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Description: When Felicia decides to leave the Shrine to brave the city again, Nightwolf doesn't take it too well. He decides to show her exactly how much too.



Long has it been since Nightwolf had to take for someone other than himself. The path of the Sin Eater is a lonely one by nature. There is little drive to go out of your way to form strong bonds with people knowing that the next day you might be dead, if you are lucky.

If Nightwolf is not lucky he might turn into a demon and kill those very same people he had form a bond with.

Not a whole lot of incentive to join a community of anything, let alone acquire friendships, or even something else.

However, Nightwolf has always known that disasters have this strange side effect of bring many people together, despite their personal journeys of solitude. The Outworld invasion is one such looming disaster, and it has thus caused Nightwolf to bring a lot of intriguing characters together to overcome it. People being together means having to expend more resources keeping that bond strong though, which has placed Nightwolf in the intriguing situation that he now has a lot of mouths to feed, like some kind of surrogate father of some sort. It is vexing, for sure, but hey, if the path of the Sin Eater was an easy one everyone would do it.

Normally there is little need for the Apache brave to hunt anything bigger than then odd rabbit. Today though, his blank eyes have spotted doe tracks nearby the shrine and he figured that it was high time they all had some venison. Rice and vegetables were only gonna get everyone so far.

Having perched himself on a tall tree branch, Nightwolf had descended on the unwary deer and rammed his energy knife on the back of its neck, giving it a quick merciful end. The Apache leans down to whisper a quick prayer and touch the deer's forehead. "Thank you for your sacrifice, sister. We will honor your tribute by keeping this realm safe."

Felicia didn't often come out into the forest. Not this far, anyway--for one, do you know how many ticks and god knows what else could get in one's hair out here? Yeah, there was that. She likely would not be too difficult to see coming a mile away, or sense, or smell. Sure, the catwoman kept herself clean, just well... she wasn't Nightwolf, especially not him in wolf form, with those instincts to avoid being downwind of prey, and all that.

As it turns out, she apparently has lucked out and found Nightwolf in one of the rare instances he's more man than wolf. "Uhm... hey?" her voice is announced as she realizes she's caught Nighty at a bit of a bad time, since apparently he's just gotten done with a uh, fast food acquirement.

"Did you really just shank that entire buck just now?" she's walking closer and standing there, kind of... surprised, if anything.

There is never a true time when the Apache is more man than wolf. Even now in his human form, he is squat over the bloodied corpse of a deer and was in the process of skinning it with a green glowing blade when he senses movement behind him and looks over his shoulder. Blank eyes narrowed and body tense, he adopts the pose of a predator ready to leap on an intruder. Ironic how he seems to be far more animalistic than the catwoman at times even he lacks the obvious physical traits that would mark him as a werewolf.

There's a wolf like growl coming from his chest, warning the intruder to back off just as a territorial hunter would do. Only to realize who is it exactly that managed to track him, the distinct cat scent mixed with other perfumes that Felicia uses telling the skinwalker who's approaching from behind even before he turns around.

"Felicia." Nightwolf straightens up, quickly banishing the bloodied energy knife he held on his hand. Much too quick in fact, it was clear he didn't want the cat-girl to look at it. "I had hoped to spare you this gruesome sight." Over-protective much?

"Sheesh, think I've never seen road kill before?" Felicia padded a bit closer, now more or less without any sign she'd been in the city--likely she'd stowed her jacket someplace. Right now she was just padding around on her bare, white furred feet. "Also take it easy, not going to try and take your kill," she grinned a little, likely realizing this was why he'd gotten so apprehensive when he'd sensed someone near. Predators tended to be more worried their food would be stolen than they were about trying to kill it. Was just how things were.

"Well, better haul Bambi up over there so you can skin and clean it, and all that, I do appreciate the fact you're hunting for us, but I came to talk to ya about somethin'," she apparently meant that she was going to wait a little until things were under way to get to the point, it seemed.

Nightwolf did notice that Felicia had become a tad more... feral.. since living in the Shrine. Gone were her dainty slippers and so were her big trenchcoat. The Apache didn't seem apprehensive how she opted to walk around, particularly because no one in the Shrine would judge her for it. He merely approved that Felicia felt no shame in her nature, the trappings of civilization always served to just dull the scenes in his opinion. Nightwolf would say he preferred this more open version of Felicia, although it was clear her time in the wild hadn't stop her from making pop cultural references at every turn. Even Nightwolf had to scoff when she called his kill Bambi.

"Hm, you are right, I should not have assumed." Considering he picked Felicia up when she was digging through the trash, the cat girl had probably seen her fair share of kills. "Reflex, sorry. I did not mean to growl." At least he realizes how territorial he sounded.

"Actually I was planning on butchering it here. It will be easier to carry." Normally a hunter leaves most of his tools back home and carries the kill there to dismember it in peace. Nightwolf, however, always has whatever he needs on him, as he shows by suddenly making an energy axe appear on his hand.

He twirls the tomahawk a bit before glancing at Felicia, eyebrows furrowing in concern. Felicia normally didn't sound this serious. It was curious to see her like this.

"What do you need to tell me?"

For one, sandals were hell to keep on when trying to run and track Nightwolf through a forest, and her jacket would have just gotten caught on branches and the like. She smiled a little at him as she crept closer, waving a hand as if to dismiss his fears. "No, it's alright, I understand mountain lions and cougars gotta eat too, us felines get hungry," she smirked, before nodding to him. "It's fine," she shook her head, moving to have a little bit of a seat in the grass.

"Well, I have been thinking I don't wanna be a parasite on your little civilization here, so I have heard of a talent agent I might be able to go to, to find a job, I mean," she nodded, looking up at him to make eye contact, even if he had those scary white lich eyes. "I just didn't want you to worry if I might not be around for a bit, is all."

When Felicia takes a seat on a spot of grass, Nightwolf kneels next to the deer to begin his work, albeit somewhat slowly since his focus is mostly set on the cat girl. He admittedly didn't know much of the girl's past even if she was very open about it, he knew of her aspirations as a star some day, and of her origins living in a nunnery, but very little other than that. Felicia wasn't exactly the secretive type. That might be something the Apache may be regretting now, considering how her tone of voice implies that she might be leaving, perhaps for good.

"You are no parasite, Felicia." He keeps his tone composed whilst he makes some small cuts on the deer to let it bleed out, it's lighter that way. "While you might think otherwise, we've enjoyed your company here. To me, at the very least, is a constant reminder of what I have always struggled to protect."

"But, it is understandable that you wish to make yourself useful, and you seem well set on your dreams to stardom. I can respect that level of dedication."

It's always hard to tell what Nightwolf is thinking, thanks in no small part to his so called scary white lich eyes, but also because he hardly ever makes facial expressions. This time though, he might look a bit.. sad.

"Know that you are always welcome to return here with us, should you ever need a place to stay."

"Well, it's more that I would rather... lessen the burden sorta on you and Raiden. I mean, you're a supernatural wolf spirit warrior and he's a god," she felt weird just saying that. When she was a little girl there was always the one god, how little we know, right? "Yeah, I knew you'd come looking for me if I just didn't say anything, so I kiiinda wanted to talk to ya to make ya not worry," she sighed a little and would try to help him lift the dead deer if he needed help with it. Somehow she didn't think he did.

"Well that's the thing, I'm not gonna try and be gone /too/ long, exactly, and if I run into any problems I'll come right back here, okay?" she tried her best hollywood cheerful grin, trying to lighten up the mood a little bit, or the atmosphere. With Nightwolf that was a little trickier, considering the whole wolf warrior spirit guide thing. "Aww c'mon, buck up, eh? well, figuratively," she gestured to the literal dead buck he was carrying.

Nightwolf stands from where he squats and holds a palm up to Felicia, silently telling her not to worry about the deer. It would take a moment longer before all the blood was drained, and though he doesn't really care much if blood spills all over his back, he rather avoid it if he can.

The pause suits him just fine, as it is a moment he would take to approach the cat kin. There's a slight chuckle that comes from him when she gives that 'possibly' unintended pun, though it quickly fades away as he stands before Felicia, his usual somber expression returning to his face. Even though this time it looked.. softer somehow.

"Sin Eater that I may be, I am ultimately a man in the end, Felicia. I admit that I have kept you here mostly because the thought of seeing you get hurt is a painful one."

"I understand that you have a dream to follow, but the city is a cruel place not fit to hold one as winsome as yourself."

Finally, Nightwolf's blank eyes widen and he places heavy hands on her shoulders. "Promise me that you will stay safe. It is all I ask." Over-protective and clingy to boot.

Felicia was not exactly unused to guys treating her like she was girly-girl (she could act like that at times, understandably) and unable to take care of herself or the like, but she didn't seem to think that, moreso that Nighty was being over-protective, which well, he was. She didn't mind that either, at the moment.

"I know, to be honest I'm surprised you've remained such a gentleman, really," she looked dreadfully honest about that too, even a bit surprised. This... might not seem as endearing a thing to Nighty as it comes across to Felicia, course, who has had to deal her whole life with people trying to pick her up or the like.

"A dream, and I'm not made for the woods, I'm a city cat, you can take the cat out of the city, but you can't take the city out of the cat, you know?" those white-furred feet stepped closer, coming up along his side as she leaned in to give him a smooch on the cheek, one foot nevertheless going back up and into the air~

"Mwah, I do appreciate the thought, you know that, right?" she leaned back, giving the Native American some space again.

Dealing with Felicia has been an experience alright.

Nightwolf doesn't think of her frail, the very fact that she's a Darkstalker means that she has some manner of power over non-fighter humans. However, she was just so.. bubbly? Regardless if she can fight or not, she was simply too outgoing and put herself in harms way too often. It didn't help that her aspiring profession forced her to deal with some of the most obnoxious people in the planet, i.e. actors. She had victim written all over her, and mixing that with Nightwolf's burning desire to protect everything and everyone was a recipe for disaster. Even if he tried not to, the shaman ended up treating her like she was made out of glass and he knew it.

Perhaps it was for the best... to let her resume her path, he had held her back for too long.

"I know." He sighs, still looking somewhat sad. The skinwalker doesn't even seem concerned about Felicia being surprised that he's been a gentleman. Because he knows /perfectly well/ what kind of people she deals with all the time.

He seems ready to release her, strong fingers letting go of her shoulders, white 'lich-like' eyes looking to the side, not bearing the sight of seeing her go.

And when he feels lips on his cheeks, something inside of him clicks and he turns abruptly to face her.

His hands suddenly grasp her firmly before she moves away, and he draws her back in with those powerful arms of his. If this is good-by he is doing it right, dang it.

Nightwolf presses his forehead against the catgirl's and presses his lips on hers softly, without force, if she wants to draw back she's perfectly capable of doing so.

"Ohh!" Felicia was definitely surprised by this, not having expected such passion from the stone-faced Native American spirit man. "Mmph, mphhh!" Felicia sounded like she was trying to say something through that kiss, but was likely cut-off before she could try, so... well, Nightwolf gets away with a 'real' kiss from her, more or less. Her cheeks blushing, her hands clasped against his shoulders and would try to go up for air after a certain amount of lip-lockage had commenced, the cat was athletic but she hadn't been expecting this!

"Mmn!" her tail whipping about, she'd try to finally crowbar the Nightwolf off her, though likely not before he'd already french'd her and more or less had her way. Wolves, like dogs apparently were like that. Once they got a hold of ya the best thing was just to let 'em finish.

"Nnnnn--bwah!" she finally would get herself back, panting even. "Damn, if that's what you're like casually I hate to see what you're like in a serious relationship!" she was still trying to catch her breath.

Had Felicia seen Nightwolf in some of his fights, she might have not been surprised by his sudden shown of fiery passion. However, she does know her dogs considerably well despite claiming ignorance all this time. Sure enough, the moment that Nightwolf senses that Felicia is not drawing away, he instantly wraps his iron like arms around her dainty waist and pulls her into his broad chest. Instincts suddenly cloud his mind as does her smell and he takes her for a blindingly passionate moment. It was not unlike a fight, once Nightwolf saw that opening he dived in and too as much advantage of it as he could.

Mental blindness is at best a fleeting moment for the composed shaman. Though his fires burned greatly he still managed to feel Felicia's strong tail attempting to pry him off and he complied, silently gasping for air too and shamelessly licking his lower lip. A rare sight indeed, Nightwolf was grinning quite viciously and let's just say that with his white eyes, face tattoos and large canine like teeth, it was a ferocious thing to look at. More wolf than man, for sure.

"Would you like to find out?" He says without skipping a beat to yet another opening he sees when Felicia asks him such a thing.

"Whew, thought you were changing into a boa constrictor there," Felicia likely had some business thinking that, considering how tightly he'd been pulling her against him. Once she's able to speak (and breathe) she settles down a little, using the back of her hand to wipe part of her chin off. Indian kisses were apparently not like Eskimo kisses, and were a lot more full on. "Hey don't be gettin' all wolf on me over there, this cat is not for eating," there was a joke in there somewhere, likely.

"W-wha?" when Nighty mentions relationship however, well, Felicia is really not sure how to deal with that. Sure, Nightwolf was nice and cantankerous and all that, but... "I uhh, might have to think about that a little, okay? You're a nice guy and all that.. besides don't you regularly spar with a lot of hot women? like that pornstar babe you talked about?" she grinned a little sheepishly, likely trying to find out how she could answer him without upsetting him.

The brave tucks his thumbs in his belt as he normally does when he's completely relaxed and shrugs his shoulders, lips pursed casually. "I beg to differ on that." Yes, he did just imply that Felicia is for eating. Nightwolf apparently has a sense of humor after all, at least when he's not in HUMANITY IS IN PERIL mode. Which is, admittedly, almost all the time.

"Take all the time you need to think about it." Nightwolf may or may not have been kidding, but he still puts that out there because he might as well. Perhaps the whole reality of the situation is that he knew Felicia would turn him down and he just wanted to know how it feels to ask someone out at some point. Whichever the case, it doesn't seem to affect him any and he turns to tuck his foot under the fallen buck, kick it up in the air, and carry the whole corpse on his shoulder like a sack of potatoes.

He scoffs when Felicia mentions Jezebel, looks like she's still haunting him even this far. "I fight whoever challenges me." Says he simply. "And she was not particularly attractive."

"Not like you."

Huh, bold.

Hauling the deer off he begins to walk back to the Shrine. "Come, at least let me give you some supplies for your journey."

"Are you sure? huh, okay..." Felicia still blushes, though it's unclear at this point if it is due to the asking for a relationship at this point or the compliment. "Oh you," she stepped back and let him move, likely helping him grab the deer, nodding.

"Alright, I won't need much, but I promise to eat what you give me to take along, okay?" she knew that was important, the Native Americans were very much not about waste. But then she was going to be in the city, so hauling around too much meat would be a bit awkward.

"Lets go then, should make sure Raiden eats too before I leave," she grinned.

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