IKNOWYOU'REAWEREWOLF!! Nobody has that much hair! - Frederick goes off the handle! Yun explodes with teenage power and skates on a psychopath! Will Hurly Burly ever land?? Tune in to find out! (Yun's new beginning as a vigilante superhero starts here!) - created on 01:00:45 11/13/2014 by Frederick and last modified on 05:03:40 11/13/2014. Cast: Yun and Frederick.

AGODDAMNED-- god. A god. Fred Meets A God. - RAIDEN HAS COME TO EARTH and Frederick (actually the lowest CHA member of the Illuminati) has been tapped to meet him. Luckily, Frederick is holding steady between 'crashing' and 'trying to organize an enormous party'. Special guest appearances by Alan and Robo-Tran. - created on 21:19:52 12/05/2014 by Frederick and last modified on 01:52:41 12/06/2014. Cast: Frederick and Raiden.

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