Full Name:Terry Bogard
Weight:169lbs (77kg)
Blood Type:O
Eye Color:Blue
Hair Color:Blonde
Date of Birth:March 15
Hobbies:Playing Video Games. Trawling. Wall Painting (Graffiti!).
Personal Treasures:Jeff's Gloves.
Favorite Food:Fast Food. Rock's Clubs.
Likes:Jeff's Gloves. Vintage Jeans. Ukee. Red Trucker Caps.
Dislikes:Slugs. Geese Howard.
Best Sport:Basketball
Love Interests:Free Food. Women with Free Food.
OOC Data
Game:Fatal Fury
Status:Available for Apps
Theme Song:


"Are you okay?!"

Terry Bogard is a living success story in many ways. Born and raised in Southtown, his father Jeff Bogard was killed by Geese when Terry was quite young. Motivated by vengeance, Terry took up the martial arts by training in unsanctioned street fights against many of the punks and criminals on the streets. While Terry's fighting style is mostly based on what his father had taught him, combined with education in "the school of hard knocks", he has risen to become one of the most legendary fighters around. Though his vigorous training regimen is still driven by the need to avenge his father, he's occasionally reminded by friends to balances his training with a good amount of relaxing and friendship. It isn't at all uncommon to see him play basketball with kids in a park, or enjoy a light drink with a friend. He seems to have a romantic interest in Blue Mary, one that is returned by her, but how far this relationship may go is up for anyone to guess. He's also kept in touch with his younger brother Andy, and his friends Mai Shiranui and Joe Higashi. Of note, few can seem to agree what Terry's nickname really is. Some call him the "Lonely Wolf", others the "Hungry Wolf", and others still the "Legendary Wolf."

Signature Move:Burn Knuckle -- PHYSICAL ENERGY
Signature Ability:BURST -- INFUSE

Recent Logs

[Dead or Alive] DOA R2 - Sagat vs Terry - He is the only man to discard the title of Emperor only to vie for God. Sagat is not a man overly concerned with the affairs of Shadaloo, but he is not so solitary that he wouldn't be aware Shadaloo's deadly spider has gone rogue at about the same time that psychic emanations ripple all over the globe. Whether or not he cares is another matter entirely. The Dead or Alive World Combat Championship offers a chance to test his skills on the world stage against every manner of opponent. And among those is the Legendary Wolf, Terry Bogard. In the Aqua Palace, a reinforced underwater aquarium off the coat of Australia, two fighters meet in utter seclusion. - Log created on 19:46:54 02/22/2022 by Sagat, and last modified on 23:29:02 03/09/2022. Cast: Terry and Sagat.

[Neo League 0165] NL Season 7 Grand Final: Terry vs Lyraelle - Fighting in the Hippodrome, will the heat of the Neo League finals boil away all the water? Will the stage even hold up?! Will the Hungry Wolves' passionate, individualized fans devour the manic efficiency of the Demon Queen's own Minions? Tune in to find out! - Log created on 18:42:56 09/09/2021 by Terry, and last modified on 22:36:39 09/11/2021. Cast: Terry and Lyraelle.

[Neo League 0165] NL Season 7 Finals: Terry vs Upsilon - A tremendous show of force and fury! "The Wandering Wolf" Terry Bogard takes on NESTs representative Agent Upsilon for the chance at Neo-League finals glory! Will the power of science overcome the mighty vagabond? Tune in yo find out! - Log created on 12:08:14 08/31/2021 by Upsilon, and last modified on 01:32:27 09/05/2021. Cast: Terry and Upsilon.

[Neo League 0165] NL Season 7 Quarterfinals: Terry vs. Aranha - The Lone Wolf faces The Dancing Spider under the Southtown Overpass. The fight ends up being a brutal slugfest that is much closer than the odds makers had expected. (Winner: Terry) - Log created on 16:01:22 08/20/2021 by Aranha, and last modified on 22:06:24 08/24/2021. Cast: Terry and Aranha.

[SNF 2021.07] SNF: Terry vs Victor Ortega - "The PAIN in SPAIN" - Upon an elaborate ship, an ancient legend seeks to test himself against the Legendary Wolf; who will reign supreme in a battle between the proverbial and literal titan?! - Log created on 21:09:26 07/12/2021 by Terry, and last modified on 12:10:10 07/23/2021. Cast: Terry and Victor Ortega.

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