Igniz - Date with a Nurse

Description: Frederick investigates the Atelier pavilion at Gedo High in an attempt to find a vaccine sample.

Gedo High has not had a whole lot take place of note during Frederick's stint as janitor; that is, until the day Urien burst in, destroyed the principal's office, and had a deathmatch that ended in him being captured. It's doubtless that the Illuminati's heard of the incident, but standing orders are standing orders, and presuming the man's even captured it probably won't be long. Maybe giving him something useful will make him happy? There is a nurse pavilion outside the main building with a large sign on it for Atelier medical group. This does not, as far as the Illuminati supplied, exist as a legitimate group. There's enough paper armor to stop a casual invasion, but not a thorough audit.
It's mostly empty, and within is an area with a number of chairs for waiting, and an exceptionally attractive silver-haired nurse dressed in the classic ensemble; very short everything, all white, with a cap. She's always smiling, and the last student of the day has been shipped off. A large curtain blocks off the examination area, which includes the flu vaccinations. She's begun to pack things up... an armored car always comes to take the medical items when the day is complete, complete with guards. The best time to take it, of course, is to manhandle a nurse. Well, she should have known what she was getting into!

Of course the Illuminati has known about Urien's defeat and capture - or at least, Frederick, Alan, and the inscrutable Robo-Tran are aware. Urien's made some pretty extensive efforts to ensure that his follies wouldn't be discovered by any sort of unwanted oversight, so the whole NESTS fuckup has gone largely unnoticed... for a few days, at least. Frederick, Alan, and Robo-Tran have kept to their assignments without complaint - it's a lucky happenstance that Urien's cadre is so used to operating without a visible head. Still, time is running out, here. There are only so many days that the brains are willing to give even Urien before he absolutely *MUST* submit a report, and the suits have already started asking probing questions. Frederick isn't so hot at the social deflections, the ambiguous answers, and they know it.
Maybe this is why he's picked today to drop the mop. The Illuminati agent-cum-janitor tosses his cleaning equipment into a storage closet on the western end of Gedo High, and withdraws a solid oak-handled sledgehammer instead, the sort of heavy industrial tool that they just don't REPLICATE these days, man, like, none of that prefab laminated birch bullshit. You could drop this motherfucker off the roof and punch straight through a truck's engine block. It's definitely something a janitor shouldn't be holding.
Frederick makes his way out to the Atelier pavilion, after some deliberation on exactly what the nurse's timeframe is. He took notes, but they're not coming to mind - he just knows that he's typically got enough time to slip out to his car, take his meds, and slip back to the school before the Atelier suits show. So when he's poking his head through the curtains, he's not worried about the muscle being there.
In fact, his expression is wholly neutral. He squints towards the nurse, then looks back to the school, tone straddling that special place between 'panicked' and 'ignorant' - he's good at it.
"Hey, uh. One of those kids who you gave the vaccine to is, uh, screamin' and holdin' their arm in the middle of the hallway over near the Home Ec room. Screamin about her arm bein' on fire."

Actually, outside of the students at Gedo, the news never once reported on anything related to the fight. Supposedly the constant construction crews fixing things at a blinding pace are part of some modernization, upgrading many other aspects at the same time, likely to shut up the faculty. Like anything else the Illuminati touches, it falls to rumors and whispers and heresay. Harmless, in the grand scheme of things. Indeed, the moment Frederick sticks his head in, he is shown the sight of the nurse bending far forward, almost enough for a glimpse of paradise. She's got impressive heels, pausing to look back and brush wayward bangs from her eyes with a lipsticked smile. "Could you go and bring them here? I have a lot of work to do on a very short schedule..." Her voice has a warm purr. It's likely any male student who came near her could be injected with Ebola and just smile and nod stupidly the whole way through the explanation. "That sort of reaction should be impossible." Well, that's a fairly reasonable request for someone who doesn't want to leave sensitive equipment and strange drugs unattended...

Unfortunately for the nurse, with her nuclear body and... inspiring voice, Frederick's already head-over-heels in love with something that goes a fair bit beyond women and curves. His eyes remain wholly on hers, reddened, pupils pinpoint, and through that bloodied gaze one might think they can *see* the way the man's thoughts hitch the moment she suggests he do something that wasn't in The Plan. His ragged features twist, and he fails his Fast Talk roll by a good six or seven. It's obvious that he's got ulterior motives in mind - it was the second he hesitated when the nurse questioned him.
"Christing hell," he mutters.
Pressured by time - Urien's still out - and the far more seductive wiles of amphetamines, Blazer shoulders his way into the Atelier pavilion with one wide, lateral step. It's a dramatic forced perspective, the way he practically *fills* the examination area, all shoulders and that huge aforementioned hammer. His expression is resigned, his stance is *entirely* aggressive, and he sort of... steps forward, the lead-in to a hellish bodyblow angled right for the nurse's back!
I mean. It's not like she's not flaunting that she's got an ass the size of a barn, anyway.

COMBATSYS: Frederick has started a fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Frederick        0/-------/-------|

COMBATSYS: Nurse Abigail has joined the fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Frederick        0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0    Nurse Abigail

COMBATSYS: Frederick successfully hits Nurse Abigail with Soft Target.
Glancing Blow

[ \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////////  ]
Frederick        0/-------/-------|=------\-------\0    Nurse Abigail

The nurse immediately steps backwards, thumping into the overly large armored fridge that seems to house the flu vaccines. Bit excessive, isn't it? Maybe Frederick should have just volunteered to get one himself or something; faculty is allowed, right? Well, no matter. Her eyes are wide, and she begins to cower. "What... what are you going to do to me?!" Her voice is breathless and terrified, but the moment the assault begins... it is as if her eyes shift to something cold. She moves, the huge mallet brushing heavily along her side. In a disturbingly lithe movement, one leg extends straight up, twisting to catch the heel of her foot upon Frederick's throat from the front. Both hands lunge forward to grasp his weapon, before she attempts to /slam/ down while twisting, with the intention of depositing him on his back while driving her knee directly into the main joint of his elbow. "So. You are an operative as well?" she wonders, cooing lightly. "Good. I was getting bored~" The motion might cause Frederick to think of something: 'laced black'. "I'm afraid you cannot have anything here. I'll have to assassinate you. But I'll make it painless, if you stand still, lover..."

COMBATSYS: Frederick interrupts Acopia from Nurse Abigail with Hell To Pay.

[  \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////      ]
Frederick        0/-------/-----==|=====--\-------\0    Nurse Abigail

"I ain't a-- what! Nah, I just been starin' at those tits all day!"
Frederick leers in a fashion that is almost certainly learned from a smooth-talking superior, and surges after Abigail. Blazer figures he's broken one, maybe two of the nurse's ribs, but that's nothing a generous work hazard check can't clear up. It's when she's pulling the demon posession act that Frederick's reconsidering his level of investment - and just as he brings his hammer forward, she's got a foot on his throat!
"Hcgk-- aghlrihht, yuu gok mehgk." His smile is sickly, and completely contrary to the murder flashing in his eyes. Abigail's hands close on Fred's shaft, but the man is more -resourceful- than the nurse gives him credit for - for one, he doesn't even care about 'laced black'. For the other, he's got the presence of mind to hook a foot into Abigail's sole supporting ankle - after a tug to push her off balance, the man's planting that same foot into her hip in an ungentle shove to the side!
"That frilly fuckin' shit ain't gonna work, Ratchet!" Frederick is proud of his reference to pop culture. He should be prouder of the way he suddenly *blazes* with yellow energies, twisting to follow Abigail on her trip to the side. Sure, he knocks a table over in the process - especially as he brings his hammer back, as all that force *focuses* into its head, but he's not here to protect the plywood.
"RaaAAH!" Hammer strikes ground, and a brilliant spark flashes from Blazer to the nurse, mid-stumble - it's a concussive force more than it is any other form of energy, and it is *more* than enough to rip the woman's legs out from beneath her.

"My name is Abigail..." The nurse states when she's shoved off, swishing her foot backwards into a defensive stance too late. The metal exam table goes flying, ripping through the wall of the pavilion and thumping into the grass. There's a shriek as the flash of yellow energies hits the nurse, and she thumps down upon the ground in a heap. For a split second that might seem to be it, until she plants both hands upon the ground. Her legs twist and pivot, before she begins to spin, heedless now to any common decency. One, two, three, four times she aims to strike her metal heels into Frederick's face while he recovers from using that hammer, before pushing up to land in a crouch upon the counter behind. She's deathly agile, and seems to be exceptionally well trained. ...And the way she brushes at her singed bottom skirt, hardly adverse to pain. But is she NESTS? A contracted assassin? Still a lot of questions to get answered... "Not bad. You might be fun after all!"

COMBATSYS: Frederick blocks Nurse Abigail's Ward X.

[   \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////       ]
Frederick        0/-------/-----==|=====--\-------\0    Nurse Abigail

It's a clever call on Abigail's part, throwing caution to the wind and going off on a complete rip like she does. Frederick's fully expecting the woman to be *DOWN* after that - she's just a grunt, right? - so when she starts moving again, Blazer figures she's come back from the dead. It's why he's taking that FIRST heel square in the forehead, and momentarily going cross-eyed - the second, third, and fourth wind up impacting that bull-like neck and doing little to no damage - he'll bruise, but the worst of it's still got his eyes uncrossing. It's enough to throw his momentum off - he staggers backwards, planting one foot into and *through* the wreckage of the table from earlier, and throws out a hand in an attempt to save himself from falling.
"Fuck-- agh!" He grabs at one of the table's legs, splintering it, and *slams* that hammer's head into the ground, abruptly reverseing his grip on the weapon, to utilize it as an unwieldy baton. It's the sort of position that leads an individual into feeling their target's vulnerable, but Frederick's *quick* to rise, by using the hammer as a vaulting pole and surging to his feet with a speed that will HOPEFULLY take Abigail off-guard!
While his hammer is still on the ground, he's only got the one hand on it -- in the other, the remnant of that table leg, swung haphazardly at Abigail's face!
"The hell kinda nurse are you!! Who trained you?!"

COMBATSYS: Nurse Abigail blocks Frederick's Random Strike.

[   \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////        ]
Frederick        0/-------/----===|=======\-------\0    Nurse Abigail

As the makeshift hunk of table is swung in Abigail's direction, she shifts backwards, lifting up her knee and both forearms. The blow impacts dead center, shattering the wood into splinters and leaving Frederick with a useless little club. Outside, a number of students have noticed both the noise and the commotion, and are starting to make their way over. The nurse happens to be an exceptionally popular woman after all... what if she turns on her wounded victim act the moment that someone peeks inside? He had best finish this quick!
"I'm a legitimate nurse. I know every inch of a human's anatomy..." She then leaps off the counter, landing in a crouch. A vicious knee is thrust towards Frederick's groin, before both hands heft up to grasp his arm holding the oversized sledgehammer. She then twists, throwing her force into a brutal kick at his elbow from the side, before whirling into a sidekick coming in the opposite direction to slam into his shoulder, and then lean down to thrust upwards, twisting and bending in an unnatural angle that would likely drop Frederick to his knees in ungodly pain if successful. "Especially how to break one... it's not too late to flee. Your brute force is charming, but no match for me...!"

COMBATSYS: Frederick interrupts Hammer from Nurse Abigail with Blindsided.

[      \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////               ]
Frederick        0/-------/--=====|=======\====---\1    Nurse Abigail

"Heh, listen here--" Frederick is cut off mid-statement by a knee slamming into his junk - the wind gusts out of his throat, his eyes widen, his expression *pales*, but color begins creeping back into his cheeks by the time Abigail's connected with that first tendon-snapping kick to the elbow. The shock of the impact encourages Blazer to come back from the pale by the time the nurse is slamming that second leg home - in that time, the American's let go of his hammer entirely, which frees his hand up...
Abigail's leg is caught beneath Frederick's swiftly upraised arm, and the woman will find herself subjected to a lunging grab, to fingers winding her hair about them, snaring her scalp *TIGHT*. Frederick grunts, and shoves the silver-haired woman's head brutally to the side - she'll find the vaccination fridge a cold, cruel pillow and not at *all* soft on the impact. The sound is sickening, a dull crunch, but Frederick's quick to release her, to reach for his weapon once again, and pause to look around for the *keys* that must open the fridge. The goddamn keys!
Sure, children are moving closer and closer, and sure, Frederick's winded, catching his breath, but -- this whole mess beats the shit out of cleaning bathrooms. That was torture.
"Classically trained nothin'! Who the fuck trained you! Don't make me drag your ass back to MY bosses."

That's a bit unexpected. All of this, and the woman has still not managed a full strike against Frederick; she's beginning to get a mixture of surprised and nervous as a result. The attempt to break his arm failed, and instead her face is slammed /hard/ into the unyielding metal of the fridge, and she slumps down to her hands and knees, grasping a stream of blood. "...!"
"Who... trained YOU?!" she suddenly shrieks, leaping up to her feet and then lunging towards Frederick legs first. Powerful thighs snap open like a siren's jaws, to deposit Frederick's face within that tone-muscled tomb. Her intent is to then twist back hard and heavy, forcing him to bend over so she can plant her hands upon the ground... and then /twist/, to hurtle him head over heels right into the large fridge herself, and hopefully reap some vengeance. "I'll... tell you nothing!! Y,you'll be a corpse before long!!"

COMBATSYS: Frederick endures Nurse Abigail's Frequent Flyer.
# Disabling hit! #

[           \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////             ]
Frederick        1/-------/=======|=======\=====--\1    Nurse Abigail

The smirk that touches Fred's lips is short-lived - his entire expression falls through the floor when he feels those *legs* on his *ankles*. Abigail's twist is a thrilling success, or so it'd seem - the way Frederick ratchets forward, forehead-into-fridge-style, elicits enough of an impact to suggest that the American should be *dead*, but Frederick stands stock-still against the fridge, angled at the exact point of impact, one hand lifted to protect his skull from the corner of that icebox.
The hand is already red, quivering, and will begin swelling in moments, but the bulk of the nurse's attack - deflected. More importantly, Frederick is still in the fight, and he is *still* furious. While Abigail is still recovering, she'll find that Frederick has spun around, she'll find that one heavy, workbooted foot is angled straight for her midsection! It's the first in a series of fury-aided strikes, a six-hit combo that's absolutely certain to make the woman lose her lunch, if not *substantially* more.
"Jesus-fuckin-hell!! Talk shit and get ready to eat it!" The kids can hear him, now, almost certainly. "You better keep that pretty mouth warmed up for the second -MY- boss gets ahold of ya!" Language, sure - if anybody's in earshot, there are some VERY salient questions about what's happening behind those curtains.

COMBATSYS: Frederick successfully hits Nurse Abigail with Tenderize.

[            \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////                  ]
Frederick        1/-----==/=======|>>>>>>>\>>>>>>>\2    Nurse Abigail

"Tch...!" What is with this man?! Even when Abigail hits him, he seems to be just infinitely trucking, everything going according to plan. He's here for something. A mercenary? That has to be the case. Someone as crazed and wielding so strange a weapon certainly cannot belong to any proper organization like the Illuminati or Shadaloo. The first kick impacts dead center, blowing through her raised knee and slamming home. More droplets of blood spatter out before she's knocked ragged by the brutal onslalught, and then sent flying away.
Abigail tears through the curtains separating the back area with the front of the pavilion, crashing into a series of chairs. A student has pushed inside, but the death look she gives him makes his blood run cold. No, she's beyond playing coy now. She's going to take Frederick's head. It's become a matter of personal pride!!
"Your boss... is some sort of womanizer...?" she allows, spitting to the side. "Like the one... leashed like a dog...?" She may have let too much slip, but it's delicious all the same. She was here to see Lord Zero crush Urien underfoot. "I could have you erased... one way or another...!" And then she slowly approaches, swishaying her hips side by side. "But instead... let's see. Right here...?"
Suddenly she twists and lets out a sharp kick. The heel of her foot aims to impact Frederick right in the middle of a nerve center on his chest. "And here?" She twists, striking one at his armpit. Each would feel like he had a pair of testicles being punched by Hercules if she lands them. "Here?! HERE?! HERE?!" She continues to unleash a brutal array of pressure point assaults, before a final leap forward, both heels planting together to thump into Frederick's solar plexus and send him flying right through the fabric wall and out into the main school grounds!! "I'll dissect you!!"

COMBATSYS: Nurse Abigail successfully hit Frederick with Code Red.

[                    \\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////                  ]
Frederick        1/-======/=======|>>>>---\-------\0    Nurse Abigail

Well, if she thinks she's going to elicit any emotion by mentioning URIEN, even abstractly, Abigail has another thing coming! The Illuminati have exactly one thing going for them, and it's that they all mutually hate one another. Blazer follows Abigail through those curtains like a classical Titan, watches the nurse get to her feet, and sort of leers at her - his expression couldn't be more pompous if he had tried - and it all goes to *pot* the moment her hands impact his chest. His armpit. The juncture of jaw and neck, of trachea and muscle, of rib and abdomen. Blazer sinks to his knees halfway through the assault, and is reduced to barely keeping himself upright on hands and knees by the time she finishes.
It might feel nice, seeing the man practically crawling there.
In fact, the attack was substantially more successful than Abigail might have hoped - Frederick's winded, his joints are aflame, and his vision is swimming. For a moment or three, he simply attempts to regain his feet, to come to some sort of a *standing* position, even if it requires leaning against the hammer at his side.
He gives a furtive look to the kid who's happened on this whole mess - the kid's not receptive. *He* has clearly picked his champion, and she's looking pretty bad right now!
"Listen, lady - just give it up. I ain't got time-- you ain't either."

COMBATSYS: Frederick focuses on his next action.

[                    \\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////                  ]
Frederick        1/-======/=======|>>>>---\-------\0    Nurse Abigail

"You aren't... taking... the sample..." huffs out the nurse, flexing her fists slowly and bringing them up. She can tell what the man is aiming for. He's done it twice already. The only thing she can hope to do is stall him out. Bring him to her. Focus. She was put through a program with a 70 percent mortality rate to get here. Focus. The genetic tests, the horrors, the pain, the death, focus... remove it all...!! Something otherworldly seems present in the girl then, as if she's a monster poised to strike, rather than the alluring female he's seen now and then. The multiple rips have students watching, but the fact that Abigail is fighting back has made none try to interfere or be a good samaritan -- not that a single one of them could be considered such in the first place. "Come... finish it... but I bet you anything... you won't manage to!"

COMBATSYS: Nurse Abigail focuses on her next action.

[                    \\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////                  ]
Frederick        1/-======/=======|====---\-------\0    Nurse Abigail

Frederick smiles when Abigail doesn't do a thing. Naturally, it isn't an honest expression - there's too much mirth in his eyes, too much of a twitch to his lips.
There's a point you hit when you're living the life Blazer leads, a sort of threshhold you hit. The problem with drugs is the superficiality it gives everything, the sense that you're in a very slow or very fast car and simply watching the sights fly by, feeling the wind in your hair. It's rare to be able to feel anything *real* that compares -- but for once in his rotten life, Frederick's caught between a fleeting sense of *need* and a feeling that what he's doing is worthwhile enough to make that *need* register as salient, tangible. It is a Hidden Potential Moment.
Power surges from Frederick, tangible, felt thrumming through the very earth beneath the feet of students, nurses, and Illuminati alike. Packed earth powders, blades of grass begin to shrivel, and the ring of students around the American and his opponent -- dissipates. Nobody wants to be within the radius of whatever miserable witchcraft is robbing the very ground of its integrity.
"I ain't worried about your weirdass sex-talk," growls Blazer, suddenly rising to his feet! With his movement, the earth *QUAKES*, and as he brings his hammer up, around, and *DOWN*, an explosion rocks the earth for some twenty feet around the man, causing plumes of pulverised dirt to gout skywards, a cloud of dust to blot the sun for a moment, and everything beneath to go -- hollow. Those caught within the blast will feel their lower bodies caught within the churning, whorling maelstrom for some miserable few seconds-- and then it ends, dirt filtering into the atmosphere, a solid foot of earth upended in an enormous circle around the hammer-wielding man.

COMBATSYS: Nurse Abigail manages a miraculous escape from Frederick's Ground Failure!

[                    \\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////                  ]
Frederick        0/-------/---====|====---\-------\0    Nurse Abigail

"---!!" This amount of power was not expected. Abigail was supposed to be above any ingrate in this school outside Daigo, who would never raise his fist to her. Her allure would be enough to charm anyone, and the rare female is of no concern. Why is everything going wrong, so close to the end of her contract?! She'll be executed for this! Dead! Buried!!
All of such echoes within the void of her focus. "..." Suddenly she leaps, landing atop the armored fridge and slipping behind it. The huge explosion of force sends everything flying, destroying the makeshift nursing area. It rains debris for a few moments... including the fridge, which lands before the lock snaps and it pours open. A number of items spill out, including a large tray of the flu vaccines. The girl herself thumps to in the distance, panting heavily. "Bastard... get away..." She's so unsteady she doesn't dare risk attacking, though...!!

COMBATSYS: Nurse Abigail takes no action.

[                    \\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////                  ]
Frederick        0/-------/---====|====---\-------\0    Nurse Abigail

There's a long pause while Frederick recovers himself - approximately enough time for the fridge to fall and snap open, and for Nurse Abigail to make her miraculous escape..!! Blazer breathes ragged breaths while he surveys the area, and his lips twist into a dissatisfied little frown when he notices that he's presumably *killed* the operative in the area. It's only when he looks to the fridge and the woman beyond that his approximation of the situation changes, though it's hard to say whether it's relief or fury that flashes over his worn mug.
He staggers over to the place where that refrigerator has fallen, cradling the hand he'd impacted earlier - the swelling's settling in now, and it's difficult to close his fingers like he needs to. Still, the pain isn't enough to distract him from the dilemma he faces - vaccine, or hostage? Urien is *gone*. They need leads as to where NESTS is keeping him, where they're operating from. On the other hands, the brains have made it *very* clear that they need a sample of the vaccine to determine what NESTS is attempting to do to the schools.
Frederick leans down to collect one of the vials spilled from the fridge (USE WITHIN THIRTY MINUTES AFTER REMOVING FROM REFRIGERATION). The man frowns, and reaches for the fridge's door with his good hand. He looks past the fridge's body -- it's a long shot - a LONG shot - but if it hits..!!
Frederick wings that fridge door like a discus, relying solely on Illuminati-aided musculature to ensure the object streaks *dozens* of feet through the air. If it hits, it's going to HURT, and it *should* be enough to incapacitate the nurse.

COMBATSYS: Nurse Abigail blocks Frederick's Large Thrown Object.

[                    \\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////                    ]
Frederick        0/-------/---====|======-\-------\0    Nurse Abigail

This is enough. It's over. If Abigail is defeated now by Frederick, she'll wake up naked in a tube. Her life will be forfeit. But... somehow she seems a little relieved, exhaling softly. The fridge being hurtled towards her is still a concern, but she manages to leap up, pressing both feet and hands upon it and kicking away, launching it downwards to crash upon the grass as she skids to a stop. "This isn't over... I'll have my revenge." she hisses out. Before twisting and running away, low to the ground. Frederick might be many things, but an Olympic sprinter able to catch a slut in high heels? No damn way. Students part as she pushes past, and in short order she's reached the street, kicked open the window of a car, flung the person out into the sidewalk, and begun driving away at a fast clip. If she delivers Frederick's head, maybe NESTS will let her back in... she wasn't cheap to train. But until then... it's time to vanish...!!

COMBATSYS: Nurse Abigail has left the fight here.

[                    \\\\\\\\\\  <
Frederick        0/-------/---====|

He'd already given up the moment he'd seen Abigail kick the fridge away - he's tugging his phone from his pocket, wincing the moment he touches *anything* with his bad hand, and thumbing out a message, poorly, with oafish offhand fingers. Abigail has ruined him for at *least* a week's worth of therapy, and that's by Illuminati standards - he's probably broken several small bones in his hand, and would be out for a month or two if not for the sweet, sweet test tubes back at The Labyrinth.
'kg i fot thhe vacvcinm ned pivkup, NOW'
The other hits he'd taken - the jugular, the sternum, the axilla, it all comes crashing inwards like a series of sledgehammer hits. He's *exhausted*. Whoever the nurse was, she was a *monster*, and Blazer begins to wonder if chasing after the woman would have been a better idea than procuring the vaccine. He starts making his way towards the school gates, eyes half-lidded.
"Fuckin' kids..." Schoolchildren WERE trying to help him - Abigail's sudden display of monstrous tendencies lost her a lot of fans, quickly - but Frederick's able to dissuade them all with the wave of a hand, a sharp glare. In his free hand, his phone goes off.
'You're lucky I'm fluent in fathands. You better have been trying to say you've got that vaccine, or else the BIG bosses are only going to want to know what happened with Urien. Anyway, crazy about that nurse at the school, she must be somebody else's toy soldier - NESTS, Shadaloo, maybe that chinese splinter cell we've been hearing about. A black Land Rover's coming your way. Drivers are expendable but easy to recognize, and there's a mini-fridge in the back. You better have good news for me. I've been taking a lot of Tae-Bo lately. Ciao-ciao. -KG'
It's not even two minutes before the Land Rover arrives.

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