Darque de Triomphe - Morrigan interrupts a business meeting between Jedah and an unwilling associate. Makai nobles entertain themselves with grotesque violence. - created on 15:51:20 02/07/2018 by Morrigan and last modified on 14:14:02 02/15/2018. Cast: Morrigan and Jedah.

The Hitchhiker - In isolated Europe, Naoto Kurogane's travel plans change when he's picked up by a strange, green-haired motorist. Are her intentions as benign as they seem, or is there something more sinister behind the wheel? - created on 20:54:26 10/20/2018 by Morrigan and last modified on 00:40:54 11/04/2018. Cast: Morrigan and Naoto.

High-Rolling - Tairyu responds to a troublemaker in a gambling parlor, but this mysterious green-haired lady may be more than she seems. What happens when they head back to a VIP room? What kind of game uses Tarot cards? - created on 18:52:59 07/01/2020 by Morrigan and last modified on 20:03:12 07/04/2020. Cast: Morrigan and Tairyu.

Happy Hour! - An old Wing Chun master, a pit bull, and a succubus walk into a bar. Drinks, nachos, and pachinko ensue. Words of wisdom are exchanged, but they fall on deaf ears. - created on 21:24:45 03/25/2022 by Morrigan and last modified on 00:16:33 03/27/2022. Cast: Morrigan and Leroy Smith.

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