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I-No (27 logs)

SNF: Summer Lovin'
From Bad To Worse
MK Round 2: I-no vs Rose
Give a Reason
MK: Munin and ??? vs Reptile in "SINKING"
Act 2: Mission 21) Guerrilla War
The Crimson Circle
Act 3: Mission 2) You Can't Fight Fate
A Sacrifice Bunt!! I Have To Wear It?!
Emotional Investment Points
What a World
It Had to Be Her
Rock and Roll
Bits of Context
My Dear Princess
Chitarra di Signorina
SNF: The Destined Rock Battle
Gal Pals
Sunglasses at Night, and Other Aberrancies
P-BBB 2018 - Train Slayer 2000
Where It Goes
What the Heck is Consent Anyway
Starts With "I"
KoF 2019 - Graveyard of the Fireflies
Pringer's Birthday Bash 2021

Ibuki (21 logs)

Just An Ordinary Girl
The Caprese Fountain! Thrilling Rooftop Battle
Our Dear Mascot
All I wanted was some Curry Udon!
High Above the Southtown Streets
A badger's new friend
NL#0004: Ibuki vs Satsuki
NL#0013: Daniel vs Ibuki
The Tengu's Nest
Being Yun is Pretty Rad. It can also be Suffering.
SNF: On the Catwalk.
SNF: Gates to the Styx
Freaky Fast Deliveries
Casualty of the Shadow War
Trump NIN: The Shinobi
Ninja Highschool
Naivete and Idealism
Pirates vs Ninjas
Initial Assessments
A Shinobi's Tale: Can you hear me now?

Ichiro (1 log)

Mission 1) Over River, Through Woods

Igniz (11 logs)

Ashley's in trouble...
A NESTS of Vipers
Fury's rescue
Date with a Nurse
Vengeance, Served Cold
The Price of Freedom
A Night on the Town
Wisdom of a God? Whispers of Human Revolution
Sukeban Deka vs. The Pervert Tubes
God blessed
In God We Trust

Iincyo (4 logs)

Pull up a Chair-Person
B3 Qualifier Match: Full Moons vs Hard Knocks
Act 3, Mission 31 - The Tragic School Rush
Golden Angel R1 - Daisy vs Iincyo

Ingrid (3 logs)

KOF Stage 1: Team Interpol vs Team Sunshine
Kombat Briefing

Iori (9 logs)

TIP - Week 3 - Pudding Hearts vs Team Glamalot
Zack Island in Flames
SNF: Thundersex Avenger
A Taste of Things to Come
SNF: Caged Heat
TBT Act 2 - What Would You Forge In The Flame?
The Hundred Hot Wings Challenge
Rising Star 2022 Interview - Yashiro
Finding The Violet Flame

Iron Tager (3 logs)

Illyria Act 1 - Unlikely Allies
Illyria Act 2 - Seventh Seal
SNF: 100% Canned Ham

Izanami (7 logs)

World's End #1 - Chain of Command
World's End #2 - Shackled Life
World's End #3 - A Word from The Imperator
The Cannibal Awakes
Illyria Finale - Terms
Reclaimer's Log 1: Escape From Greenland
Podiebrad Of Passion: Imperator Rex

Izuna (1 log)

Morning Meeting at Seijyun

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