Was it just a dream? - [CUTSCENE] : Was it all just a dream? Mimiru awakens from what felt like the most vivid dream she's ever had. Alas, returning to reality takes its toll on her as there seems to have a drastic difference between the Mimiru of her dream and the Mimiru of the reality. - created on 12:01:20 11/06/2014 by Mimiru and last modified on 12:04:19 11/06/2014. Cast: Mimiru.

Old Frienemies 2 - Gabriel and Mimiru finally arrives at her new appartment : a luxurious place. While helping her moving her things, Gabriel finally realizes the extend of Mimiru's depravities... - created on 20:44:27 11/20/2014 by Mimiru and last modified on 22:35:52 11/20/2014. Cast: Gabriel and Mimiru.

A night in jail - After her last fight with Slayer, Mimiru ends up in jail for the stolen identity trick. Unfortunately, this means she has to meet up with her mother, Yoko, who will more than likely have a word with her for her reckless behaviour. - created on 15:28:28 01/06/2015 by Mimiru and last modified on 20:38:31 01/06/2015. Cast: Mimiru and Yoko.

First Darkstalker Hunt - Thanks to Amy, Mimiru is discovering a new world of possibility! It is like a dream come true as she ventures in a castle and finds an horrible fiend inside. This is her chance to prove her value and fight off this demon! Poor Walter... He's about to discover the Holy Order's secret weapon : Mimiru Kasagi's eccentricity! - created on 16:31:22 02/18/2015 by Mimiru and last modified on 21:11:24 02/18/2015. Cast: Alma, Mimiru, and Walter.

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