The Cat and the Wolf - Assured now of the importance of the cities after his bout against Aranha, Nightwolf continues to follow the whispers of the spirits and roams Metro City. There he finds more clues as to what has the leylines in an uproar. A cat-kin darkstalker by the name of Felicia is having some issues with the locals. Could this encounter mean something or is Nightwolf being lead by pointless cat calls? - created on 16:18:56 11/06/2014 by Nightwolf and last modified on 20:11:15 11/06/2014. Cast: Nightwolf and Felicia.

Interview with the guy that met a vampire - The Sin Eater's work is not yet done in Southtown. Having recently brushed close to the supernatural, Benimaru attracts the attention of Nightwolf, who can smell the scent of a Darkstalker upon him. A battle of puns and blatant innuendo is then unleashed which results in an uneasy (deadly)alliance. - created on 17:27:36 11/20/2014 by Nightwolf and last modified on 00:00:45 11/21/2014. Cast: Benimaru and Nightwolf.

The Jam and the Wolf - A new face appears in Metro City! The talented Chinese martial artist, cook and bounty hunter; Kuradoberi Jam. Her successful exploits in defending her food cart against the gang members that plague the city attracts the attention of a certain Demon Hunter that has been prowling the streets. Nightwolf follows Jam to a nearby dojo where they decide after a spar to test each other skills that they can both benefit from each other's brand of training. - created on 20:40:31 11/28/2014 by Nightwolf and last modified on 11:20:47 11/29/2014. Cast: Nightwolf and Jam.

The Crusader and the Wolf - Nightwolf continues to search Southtown, looking for the Outworld anomaly that he sensed recently. Unknowingly smelling the scent of Ermac on the clothes of a suspicious woman that goes by Gabriel Kai, the skinwalker attempts to ask her for clues that may lead him to his quarry. A brawl quickly ensues when the Sin Eater finds out that the woman is as just as evil as the Otherworlders he hunts. If not more. - created on 12:31:13 12/01/2014 by Nightwolf and last modified on 18:59:20 12/01/2014. Cast: Gabriel and Nightwolf.

Preparing for the Hunt - Kuradoberi Jam and Benimaru Nikaido are both indomitable warriors. But are they ready to face against the mysterious Slayer? The Sin Eater Nightwolf isn't so sure about that, and decides to give them both a crash course on Darkstalker slaying by introducing them to his pack of ghost wolves. - created on 21:34:05 12/01/2014 by Nightwolf and last modified on 03:02:57 12/02/2014. Cast: Benimaru, Nightwolf, and Jam.

The Storm is Here - Sensing great change coming, Lord Raiden, The God of Thunder, awakens from his long slumber to walk Earthrealm once more. The shaman Nightwolf is there to greet him but so is an unexpected visitor; Rachel, the heiress of the Alucard family. Here presence makes the defenders of realm wonder, what role could the Darkstalkers play in a possible Outworld invasion? - created on 13:34:52 12/05/2014 by Nightwolf and last modified on 23:20:21 12/05/2014. Cast: Nightwolf, Rachel Alucard, and Raiden.

Battle Plan - Once the storm has passed, Nightwolf gives Raiden a brief explanation of how the modern world works and what are their biggest current threats. It is then decided that the best way to reach to mortals is to use the media, because handing out invitations to mortal tournaments is so passe nowadays. - created on 14:08:07 12/08/2014 by Nightwolf and last modified on 09:52:05 12/09/2014. Cast: Nightwolf and Raiden.

The Wolf Pack - Azumi, the once demon hunter afflicted by lycanthropy, meets with Nightwolf after the shaman heeds the word of the Thunder God that she is in need of help. Unfortunately, Azumi's affliction proves to be beyond Nightwolf's capabilities to offer immediate assistance, even if there may yet be hope for her. Additionally, we learn that littering in front of Nightwolf is a sure-fire way to get under his skin. - created on 15:26:56 12/15/2014 by Nightwolf and last modified on 19:42:46 12/15/2014. Cast: Nightwolf and Azumi.

Of Cats and Wolves - After his encounter with Lightning Spangles, Nightwolf returns to Southtown heading towards Raiden's temple. On the way there a certain blue haired cat-girl reminds him that not all is grim misery in Earthrealm. And that maybe there are other things he can pursue besides constantly hunting down demons. - created on 19:15:50 12/19/2014 by Nightwolf and last modified on 22:09:14 12/19/2014. Cast: Nightwolf and Felicia.

The Full Moon Society - What does a Werecat girl, the God of Thunder, and an Apache shaman have in common? They all live in the same house! What sounds like a really bad sitcom is in reality the humble beginnings of the Full Moon Society. - created on 12:58:00 12/26/2014 by Nightwolf and last modified on 16:13:37 12/26/2014. Cast: Nightwolf, Felicia, and Raiden.

Invaders Must Die - With Mileena now prowling Earthrealm an Outworld invasion upon Earthrealm seems inevitable. Nightwolf goes to warn Raiden of what is to come and to prepare what meager defenses they can muster to stand against the tide. - created on 15:09:36 12/30/2014 by Nightwolf and last modified on 21:29:11 12/30/2014. Cast: Nightwolf and Raiden.

The Wolf and The Tiger - An evil Tiger Spirit prowls Southtown seeking worthy challenges. Her search leads her to a Wolf who is not too keen on letting her do as she pleases. Will the wolf convince the tiger on the error of her ways or will she seek to forge her own path through destruction? Find out in this thrilling new episode of MotM: The Champion's Road! - created on 15:50:30 01/06/2015 by Nightwolf and last modified on 19:57:11 01/06/2015. Cast: Nightwolf and Miki.

The Grim Reaper and The Wolf - When it comes to Darkstalkers, things are not always as they seem. It is a fact that the experienced hunter Nightwolf knows too well, and one that serves him yet again, when he finally tracks down Testament in Metro City. It seems there is more to the murderous dark one that he initially let on when he attacked the United Nations consulate. - created on 12:26:59 01/14/2015 by Nightwolf and last modified on 18:15:34 01/14/2015. Cast: Nightwolf and Testament.

Full Moon Meetings - With the plight of Earthrealm carried by Momiji back to her clan, the Master Ninja himself, Ryu Hayabusa, ventures to the woods in search of the Full Moon Society. There an alliance is struck to further oppose the forces of Outworld and perhaps lend the Hayabusa clan some assistance towards their local problems. - created on 13:16:06 01/16/2015 by Nightwolf and last modified on 21:23:32 01/16/2015. Cast: Nightwolf, Raiden, Azumi, and Ryu Hayabusa.

Animality - When Felicia decides to leave the Shrine to brave the city again, Nightwolf doesn't take it too well. He decides to show her exactly how much too. - created on 18:09:03 01/20/2015 by Nightwolf and last modified on 19:32:43 01/23/2015. Cast: Nightwolf and Felicia.

Do You Believe In Magic? - Impressed with Johnny Cage's title defense against Nightwolf, Raiden decreed that the eccentric actor and martial artist is worthy of joining the ranks of the Society and defend Earthrealm against evil. Not surprisingly, Mr. Cage has a hard time believing this is not all special effects. - created on 22:04:04 01/22/2015 by Nightwolf and last modified on 11:17:37 01/23/2015. Cast: Nightwolf, Johnny Cage, and Raiden.

Divine Intervention - Sometimes, not even a deity descending from the skies speaking of freedom, peace and understanding, is enough for people to let go of the bloody past shared between humans and Darkstalkers. - created on 18:56:05 01/26/2015 by Nightwolf and last modified on 00:36:40 01/27/2015. Cast: Nightwolf, Raiden, and Kiyomi.

The Fox and The Wolf - What will the future await for the fledgling Society of the Full Moon? Kiyomi and Nightwolf discuss that while they get to know each other better in the best way possible.. through Mortal Kombat!! - created on 16:48:40 01/27/2015 by Nightwolf and last modified on 22:19:16 01/27/2015. Cast: Nightwolf and Kiyomi.

The Ways of the Pack - With big changes coming for the Full Moon Society, Nightwolf begins to inform their members of what to expect of the future.. and what to be wary of their pasts. - created on 20:17:09 01/30/2015 by Nightwolf and last modified on 00:14:31 01/31/2015. Cast: Nightwolf and Azumi.

That Escalated Quickly - Eager to engage in combat once again, the werewolf Azumi thinks that challenging Nightwolf to a friendly spar will be just what she needs to get her groove back. Everything goes well until some vixen intrusion gives Azumi a lot more than she was bargaining for. - created on 15:12:04 02/03/2015 by Nightwolf and last modified on 20:00:30 02/03/2015. Cast: Nightwolf, Azumi, and Kiyomi.

Bastion - The Society's Secret Village comes to fruition, offering safety to its first few dozen Darkstalker refugees in search for a better life. To some, it is the dream that they thought was unable to be achieved. And to others, a place to fall back when all other doors have been closed. - created on 14:25:34 02/06/2015 by Nightwolf and last modified on 01:37:26 02/11/2015. Cast: Nightwolf, Azumi, and Kiyomi.

The Sound of Kombat - When Testament reaps havoc at the Sound Beach death metal concert, only one Defender of Earthrealm has the will and the drive to face him in single Kombat! Unfortunately for Nightwolf, that happens to be him. - created on 13:41:02 03/06/2015 by Nightwolf and last modified on 19:24:36 03/06/2015. Cast: Nightwolf and Testament.

Teenagers Scare the Crap Out of Me - Well, not necessarily a teenager but Mimiru's young enough. When out in the woods to greet more newcomers to Bastion Village, Nightwolf runs into Mimiru who's hoping to get some excitement by fighting Darkstalkers. Although successful in driving her off, Nightwolf knows that the pink haired girl roaming close to the hidden village can mean nothing but trouble to the Society in the future. - created on 14:00:40 04/10/2015 by Nightwolf and last modified on 19:22:41 04/10/2015. Cast: Mimiru and Nightwolf.

Invaders Must Die 2: Enemies at the Gate - With the Hunters Guild's intentions now evidently clear, the Full Moon Society prepares to defend itself. - created on 12:20:34 04/24/2015 by Nightwolf and last modified on 17:02:46 04/24/2015. Cast: Nightwolf and Raiden.

The Soldier and The Wolf - The shaman welcomes another visitor to the sorcerer's island. Though drawn to the tournament seemingly by pure coincidence, Sonya Blade will perhaps soon find out that her presence here was fater to be. - created on 14:46:04 09/11/2016 by Nightwolf and last modified on 16:37:03 09/11/2016. Cast: Nightwolf and Sonya.

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