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Description: Akuma, still on the hunt for information about who created the Gears, runs into a vampire from another world.

The forest of Illyria has become home to creatures known as Gears. Even the fearsome Command Gear, Dizzy, dwells here, at least for now. However, her reluctance to do battle when challenged has set a demon on the hunt for those with answers. Even now, he follows his senses to sources of power similar to Dizzy's, trying to intimidate answers out of those he encounters, or to beat it out of them if they are uncooperative. Most he has met have been uncooperative.

Now, the draw of some sort of magical energy clinging to the walls of Castle Illyria has Akuma emerging from the shadows at the base of the woods, and approaching to investigate who, if anyone, might be calling this place their home now. Eyes that burn like hot coals in a pair of black pits glare up at the structure, searching for some hint of a presence like the others... One of the powers that blooms all over the world, and that he must now verify each of until someone gives him a lead to who is responsible for creating the Gears.

He may have to venture further abroad in his search than Illyria, but right now the density of monsters to be interrogated makes this preferable to wandering aimlessly around the world hoping to bump into one.

The moon high above is full, fog creeping down the valley to wreath the mix of modern and ancient architecture like a sea of ghosts. If not for the electrical lighting and other tell-tale signs of modification, it could be taken for a haunted castle. That would be fine too. Akuma would torment even lost souls to get what he desires.

THe night is a wonderful time of day, yeah daylight has it's beauty but the night, also has things that make it just as beautiful. With the moon high in the sky, a lone figure walks through the woods, having been transported here, and only have been awake for a scant few hours, a dark skinned young man walks along. His hands in his pocket, and a black hoodie with a red hood is over his head. The clink of a small chain that goes from his pocket to his belt loop clink as he walks.

Not recognizing this place, this must not be a dream, the pain he felt from the portal as he passed through it right before....the young man clears his thoughts. He can't dwell on that anymore, he has to make a new way for himself and also try to find Rachel or Raquel. Having seen the castle some ways back, he figured this is one or both women would be.

Hearing the distant sounds of the creatures that reside him, Naoto continues walking, his senses and eyesight much more stronger at night than during the day allows for him to be able to make his way without much trouble.

A disturbance in the world. Akuma feels the ripples of it, as well as the power that has suddenly been deposited nearby. Another monster, though this one from somewhere... Other. He detours around the castle walls, changing directions abruptly as he moves back into the shadows of the woods, orienting on his new target. A monster not unlike one he faced and defeated before during a tournament. Whe he has the life-drinker in his sights, he blurs and phases over the distance between them, teleporting to only a few meters away.

Then he resolidifies, a tan-skinned, red-haired figure in a dark blue dogi, fists clenched at his sides, already prepared for battle. "Creature," Akuma calls out by way of introduction. "You are unfortunate enough to have crossed paths with Akuma. The answers I seek, I will have from you." He settles into an iron horse stance, one foot stomping down and shaking the very ground, sending vibrations up the trees in the area.

"Submit, or face defeat!"

This is quite a welcome. But to be fair, Akuma has been beating up a lot of Gears, and he is getting tired of even trying to talk to them.

Naoto continues to walk and as he does something catches his attention. He slows his pace and as he does this his left eye adjusts to the darkness. He pulls his hands from the insides of his hoodie, and as Akuma appears, he sees the life force of this individual. Studying him for a long moment even after Akuma has spoken, Naoto doesn't say anything. He doesn't know about the Gears or this land, for now maybe.....'Nope maybe I will not get anything from him.' he thinks to himself.

The late teen looks to the man, "I don't know what your talking about nor do I have anything to give you." he cocks his head to the side, "I'm not interested in a fight this night, but if you force my hand I will oblige you." he states. The dark skinned teen doesn't step forward or step back, not willing to gain or lose ground for now. "Akuma is it?" he asks. "What is this place?"

Akuma grins, bearing his sharp teeth as Naoto refuses to cooperate. He was given two choices. Submit, or fight. He didn't choose submit. "Fool. You do not wish to answer my questions but expect me to answer yours? I am not in the habit of repeating myself. The only reason I have not already crushed you is because you might have the information I seek. But be warned! I can just as easily extract it from you after I have beaten you."

Red infernal Chi rises up from Akuma, the shadows deepening, the life force that Naoto observed that of a monster that is not human -- not anymore -- and steeped in the evil of the Satsui no Hado. The malevolence swirling around this man, inside and out, has long since driven wild animals away from what seems like it is about to become a battleground.

"You are from another world. But you are still a monster like one I have faced before. What do you know of man-made monsters? Of creatures neither human nor animal, wielding strange powers? Do you serve a master? Might he have had a hand in such an undertaking? Tell me all that you know! Perhaps if what you say satisfies me, I will answer your questions as well!"

Thinking for a moment as this monster begins gathering power, his eyes quirk upwards a bit. Naoto wasn't interested in a fight, but he isn't going to submit. Though for now maybe he will have to do something he doesn't want to for now, "Yes, I'm not from here, I've only come here a few hours ago." he says. Taking notice of this dark energy, he thinks he's seen this before but than dismisses it, 'No, not Bloodedge.' he thinks to himself. "I have no clue of even where I am." he says as he begins to look around, he knows the information he has isn't worth crap, but should give Akuma enough to know he isn't lying, he grins a little at being called a monster. "I've heard the noises of the creatures here, though I do have to say you are pretty impressive." he says looking to Akuma.

It is almost a pity that the vampire suddenly decided to be cooperative. Testing himself against someone from another world isn't exactly a non-interest for Akuma. Scowling once more, Akuma slowly allows his Chi to settle, though the air remains saturated with his bloodlust. He straightens up into a standing position. "Hmph. I know you are not from here. I have already said as much! So you truly know nothing. And if you will not fight, then you are worthless to me." The martial artist is certain he could make Naoto fight him if pressed to defend himself, but he has other things to do with his time than to challenge the unwilling, and this encounter has given him an idea of where to continue his investigation.

"You are in the country known as Illyria, in the forest near Illyria Castle. I know nothing further about it, and do not care." He points at the vampire. "Whatever you call yourself, you would be wise to be more cautious about how you speak if you do not desire a fight. This forest is full of monster known as Gears. I have defeated a fair number of them, but if there are any intelligent enough to be offended by you, they are certain to do battle whether you wish it or not."

Akuma turns to leave, pausing only to ask one more question over his shoulder. "Have you ever heard the name 'Demitri Maximoff'?"

Naoto watches as Akumas chi die down, though what the man says does make sense. He sighs a little bit, he doesn't like having to tip toe around things, but Akuma is right. "I will check myself next time." he says as he looks at Akuma. Now as Akuma explains things to him, "I see." he says as eh turns and continues to scan the area, his eyes picking up a few other life forces.

A part of him does smile inwardly, the prospects of crossing fists with this man would be challenging, but for now thats not something he wants to do at this time "Illyria." eh says sounding out the name of this place. Perking up a little bit as he hears there is a castle nearby, he did notice that when he fell through the portal. "No. I've only been here a few hours." he says watching Akuma turn his back. "Thanks for the heads up and excuse my rudeness a bit ago. You're right in that regard. It was the same way form where I came from as well."

Ironic, someone like Akuma lecturing anyone else about manners. Maybe he only means manners in relation to HIM. But then why warn the vampire about others? A strange person. A strange DEMON. Some things he does in such a round-about away while others are far more... Direct. Again, he senses no deceit in the creature's words, even if they have still not offered their name after mutliple opportunities to do so.

"If you have no connection to him, than I have no further business with you." He then sets out to find a different vampire, without so much as a parting insult or threat. There's no point. He seeks the strong. And right now, he seeks one particular strong person, who may know something about who is making monsters... This life-drinker from another world sparked Akuma's memory of Demitri.

Now it is time to go find him. He highly doubts there will be such a peacable parting of ways between them as he had with Naoto. His presence fades into the darkness, as he begins to move at the speed of shadows to cover the vast distances between himself and Romania.

Naoto gives a nod, this was a curious exchange. He smirks a little bit, he didn't know why this Akuma provided him information. "Thanks Akuma." he says as he begins to walk in a different direction. 'I hope we meet up again and tests skills.' he grins a little, his eyes flashes red just slightly as he begins to walk. Curious as things have been, Naoto needed to find a place to stay for now and also he too is going to try to find this Dimetri person, maybe he knows where Rachel is. He still needs to find where she is and if he can find her maybe she can let him know what the hell is going on and why their world was destroyed.

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