Fulgore Goes Full Gore - Contrary to popular belief, not the title for Johnny Cage's new movie. Fulgore's first assignment is to capture Testament; Dead or Alive. So it is only fitting that he does it in Zack's island. - created on 14:36:01 02/06/2015 by Fulgore and last modified on 21:14:23 02/06/2015. Cast: Testament and Fulgore.

Hunter Killer - When Kiyomi's pack of Darkstalkers start running rampant across Eastern Europe, slaughtering humans and burning villages. They are reminded that humanity is just as capable of dealing out vengeance in the most painful of ways. - created on 18:48:03 02/17/2015 by Fulgore and last modified on 20:48:49 02/19/2015. Cast: Kiyomi and Fulgore.

Research and Execution - Dr. Tessitore takes her studies of the Fulgore Mark III to the cutting edge. - created on 09:18:51 03/23/2021 by Fulgore and last modified on 15:46:18 03/23/2021. Cast: Fulgore and Dr. Tessitore.

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