19:51:05 10/15/2018 by I-No and last modified on 01:02:49 10/16/2018. Cast: Rose and I-No.

It Had to Be Her - I-No furthers the time-honored game of ambush tag by attacking Alan while he's out working on Illuminati chores. Lucky for him, this encounter involves way less vicious mauling and a little more conversation than their last. Alan receives an offer that uses the magic words: Command Gear. - created on 20:31:39 10/18/2018 by I-No and last modified on 09:15:54 11/07/2018. Cast: Alan and I-No.

Bits of Context - I-No returns to where she stashed Ramlethal to recover from her fight with Akuma, only to find that Ramlethal has acquired a rapidly militarizing police standoff due to Jack-O'-related disturbances. The witch attempts to evacuate the Valentine to another location while half-answering all the usual questions about origin story, character motivations, and whether she's been stabbed half the death recently. Ramlethal argues for anime. - created on 19:39:00 10/20/2018 by I-No and last modified on 20:47:33 10/21/2018. Cast: I-No and Ramlethal.

My Dear Princess - Walter, as if fated by personal interest, comes across a chance to rescue an honest-to-god damsel in distress. The maiden draws the priest's eye because of her compassion and intellect, and the dragon's eye because she is achingly hot. But while Walter believes he's found an ally in saving Gears and Darkstalkers in Illyria's name, I-No knows she's found herself a useful puppet. - created on 15:27:16 10/22/2018 by I-No and last modified on 20:40:43 10/23/2018. Cast: Walter and I-No.

Chitarra di Signorina - Rose's recovery from her recent stint as a Shadaloo Fetish Prisoner(TM) is interrupted by I-No visiting her home. While I-No may technically have been invited, it's still terrible timing. I-No steals Rose's gimmick by delivering some ominous and vague objectives, but Rose somehow enjoys the experience anyway. It's all about the magic touch. - created on 19:49:45 10/31/2018 by I-No and last modified on 18:52:46 11/07/2018. Cast: Rose and I-No.

Gal Pals - I-No has finally completed her mission: Jack-O' is safely tied up in some kinky bondage that surely cannot be escaped. The witch just has to wait for the proper leyline convergence so that she can open the door to That Man's secret extradimensional base. Jack-O', however, has a different suggestion for how I-No can spend her time. - created on 20:28:08 11/13/2018 by I-No and last modified on 21:49:18 11/14/2018. Cast: I-No and Jack-O'.

Where It Goes - Chun-Li, having learned more about I-No from Rose and even picked up a number, decides to try contacting the mysterious witch. Things get weird. Sexy weird. Or maybe creepy weird. It's really a matter of perception. - created on 17:05:19 01/07/2019 by I-No and last modified on 20:58:07 01/08/2019. Cast: Chun-Li and I-No.

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