Neo League 0001

NL#0001: Sven vs Rainbow Mika - Live in the CWA Arena, wrestling wolf Sven Maesters faces off the delightful Rainbow Mika in full frontal smackdown in the midsts of the first Neo-League fight. Winner: Rainbow Mika - created on 23:51:07 11/24/2014 by Sven and last modified on 05:46:28 11/25/2014. Cast: Rainbow Mika and Sven.

NL#0002: Rainbow Mika vs Naerose - On the rooftops in a small sleepy city of Croatia Rainbow Mika is pitted against her strangest opponent yet and possibly ever. Hijinks ensue and possibly the longest pre-battle scene in history of Neo League. . which is admitting not a long history. (Winner: Mika) - created on 14:39:15 11/25/2014 by Naerose and last modified on 00:33:02 11/26/2014. Cast: Naerose and Rainbow Mika.

NL#0003: Natsu vs Kasumi - A remote hidden dojo serves as the venue for this bout between new rookie fighter Natsu Ayuhara of Gorin High and Kasumi of /no where/. Flips, teleports, and volleyballs abound! Kasumi gets to discover a unique new style she had never expected. Natsu gets a chance to blow off a little steam and maybe even think about what she is there for. [Winner: Kasumi] - created on 19:09:40 11/25/2014 by Kasumi and last modified on 00:35:28 11/26/2014. Cast: Kasumi and Natsu.

NL#0004: Ibuki vs Satsuki - 'Ginko Himura' and 'Akemi Hino,' neither of whom are actually named 'Satsuki' or 'Ibuki' for sure, have an arena battle in Thailand to kick off the Neo League. (Winner: Ibuki) - created on 01:05:39 11/26/2014 by Satsuki and last modified on 19:04:42 11/26/2014. Cast: Ibuki and Satsuki.

NL#0005: Sven vs Tiffany - Tiffany makes her Neo League debut in sunny* Sunshine City! Unfortunately, it is against a man with a wolf head on his head, who teaches her the true meaning of moonsaults. (Winner: Sven) - created on 09:00:52 11/26/2014 by Tiffany and last modified on 19:05:27 11/26/2014. Cast: Tiffany and Sven.

NL#0006: Mila vs Jira - A Neo League double debut! First time League battler Jira goes against Mila, the initiator in the fight, even going as far to have an arena of her choosing imported to southtown for the fight! Watch the clash of two strong gals in this to-the-wire fight! ==Winner: Jira== - created on 19:43:35 11/26/2014 by Jira and last modified on 22:47:53 11/26/2014. Cast: Jira and Mila.

NL#0013: Daniel vs Ibuki - Daniel and Ibuki clash for the Neo League Tournament. When a ninja fights the law, does the law win? You're just going to have to read to find out! Or look at the spoiler in the title. <Winner: Ibuki> - created on 00:30:12 11/27/2014 by Ibuki and last modified on 22:47:08 12/01/2014. Cast: Ibuki and Daniel.

NL#0007: Rainbow Mika vs Natsu - Rainbow Mika's world tour continues in Dubai, as she squares off against rookie fighter Natsu Ayuhara at the Al-Mamzar Beach Park. This fun in the sun comes with some surprises though! (Winner: Rainbow Mika) - created on 19:31:46 11/27/2014 by Natsu and last modified on 20:10:52 11/28/2014. Cast: Natsu and Rainbow Mika.

NL#0010: Hurricane Hime vs Kasumi - The Daring Hurricane Hime faces off against fellow Taiyo student, 'Airi' in the proud but also humble confines of the Saikyo-ryu dojo! [Winner: Kasumi] - created on 23:39:01 11/27/2014 by Kasumi and last modified on 02:42:22 11/29/2014. Cast: Himeko and Kasumi.

NL#0008: Tiffany vs Lita - The Neo League brings together a soldier and high school cheerleader together to fight for glory. It was a knock down, drag out fight but in the end only one was left standing. [Winner: Lita] - created on 20:27:16 11/28/2014 by Lita and last modified on 02:40:00 11/29/2014. Cast: Tiffany and Lita.

NL#0009: Yuri vs Hitomi - It's a Southtown mall fight extravaganza! Yuri Sakazaki of local fame versus a young german girl fresh from a recent televised SNF event. The German born half japanese girl brings a form of family karate from the other side of the world and organizers have since matched her up with a practitioner of locally famed Kyokugen Karate! In a showdown of bright and cheery young girls. (Winner: Hitomi) - created on 20:43:20 11/28/2014 by Hitomi and last modified on 02:41:29 11/29/2014. Cast: Hitomi and Yuri.

NL#0011: Mimiru vs Lee Chaolan - Mimiru, having just gotten out of jail for some of her illegal tournament fights, is hungry for more thrills, more chills, that only can be found in the fighting ring. In this case, she sets up a match with the famous Lee Chaolan. But the Stray Dog finds out what happens when, while chase cars, you actually manage to catch one... - created on 11:55:09 11/29/2014 by Lee Chaolan and last modified on 02:27:56 11/30/2014. Cast: Mimiru, Chloe, Maki, and Lee Chaolan.

NL#0012: Maki vs Chloe - NEO: Maki vs. Chloe. Maki Genryuusai takes on a unique opponent while out to sea on a short cruise. Who will come out on top? <Winner: Maki> - created on 18:58:13 11/29/2014 by Maki and last modified on 02:29:10 11/30/2014. Cast: Chloe and Maki.

NL#0016: Lee vs Gato - On one cold December morning, the Silver-Haired Demon, Lee Chaolan, moves on to his next Neo-League against unknown Kenpo artist called only Gato. As the fight begins in the Chicago railyard, however, it quickly becomes obvious that Gato is far more powerful than his reputation indicates... - created on 12:53:09 12/02/2014 by Lee Chaolan and last modified on 23:34:34 12/04/2014. Cast: Gato and Lee Chaolan.

NL#0014: Rainbow Mika vs Brett - Rainbow Mania continues its worldwide tour! Next Stop: Alexandria, Egypt, with one Brett Neuer as the latest attempted roadblock to the wrestler's road to stardom. Will Rainbow Mania continue on, or will it be put on ice? (Winner: Rainbow Mika) - created on 19:10:08 12/02/2014 by Brett and last modified on 00:01:33 12/03/2014. Cast: Rainbow Mika and Brett.

NL#0015: Haru vs Quon - Haru Sakuraba uses the Neo League to face his anxieties and fears. Quon Chen fights in the league for an opportunity to perform on the world stage. Which of these two young fighters will triumph? [Winner: Draw] - created on 19:58:43 12/02/2014 by Quon and last modified on 11:34:46 12/03/2014. Cast: Quon and Haru.

NL#0017: Chloe vs Lucrezia - Sky-high fighting at the Umeda Sky Building! It's not easy being green... as demonstrated when both fighters are. But who loses more? The answer: The Love Bench. <Winner: Chloe> - created on 18:57:35 12/06/2014 by Chloe and last modified on 02:49:23 12/07/2014. Cast: Chloe and Lucrezia.

NL#0018: Gertrude vs Urien - Urien pays a girl 100 to have fun with him. She makes 400 dollars in 30 seconds. With tip. <Winner: Urien> - created on 13:03:10 12/10/2014 by Urien and last modified on 21:47:57 12/10/2014. Cast: Urien and Gertrude.

NL#0020: Rainbow Mika vs Hitomi - After issuing a challenge to current Neo League Leader Rainbow Mika, Hitomi and the explosive wrestler find themselves battling it out on a small island at the base of Victoria Falls. Will Hitomi find her challenge to be too much for her or will she manage to end Mika's streak? Look at the very next thing to find out <Winner: Hitomi> - created on 21:15:05 12/10/2014 by Rainbow Mika and last modified on 22:53:26 12/11/2014. Cast: Rainbow Mika and Hitomi.

NL#0019: Lita vs Gertrude - Neo League brings together Lita Luwanda and Gertrude Verhangnis to fight at the Great Wall of China. To this date, whenever Lita had made an appearance, she brought her sword with her but never made a move to use it. Is it for show or does she actually know how to use it? These two tall, fierce fighting, women push each other to the limit. [Winner: Lita] - created on 13:48:41 12/11/2014 by Lita and last modified on 22:18:02 12/11/2014. Cast: Lita and Gertrude.

NL#0021: Urien vs Makoto - Urien wants to fight a hard-hitting opponent; despite his initial misgivings, he gets what he asked. << Winner: Urien >> - created on 16:36:45 12/11/2014 by Urien and last modified on 23:21:07 12/11/2014. Cast: Urien and Makoto.

NL#0022: Kuma vs Sven - What is stronger, a bear or a wolf? Obviously a bear, but this is a theoretical question. Also, can you THROW a bear? That one is definitely answered. (Winner: Kuma) - created on 23:33:21 12/12/2014 by Kuma and last modified on 02:48:35 12/13/2014. Cast: Sven and Kuma.

NL#0023: Gertrude vs Hotaru - A Neo League match pits newcomer Hotaru Futaba against the visiting foreigner, Gertrude Verhagnis at the Southtown Airport. Giving travel-delay-stalled patrons some entertainment is of secondary importance to giving each fighter their chance to demonstrate the heart behind their individual styles. - created on 13:41:05 12/13/2014 by Hotaru and last modified on 18:24:42 12/13/2014. Cast: Hotaru and Gertrude.

NL#0024: Zach Glenn vs Daniel - Daniel Jack is pulled out from Osaka, and sent all the way to Translyvania itself for another Neo-League match, this time with Captain Zach Glenn of the USMC. But when they arrive to a deserted castle, it becomes apparent that strange figures were also interested in the Neo-League... <Winner: Zach> - created on 23:48:34 12/13/2014 by Daniel and last modified on 03:46:04 12/14/2014. Cast: Zach Glenn and Daniel.

NL#0025: Gertrude vs Daniel - Daniel Jack and Gertrude can't seem to stop fighting in the Neo-League. Gertrude's own wanderlust seems to compel her, drive her, sending her straight towards the next fight in another continent. Meanwhile, Agent Little, still recovering from his fight in the abandoned castle with Captain Glenn of the USMC, is unceramoniously ordered to fight Gertrude in Metro City. What ensues begins as a mutual respect in the true spirit of fighting... and then a nasty demostration of just how experienced Daniel was at fighting Karate, Kyokugen or otherwise. <Winner: Daniel> - created on 16:07:05 12/14/2014 by Daniel and last modified on 18:58:01 12/14/2014. Cast: Daniel and Gertrude.

NL#00026: Gertrude vs May - Gertrude returns for another Neo-League match to face off against the mysterious newcomer May! An aptly location is picked for the battle, as the beach provides just the right venue for the pirate girl to make her grand entrance. Although Gertrude seems to think that the jury is still out on whether or not May is a legitimate pirate, the battle between raw power and raw skill proves to be quite entertaining nonetheless. <Winner: Gertrude> - created on 15:23:12 12/15/2014 by May and last modified on 20:45:35 12/15/2014. Cast: Gertrude and May.

NL#0027: Kuma vs Brett - Perilously over a live volcano, Brett Neuer finds a most unexpected opponent in...a bear. A real live Bear. A bear motivated by threats of abandonment and having his sweet panda taken away from him. Who's more scared of losing, Brett or Kuma? And what difference will it make in the results? (Winner: Kuma) - created on 21:44:38 12/15/2014 by Brett and last modified on 11:26:03 12/16/2014. Cast: Brett and Kuma.

NL#0028: Daniel vs Rainbow Mika - Once more entering the ring after the recent end of her winning streak, Rainbow Mika finds herself facing Daniel Jack, and opponent who embodies her greatest weakness: Boringness. Can the electrifying wrestler force the government agent to shed his efficient but bland persona? <Winner: Daniel> - created on 21:01:23 12/16/2014 by Rainbow Mika and last modified on 11:44:16 12/18/2014. Cast: Rainbow Mika and Daniel.

NL#0029: Tiffany vs Gertrude - In Southtown's lovely amusement park, two distinctly non-Japanese blondes have a totally kickin' rad fight. (Winner: Tiffany) - created on 05:53:31 12/22/2014 by Tiffany and last modified on 01:20:47 12/23/2014. Cast: Tiffany and Gertrude.

NL#0030: Scratch vs Jira - Scratch Challenges Jira to a fight! Watch the Metro skater girl fight the mysterious psion in South Town in a close battle to the finish! Winner: Jira - created on 22:11:49 12/22/2014 by Jira and last modified on 01:21:25 12/23/2014. Cast: Scratch and Jira.

NL#0031: Hotaru vs Roland - What should have been just another Neo League match among supposedly rooke fighters becomes a complete and utter flaming trainwreck. Either this match isn't going to make it to the recap reel... or it is /definitely/ making it to the recap reel. - created on 01:00:15 12/27/2014 by Hotaru and last modified on 05:20:23 12/28/2014. Cast: Hotaru and Roland.

NL#0032: Tiffany vs Aracely - Tiffany has no idea what she's getting into in this post-lucha world. Don't worry about it. It's fine. (Winner: Tiffany) - created on 20:29:42 12/27/2014 by Tiffany and last modified on 04:56:53 12/28/2014. Cast: Tiffany and Aracely.

NL#0034: The Main Man Hunter Grand vs Hotaru - Her first trip to America has Hotaru Futaba facing off against the infamous The Main Man Hunter Grand. Able to pressure the veteran wrestler for a little while, eventually the cheap tricks come out and the ignominious heel secures his win. With a gift shirt left in his departure, Hotaru is starting to build up a strange collection of clothing based loss reminders! ( Winner: Grand ) - created on 00:44:13 01/01/2015 by Hotaru and last modified on 18:35:59 01/02/2015. Cast: Hotaru and Grand.

NL#0033: Rainbow Mika vs Gertrude - Its a Neo League Battle! Overlooking Loch Ness, the (underwhelming) castle plays host to the current League No. 1, Rainbow Mika, and 6th seed, Gertrude. What starts out friendly enough soon turns into a frustrated battle where technical skill is pitted against showmanship, with the final outcome: A TIE?! What kind of outcome is that? How can we tell which is best if everyone is knocked out at the end?! I WANT A REFUND! <Winner: NOPE!> - created on 12:28:29 01/02/2015 by Gertrude and last modified on 15:58:14 01/02/2015. Cast: Rainbow Mika and Gertrude.

NL#0036: Aracely vs Sven - Hosted by the CWA, rising luchadora La Cascabel faces off against the Lone Wolf Sven Maesters for a chance to rise in the Neo-League standings. Win or lose, are any of them capable enough to bring the SLAM?! <Winner: Sven> - created on 19:54:20 01/02/2015 by Sven and last modified on 01:40:41 01/04/2015. Cast: Sven and Aracely.

NL#0035: The Main Man Hunter Grand vs Tiffany - The Main Man Hunter Grand and Tiffany Lords face off in Tiffany's hometown. Will Tiffany succumb to the hometown curse, or will she rally against a dismissive Main Man?! (Winner: Tiffany) - created on 00:02:40 01/03/2015 by Tiffany and last modified on 03:39:57 01/03/2015. Cast: Tiffany and Grand.

NL#0038: Momiji vs Roland - Roland's perversions fail to defeat a proper ninja, although he does annoy the heck out of her. (Winner: Momiji) - created on 19:29:58 01/04/2015 by Roland and last modified on 04:35:27 01/05/2015. Cast: Roland and Momiji.

NL#0037: Zach vs Zack - It was bound to happen. There can be only one. - created on 21:15:26 01/04/2015 by Zach Glenn and last modified on 04:34:48 01/05/2015. Cast: Zach Glenn and Zack.

NL#0039: Rainbow Mika vs Chloe - Following the questionable results of her previous victory against Rainbow Mika, the wrestler known as Snakebite challenged the current Neo League leader for a rematch. What follows is a brutal, dragout fight to see whose backside accessories are the deadliest while in the crowd Alma learns about wrestling from Sven. <Winner: Draw> - created on 21:38:41 01/04/2015 by Rainbow Mika and last modified on 04:47:21 01/05/2015. Cast: Alma, Chloe, Rainbow Mika, and Sven.

NL#0040: Kuma vs May - The wilds clash against the high seas in this exciting Neo League match! Only the truly crazed and suicidal would dare to fight the giant bear that is Kuma /and/ antagonize Heihachi while they are at it. Naturally it is Cap'n May who boards this dead man's chest to prove that a little girl can be just as dangerous as a giant grizzly bear. <Winner: Kuma> - created on 18:30:25 01/07/2015 by May and last modified on 21:47:28 01/07/2015. Cast: Kuma and May.

NL#0041: Aracely vs Nightwolf - A lucha-style wrestlematch in a nightclub. Features an introduction to a piece of Spanish vocabulary that's sure to amuse your family! (Winner: Nightwolf) - created on 18:43:15 01/08/2015 by Aracely and last modified on 02:04:02 01/09/2015. Cast: Nightwolf and Aracely.

NL#0042: Kuma vs Daniel - Daniel Jack, Number 3 in the Neo-League, had reached that point through happenstance, pressure from the Chief, and also punching girls. However, when the Chief demands that he face the infamous Kuma in the Kuma Arena in his next Neo-League fight, the detective manages to protest. After all, fighting animals sounds an awful lot like animal abuse, and Daniel Jack had some principles to make a stand for. Unfortunately, he would have to make a stand before Heihachi himself... <WINNER: Kuma> - created on 22:03:14 01/09/2015 by Daniel and last modified on 03:17:40 01/10/2015. Cast: Daniel, Heihachi, and Kuma.

NL#0043: Tiffany vs Gertrude - In Dubai, Gertrude Verhangis and Tiffany Lords come to blows a second time! But does Gertrude have Tiffany's number this go-around? (draw) - created on 08:19:07 01/11/2015 by Tiffany and last modified on 11:42:42 01/11/2015. Cast: Tiffany and Gertrude.

NL#0044: Mimiru vs Roland - Roland attempts to harass Mimiru, not content to have Daniel be the only lady destroyer around. However, he ends up getting along with her unexpectedly well. I mean, he still slaps her in the boob, but it was a pretty clean fight by HIS standards. (Winner: Roland) - created on 14:19:26 01/12/2015 by Roland and last modified on 19:10:16 01/13/2015. Cast: Mimiru and Roland.

NL#0045: Roland vs Daniel - Daniel couldn't believe it. Roland S. Brown, his old rival from his Todoh Dojo days, was in the Neo-League. The one-armed bandit was ripping up the girls in the league, though taking a much more rakish approach. The pair have a showdown at the Shitennoji Temple at Osaka, as it becomes a battle between the Lady Killer and the Pervert Master. No matter who wins... no young lady is safe. <Winner: Daniel> - created on 21:09:28 01/13/2015 by Daniel and last modified on 04:39:31 01/14/2015. Cast: Roland and Daniel.

NL#0046: Tiger Mask vs Lita - Lt. Lita Luwanda goes into this Neo League fight undefeated against a newcomer Tiger Mask. Technique and careful spacing faces off against flamboyance and unpredictability. Can Tiger Mask get by with a little help from her friend? [Winner: Tiger Mask] - created on 08:16:16 01/15/2015 by Lita and last modified on 00:27:32 01/16/2015. Cast: Lita, Miki, and Namie.

NL#0048: Rainbow Mika vs Aracely - Two wrestlers face off in a Jamaican Club for a bunch of cruise ship vacationers in a match announced and refereed by D****y mascots. Is G***y slow counting on purpose? Is D****d throwing the horns for Satan? Someone's getting fired. <Winner: Rainbow Mika> - created on 21:27:30 01/15/2015 by Rainbow Mika and last modified on 03:24:34 01/16/2015. Cast: Rainbow Mika and Aracely.

NL#0047: Chisaki vs Lee Chaolan - Chisaki was becoming troubled. Her encounter with Testament was disturbing her to the bone, making her question herself, and her role in the world. A young lady feeling so 'different' at her age was hardly unusual. And while she had hoped to find respite in her first Neo-League fight, Lee Chaolan has other plans on how to get under her skin... <Winner: Lee Chaolan> - created on 22:26:04 01/15/2015 by Lee Chaolan and last modified on 03:17:36 01/16/2015. Cast: Lee Chaolan and Chisaki.

NL#0049: Miki vs Scratch - The League hits Russia, as the mysterious Hero of Justice, Tiger Mask, faces relative newcomer Scratch. Will the skater bring the heat in the sweltering foundry, or will the fires of justice burn brighter? And will either be the same afterward? (Winner: Scratch) - created on 23:02:32 01/16/2015 by Scratch and last modified on 15:25:39 01/18/2015. Cast: Scratch and Miki.

NL#0050: Miki vs Kuma - Miki finds it hard to bear Kuma's ferocious onslaught, her Tiger Mask difficult to keep up under the ursine ferocity. Kuma admits to Heihachi that he's beary in love with Panda, and hopes for her as his prize for the tournament, which Heihachi refuses to panda-r to, and Miki gets catty about it, seeing love as a black and white matter. Kuma finds other people knowing this unbearable, and they drop the subject. The fight gets pretty hairy, but Kuma gains the advantage over Miki. Finally, he manages to beat her via ring-out claws. Despite the catastrophe, after a paws, she gathers the strength to pounce back in for more, but it's bearly effective against Kuma, and he puts her back outside, and unconcious with one more swat. Bear. (Winner: Kuma) - created on 20:30:40 01/19/2015 by Miki and last modified on 18:45:11 01/20/2015. Cast: Kuma and Miki.

NL#0051: Mimiru vs Azumi - Looking for a rush of adrenaline, Mimiru gets up into a fight with a new and strange creature! The werewolf fights off the Stray Dog of Southtown in the wintery setup of Southtown's Park - created on 13:58:15 02/01/2015 by Mimiru and last modified on 19:09:09 02/01/2015. Cast: Mimiru and Azumi.

NL#0052: Alexis vs Azumi - The tranquil Ginkaku-ji provides the backdrop for a winter battle that is anything but serene. Will Canadian punk rocker Alexis be able to sing a victory song about her Neo League debut, or will ninja werewolf Azumi's winds blow her away? (Winner: Draw) - created on 14:56:35 02/06/2015 by Alexis and last modified on 23:33:08 02/06/2015. Cast: Azumi and Alexis.

NL#0053: Gertrude vs Sakura - Neo League calls fighters out to all sorts of places. Sakura Kasugano faces off against Gertrude Verhangis in the depths of a Russian steel foundry, a place almost as dangerous on its own as the fighters are themselves! (Winner: Sakura) - created on 15:46:45 02/15/2015 by Sakura and last modified on 00:29:15 02/17/2015. Cast: Sakura and Gertrude.

NL#0054: Aracely vs Tabitha - A fight in Las Vegas! The winner is Tabitha and also the viewers at home, because they got a free drink at the Ice Bar. - created on 21:36:53 02/18/2015 by Aracely and last modified on 02:36:04 02/19/2015. Cast: Tabitha and Aracely.

NL#0058: Kazuki vs Mei Lin - Kazuki Kirigana and Wong Mei Lin sign up for the Neo League at the same time. Fights ensue. (Winner: Kazuki) (Note: Missing meters because Kazuki forgot to restart the log.) - created on 16:32:22 02/22/2015 by Kazuki and last modified on 15:45:07 03/01/2015. Cast: Kazuki and Mei Lin.

NL#0055: Mei Lin vs Alexis - A showdown in Southtown's Chinatown between the rock-wielding Mei Lin and Alexis Lovell, who wields the power of rock. Who can rock harder? (Disclaimer: contains gratuitous rock and rock-related puns.) (Winner: Alexis) - created on 13:03:13 02/23/2015 by Alexis and last modified on 13:34:52 02/25/2015. Cast: Alexis and Mei Lin.

NL#0056: Mei Lin vs Gertrude - Mei Lin wants to challenge big name fighters. Gertrude is somewhat surprised to learn that being in the top five of the neo league qualifies her for that, but it is also the first time she's actually been specifically challenged! So, it'd be rather rude of her to turn it down. A close-run fight leaves the whole crowd wondering... just who could survive that much dust, huh?! (Winner: Gertrude) - created on 14:19:18 02/24/2015 by Gertrude and last modified on 21:57:09 02/25/2015. Cast: Gertrude and Mei Lin.

NL#0057: Vuong vs Mei Lin - Mei Lin challenges Vuong into a battle in what seems to be an abandonned train station in Japan. Mei Lin shows him the might of Hung Gar and he pushes her to her limits. (WINNER : Mei Lin) - created on 20:49:37 02/24/2015 by Mei Lin and last modified on 21:57:50 02/25/2015. Cast: Vuong and Mei Lin.

NL#0059: Mei Lin vs Hotaru Futaba - An aging, wooden structure at the edge of the world plays host to one more show - two young Kung Fu artists exploring the elemental ties their unique versions of Chinese martial arts possess - the strengths and weaknesses of each approach to fighting. [Winner: Hotaru] - created on 15:15:46 02/28/2015 by Hotaru and last modified on 22:21:26 03/01/2015. Cast: Hotaru and Mei Lin.

NL#0060: The Moonchild vs Hotaru Futaba - A belfry high in the sky hosts another bout between the devilish Moonchild and her smaller do-gooder foe, Hotaru Futaba. OF course, the cathedral staff are not exactly thrilled with the Satan masked Mano-666 striding in like he belongs there... - created on 23:23:44 03/01/2015 by Hotaru and last modified on 02:40:22 03/05/2015. Cast: Hotaru and Aracely.

NL#0061: Rainbow Mika vs Gan - Two types of wrestling face off in an ancient historical and religious landmark as someone mistakenly agrees to let the Gedo Giant take on Mikamania in Westminster Abbey to see which throws reign supreme! <Winner: Rainbow Mika> - created on 20:33:59 03/06/2015 by Rainbow Mika and last modified on 00:44:12 03/07/2015. Cast: Gan and Rainbow Mika.

NL#0062: Mei Lin vs Mint - Mei Lin and Mint battle it out in an isolated seaside cove! Totally metal fists against a totally metal defense! (Winner: Mint) - created on 18:51:57 07/16/2015 by Mint and last modified on 09:28:47 09/12/2015. Cast: Mei Lin and Mint.

NL#0063: Rainbow Mika vs Cracker Jack - Fresh off of defeating Jezebel for the Western Pro Belt, Cracker Jack takes aim at another big name in fighting, the top of the Neo-League charts: Rainbow Mika. Squaring down in front of a sold out Las Vegas crowd, will Rainbow Mika come out on top or will Cracker Jack beat the spread? [Winner: Cracker Jack] - created on 19:01:36 09/20/2015 by Rainbow Mika and last modified on 22:55:16 09/20/2015. Cast: Cracker Jack and Rainbow Mika.

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