Aliases:One-Eyed Twin Lotus
Age:Old as dirt
Height:123 cm (4'3")
Weight:25 kg (55 lbs)
Blood Type:O
Eye Color:Red (left), n/a (right)
Hair Color:Charcoal grey and white fur
Date of Birth:Sept 3
Personal Treasures:Family and friends, above all
Dislikes:Setaria viridis (wild foxtail millet)
Love Interests:Nine (wife, deceased[??!]), Kokonoe (daughter)
OOC Data
Status:Available for Apps
Voice Actor:Masaki Terasoma / Kirk Thornton
Theme Song:Stand Unrivaled


"It is not one's strength or speed that determines the outcome of battle. In the end, it is defined by one's ability to adapt, and their experience to support it."

Amongst all living creatures, and many who consider themselves divine or transcendent, Jubei is believed to be beyond a legend, but a mythological force of nature. His true name is Mitsuyoshi, the One-Eyed Twin Lotus, a being that has utterly mastered the blade and physical strength to the absolute limit. He lost his eye long ago, but beneath his eyepatch, he recently acquired the Sekigan, able to paralyze or manifest even immortal and untouchable beings. Beyond such, he wields the Dream Blades: Musashi, one of the Nox Nyctores dreaded for completely overwhelming the mind and soul of the user, yet not seeming even to affect him. One of incredibly few Darkstalkers to manifest a soul of matchless power in the leagues of those like Morrigan, even amongst the Six Heroes who slayed the Black Beast in another time he existed in a league of his own. Some of the mightiest and most influential individuals to live barely survived his training regiment and an entire race of beings created for war was based on his DNA, testament to his supremacy. Although often gruff and casual even in combat, when he removes his hood and eyepatch to assume an earnest stance, none can entirely resist the monstrous aura of his battle potential. He is also known for being a bipedal slender normal-looking feline of short human size with two tails.

Style:Ikken Niten Ichi-ryu
Signature Move:Divine Form -- PHYSICAL COUNTER
Signature Ability:PRESENCE -- ECLIPSE

NOL Bounty Data

Jubei AKA: One-Eyed Twin Lotus
Class: SBounty: $955,000.00
WANTED DEAD OR ALIVE Darkstalker wanted in connection with several mass murders, massive destruction of government and privately owned property, and for open war against NOL and its affiliates. Also known to be in possession of a powerful magic artifact that needs to be locked away for the public good.

Recent Logs

Leaving on a Jet Plane - in the aftermath of the the King of Fighters Tournament, a student and master hold discussions with one another. The inklings of a reality once forgotten begin to come to light. As well as the growing arcane darkness on the horizon. Amid that, feelings of helplessness and a struggling fugitive has to learn from a more experienced wanderer. - Log created on 09:48:05 01/03/2020 by Clio, and last modified on 10:29:42 01/16/2020. Cast: Clio and Jubei.

Semifinal 2 - USA Sports Team vs Team Kaka - To many, the selection of Belgrade Fortress as the site for a King of Fighters semifinal match would seem eccentric as best. But perhaps the shadowy KOF 2019 organizers had something particular in mind for the battle between Team Kaka and the USA Sports Team... - Log created on 09:56:38 09/22/2019 by Jubei, and last modified on 18:22:27 10/09/2019. Cast: Hakumen, Clio, and Jubei.

Quarterfinal 4 - Team Aesop vs Team Kaka - The fourth quarterfinal match for KOF 2019 sets the stage for an awkward set of reunions in Southtown's Heritage Museum. Clio's Kaka Clan disguise has held up until now, but will it pass the scrutiny of Hazama, a former superior officer of hers? And whatever will Corporal Kaneko do when one of the Librarium's most wanted criminals is right there within reach? - Log created on 10:47:37 08/01/2019 by Clio, and last modified on 09:23:18 09/15/2019. Cast: Hazama, Clio, Jubei, and Renka.

Prelims 1 - Team Kaka vs The Mongrels - Cats versus canines as Mongrel Team and Team Kaka square off in the underworld of Metro City. Which team of world wandering heroes and fugitives will come out on top? Will the Legendary Hungry Wolf defeat the One Eyed Twin Tail Lotus? Can the former Hound of the NOL take down the Fallen Hero of her own hometown? Will Taokaka go hungry? Some of this and maybe more will be answered in this round of KoF 2019! - Log created on 00:27:14 06/07/2019 by Clio, and last modified on 01:20:37 06/18/2019. Cast: Terry, Cody, Clio, and Jubei.

Foundations - Heroics in the Subways of Metro City and training between master and student lead to conversations about where to go from the shadows, and what the upcoming King of Fighters Tournament can mean to those who hide from the world. - Log created on 02:45:36 05/08/2019 by Clio, and last modified on 11:23:26 05/18/2019. Cast: Clio and Jubei.

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