The Bubble Bursts - Rose takes a bath, Alma paints. Art is furthered, as are dark schemes (to eat on Kensou's dime). - created on 19:13:00 11/07/2014 by Rose and last modified on 00:38:42 11/08/2014. Cast: Alma and Rose.

Noodles With A Side Of Cop - A chance encounter at a noodle stand turns questionable Southtown policing... into a hope for the future! Also, an Italian woman is denied dinner. - created on 21:42:25 12/02/2014 by Rose and last modified on 03:34:17 01/05/2015. Cast: Rose and Chun-Li.

What Matters Is Vidya - Mysterious inspiration leads Rose to lay in wait for an agent of Shadoloo. Unfortunately for her, it's Cammy. | The orders of Lord Vega send the Killer Bee out to disable a troublesome local law enforcement official. Unfortunately for her, it's Rose. - created on 20:22:51 12/16/2014 by Rose and last modified on 01:43:28 12/17/2014. Cast: Rose and Cammy.

Trump NIN: The Shinobi - In which it is proven that ninja sneakiness trumps romany alertness, and in which matters involving dolls are discussed. But not the good kind, like you want. - created on 23:02:51 12/23/2014 by Rose and last modified on 00:17:22 12/27/2014. Cast: Rose and Ibuki.

Zach Glenn vs. Linear Time - In which Zach Glenn shops for a coat... and instead, purchases MYSTERY. Will the secret ways of the Tarot reveal the truth of reality, or will it simply make things confused in a welter of phallic metaphors? - created on 23:23:30 01/06/2015 by Rose and last modified on 02:13:29 01/07/2015. Cast: Rose and Zach Glenn.

Atu METRO: The Cody - In which CODY emerges from a DUMPSTER to have his fortune read. His fortune is CRIME but also POLITICAL SUCCESS? Either way he scammed lunch off of Rose, a notorious soft touch. - created on 20:54:29 11/11/2018 by Mercedes and last modified on 00:23:23 11/12/2018. Cast: Cody and Rose.

Reading In Liguria - Rose runs into Sol Badguy while camping out in an abandoned town. Why is she here? Well, why is anyone anywhere. - created on 21:04:38 07/29/2019 by Rose and last modified on 00:57:19 07/30/2019. Cast: Rose and Sol Badguy.

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