Full Name:Naoto Kurogane
Height:176cm (5'9")
Weight:69kg (152 lbs.)
Blood Type:B
Hometown:Kawahama, Japan
Eye Color:Brown (Red when Bloodedge is in use)
Hair Color:Brown (White when Bloodedge is in use)
Hobbies:Spending time with cats
Likes:Naps, video games
Dislikes:Eye drops (he finds them hard to use)
OOC Data
Status:Available for Apps
Theme Song:


"Grim Reaper? NOL? Afraid that has nothing to do with me... I'm just trying to find someone."

The man known as Naoto is an aberration. A potential existence if some core aspects of the world had developed differently, Naoto has undeniably strong ties to the path of Ragna the Bloodedge, only utilizing an arm of vampiric blood and incredible regeneration instead of a grimoire. Having vague deja vu, he was created by powerful Event Interference from an unknown source, only vaguely understanding that the threat to this realm will affect all others, even ones that never have and may never come to pass. Somewhat quick to action, Naoto often leaps into situations headlong and worries about the consequences afterward, utilizing a fluid and rush-down brawling style alongside strong blood manifestations. However, appearing in this realm has severed his link with his patron Raquel Alucard; creating his blood energy is now physically taxing, and his regeneration is significantly stymied by drawing on his own life force, although still incredibly potent. Despite a significant dip in power, he was brought to this realm for a reason, and is intent on finding what it was... if nothing else, then to return to the one he was borrowed from.

Style:Blood Arm Brawling Arts
Signature Move:Bloodedge -- ENERGY PROJECTILE
Signature Ability:RESTORE -- REGENERATE

Recent Logs

The Hitchhiker - In isolated Europe, Naoto Kurogane's travel plans change when he's picked up by a strange, green-haired motorist. Are her intentions as benign as they seem, or is there something more sinister behind the wheel? - Log created on 20:54:26 10/20/2018 by Morrigan, and last modified on 00:40:54 11/04/2018. Cast: Morrigan and Naoto.

[SNF 2018.09] SNF: Autumn in the Valley - Leo Whitefang vs Naoto - Leo Whitefang is one of the kings of Illyria, and is eager in letting all comers to his kingdom. And yet, Naoto's arrival comes with concern. The mysterious outsider has come to face the strongest that Illyria has to offer, and few are stronger than it's king. But even Leo can sense a deeper power within Naoto, as well as the man's strange bloodlust. - Log created on 21:51:29 10/06/2018 by Leo Whitefang, and last modified on 13:00:25 10/10/2018. Cast: Leo Whitefang and Naoto.

Monster Hunter - Akuma, still on the hunt for information about who created the Gears, runs into a vampire from another world. - Log created on 14:53:55 09/29/2018 by Akuma, and last modified on 14:26:18 10/13/2018. Cast: Akuma and Naoto.

[Illyria] Illyria Finale - Final Boss Round 1 - The ultimate opponent that stands between the expedition and the valley is Mab's trump card: Kulshedra! Regenerating at an alarming rate, the multi-headed dragon draws in the power of all four into itself. Both the Sacred Order and the NOL must work together to take down this dragon, before she brings a dark age into Europe once again. - Log created on 23:19:01 05/25/2018 by Kulshedra, and last modified on 04:56:52 05/26/2018. Cast: Lotus, Naoto, Kulshedra, and Renka.

[Illyria] Illyria Act 2 - Seventh Seal - What happens when a battleship of a man and a wandering shounen hero run into each other at a magic/technology facility deep under the earth in the Albanian countryside that once was home to an ancient and wise kingdom? Honestly, mostly banter. But it's GOOD banter. - Log created on 14:39:26 04/07/2018 by Naoto, and last modified on 23:58:04 04/08/2018. Cast: Kokonoe, Iron Tager, and Naoto.

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