Hungry Wolf....Wolves? - With the King of Fighters slowly approaching Terry Bogard found himself still looking for reliable team mates after his tempting of Mai didn't work out like he had hoped. He at least found a suitable partner in the young Rock Howard who seems eager to jump into the fray and show off his own abilities. What Terry didn't expect was the strange detective in white, Brandon Malone, approaching them with a story that seems to confirm Terry's gut instinct about there being something shady perhaps going on in the background. Perhaps not the usual team mates that would join Terry, but none the less the Hungry Wolves are formed again. - created on 18:07:59 07/23/2017 by Terry and last modified on 10:30:34 07/24/2017. Cast: Rock, Terry, and Brandon.

Ninja Are Bad, mmkay? - During the King of Fighters Quarterfinal match a battered Terry was informed someone tried to assassinate fellow team mate Brandon and had to leave Rock under the watchful eye of Duck King to go check on the PI. The assailant is a familiar face and while Terry has no idea how to find Fumiyo he certainly has an idea on someone who can help. Now if only he can make sure Brandon finds a way to get ahold of Mai. - created on 16:50:30 09/12/2017 by Terry and last modified on 20:03:55 09/14/2017. Cast: Terry and Brandon.

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