Full Name:Terry Bogard
Weight:169lbs (77kg)
Blood Type:O
Eye Color:Blue
Hair Color:Blonde
Date of Birth:March 15
Hobbies:Playing Video Games. Trawling. Wall Painting (Graffiti!).
Personal Treasures:Jeff's Gloves.
Favorite Food:Fast Food. Rock's Clubs.
Likes:Jeff's Gloves. Vintage Jeans. Ukee. Red Trucker Caps.
Dislikes:Slugs. Geese Howard.
Best Sport:Basketball
Love Interests:Free Food. Women with Free Food.
OOC Data
Game:Fatal Fury
Status:Currently Played
Theme Song:


"Are you okay?!"

Terry Bogard is a living success story in many ways. Born and raised in Southtown, his father Jeff Bogard was killed by Geese when Terry was quite young. Motivated by vengeance, Terry took up the martial arts by training in unsanctioned street fights against many of the punks and criminals on the streets. While Terry's fighting style is mostly based on what his father had taught him, combined with education in "the school of hard knocks", he has risen to become one of the most legendary fighters around. Though his vigorous training regimen is still driven by the need to avenge his father, he's occasionally reminded by friends to balances his training with a good amount of relaxing and friendship. It isn't at all uncommon to see him play basketball with kids in a park, or enjoy a light drink with a friend. He seems to have a romantic interest in Blue Mary, one that is returned by her, but how far this relationship may go is up for anyone to guess. He's also kept in touch with his younger brother Andy, and his friends Mai Shiranui and Joe Higashi. Of note, few can seem to agree what Terry's nickname really is. Some call him the "Lonely Wolf", others the "Hungry Wolf", and others still the "Legendary Wolf."

Signature Move:Burn Knuckle -- PHYSICAL ENERGY
Signature Ability:SECOND_WIND -- RALLY


Terry was an orphan, growing up on the streets of Southtown with his younger brother, Andy. Together, they were adopted by a martial artist named Jeff Bogard. There was a moment, when Terry was ten, that his world was rocked to the core. While playing outside, Terry realized he'd lost his trucker cap. Running back to get it, he watched in horror as Geese Howard murdered his father right before his eyes. Terry rushed to his father's side and watches as Geese drove off like it was nothing. Jeff returned Terry's hat to his head before dying in Terry's arms.

It was that moment that shaped the next few years of Terry's life.

Terry made a vow with his brother to avenge their father's death. The next decade of his life was dedicated to training and learning how to fight in order to do just that. Terry took a more street fighting approach to his training. While he had trained in various fighting styles and combines them all with Hakkyokuseiken to give himself a unique style while punching his way up through the streets.

Terry Bogard is determined to avenge his father's death. And there's not a damn thing anybody can do to stop him. Before that, though, Terry Bogard's going to live life to the fullest and not waste even a single day.

Recent Logs

Black Dragon R1 - Junkyard Wolves - As chaos breaks out across all of Southtown, one of the city's most famous protectors rushes to shield the innocent civilians from a horde of wild beasts. Following the sounds of panic, Terry rushes onto the site of an old construction yard where a half-dozen slavering werewolves have cornered a handful of school children, eager to pick off the weakest from the herd. Can the Lonely Wolf overcome a deadly wolf pack and save the day again? - Log created on 22:30:05 03/31/2020 by Hayley, and last modified on 23:48:15 04/04/2020. Cast: Terry and Hayley.

Prelims 2 - The Mongrels vs Team WTF - A battle for the ages between legends and and upstarts alike in scenic North Carolina! Team WTF faces the fearsome duo that is Team Mongrel! Explosions, ninjas, waterfalls! - Log created on 03:04:38 06/20/2019 by Zach Glenn, and last modified on 12:04:23 06/27/2019. Cast: Terry, Cody, Zach Glenn, Rust, and Michael.

Prelims 1 - Team Kaka vs The Mongrels - Cats versus canines as Mongrel Team and Team Kaka square off in the underworld of Metro City. Which team of world wandering heroes and fugitives will come out on top? Will the Legendary Hungry Wolf defeat the One Eyed Twin Tail Lotus? Can the former Hound of the NOL take down the Fallen Hero of her own hometown? Will Taokaka go hungry? Some of this and maybe more will be answered in this round of KoF 2019! - Log created on 00:27:14 06/07/2019 by Clio, and last modified on 01:20:37 06/18/2019. Cast: Terry, Cody, Clio, and Jubei.

KOF: A Night At The Opera - Two blonde fighters investigate an opera house said to be a base of operations for the Southtown Syndicate; except they are both using the same alias. After some clearing up, Cody and Terry team up to fight Syndicate goons and leave a message: they will be coming for them. - Log created on 14:20:53 06/01/2019 by Cody, and last modified on 17:32:30 06/01/2019. Cast: Terry and Cody.

TBT Act 2 - Wrangling Wolves - An unlikely culprit smuggles a Hungry Wolf back into Southtown, because what Southtown needs right now is another wildcard! - Log created on 00:21:40 09/04/2018 by Kain, and last modified on 17:59:22 09/04/2018. Cast: Terry and Kain.

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