Full Name:Zach Glenn
Weight:160 lbs.
Blood Type:B+
Hometown:Cleveland, Ohio
Eye Color:Green
Hair Color:White
Date of Birth:Aug 5
Hobbies:Training, Reading
Favorite Food:Yes.
Likes:Stability, Personal Discipline
Dislikes:Lack of Control, Property Damage
Best Sport:Long Distance Running
OOC Data
Game:Original Character
Voice Actor:Steve Blum
Theme Song:Light the Fire Up in the Night ~DARKHOUR~

Zach Glenn

"Hard work will get you through just about anything."

A steady tempered and practical fighter, Zach Glenn was a staple of the professional fighting scene, charging up to the quarter-finals of the King of Fighters on at least one occasion. Besides fighting in front of the camera, the man has helped against numerous threats to humanity, both worldly and supernatural. His eclectic fighting style blends MCMAP fundamentals with a seemingly endless number of psychic blades, each wielded with brutal effectiveness. Now retired, Zach Glenn dedicates himself to working with his hands by tending to a small forge and occasionally venturing out to deal with patches of trouble. Stoic and focused, Zach seldom seems like the kind of man who would keep putting himself in harm's way for the sake of others, yet it happens again and again. Just what is he doing now, and where will he go from here?

Style:Soul Smithing
Signature Move:Explosive Strike -- PHYSICAL ENERGY
Signature Ability:VIGOR -- INNERVATE

Recent Logs

Black Dragon TDH - Hell To Pay - With the Casino being taken down, Duke gets his lead to his stolen artifact: acquired by the NOL during their raid, and placed in the Heritage Museum for safe keeping. Organizing the heist to procure it, he personally oversees the effort. The heist starts off without any hangups. But Duke quickly finds himself faced with what seems to be a direct assassination attempt by a posse wrangled by a man with a vendetta. Responding with brute force, the crime boss finds himself in a trap that only tightens the more he struggles. - Log created on 10:44:57 07/22/2020 by Duke, and last modified on 15:18:04 10/06/2020. Cast: Duke, Alba, Terry, Zach Glenn, and Abigail.

Establishing Contact - Millia Rage tracks down Zach Glenn in Southtown. A contract killer seeks out the psychic knight errant. What is her purpose? Is Zach Glenn safe anywhere from those that want to kill him? - Log created on 14:43:33 06/08/2020 by Millia Rage, and last modified on 14:17:49 06/09/2020. Cast: Zach Glenn and Millia Rage.

Black Dragon R4 - Shadow Games - Informed by the NOL of the power plant and it's crucial energy flowing to the shield around the Dragon's Den, Zach assembles his small team and attempts to aid the assault on the facility. Sneaking past the front lines, they make for the control center of the plant to try and end things with one quick stroke. However, he quickly discovers that the mercenary queen has more than mindless monsters and run-of-the-mill henchmen waiting to deal with just such an infiltration attempt. - Log created on 13:33:48 05/25/2020 by Angel, and last modified on 17:39:37 05/25/2020. Cast: Zach Glenn and Kira Volkov.

Black Dragon R3 - The Harom Shuffle - After escaping from Kira's clutches, Alba wanders off and stumbles upon a household near the refugee camp, loaded with Raven Guards. When they move to capture him, Zach intervenes, and a peculiar opportunity arises for all of them. - Log created on 18:47:15 05/11/2020 by Kim, and last modified on 17:26:04 05/18/2020. Cast: Alba, Zach Glenn, and Bela.

Black Dragon R3 - A Dirty Job - Despite his disdain for her methods, Alba finds himself pinned under the thumb of his new employer. Though she spared him the disgrace of taking part in the assault on the unsuspecting NOL strike team, his first task under her command is no less unsavory. With most of the NOL's spare forces taken out of the picture, Kira directs the young gangster to lead his men on an assault on one of the safe houses that has been established for civilians with the intent to capture as many of them as possible. But, while there may not be any soldiers left to defend them, at least one person is present who has the strength to object to this despicable act! - Log created on 13:08:11 05/02/2020 by Zach Glenn, and last modified on 19:45:57 05/02/2020. Cast: Alba and Zach Glenn.

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