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Jack Turner (1 log)

Black Dragon TDH - Save The Girl

Jack-O' (14 logs)

Jack Out of the Box
Act 3 Mission 4: Hollow Win
Pumpkins are the worst!
Experiment Log #2016 - My Valentine
Golden Angel R2 Party - Fashion Week?
Thanks, Anime!
Dance Dance Friendvolution!
P-BBB 2018 - Mighty Number One - Mai vs Jack-O'
Gal Pals
Permutations and Pappardelle
The Perils of Possibility and Pugillusionism

Jacky (3 logs)

SNF: Rondo Of Blood
Worldwide Pro Belt Match - Rainbow Mika vs Jacky

Jade (1 log)

When Needed

Jae Hoon (17 logs)

Lesson One: How to Mom Your Way Out of a Fight
The School of Hard Knocks
NL#0166: Jae Hoon vs Juliet
Give it your all!
NL#0170: Jae Hoon Vs Mitsuru
A Monstrous Outing
NL#0174: Jae Hoon vs Tarmo
NL#0178: Jae Hoon vs Aranha
NL#0183: Jae Hoon vs Lyraelle
The Concerns of a Friend
NL#0193: Jae vs Banyu
Disguise Self
Between Friends
NL#0200: Jae Hoon vs Kula
Neo-League Finals with Upsilon
DOA R1 - Jae Hoon vs Hayley
DOA R2 - Juri vs Jae Hoon

Jaguar King (3 logs)

SNF: Jaguar King vs Brian in King of the Hill?
An Audience With The King (Jaguar)
B6 Qualifier Match: Hungry Wolves vs Masked Men

Jam (16 logs)

All I wanted was some Curry Udon!
The Jam and the Wolf
Dearest, Those Steamed Pork Buns Would Be -Divine-
The Coolest Chef Ever
Preparing for the Hunt
SNF: Exhibition - Taiyo High
SNF: Southtown Winter Prom
SNF: Let Them Cheer Until They Bleed
Southtown Dining
Meeting Destiny
Let's Go Out For Chinese
Taming the Jellyfish
TIP - Week 1 - Grand Opening
TIP - Week 2 - Hunting for Mermaids
BLITZ: The Running (Wo)Man
SNF: Hotaru vs Jam in "Hot Dog Battle!"

Jax (3 logs)

Shop Talk
Mission: Midnight Channel

Jedah (38 logs)

Mission #5: Determination's Daybreak
Say Hello To The New Boss
Tale 1 - Into The Pit
Mission #8: Darkness' Conspiracy
Tale 2 - Child of the Night
The Cruise To Nowhere
Of Things To Come
The Vixen and the Savior
[UG:Week 1] Buzz About Town
[UG:Week 1] Personal Invitation
[UG:Prologue] Hailing The Queen
[UG:Week 1] Down By The River
[UG:Prologue] Return of the Tall Hero
[UG:Week 3] The Hand of Dohma
[UG:Week 3] Tending To Wounds
[UG:FINAL] Towering Heights
Uninvited Guest
The Death Of Good Manners
Tree Rings
KOF: KOFallout
KOF Stage 1: Team Interpol vs Team Sunshine
Daniel Jack Investigates: A Tower of Betrayal!
First Flight of the Bloodreaver Squadron
Eyes Turned Skyward
Deadly Alliance
The Ladykiller: Hell To Pay
A Zombie, An Assassin, and A Mad Scientist
Act 2: Mission 7 - Paved By Good Intentions
The Crimson Circle
Act 3, Mission 5 - In Shadow's Clutches
Darque de Triomphe
TBT Act 2 - Darkness Reigns
TBT Act 3 - Dark Councils
A Dance With Devils

Jeremiah (3 logs)

SNF: Jin vs Jeremiah/Mila in Mishima Beach Party!
Jeremiah and Lump in: "That Snake Can Jump!"
SNF: The Rock Show

Jezebel (59 logs)

SNF: Beauty vs the Beast!
The Lightning Spangles Thanksgiving Special
Face Yourself, Lightning Spangles
PFW: Western Pro - Widow vs Lightning Spangles
So You Wanna Be A Dillo?
TIP W1 - Showup Hoedown Posse vs Going Commando
TIP - Week 3 - Casinopolis
TIP: Fish, Smores, and Bad Romance
TIP - Week 3 - Goochi Goochi Duo vs Showup Posse
Off The Wagon
TIP - Week 4 - Jezebel/Cage vs Tran/Tran
Showup Hoedown Friends
Unwanted Visitors
PFW: Western Pro - C. Jack vs L. Spangles
The Last Days of Lightning Spangles
Dead End Kids
Cinderella For A Day
A Lady Who's Sure
SNF: Roll Up Hoe Down! Pepper vs Jezebel
SNF: Jezebel vs Sergei in: Lamb Chop's Slayalong
SNF: The Hunter vs Jezebel in Summer Frights!
Jezebel vs MURDERHOUSE in Check Your Privilege!
Naedora's box
One Naeght In Bangkok
Naerly Nothing
Long Dreams Of Dreamers
Fall Into Failure
GAUNTLET: Blue Pro Belt #4
GAUNTLET: Blue Pro Belt #6 - Kazuki vs Jezebel
Exotica Sands! MUNIN vs JEZEBEL
In The Glorification Of Youth
Cheeseburger in Paradise
A Spider in the Ointment
Bury Me At Boot Hill
Act 3: Mission 22) Starring Spangled Banner
A Lightning Spangles Christmas Carol
Golden Angel R1 - Mantisman vs Jezebel
Golden Angel R2 - Jezebel vs Sally Swagger
Illyria Act 1 - Secrets Bared
SNF: You Want Fries With That?
SNF: Adopt A Spangles
Bountiful Harvest
Blue Pro Belt Match: Lightning Spangles vs BB Hood
Ballad of a Teenage Queen
TBT Act 1 - Dropping Subtle Hints
TBT Act 2 - Welcome To Creeptown
TBT Act 2 - Entrapment
TBT Act 2 - Sweet Dreams
TBT Act 2 - We Are Family
TBT Act 3: Where Dreams Go To Die
Saddled Up
Just My Twilight Life: The Circus Is Missing!
SNF - What Happens To A Casino
NL#0146: Tairyu vs Jezebel
NL0155: Tsinghua vs Jezebel
NL#0159: Jezebel vs Olivia
Yonkoma - 4-22-22 - Jezebel vs Karin

Jin Kazama (10 logs)

A Mishima Family Christmas
Inter-High School Tournament: Kyo vs Jin
Inter-High School Tournament: Jin vs Daigo
SNF: Jin vs Jeremiah/Mila in Mishima Beach Party!
Act 2: Mission 11 -- The Shining Path
Act 2: Mission 31) Hell To Pay - Jin vs Duke
Kin of Iron Fists
Act 3: Mission 15) Nancy Boys - Jin vs Sub-Zero

Jin Kisaragi (2 logs)

Illyria Act 1 - Establishing Footholds
Lincoln Tunnel Escapade

Jira (28 logs)

Southtown Hustle: Teatime or Fight time?!
Rainbow Mika's Chinatown Throwdown!
SNF: "Now.. my Plagues."
The eerie reading of Kasagi Jira
SNF: Too Many Cooks
Cross of Legions
Lights, Camera, Kasagi?
SNF: Definately Not Swimsuit Season
Home away from Home
NL#0006: Mila vs Jira
SNF: Catacombs Most Foul
Cleanup on aisle Kasagi.
SNF: Rainbowmania Rising
NL#0030: Scratch vs Jira
A Mysterious Benefactor
Home interview! Tiger's inspection of the Kasagi!
Forest fight! Akabara vs Shinma!
TIP - Week 2 - Hunting for Mermaids
TIP - Week 2 - Medusa Beach!
Kasagi in the Tiger's domain!
TIP - Week 3 - Extreme Beach Volleyball
Possession is Nine Tenths of the Law
SNF: Showgirls!
SNF: Protecting your loved ones
SNF: Let Me Take A Selfie
SNF: Baking Bad
SNF: Oliver Twisted

Joe (2 logs)

PFW: Eastern Champion - Zach Glenn vs Joe Higashi
The New Emperor of Muay Thai

John Crawley (3 logs)

Sunset Over Southtown
Streets of Cage
Meet The Meat

Johnny (1 log)

Two on a Raft

Johnny Cage (44 logs)

What Goes Around...
Moonlight Party
From Star to Hero
West Coast Watersports 13: Relieving Las Vegas
PFW: Western Champion - Nightwolf vs Johnny Cage
Do You Believe In Magic?
The Cage of Justice
So You Wanna Be A Dillo?
A Poisonous Buffet
TIP - Week 1 - Grand Opening
TIP W1 - Showup Hoedown Posse vs Going Commando
TIP - Week 2 - Hunting for Mermaids
TIP - Week 3 - Casinopolis
TIP - Week 3 - Extreme Beach Volleyball
TIP: Fish, Smores, and Bad Romance
TIP - Week 3 - Goochi Goochi Duo vs Showup Posse
TIP - Week #4 - Chaolan's Island
TIP - Week 4 - Jezebel/Cage vs Tran/Tran
TIP - Week 5 - Tak and the Power of Juju
Masters of the Universe Starring Johnny Cage
Unwanted Visitors
BLITZ: Show Business
Act 2: Mission 16 - Made In Japan
World Warrior Qualifier - Johnny Cage vs Eiji
SNF: Brazilian Whacks - Leona vs Johnny Cage
NL#0119: Maxima vs Johnny Cage
Streets of Cage
SNF: Smoke and Mirrors
KOF 2019 - USA Sports Team
Quarterfinal 3 - Team WTF vs USA Sports Team
Finals - Heavy Metal Burning vs USA Sports Team
SNF - Live From Noh Theater It's Saturday Night!
Chopstix Begins
Thankful For: SLAM!
SNF: Electric Serenade
SNF: Johnny Cage vs Riptor - "Dinobot Heaven"
Starstruck in Southtown
You Schmooze, You Lose
DOA R1 - Mila Rose vs Johnny Cage
DOA R2 - Juri vs Jae Hoon

Jubei (27 logs)

A Servant's Travels: A Hero's Return
Bystander's Log #5: Phenomena Intervention
The Cat Came Down To Chinatown
Act 1: Phantom Pains
The Longest Cab Ride Ever
A Curiosity and a Cat.
World Warrior Qualifiers - Jubei vs Valkenhayn
World Warrior Qualifiers - Baiken vs Jubei
Cats In The Cradle
World Warrior Round 1 - Jubei vs Geese
World Warrior Round 2 - Jubei vs Athena Asamiya
World Warrior Round 3 - Jubei vs Azrael
Help... Wanted?
Moving the Chains
Answers in America
Prelims 1 - Team Kaka vs The Mongrels
Quarterfinal 4 - Team Aesop vs Team Kaka
Semifinal 2 - USA Sports Team vs Team Kaka
Leaving on a Jet Plane
Plan of Action
Mother's Day
A Master and His Pupil
Rosalia #6) Bloody Gears
Turning Back the Wheel of Fate

Jubei Yamada (1 log)

For a Good Cause

Juli (2 logs)

The Dollhouse: Psychic Integrity
SvN: Flashpoint

Julia (10 logs)

MK Round 1: Julia Chang vs Bolivar Diez
MK Round 2: Baiken vs Julia
MK: Escaping an Unnatural End
SNF: Mask of the Maya
Illyria Act 1 - Secrets Bared
Illyria Finale - Aspect Of Air
SLAMFEST 2020 R1 - Koto vs Julia
SLAMFEST 2020 Round 2 - Julia vs Felicia
Slamfest: Julia vs Sophia

Juliet (13 logs)

Best of British
Heaven, Hell, and Charity
NL#0165: Juliet vs Aranha
Progress with Courage
NL#0166: Jae Hoon vs Juliet
NL#0167: Juliet vs Mint
SNF: Juliet vs Honoka Inoue - "Enter the Wookiee"
NL#0168: Juliet vs Dennis
NL#0173: Juliet vs Tarmo
NL#0177: Upsilon vs Juliet
NL#0179: Juliet vs Donovan
NL#181: Juliet vs Tsugumi Sendo
NL#0185: Juliet vs Roland

Juri (44 logs)

Delayed gratification
Spiders at the Fight Club
Here There Be Monsters
Wai Khru Ram Muay.
[UG:Week 2] Escaping the Honeytrap
[UG:Week 3] Not Mad, Just Misunderstood
[UG:Extra] Along Came A Spider
[UG:Extra] Catharsis
Jack and Juri
The Death Of Good Manners
Get your Motor Runnin'.
Eye for an Eye
One Improper Proprietor
Bolivar's Task.
Ninety-nine Problems
MK Round 1: Juri vs Henchman
Mortal Kombat - MK Round 2: Akuma vs Juri
Bereavement leave
A Spider in the Ointment
Act 2: Mission 34 - To Dine Upon the Fly
Act 3: Mission 16) Broken Toys
The Price of Progress
World Warrior Qualifiers - Juri vs Abigail
TBT Act 0 - The Taekwondo Problem
Lateral Adjustments
TBT Act 1 - A Night on the Town
TBT Act 2 - But What About The Children
An Imperial Audience
Mutually Assured Indifference
SNF - Wicked Child
Battle of Bloodlust: Juri V Cody
Mean Girls - Juri vs Chun Li
SLAMFEST 2020 R1: Morrigan vs Juri
SLAMFEST 2020 R2 - Juri vs Kasumi + Koto
Miserable Creatures
Party Crasher
Opening Communications.
Rosalia #21) An Inclination for Violence
Operation Lebanese Red
Digital Destiny
DOA R2 - Juri vs Jae Hoon

Justice (3 logs)

Act 2: Mission 27 - Rememberance
In God We Trust
Act 3: Mission 1) Justice for All

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