Neo League 0165 - NL#0183: Jae Hoon vs Lyraelle

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Description: The last thing Jae Hoon could have expected on his way home from work is to be tailed, yet the purple mass of Lyraelle's minions enclose in. Suspicious, he arrives at a nearby park where he meets the infamous Demon Queen herself. A challenge is issued for a Neo League fight in a test of skill shrouded in mystery! Will the top contender fare against the infernal woman, or will he finally be knocked down a peg? [Winner: Lyraelle]

A heavy yawn emits from supple lips. Muscular arms raise up above a dark head in a long stretching motion. Another day, another dollar.

Today, he'd been run ragged. The Spilt Bean is often a hot spot for the locals, it seems, and so he'd spent most of the day sprinting about the cafe serving patrons of all kinds. Rather enjoyable, but admittedly, he is rather famished. Maybe a bit tired, although a good bout of training would fix that in a jiffy!

Even though the job hunt hadn't been particularly challenging, he'd been lucky to receive a recommendation on behalf of his dear friend to get a job at his work. The Howard scion had been so incredibly thoughtful, and the Korean teen was honoured to oblige. And really, Jae Hoon really is grateful for the opportunity. There is so much to learn, and truly, he is thriving in a unique environment that allows him to meet all sorts of folks and be educated on the likes of the people of Southtown.

Not to mention the fact that it feels good to be able to look after himself at his age.
5rOn the downside, it doesn't always allow for much spare time. Or, maybe he's just filled his days with too many activities these days; League, a new job, training, a new pet that he is still trying to adjust to... it's a lot.

And he hasn't been happier!

"Hmm..." the young Kim ward hums to himself, thumb rubbing along the underside of his chin. "Maybe I'll stop by the convenience store by the apartment." An onigiri ball or two sounds fantastic. Could probably get a few more protein bars, too... Oh! And Bomi (his lovely little hamster) would want some sunflower seeds!

You could say that Jae Hoon is lost in thought, which he absolutely is. There is much to do once he arrives home, after all. Therefore, anything outside of his peripherals may be lost to him, or it may just be playing in the background. Regardless, he is very much looking forward to seeing his fuzzy companion and throwing some kicks down at the local dojo later on.

It's subtle, at first.

As Jae Hoon makes his way back from work, a girl in a purple t-shirt and hoodie turns a corner onto the sidewalk, wearing a pair of earbud headphones plugged into her smartphone. Her eyes are glued to the screen; it's a pretty typical teenage auto-pilot situation.

Before long, another pedestrian, a middle-aged man, exits a crosswalk behind Jae Hoon. Staring at his own smartphone, he turns to follow the youth without looking up.

And as Jae Hoon passes a bus that's just pulled up to a stop, a load of passengers emerge, mostly wearing purple, and, after checking their phones, they each turn one by one to join the following.

It's not long before there seems to be a migration of some kind passing through Southtown Village on Jae Hoon's heels.

And then, they start to come from every direction - impossible now to ignore, approaching from the other end of the sidewalk, from alleyways; even a convoy of cars driving well under the speed limit is starting to form along the road.

By now, the sound can be heard, nearly in sync across devices, and even the radios of the automobiles that seem to be stalking Jae Hoon - an idle tune.

Suddenly, a femine voice crackles through all of the dozens of devices almost-simultaneously, like an unnerving chorus of identical influencers (twinfluencers?), audible in snippets.

"Hello, minions~ It's Lyraelle again~"

"...time for Round Two of Lyraelle's Neo-League Pachinko!..."

"...better pay attention..."

"...who we'll be challenging today, Red...!"

There's a sound of a token dropping through a pachinko machine, echoed over dozens of devices to create a veritable jingling cacophony.

"...looks like we've triggered... the JAE-HOON JACKPOT!... better watch the skies, 'cause I'm comin' for the prize...!"

Then, an automated-sounding, different feminine voice starts to play over all of the devices, counting down slowly...




Closer inspection might reveal that one of the cars trailing Jae Hoon now appears to have a Neo-League cameraman hanging out the window... and the drone of a Neo-League helicopter overhead can be heard and seen as well.

An interesting thing to note about Jae Hoon: he is usually quite perceptive. It is a skill he has honed over his years of intense training under the practical application of his father's techniques and teachings.

That being said, there is a level of distraction clouding his vision as he is walking away from The Spilt Bean. Rather unusual, if you ask me, but given that he has so many things running through his head, as if he is looking at a mental checklist, it is no wonder he doesn't immediately see the encroaching purple minions.

Though it takes a hot minute or two, eventually the Korean teen sees something at the fringes of his awareness. A sudden collection of violet hues that appear in a cluster. Kind of a strange grouping. Also a weird colour to pick, but eh. Not his life.

The thing most worth noting is how they seem to be following his steps, though. If he turns a corner, they do, too. Cross the street? Another onslaught of purple there, too. This estrangement is... a little off-putting, and has his attention completely bothered by their presence. It isn't as if he has anything against the colour, like I mentioned before, but this mass of people donned it as they pursue him for some reason or another?

Yeah, he is suspicious. Mostly confused, though.

Instead of trailing along to his home, Jae Hoon intentionally pays them no mind as he decides on another destination still within the village, but away from any citizens who could get caught up in a scuffle. He aims for a nearby park, sneakers padding along the cement and into the threshold of soft grass. Generally empty of any people, Jae turns about-face to peer at whoever or whatever is nearest to him.

Also, is that a car with a /camera?!/

Strangely, in spite of their doggedness in their ponderous pursuit of the Korean teen, the purple-clad congregation don't encroach directly on his personal space. They hover on the periphery, eyes shifting between their phone screens, the sky above, and occasionally, Jae Hoon himself. Yet, they don't seem to be especially interested in the current top contender in the Neo-League - though a decent proportion of them seem to show enough admiration and recognition to be taking photographs with their devices.

That voice is still counting down all around as Jae Hoon makes his way onto the grassy park lawn, silhouettes approaching and encircling the open space from all directions, making their own way onto the grass.




As Jae about-faces, the countdown stops, and everything is suddenly surprisingly silent - and before him, suddenly, is a pale-skinned, voluptuous young woman in a skimpy, strapless purple leotard, gloves, and thigh-high boots. Her hair is pulled back in a magnificent pink ponytail, and she seems to be wearing one of the most convincing succubus cosplays this side of MonsterCon, purple bat-wings folded behind her back, black horns curving upward in front of elf-like ears, and a rubbery-looking spade-tipped tail flicking behind her. She rests one hand on her hip as her emerald-green gaze remains locked on Jae-Hoon. When he turns toward her, her lips curve upward at the corners, and she forms a V with the fingers of her free hand, making a victory salute next to her head as she tilts it in greeting.


Dozens of cameras flash and click all around as the minion horde capture individual souvenirs of their maleficent mistress.

"I'm Demon Queen Lyraelle! And you're the next stop..."

The celebrity succubus straightens her head and lowers her hand, lacing her purple-gloved fingers and flexing them against each other with a menacing cracking sound as she smirks.

"...on my Neo-League speedrun!"

She stretches one fist out toward Jae Hoon as she adopts an arrogant take on a fighting stance, her other hand dropping back to her hip. She beckons with a flutter of her fingers.

"So show me what you've got, champ!"

COMBATSYS: Lyraelle has started a fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Lyraelle         0/-------/------=|

Quite honestly? The last thing Jae Hoon expects to find when he turns around is not a single-most figure, yet that is what his earth-coloured irises fall upon. Specifically, a girl, with the most obscure appearance he has ever caught sight of. Is this what she /actually/ wears out in public?

I mean... whatever suits a persons fancy, but holy man, is it strange. And revealing. Very revealing.

The decency in Jae, paired along with his desire for respect, wishes to tug his eyes away from the mere sight of this stranger. However, the notion of him being tailed all the way here is enough to distract him for the time being. The very beings themselves - these... followers? - are shrouding the edges of the parkscape, absolutely barraging the scene with bright camera flashes and whatever else they are doing to fawn over this person they adore. Kind of hard to ignore, really.

"Demon Queen?" Jae echoes, brow cocked intensely downwards as he regards Lyraelle for a moment longer. Clearly, that get-up she's in is meant to speak to this title, and it certainly does, to some extent. And, truthfully, he hasn't really heard of this person much beyond her given name, having seen it listed among the contestants in the Neo-League.

This girl is definitely not what he had been expecting.

Obviously, if she is in the League, there is no surprises in hearing her challenge as it is announced to the strange crowd among them and the random car-camera set up nearby. Jae Hoon entertains the idea with a long sigh that is betrayed by a quirk of a smile at the corner of his lips. So. This Lyraelle seeks a fight.

Well, lucky for her, this teen is more than willing to indulge, even on an empty stomach and a full schedule.

As such, while she dips into her fighting stance, the young Kim ward flexes his hands out in front of him, curling them inwards and eventually resting them at eye-level. His legs bend at the knee, allowing him to position himself into a stance of his own. "I would be honoured."

Jae Hoon doesn't move right away. In fact, he holds an extended pause before kick up off the ground, clods of dirt flying off the back of his shoes. Quick to close in, his back leg swings around in a powerfully enforced high kick aiming straight for his opponent's temple. "Let's see how you take this!"

COMBATSYS: Jae Hoon has joined the fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Jae Hoon         0/-------/-------|=------\-------\0         Lyraelle

COMBATSYS: Lyraelle blocks Jae Hoon's Shou-Kyaku Hou ES.

[ \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////////  ]
Jae Hoon         0/-------/-------|===----\-------\0         Lyraelle

To their credit, despite the human barricade that the assembly of devotees have formed around the parkscape, they keep something of a respectful distance from both Lyraelle and Jae Hoon. Now that Her Majesty has arrived, the telltale zombified look of electronic media addiction on many faces is starting to fade, glimmers of excitement beginning to light up the eyes of many onlookers. Some even put their phones away, though many remain out, craning for angles from which to film the action firsthand.

And, in spite of the fact that many have been mindlessly drifting into Jae Hoon's orbit for some time now, a number of them seem to notice him for the first time, the teenage girl in the purple t-shirt and headphones amongst them. She leans closer to another girl beside her.

"Oh, wow! Is that Jae Hoon? He's actually pretty cute!"

"Yeah, he looks way cooler in person than his pachinko pic!"

"I know right?"

'Demon Queen?'


The pink-haired devil-girl's response to Jae's echo is coquettish, even as she maintains her battle stance, punctuated by a girlish giggle.

'I would be honoured.'

"Oh, you bet you will," Lyraelle answers Jae Hoon's deferential remark with a wink as he comes for her.

As the teenage taekwondo fighter brings his foot up high, the horned hell-minx snaps a gloved palm up to catch it a moment before it can slam into her forehead. In spite of the low technicality of the defense, there's a surprising amount of resistance behind it that suggests a certain degree of raw power - as though the feminine fighter's monstrous appearance might be more than mere cosplay.

(This has been publically confirmed, of course, but Jae Hoon may not be a Midnight Channel follower.)

"I'll take it as a nice warm-up~"

Lyraelle tilts her head around Jae Hoon's elevated foot so that he can see her smile; it's one that could be taken as playful or condescending, depending on the perceived sincerity. Then, swiftly twirling in and ducking her horns under the extended foot as she releases it, she reaches out with both her arms to try and grab his, twisting it around with a single fluid motion if she does so.

"Of course, we -are- just getting started~ <3"

Assuming that she's managed to lock up with Jae Hoon's arm, she'll use the opportunity to suddenly swing her shapely hips sideways, slamming them into his exposed midsection with enough force to potentially knock him into the crowd - specifically toward the unsuspecting female teen-minion, currently busy posting a Beat with a photo of the moment on Hitter!

COMBATSYS: Jae Hoon blocks Lyraelle's Combo Grapple.

[    \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////////  ]
Jae Hoon         0/-------/----===|===----\-------\0         Lyraelle

Well, hold on, now...

Immediate awareness doesn't come to Jae Hoon, but when it does, he has closed in on Lyraelle. While simultaneously ignoring the whispers floating about, he realises the reason why he is so utterly shocked at the appearance of his adversary.

Yes. Jae has heard of the Midnight Channel.

In fact, he had been an observer of the channel itself for a period, merely out of his interest in martial arts and fightforms of all kinds. Thanks to his relocation to Southtown, the Korean teen sort of deprived him of a television (his father offered to purchase him one, but Jae was absolutely determined to provide such luxuries for himself), and therefore hasn't been able to keep up with any fighting stats exclusive to television programming. Everything he has learned since moving has either been given to him by his friends or through other media outlets that exist outside of his home or his cell phone.

Strange for a kid, right? Ah, well. Such is the life of someone trying to live by reasonable means on their own.

Anyway. Lyraelle is the hostess of said show, if he recalls. A person of unique disposition and outward appearance, one would never think that she'd grace the public world dressed in such a way. Therefore, being witness to her like this? It really is no wonder he doesn't realise who she is until he has closed in on her general proximity.

Swiftly, she blocks his high raised kick with a strength not anticipated. Jae Hoon knows not to underestimate his opponents, and so he attempts to take a step away from her before she is able to use his limb to her advantage. Her skill is something he is vaguely aware of, but in general, he knows not to keep himself within close range for long.

When her arms flick out, intent on grappling him, his forearms snap down. While her hands are briefly able to find purchase, he slips through the grip and deflects her hands off. The angle is somewhat awkward, just from how close their bodies are to one another, but he manages, albeit a little stiffly. Since he hadn't been all that warmed up and ready for a surprise match, his limbs twinge from the effort, but he otherwise steps away, unhindered.

"I apologise for my ignorance," he says, sinking into a frontward offensive stance. "It seems it has taken a moment for me to fully recognise you and your followers, Lyraelle. I am looking forward to seeing your skills."

A surge of somewhat familiar energy hits his core while he remains rooted to his spot. It swirls magnificently, this strange occurrence he has had to adjust to. It appears unexpectedly, operating in his movements in place of the chi he has honed through years of training. At least now, it doesn't feel as though his veins are melting from the inside out.

Maybe he has finally grown accustomed to it?

Either way.

The Taekwondo fighter races in from Lyraelle's right, having side-stepped over in that direction a moment prior. His lithe form twists, and the leg that normally would be ignited in hot flames radiates with pulsing verdant chi. Should his second high kick land right in the crook of her neck, the energy will seep out his pores like an ooze of sorts. The chi will melt whatever fabric it makes contact with, and even sear into skin with a sickly sizzle.

COMBATSYS: Jae Hoon successfully hits Lyraelle with Hien Zan.
- Power hit! -

[      \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////        ]
Jae Hoon         0/-------/----===|=======\-------\0         Lyraelle

There's a faintly frustrated expression on the fiendish female's face as Jae Hoon forces her hands away from himself, but the moment of recognition and apology from the high-kicking Korean turns Lyraelle's pout into a sweet smile.

"I'm looking forward to giving you a show~"

The succubus' suggestive and intense tone is accompanied by a tilt of her head and a wink as she starts to shift from facing Jae Hoon sidelong. Abruptly, her expression changes, her lips quirking.

"Wait, how ol-"



Staggering backward as the chi-laced foot slams into the side of her neck, Lyraelle claps a hand over the now-sizzling injury. The hiss of burning energy can be heard as her wings beat her aloft, creating space to allow her to assess the situation. When she removes the hand, an unsightly, steaming red mark can be seen in her otherwise-flawless skin.

Lyraelle whips out a smartphone (where she kept it seems mysterious) and switches to selfie mode to investigate.

Her cheeks instantly redden.

"UGH! You gave me a hickey, you JERK!"

The phone is instantly crushed in her hand, electronic components spilling to the grass below as her viridian eyes settle vehemently on Jae Hoon.

"Well, allow me to return the favour!!"

Swinging her knees up and poising the heels of her thigh-highs like the talons of a raptor, she swoops swiftly down on Jae Hoon. The stiletto heels of her boots ignite with infernal green fire as she dives, aiming to slam her feet into his upper body as she thrusts them out at the last moment - and simultaneously on impact, the soles would explode with blue lightning.

It's not a single kick, either - a veritable tantrum as she drives them rapidly like a kung fu star on a wire, the heels aiming to burn her indignant retribution into his clothing and skin!

Should the barrage connect as planned, the shape of the resulting burns might later be discerned to form a surprisingly deft frowny face. :(

COMBATSYS: Jae Hoon dodges Lyraelle's Royal Seal.

[      \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////          ]
Jae Hoon         0/-------/----===|=======\-------\0         Lyraelle

While Lyraelle works to create immediate distance, the lean form of the Korean teen swivels about mid-air with his foot cascading downwards to eventually land firmly on the ground. And, since she is distracted by taking a look at her sustained damage, Jae stands, amazed.


Well, thus far, that corrosive chi has only manifested with his skin bare. For it to seep through without damaging the integrity of his sneaker, only searing into his opponent? Kind of an intriguing notion to consider. There is just so much he doesn't understand about this foreign power...

What he DOES know though, is that Lyraelle is absolutely peeved by it.

Dark head snapping up, with strands from his fringe brushed out of eyesight, he notes her frustration. That cell phone is so easily destroyed with just a clenched fist, which is actually incredibly impressive. Certainly worth keeping in mind that this girl is capable of far greater strength than anticipated.

And now, he witnesses her fast approach. The seconds are short, with a narrow window for him to wonder about his options. Blocking didn't fare terribly well last time, and like hell does he want to endure such a volley. So, at the last opportunity, he takes the chance on dodging out of the way. His adversary goes flying past him, her feet colliding with the air where he'd been previously standing.

"I have no intention of receiving a return on that, although I do apologise for the mark!"

What a good kid.

In her shadow does he move once more. With renewed spirit, Jae Hoon takes advantage of the blind spot he is offered, in which he will absolutely launch an attack. Foot raised, a series of side kicks aim for her midrib, intent on pommelling a number of blows into it. One, two, three, four! They will fly in with a speed so intense they will appear as a blur unseen by onlookers.

His signature!

COMBATSYS: Lyraelle blocks Jae Hoon's Shakka Shuu EX.

[      \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////            ]
Jae Hoon         0/-------/-----==|=======\=------\1         Lyraelle

The swooping she-fiend flies past Jae Hoon as he deftly dodges out of the way of her furious assault. Strangely, this does nothing to alleviate the pink-haired temptress' temper - though his apology, at least, diminishes her ire to a snort of derision as she ends her dive opposite.

As Jae Hoon hammers forward with his blurringly-fast sidekicks, the hovering hellion matches his speed with her own left arm, turning her side into the blows and interposing her forearm and bicep to absorb the brunt of the attacks. The demonette's expression is now more fierce than flirtatious as the crowd below cheer at the display.

A murmured conversation between minions rises up from the commotion, causing Lyraelle's elf-like ears to perk.

"Wow! Her Majesty is really taking a kicking this time!"

"I know right! I think Jae Hoon's looking even cooler than she is!"

"I wonder if he has a FightTube channel?"

Launching up into the air and turning away from Jae Hoon, Lyraelle lifts her face up to the heavens to hide the baring of her gritted teeth. The first two comments were bad, but the last one is the last straw. This fight needs a big swing the Demon Queen's way - it's not just her ego that's at stake, it's her fandom.

When Lyraelle turns her face over her shoulder toward Jae Hoon, the anger has melted away, replaced by a sly smirk.

"You're pretty good, hon'. I can see why you're on top... for now!"

With that, Lyraelle throws up a V salute next to horns, tilts her head and winks - a split second before she suddenly swings her feet up and thrusts her wings forward, giving herself an abruptly-aerodynamic shape in tandem with a burst of rearward momentum.

This combination serves to fire the succubus like a maleficent missile toward Jae Hoon - leading with her barely-clothed backside! Lightning dances in arcs across her rounded rear end as it leads the charge in an eccentric attempt to tackle the teen to the ground.

Should she succeed in crashing into the Korean fighter, the succubus queen would endeavour to pin him beneath her as a makeshift throne, lounging and holding the wink-and-salute pose as her sinuous tail would slither toward the nearest available appendage to try and wrap around it - and if that should succeed, he'd feel his essence being somehow sapped away, little by little...

COMBATSYS: Lyraelle issues a challenge!!

[      \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////            ]
Jae Hoon         0/-------/-----==|=======\=------\1         Lyraelle

COMBATSYS: Jae Hoon endures Lyraelle's Royal Requisition - Dark Queen's Throne.

[                \\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////             ]
Jae Hoon         1/----===/=======|-------\-------\0         Lyraelle

The sky is graced by Lyraelle's presence in her attempt to soar almost entirely out of sight. An impressive feat, although not unexpected given the wing structures fastened to her back. Jae Hoon watches, mouth slightly agape, as she takes to the heavens in a burst of what appears to be frustration. Or, maybe just to create distance.

Very likely the latter, in which she may rain an attack down upon him that would proooobably be impossible to avoid.

Well, best prepare for that.

Surrounding him are whispers of excitement and awe for the Queen the patrons revere, but the Korean fighter is able to tune them out with ease. Earth-coloured irises are fixated to the clouds, watching the succubus' every move, while in the meantime sinking his body down into a defensive position. With the intention to strike when the moment calls for it, he awaits the arrival of her blow...

And when she descends, he knows for certain that this one will /definitely/ hurt in the morning.

Lyraelle shoots off like a missile, aiming straight for him. The full weight of her body plows into him, sending him straight earthbound. The dirt and grass kick up around them as they make an impact. All the wind in Jae Hoon's lungs gets forced out, with rib cage burning in pain, his eyes barely holding themselves open to witness her lithe form twisting about overtop of him to make herself comfortable over his chest. A tail slithers eerily around his forearm, stinging it with a sensation similar to a snake-burn as it sucks in the essense coursing within his veins.

Over all, he is just plain uncomfortable here, and very much out of breath!

Admittedly, it is rather shameful to become someone's showboating chair, but it allows a moment for him to catch his breath and regain some semblance of control over himself. While his torso absolutely aches from the raw power that which Lyraelle had pommelled into him, Jae sets aside any focus he may have on it in favour of contorting his body in a way that would allow for his feet to find purchase on the soft ground beneath them.

"I'm afraid I'm going to have to ask you to get off." His voice is calm, collected, but the attack he goes in for is not. With that renewed sense of energy, the Taekwondo fighter swings his right leg up with what is considered a normal kick. However, as it soars up, intent on smacking her right in the face, the verdant chi emanates from his foot once more, oozing. It'll probably sting, should it land, because any corrosive blow to bare skin never feels pleasant.

COMBATSYS: Lyraelle endures Jae Hoon's Medium Kick.

[                \\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////                ]
Jae Hoon         1/-======/=======|======-\-------\0         Lyraelle

As the full force of Lyraelle crashes down on Jae Hoon, phones all around the makeshift human circle come up, intent on capturing the moment for posterity (or posteriority?). Soon, action shots of the attack and its aftermath are sure to flood image-hosting sites on social media accounts the internet over.

At least Jae Hoon can take some comfort knowing that the same fate has befallen many of Lyraelle's past opponents - if he were to ply Google Search to investigate, anyway.

"Hold still and smile for the cameras!" Lyraelle encourages Jae Hoon as she asserts herself with a wiggle, brushing her right hand through her hair as she holds the victory salute with the left hand for the audience, green eyes sweeping the crowd in a practiced manner such that, regardless of positioning, any given fan has at least a chance of getting a shot of her looking their way.

'I'm afraid I'm going to have to ask you to get off.'

The succubus only seems to settle more firmly in response to Jae Hoon's calm and collected words, maintaining her smile for the fans, looking over her shoulder at him out of the corner of her eye as she addresses him.

"Sorry, sweetie, but asking politely won't do it for me. Gonna have to - unf!"

The kick catches her in the face, causing her to flinch; the tail, at least, is knocked loose in the demonette's momentarily dazed state. She reaches up to wipe her cheek of the corrosive essence before it can mar her features for the longer term, the cheeky smile fading, but only to be replaced by a domineering smirk.

"One foot ahead of me," the Demon Queen concedes; "you're pretty limber."

Lifting her hips up and twisting around from the reverse position, the succubus attempts to straddle Jae Hoon's waist so that she's facing him and harder to kick in the face while remaining dominant, her hands reaching out to try and pin his wrists to the ground. Already, he'll be able to feel the rising heat emanating from her body, along with a static tingling that might cause hairs to stand on end.

"See?! If you're trying to warm me up, actions do it better than words~"

A moment later, regardless of whether he's managed to escape her, a sudden corona of infernal green fire will envelop Lyraelle in a burst, accompanied by a discharge of shocking blue electricity!

COMBATSYS: Lyraelle successfully hits Jae Hoon with Infernal Majesty.

[                      \\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////                ]
Jae Hoon         2/<<<<<<</<<<<<<<|=======\=====--\1         Lyraelle

Well, damn...

With his foot only gracing her features, Jae Hoon guesses that she won't be moving off of him any time soon. This position is rather uncompromising and embarrassing, in any normal circumstance. A fight changes the atmosphere, naturally, and forces him to keep his head on straight if it were to go wandering.

Moreover, it isn't in his favour to be pinned on the ground like this to begin with. While he certainly can get himself out of these kinds of bindings, they require him to think quickly and contort in ways that didn't necessarily provide him with a privileged angle.

However, Lyraelle still has the advantage here. Her grip is firm around his slender wrists, keeping his form down. Any attempts to block her incoming attack are fruitless, but he struggles nonetheless against her until the last possible moment. The infernal flames engulf him, with zaps of lightning searing along exposed skin. Teeth gritted, Jae Hoon refuses to represent the pain this combination rattles him with through any expression beyond a clenched jaw.

Absolutely, it hurts, though. And, to boot, he's looking a little rough.

In spite of this onslaught, he refuses to back down; the lithe fighter will wriggle himself about underneath Lyraelle's weight. With his knees, he will bring them up to slam with surprising strength into the back of her head, intent on dislodging her from her position above him. If this succeeds, his hands, freed of her purchase, will grab hold of her by the torso and roll the two of them with him leading the way through a backwards motion.

"Take to the skies!" he'll say as he aims to launch his opponent into the air the moment his feet plant into the gritty dirt. Jae lingers there for a fraction of a second before he will jump up and perform a backflip, allowing for a fiercely powered crescent kick to come straight for her midsection, intending to slam right into the rib space above her hip.

COMBATSYS: Lyraelle blocks Jae Hoon's Hou-yoku Ten-Shou Kyaku ES.

[                      \\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////                   ]
Jae Hoon         1/-----<</<<<<<<<|>>>>>>>\>>>>>>>\1         Lyraelle

Depending on what kind of importance Jae Hoon puts on his social media presence, the situation unfolding may prove a boon or a curse, as the latest shots are already rocketing to the top results for 'hot lyraelle fighting pics' thanks to the linguistic power of double meaning.

Though Jae Hoon has the advantage in the sense that his knee is attacking Lyraelle's head from behind and her hands are occupied with his arms, Lyraelle has the advantage of an entirely extra set of body parts to defend herself with - specifically, her bat-like purple wings. The pair shift to catch the striking cap, absorbing the impact admirably. Nevertheless, with the effort he puts forth Jae Hoon is still able to slip the devil-girl's grip and buck her from the proverbial saddle, sending her upward.


The crescent kick is caught by the queen's hand just as it hits the crook of her waist, deadening the impact and holding his leg extended for a moment in the aerial exchange.

"Haven't had enough of me yet, huh?"

The demon girl's green gaze locks with determination on Jae Hoon's brown eyes. It's the most honest look that she's given him so far; it's a look that says that in this moment, for the first time, it's not a game, or a show, or revenge - it's a fight.

As the two hang in the air for a split second, her free arm hooks at the elbow as she draws it back, then hammers toward Jae Hoon's gut, aiming to drive the wind out of him and stun him with her preternatural might. Immediately she'd then spin around in the air, attempting to catch Jae Hoon around the neck with her rubbery tail like a bullwhip before he can fall back to earth. If she manages to do so, the tail would wind around and pull him in, restricting his air supply - and gravity would likely once again put the teen in a compromising position as he'd be pulled against her hips while Lyraelle would remain hovering in mid-air until he stopped struggling or tapped out.

The succubus would at least be more concerned with keeping Jae Hoon captive than outright strangling him - though the appendage being wrapped around such a vital location would dramatically increase its ability to sap his energy!

COMBATSYS: Lyraelle successfully hits Jae Hoon with Royal Prerogative - Covetous Clutch.

[                                < >  ///////////////               ]
Jae Hoon         1/---<<<</<<<<<<<|>>>>---\-------\0         Lyraelle

Oh, Lyraelle.

The one thing to note about Jae Hoon is that he will go down in a fight using every last bit of energy, knowledge, and skill he has at his disposal. Serious, determined, and proud of his lineage, he fights to honour the Kim name. Cameras, a wide-spread fandom, and compromised positions be damned!

Another thing generally known about his family is their strive towards justice. Following in his father's footsteps means taking part in the act of fighting against evil and any powers that threaten the good of mankind. Whether or not this succubus lady falls under that category is yet to be seen, however, the young teen does know there is something off about his opponent as she appears before him.

That is enough to invoke the deeply ingrained fighting spirit of the young ward.

Try as he may, Jae fails to block what comes for him. Air is taken from his lungs once more, with only a light reprieve from the blow. The whip-like tail fastens itself around the narrow passage of his neck, securing tightly and squeezing what little remaining breath he has lingering there. The essence of him is being sapped once more, which is doubly unpleasant with that snake-burn-like sensation tearing along the sensitive skin of his nape.

Adam's apple bobs as he gasps somewhat pathetically. His hands dig into the tissue of her tail in an attempt to pry it off, with no initial success. Unfortunate for him that he has to tap out, because there is still a fervor burning within him despite there being very little channels remaining to push that through.

"I won't... go down!" Jae Hoon practically spits out the words, strangled in their tone. One eye opening, he gauges the distance of Lyraelle's body to his - which is not difficult, considering he's right up against her torso. His lithe form will begin to sway, nimble and gentle at first, until he gains a quickened momentum. With enough rocking motion, he is able to swing both legs up and over his head. Like a cycle, he will pump his legs in a circular motion, with each blow aiming to land at Lyraelle's collarbone with a fiery explosion to batter her into letting him free. Should this succeed, he will splay his hands against the earth to push himself off and up towards her face, heel rising up with a glowing hot phoenix ascending from his foot.

A wrecked voice will shout to the heavens. "Chou Hou'ou KYAKU!" as the chi-infused phoenix will lick right up the front of the succubus' torso, intent on burning and searing into soft skin and fabric.

COMBATSYS: Jae Hoon prepares to take his last stand against Lyraelle!

[                           \\\  < >  ///////////////               ]
Jae Hoon         0/-------/------<|>>>>>>>\-------\0         Lyraelle

COMBATSYS: Lyraelle dodges Jae Hoon's Chou Hou'ou Kyaku EX.

[                           \\\  < >  ///////////////               ]
Jae Hoon         0/-------/------<|>>>>>>>\-------\0         Lyraelle

The hell-vixen is already posing victoriously as she patiently waits for Jae Hoon to stop struggling, one hand on her hip and the other behind her head. The hold is locked in, inevitable; it's only a matter of time.

'I won't... go down!'


A disconcerted look crosses the celebrity succubus' sunny expression like a cloud, causing her lips to purse and eyes to shift uncertainly at the tugging sensation on her tail.


It's the first time that the demon queen has encountered the Kim brand of fighting spirit. For such a polite young man, Jae Hoon is being very uncooperative! She starts to falter in the air as Jae Hoon struggles, legs and arms flailing as her wings beat frantically to try and steady herself.

"Gah! Stop squirming and give up already!!"

As the Korean fighter starts to flip upward, Lyraelle's eyes go wide, and the tail around his neck slackens as the burning feet pump toward the back of her neck.

Then, in the space between moments, she's gone.

The speed with which the demoness dodges Jae Hoon's devastating attack is blurringly fast. To those who fail to follow the movement, she reappears in the air above Jae Hoon a moment later. Her hand moves swiftly to pat out a small flame that's caught the fabric on the front of her leotard from the burst.

"Okay, fine!"

Lyraelle's tone is full of irritation as she shouts with an annoyed tone down at Jae Hoon.

"IF you're not going to just lie back and enjoy your defeat, then I'm not going to keep trying to make it fun for you!"

Her eyes ignite with unholy green fire.

"You can just BURN instead!"

With that, twin blazing-fast (no pun intended) streams of hellish flame shoot forward from Lyraelle's eyes toward her adversary, raking along the grass and kindling the greenery with a smell of ash and brimstone as they track toward the teenage taekwondo fighter!

(While they aren't composed of coherent monochromatic light or other electromagnetic radiation, they're the next closest thing to eye lasers.)

COMBATSYS: Jae Hoon blocks Lyraelle's Balefire Gaze.

[                            \\  < >  //////////////                ]
Jae Hoon         0/-------/-----<<|=======\-------\1         Lyraelle

Jae Hoon has absolutely no intentions of burning any further. Not today!

At least, not outwardly.

That fighting spirit sears into every fibre of his being, igniting him renewed. Despite this, the young Kim ward is very aware that he won't be triumphant. Nothing will stop him from taking down evil, for one, or for providing honour to his family, even if he shall fall in the heat of battle. There is the ability to walk away, to call it quits, but he feels one last push to at least make sure Lyraelle remembers his name.

And, by extension, his legacy.

As such, Jae firmly positions himself defensively once more, arms raised above his face and head. The hellish flames come down like a pointed laser, intent on crisping his skin. Perhaps it is the resiliency he has with his own flames that allows him to deflect this fiery assault, or maybe it is the renewed fighting spirit alongside the faint glow of green chi that protects him. Either way, he holds steadfast against the attack, and then all hesitation is wiped clean.

"Once more!" he announces as he flings himself into the air with that final burst of energy. Rising to the occasion, almost quite literally, he soars overhead of Lyraelle. With a mid-aerial spin, he sends his foot out so that it may aim for her crown, intending to knock her earthbound. Red-hot flames emanate from his foot, but the burn will be different upon impact, because at the last possible moment, the energy will shift to that corrosively poisonous chi, which may collide with her horn and hair, sizzling all in it's way.

Regardless of whether this attack will hit, all energy will be spent from Jae Hoon's lean body. Moments after his performance, he will descend loosely to the ground, rolling a few turns until he lays solidly on his side. Facing the direction of where Lyraelle may land, earthly-coloured irises will cloud over, and with a hoarse, "... father..." he loses his sense of consciousness.

All fades to darkness.

COMBATSYS: Jae Hoon can no longer fight.

[                \\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Lyraelle         1/-------/=======|

COMBATSYS: Lyraelle interrupts Ryuusei Raku ES from Jae Hoon with Royal Requisition - Dark Queen's Throne.

[                  \\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Lyraelle         0/-------/-----==|

The searing heat emanating from Lyraelle's eyes finally flickers out as she surveys the destruction wrought, her chest heaving as she hovers and pants in the air. This time, she's not posing, or preening - she's simmering, searching to ascertain whether her opponent is down for the count.

He is not.

Lyraelle's teeth clench.


And he's flying at her, foot aflame!


'Once more!'

Suddenly, something clicks inside Lyraelle's head, triggered by the turn of phrase. The scowl fades to a smirk.

"Alright, champ!"

As Jae Hoon ascends, Lyraelle turns her ass end to face him, her wings carrying her up to match his attempt to overtake her vertical positioning.

"If you insist!"

As Kim Jae Hoon's energy-laced foot crashes into her head, the demon girl grimaces, but her wings are already thrusting forward, driving her backward into Jae Hoon for a second time. Her horns hiss with the toxic chi as her hips plow into Jae Hoon's middle, halting his momentum and driving him back down toward the park ground below.


Moments later, Lyraelle is sat once again atop Jae Hoon on the grass, a dazed expression on the Demon Queen's face as she rubs a hand against her surely-smarting crown.

"...Mmm? Did you say something?" the pink-haired hellion asks hazily, looking down at Jae Hoon as the computerized clicking of countless cameras commences, capturing the victorious vista from a variety of viewpoints.

The she-fiend frowns as she notices that her serpentine tail has once more wrapped itself around one of Jae Hoon's wrists. She reaches out to wrest it away, apparently encountering some resistance as the appendage seems to have a mind of its own.

"Quit that, you! We've had enough already!"

'And the winner is... LYRAELLE!'

When Lyra looks back up, the teenage girl from earlier is standing over the pair, holding what appears to be a rolled-up t-shirt and a marker - the first minion of many to take the opportunity to invade.

"Oh, hi~"

As Lyraelle is composing her fan-friendly persona, the teenager leans down - unfurling the t-shirt before thrusting the marker toward Jae Hoon.

As it turns out, the t-shirt has a picture of Jae Hoon's face on it. In the background, the van that had had the cameraman hanging out the window before can be seen, now converted into a makeshift merch stand.

"That was so cool! Can I get your autograph?" the excitable teenage girl asks.

Lyraelle folds her arms across her chest and fumes quietly.

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