The Artifact That The Scholar Refused - A recently acquired dagger is the cause of many complications. In order for a scholar to archive it, he has to get around the nasty spirit willing to possess the user and the fact that it is wanted as the murder weapon in recent crime. In order for the police to test the dagger they not only have to get around the previously mentioned spirit and the fact that it's wanted for archival. And what role will that mysterious woman play in how things will turn out? - created on 20:20:17 01/22/2017 by Brandon and last modified on 08:55:58 01/23/2017. Cast: Chun-Li, Stray, and Brandon.

When a Dame Walked Into the Office - Isn't a noir mystery supposed to start with a dame walking into the office? Well in this case, she shows up in the middle of it. What does she want and how does it involve that strange dagger that Brandon Malone recently acquired? - created on 13:50:42 01/24/2017 by Brandon and last modified on 23:41:22 01/25/2017. Cast: Chun-Li and Brandon.

Weird Times We Live In - Former team mates exchange emails about comas with potentially supernatural origins and the up coming King of Fighters tournament. - created on 19:13:28 06/03/2017 by Brandon and last modified on 15:12:01 07/27/2017. Cast: Trish and Brandon.

V-Gage Discoveries - Nagase has some info that Brandon could use. Brandon just received his V-Gage. After conversation that runs the gamut from videogames to questionable materials possibly in consoles. Brandon fires up the V-Gage for the first time to find out if that free pizza is good. - created on 12:46:59 06/23/2017 by Brandon and last modified on 07:14:39 06/28/2017. Cast: Nagase and Brandon.

Shipping and Handling - Moondyne Mouse is looking to move HitBit equipment from Sunshine City. The problem is that she has encountered an individual with a vested interest in making sure that technology doesn't fall in the wrong hands. - created on 16:23:02 07/09/2019 by Brandon and last modified on 00:15:26 07/11/2019. Cast: Brandon and Moondyne.

Salting the Earth - While there's a lot of work to be done to repair the still closed off Metro City Park, he finds interference in the form of a rocker salting the already barren earth. Afterwards, there's an invitation to something big going down in Southtown. - created on 11:37:45 03/16/2020 by Brandon and last modified on 10:26:31 03/17/2020. Cast: Brandon and Crock.

Being the Gun or the Bullet - Brandon once again finds himself seeking out the counsel of his mentor in dealing with Metro City Park's current condition. In addition, he gives the mentor a heads up as to impending situation heading in Southtown's direction. - created on 19:07:13 03/22/2020 by Brandon and last modified on 11:07:10 03/26/2020. Cast: Trish and Brandon.

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